Young Tia Gets Used By The Town Creep

Living in a small town has it’s ups and downs. It gets boring going to same old stores. Same old bars. But for a young girl named Tia, it was good because she knew all of the bartenders. Therefore she could freely hangout and maybe sneak a drink or two at the bar.


Tia was average height for girls her age. She has dark hair, above average boobs that were always braless, very flirty eyes, but what Tia was known for around town was having a really nice ass which came from having wide hips. Tia turned 18 a couple months ago, but still had a innocent mindset.

Tia was always over protected by her single mother growing up which caused Tia to not really worry about what boys and men thought of her.

Tia tried to get along with everyone in every situation. She was definitely a people pleaser.

On a random Thursday night, Tia got a text from her mother saying she was too drunk to drive. Tia caught a ride from a friend to the bar where her mother was.

Tia walked into the bar and said Hi to the bar owner who was sitting at a table. The owner Josh was in his mid 40s. He was in decent shape, he was balding, and was a guy the town knew as “the town creep.” Josh had 3 failed marriages with an unknown amount of children, so he puts on the overly confident act around women.

Josh told Tia her mother was in the bathroom trying to pass out. While Tia tried to help her mom out of the bathroom, Josh cleared the bar of the remaining customers. Tia and her mother slowly got to the car parked outside. Josh watched from the door and had to do his creep act by saying “Good thing you came and got her Tia, she wanted to come home with me…I don’t think you want me to be your new daddy.”

Tia fake laughed and drove away.

Tia got her mom into her bedroom and laid her on her side for the night. Tia could hear her mom’s phone going off in her purse. She didn’t pay too much attention to it because her mother was actually quite attractive and was well liked in town. So it wasn’t a surprise that her mom would be getting alot of phone attention. Tia then when to her room to get ready to sleep.

Back at the bar, Josh noticed Tia’s mom left her bank card at the register. It was Josh trying to get ahold of Tia’s mom. Josh being the desperate creep, decided to drive to Tia’s house and return the card himself. In hopes that Tia’s mom would still want him as much as she did at the bar.

As Tia was brushing her teeth, she heard a knock on the front door. All she has on is a baggy t-shirt, black thong, and long white socks.

Tia cracks the door open and sees Josh standing there. Josh immediately tries to walk in but Tia holds the door. “What are you doing here?!” Tia asked. “Is.. your mom still awake? I have something of hers.” He replied.

“No she’s passed out cold now, give me whatever you have, I’ll put it in her room.” Tia said.

Josh looked beyond Tia’s shoulder into the house and noticed it was dark and quiet. “Well I wanted to talk to her about something, can I try to wake her up? I won’t be long I swear.”

“Uhm… Okay but don’t steal anything, she’ll notice if anything is missing. & Lock the door when you leave.” Tia said.

Josh watched as Tia walked down the hallway towards her room. Every step she took caused her shirt to lift a little and he saw a glimpse of her butt cheeks. Josh went into the mothers room but his creep mind had a new plan… Make a move on Tia.

As he tried to think of something quick and that would work, he heard the mom moving around in her bed. He opened the bedroom door so he wouldn’t be noticed but the light from the hallway woke up the mom.

“So you did come to see me like I asked.” Said the mom.

Josh taking the easier route went back to plan A. “yes of course I did. I’m not on the clock now, so I can touch you back ” Josh jumped in bed with her and tried to undress her. The mom started to pass back out before Josh could get going. Josh was still trying to fuck her while she slept but it was too difficult. He got frustrated and walked to the bathroom in the hallway. He noticed a light was still on in Tia’s room.

While he was taking a piss he noticed something that could benefit him… The dirty clothes basket.

As he dug through it, he noticed that it was hard to tell the difference between the mom’s and Tia’s panties because they were about the same size. Finally Josh noticed a bundle of clothes that were most likely Tia’s. He grabbed the jeans and JACKPOT. A used and dirty pair of Tia’s panties.

He quickly balled it up and shoved his face into it. He took long inhales through his nose. He couldn’t believe it. He was sniffing Tia’s used and dirty panties. Her scent put Josh on a new level of creep mindset.

Josh dropped his jeans and underwear to his ankles and started to please himself to Tia’s panties. In his mind he didn’t know how, but he knew he was going to fuck Tia someday. As he felt his cum getting ready to explode…the door opened and in walked Tia with tired eyes. Josh only had a second to decide how he was going to handle this situation. He could either act drunk and pretend he didn’t know what he was doing.. or he was going to forcibly get what was on his mind.. Tia’s tight young body.

On the spot he came up with the best plan for him…. He grabbed Tia by the throat and pushed her against the sink. He shut off the light so it was pitch black in the bathroom. Joshs grip was so tight Tia couldn’t speak. While still choking her, he started to rub his other hand up and down Tia’s body. He reached around and grabbed her tight round ass. As he squeezed her ass cheek he whispered in her ear “listen to me… I’m really drunk right now..and I don’t want to hurt you. But your mom owes me money and she doesn’t have it right now. So, you’re going to pay her debt.”

Josh started to lick and kiss Tia’s neck and ear. Josh let go of her neck and immediately grabbed a handful of her hair. Tia was finally able to talk and said in a near crying voice “I’ll make sure she gets your money Josh. You don’t have to do this.”

Josh pulls up Tia’s shirt exposing her perfect tits. He quickly sucks on one really hard before saying “this isn’t about the money anymore little one…I need my balls drained right now and you’re going to do it for me.”

While sucking on her nipple, he tries to pull Tia’s thong off. She immediately resist. “No! Not that! I’ll help you..just not that way. I’ll scream if you try to rape me”

Josh continued sucking on her tits and squeezing her ass. Tia reached down and started to rub Josh’s dick. She was never going to say it out loud, but this was the first time she ever felt a man’s dick. Tia was shocked how long, thick and hairy it felt.

Josh let out a small moan so Tia started to rub faster hoping the situation would end soon.

Suddenly Josh grabbed Tia’s hair again. He pushed and pulled her head downward. Tia knew what he wanted so she dropped to her knees. The little bit of light coming from underneath the door was enough so Tia could see Josh’s dick. It looked so much more hairy, thicker, and bigger now that it was right in her face. She could smell his sweat after his long day. His scent was all over her hands as she jerked him off.

This being Tia’s first real sexual experience… She didn’t know what to expect. But she thought it was strange that the way Josh’s dick and balls smelt, turned her on. As she jerked him off she started to take deep inhales as her nose was underneath Josh’s dick and up against his hairy ballsack.

Josh finally heard Tia sniffing his dick and balls. “What the hell are you doing?? Haven’t you ever given head before little one?! Here, taste it instead, I know it probably stinks right now.”

Josh pressed his thick dick head against Tia’s lips and she opened as wide as she could. First all she could get in was his thick dick head. The more Josh thrusted into her, the more she was able to take down her throat.

Tia was still concentrating on how much she liked Josh’s scent as she felt her throat being fucked. She closed her eyes and let Josh go as fast and as hard as he wanted. Suddenly Tia could feel Josh’s hairy ballsack begin to slap against her chin. Then she noticed her face was getting pressed into Josh’s wild stinky bush.

Josh couldn’t believe what he was feeling. Young Tia’s nose in his bush, her innocent drool all over his ball sack and finally her tight throat swallowing his sweaty dirty dick. He could feel his nuts about to explode again so he went deeper causing Tia to make loud gag noises. While hearing Tia gagging on his big dick he mocked her by saying “see. This is what happens when you tease all the old guys in town. Innocent little girl always shaking your ass in front of everyone. Now look at you. Covered in my sweat and your drool. But you’re not done yet. I’m going to make sure you remember me.”

Josh placed Tia’s hands on his hairy ass cheeks. Finally before draining down her throat he turned on the bathroom light.

Tia had tears going down her face which mixed in with her drool by her nose and mouth. She had her eyes closed waiting for it to be over.

Josh felt his dick start shooting his cum down her throat. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face all the way into his bush.

Josh wanted Tia to remember him so as he drained his balls down her throat he told her “open your eyes! Look at me! Look at who owns you! Look at whose seed your swallowing right now!”

Tia looked up with watery eyes and just saw Josh’s wild bush leading up to his hairy chubby stomach and chest. They kept eye contact until Josh was fully empty. He shoved Tia off of his now soft dick and he rushed out of the house.

As he drove away… He couldn’t help but wonder what was going to happen. He had an odd feeling that Tia liked most of what happened.

Tia staggered to her room, still covered in drool and had Josh’s scent all over her face. She took off her baggy shirt… Wiped all the drool and cum off her face. She then sniffed and cuddled that shirt until she fell asleep.