Wife Takes Me Out

My wife had called, she told me she didn’t want to stay home tonight and I should meet her at the bar. I couldn’t figure out why she wanted to meet across the city.

So here I sit waiting in traffic. She told me to meet her as soon as I could. I was looking forward to going out too. My wife was a looker, amazing long brown hair and haunting blue eyes.


I was always a proud husband. Everywhere we went guys would tell me how lucky I was. On the nights we went out she would dress to kill. Heads would turn.

I pulled in to the parking lot of the bar. It was fancy. I felt like I was underdressed. I was still in my work clothes. I should have stopped and changed into better clothes.

I saw he sitting alone at the front of the bar. I was right. She looked amazing her hair down in a black dress that wear bare on the shoulder. I always wondered what kept the top part up.

Always imagined how easy it would be to pull the front down on her. I always loved her breasts. Big and full, you just wanted to stare.

The hemline rode high on her hip. It wasn’t quite a mini skirt but it was well above the knee.

As I checked my coat at the front. I saw a guy aproch her. He talked, I couldn’t hear what he was saying but you could see the hunger in his eyes.

I started to walk closer she hadn’t realized I had shown up. She talked for a moment then the man looked disappointed and turned away and slunk back to his table.

My heart swelt as I thought oh yeah another strike out. I had total trust with this wonderful woman.

When she noticed me walking up she turned on the stool and I saw the dress was much higher than I had thought. I thought I could see her panties as I walked up.

As she got up to great me to climb down off the stool she spread her legs a bit. I smiled cause I swear I saw a flash. There wasn’t much I missed. I also know as she kissed me hello. There wear three of four people looking at us or her.

She hopped back up on the bar stool and we had a drink. We talked a little about our days. I kept staring down at her legs as we spoke. She had been sitting with one leg on the top of the stool rung and the other foot on the floor. Turning in her seat.

Her hem line riding up. I was looking cause I could see the top of her thigh. If that dress was any higher I would be able to see all of her inner thigh.

We moved to the table and ordered out food. In the middle of the meal she looked at me and asked, “You know what I’ve been thinking about all day?”

“What?” I played along.

” How hard it is to fing underwear that feels good.”

With that she started to figet around. The next thing I realized, she was taking them off inconspicuously at the table.

She briefly showed them to me as she smiled. Then quickly palmed them in her hand. I thought you could hardly call those underwear. Looked more like a pile of thread.

She reached across the table and put them in my shirt pocket.

Moments later, the waiter came to the table with our food. I noticed my wife’s top just then. She had pulled it down lower.

Her cleavage was overwhelmingly magnificent. I thought her breasts were going to fall out. The top was way down I thought I could make out the edge of a nipple but I wasn’t quite sure.

I looked up at the young man serving our food. He was doing a good job not eyeballing her but I could see he was starting to sweat as he filled our water.

He walked and and I asked, “Why so full of mischief?”

She smiled and let the top fall a little more. I could see her nipple. The dark brown areola plainly visable. And it looked like it could be a natural accident, but I knew better.

I looked around to see if anyone had noticed. There was an older man sitting two tables away. I didn’t think he saw yet but if she kept it up there would be no doubt he wouldn’t if he was observent at all

We finished our meals, I stood up and held her coat for her. Before she stood she turned in her seat and she spread her legs wide. I saw her skirt was hiked right up. I couldn’t see if she had shaved her womanly area or not. But anyone that was sitting father back than me probably knew.

I looked back and the old guy was all eyes on her crotch. The table behind was a man also staring. Looking right over his wife’s shoulder.

I smiled thinking that’s right guys look. It’s all mine, I was swelling up in the chest.

As we were walking out the door she was digging in her purse for some keys and dropped them to the floor. She bent over to pick them up. I could see both her ass cheeks were exposed. I quickly realised I was right behind her. So I took a step to the left. I heard a lady gasp. When I looked in that direction there was a lady nudging her friend.

Her mission was accomplished. Now I knew why she had picked a bar on the other side of the city.