Young Sexy Female Plumber

Story Line: Female plumber offered to fix his pipes.

It was a bright sunny day. I got up and had my shower, got dressed, and wandered into the kitchen for some breakfast. Just another day with everything as per normal. After breakfast I washed the dishes and then it was off to work. At least, I intended to wash the dishes.


I turned on the tap, hot water started gushing out, and then stopped. Surprised I turned on the cold water and no worries, I had plenty of cold water.

I stepped outside to check the hot water tank only to find water gushing from a broken pipe. I hastily turned off the water supply to the tank, went inside, and called for a plumber. ‘We’ll be right out’ I was assured, but I took that with a pinch of salt. A very large pinch.

I called work and explained my problem to my boss, suggesting I switch today for my next RDO. He quite understood and agreed so all I had to do was wait for the plumber who might turn up in five minutes or five hours. I wasn’t putting any money on the five minute option.

Half an hour later there was a knock on the door and I saw there was a plumber’s van in the driveway. Rather timely service all things considered. I opened the door and there was a petite young miss of about twenty standing there.

This young lady, who stood at five foot nothing, was very pretty, had a very nice heart shaped face, a glorious smile, and was clad in baggy overalls that did nothing at all to disguise an excellent figure. Running my eyes over her it seemed to me that the overalls might have been a little too baggy as there was definitely a gap at the waist, giving a view down the young lady’s thighs, not that I looked.

“You’re the plumber?” I must have looked slightly surprised as her smile turned into a bit of a smirk.

“Indeed. You don’t have a problem with a female plumber do you?” she asked.

“Certainly not,” I assured her. “I’d even accept a trained monkey if it could fix my problem. Ah, not to say that you’re a monkey,” I quickly added, realising my words could be taken the wrong way. “Ah, your name is?”

“Nicki,” she said, tapping on a name plate that was rather prominently displayed.

“Of course it is,” I agreed. How’d I miss seeing that? Probably because I’d been busy trying not to stare at her breasts, an area where the overalls were not baggy. “Um, I’m John.”

She giggled and asked me what the problem was. I took her around the back and showed her, turning on the water supply to the tank and letting water spray forth from the pipe. I then turned off the tap.

“Not a problem,” she told me and then paused to reconsider. “Actually, it is a problem, long term. This is an elderly house and you have iron pipes. They’re starting to wear out. I can replace this pipe with a copper pipe and it’ll give you no more problems but it’s a sign that the rest of your pipes are likely to break down at any time. You should really consider arranging to have all your pipes replaced. It’ll be cheaper than having to call a plumber each time one of them gives way. I’ll fix this for now and give you a quote for the remainder of the work. If you check around you’ll find that my quote is very competitive.”

She told me how much the current fix would cost and I nodded, accepting it. It wasn’t too bad and it’s not like I had any real choice. She smiled and got down to work.

“When you’ve finished just come on in. I’ll be in the kitchen,” I told her.

I kept an eye on her out of the window and she very efficiently replaced the busted pipe. Fifteen minutes, I estimated. She then wandered around the house, checking where the existing pipes were.

She came into the house and sat down at the kitchen table.

“All done,” she said. “I’ll fill out the bill and the quote. Do you want to pay now or later?”

“I’ll pay now,” I told her.

When she handed me the bill I took it and reached for my wallet. I placed the money next to her while she filled out the quote. She then tucked the money away in a zipped pocket on her overalls and passed me the quote. I looked at the quote and winced but suspected that I’d have to do it anyway. Otherwise I was like to face a series of plumbing problems. Preventive maintenance was the way to go as it’s cheaper in the long run.

“All done,” she said, smiling brightly. “Hum. Half an hour since I arrived and the bill actually covers my time for a full hour. What do you suggest we do for the remaining half hour?”

I blinked. She did not just say that, I told myself. Well, yes, she did, but she obviously didn’t mean it the way I thought. I mean, she’d have to stand on her toes to be more than five foot tall and I was damn near six foot. If I stretched out an arm she could walk under it, or just about. Admittedly, she was very shapely, but…

“Ah, you mean what can we do where plumbing is concerned?” I said carefully.

“Right on,” she said cheerfully. “I’m an expert at handling plumbing and dealing with water works.”

The innuendo in her voice was definitely salacious. This little bitty girl was most definitely coming on to me. Still, I’d have to tread carefully. I didn’t want to be accused of harassment.

“Hmm. While I admit you seem to have done a fine job on the hot water I’m wondering if you’ve got any credentials you can show me.”

“Possibly. Possibly,” she said, a smirk twitching at her lips. “Let me consider this.”

She reached up to the two buttons that held the bib of the overalls up and calmly flicked them open. The bib promptly dropped down, showing that she had a well filled t-shirt on under it – very well filled, in my opinion.

I’m not sure whether she intended the rest of what happened or not. I believe I mentioned that the overalls that she was wearing were a trifle on the baggy side. Possible a size or two too large, with the legs adjusted for height. It must be hard to get overalls that fit a pixie. Those too large overalls and an unbuttoned bib resulted in gravity being man’s best friend and the overalls simply dropped down, leaving her half-naked. It wasn’t as though a skimpy pair of panties were really covering anything.

All squeals and blushes and a hasty pulling up of her overalls, right? No such thing. She giggled and looked down at them and shrugged.

“Oops,” she said. “I forgot they have a tendency to do that.”

“Don’t pull them up on my account,” I said quickly, when she started to bend down. “Hold off while I review your, ah, credentials.”

More giggles and she stood there, hands on her hips, while I looked her over. I nodded to myself. She was definitely asking for anything that might happen.

“If you’ll excuse me I’ll just take a closer look,” I said, reaching for her excuse for panties and sliding them down.

No reaction whatsoever, just standing there while her panties finished up around her ankles.

“I have to admit that you have some superb credentials,” I told her, “but if you could highlight a couple of points for me?”

I looked rather pointedly at her breasts when I made the request, wondering if she’d go that far. It was a case of yes, she certainly would, as she lifted her t-shirt up and off, managing to take her bra off at the same time. Her breasts demonstrated contempt for the law of gravity, standing proud and perky, her nipples erect and pointing.

It was becoming increasingly obvious to me that I was going to have to either beat her off with a stick or suffer sexual entreaties of a most beguiling kind. Unfortunately there wasn’t a stick in sight so I guessed I’d have to put up with whatever happened.

Whatever happened turned out to be a small hand unzipping me and sliding in to find what I was hiding in my trousers. It didn’t take much searching to find what I had as it was standing tall, waiting for such an occasion. Not wanting to seem too easy I put a hand out to push her away, only to find my hand covering a breast and not being able to move away.

My hand was still on her breast when I found my trousers were sliding down. It turned out both my hands were full (she did have two breasts, after all) and I was unable to grab my trousers to stop their journey south.

I now found myself with a small problem. She was too small, height wise. I couldn’t lean her against the table and have my wicked way, neither leaning forward nor back. The floor was cold tiles and I wasn’t laying her on that. My only option I decided was to pick her up and place her where I wanted her.

I ripped off my own shirt and pulled her flush against me, feeling the hard nubs of her nipples pressing against my chest. Hands dropping to her bottom I clasped her buttocks and lifted her, dragging her against my erection.

“Legs around my waist,” I told her and she quickly spread them to encircle me. I lowered her slowly, letting her feel my cock pressing between her legs as she eased down towards it. Once my cock was pressing against her slit she wriggled about a little, positioning herself so that I was properly aligned. As soon as I found myself about to sink into her hot moistness I stopped lowering her, waiting to see what she would do.

She held herself there, legs wrapped around me, hands clutching my shoulders.

“If I just stay like this,” she giggled, “who will give way first do you think?”

“Me,” I stated definitely. “Most certainly me. I’m hovering on the brink of slamming fully into you right at this moment. If you don’t start moving PDQ you won’t need to worry about what’s going to happen because it’ll have happened.”

She laughed outright at that but took the hint. She relaxed her grip on my shoulders, letting herself sink slowly down onto me. Once I was starting to sink in properly I started pressing more firmly into her, pushing down on her hips at the same time. She let out a soft wail of, “Yesss,” and then I was fully inside her, holding her tight as I felt her surrounding me.

Arms around her, holding her like that, I turned and headed towards the nearest bedroom. I will admit to walking in a rather lead-footed manner, each step jolting her as I went. It was sure jolting me in a most pleasant manner. From the sounds she was making I don’t think she was objecting.

Reaching the bedroom I just fell forward onto the bed, crushing her between the bed and me. She gave a small squeal but by then I was starting to move properly, drawing back and driving in hard and fast. Her legs were still wrapped around me and her hands were once more clutching at my shoulders.

I had to admit that for a woman not much bigger than Tinker Bell she certainly had attained some exceptional plumbing skills. She was handling the length of pipe I gave her with aplomb, polishing it thoroughly, ready to clean it out and demonstrate that there were no blockages.

I’d like to say that I was taking my time and endeavouring to ensure that she was going to be well satisfied with the result of this unexpected little tryst. I’d like to say that but truth be known I was just thrusting into her as hard and as fast as I could, wanting to make sure that I had a good time and trusting her to do the same.

I certainly couldn’t complain about her efforts. She was surging up to meet me for my every thrust, legs closing tightly around me, helping to pull me in, then relaxing enough to let me withdraw preparatory to making my next thrust.

I just kept on keeping on, giving my best. Nicki was becoming increasingly verbal the longer we went at it, her approval loudly spoken, encouragement and incitement in her every utterance. When she finally shrieked, “Yes, now!” I was more than ready to answer the call.

I upped the pace, not much because I was already going full bore, but enough to make the difference required. She screamed and had a very noisy climax, leaving me to have my own much quieter one.

We’d barely had time to separate and she was off the bed and asking where the bathroom was. She vanished into it and came out five minutes later, strolling down to the kitchen still gloriously naked.

“No time for any more nonsense,” she told me as she scrambled into her clothes. “I have more calls to make so I have to run. Thank you for your business and please give serious consideration to the quote I gave you. You really do need to get your pipes done.”

With that she was gone, jumping in her van and heading off.