Wife Won’t Tell Him Who It Was

It was the biggest charity event in our city in many years. The convention center ball room was filled with people as speeches were followed by a video and then awards presentations.

I was watching from the dinner table that was now deserted. My wife, Annie had disappeared as had all the others who had been at the table.

She had been gone for some time. I assumed she was doing things associated with the event. A number of her charity groups were involved along with churches, government agencies and businesses.

As the awards presentations droned on, my wife tapped me on the shoulder and said “Come with me.”

Annie led me out into the hallway and around the corner, pushed the button for the elevator and when it got there, we walked in. We were the only ones in the elevator. She said, “I got us a room.”

She then moved into me and kissed me passionately, with her mouth open and her tongue probing mine. I responded, of course. “Taste that?” she said. She pushed her tongue into my mouth again.

I said “What?”

“Do you taste the cum in my mouth?” she said. I was confused and didn’t know what to say. She continued, “I cleaned his dick off after he fucked me. Do you like how it tastes?”

I did not, but my lover’s words were exciting, extremely exciting, although I didn’t know what she was talking about.

“While you were watching those boring speeches, I was getting laid.” She told me.

“By who?” I asked.

“I’ll never tell you. It might have been someone you know or a complete stranger. It might have been someone I know. It may have been one of your friends. Maybe it was someone you work with or someone I work with. Maybe it was your boss. Maybe one of your buddies was fucking your wife while you were listening to boring speeches. You’ll never know.”

“I don’t believe you” I said. Annie reached under her dress into her panties, and then put her fingers in my mouth. I had never tasted cum, but the smell was familiar. I was stunned.

Annie continued to taunt me. “You won’t know who had his cock in your wife. I want you to wonder with every man you see, if he was the one who had eaten, fucked and come inside your wife. I want you to think about it all the time. Who was it that fucked me?”

We had arrived at our floor and I followed her to the room she had gotten. She let us in and we immediately began assaulting each other. I unzipped her dress. “Where is your bra?” I asked. “In my purse.” She replied. “I was naked and had to get dressed in a hurry” she said as she pulled off my shirt and pants.

She continued, “We found an empty office. He stripped me, laid me on a desk and ate my pussy. But I didn’t want just that. I wanted him in me. I wanted to get fucked and then bring my sloppy pussy to you. You like to read stories about wives getting fucked and then coming home to their husbands.”

She continued to taunt me. “He undressed and stuck his big cock in me. It wasn’t tender, it was wham, bam. I felt his cock swell up and shoot come into me. He didn’t wear a rubber.

I wanted to let him feel my insides and shoot cum up in me. After he pulled out, I cleaned his dick with my tongue. He was still dripping some so I saved some of it for you. I couldn’t wait to get you into my sloppy cunt, so I went and got a room.”

My cock was as hard as it had ever been. I pushed my cheating wife back onto the bed and slid inside her. Her pussy had never felt this way. It was loose and sloppy. My cock slid in and our very easily and it felt really good in there.

Before I could come, Sheila pushed me away and said, “Eat me. Clean me up.” So, I went down on her and began to lick her clit. She pulled my head into her and moved so I had my tongue in her dripping cunt hole. It was disgusting yet exhilarating.

My supposedly faithful wife was dripping another man’s come out of her pussy. She rolled over so that she was sitting on my face. She humped her hips frantically as she fucked my face. She spurted a mixture of her juices and another man’s cum all over me.

She started to piss on my face a bit, but got up and went to the bathroom so she wouldn’t soak the mattress. When she came back, she hadn’t wiped herself and she ground her piss and cum filled cunt on my face until she came again.

Now it was my turn. I rolled my slutty wife onto her stomach and drove my cock into her wet cunt from behind. I pushed into her, reclaiming her for myself.

I fucked her hard while she told me she loved me and was mine and mine alone. I blasted my cum into her. By then, we both were exhausted.

Later, we made love again. She asked what I was thinking. I said, “I’m incredibly turned on and incredibly jealous and afraid of losing you.” She assured me that this was a one-time treat, to satisfy both of our curiosities and fantasies.

Still, I tried to never let her wander off again. From then on, I wondered whenever I looked at one of our male acquaintances, if he was the one.

With every man I talked to, I wondered if that was the guy who had eaten, fucked and come inside my wife. Whenever I ask “Was that the guy?” she just smiles and says nothing.

She has never given me a hint.


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