Wife Sent Me to be Obedient

This story has crossdressing, bdsm, bondage, bi sexual unprotected sex, and humiliation, so if you are not into this kind of story please do not read. This story is fictional and made up so if your looking forward to reading enjoy!


I get a text reading, “Tell your master that my bitch is being summoned for the weekend!”

Wife smiled and told me to get packed and have a fun weekend and hope you come back in one piece. You have me meet you at a commute parking lot. I grab my bag and jump into your truck as we head down the road. We drive a while before you head down a two-track trail. You stop at a cabin deep in the woods.

I get out when you stop me and say, “I want you in a wig, makeup, and bra and do it out here, and leave the clothes you have on right now in the truck and do it now!”

As you walk off in to the cabin, I strip naked outside. I put my cage on with the key in the lock and a chain, and a note from my wife. I apply my makeup using the mirror in your truck and put my wig on and black lace bra. I painted my nails bright red, and I put two toe rings on, one read “cum slut” and the other “sissy”. I slipped on two anklets also, one reading “cum slut” and the other “wife’s sissy bitch”.

I walk into the cabin watching you set up a cross style bench in the middle of the room with a fuck machine behind it as you point at the ground, telling me to kneel. I drop the bag and kneel by the door. You walk over and grab my bag and look down at me and tell me to kiss your feet as you fumble in the bag.

I knelt over and kissed each foot as I look up and see you have a bag of pink shackles. You put one on each wrist and one on my neck and pushed me down to the floor and grabbed each ankle, putting those on too as you laugh.

You lightly kick me and tell me to get on the cross. I crawl over and laid my chest in the center, hands spread across and my legs spread apart but in a kneeling position. I feel you tie me tight to the table. Then I feel a hand touching my ass cheek when I hear you say, “What is this?”

You grab the key and chain and the note and it read, “MMM, I hope you enjoy and abuse our bitch this week and happy hunting a present from me to you! Signed the Bitches Wife!”

I hear you take a deep breath and moan as she put her perfume on the note for you. Then I feel a smack on my ass from a whip and then another one as you laugh. I feel cold liquid being dripped on the crack of my ass. Then I hear you pushing the fuck machine up behind me and shoved it in with force, making me squeal.

You turn it on and walk in front of me, showing me you putting my key around your neck and laugh. Then you go back behind me and start spreading my ass apart watching the machine fuck my ass, making it into a boi pussy.

You walk back around to my face. My head gets yanked back by my hair and slap me multiple times on my face. You unzip your pants and drop them to the floor, stepping out of them. Rubbing your cock all over my face slapping it with your cock knowing I really want to sucking it.

Then you shove your cock deep down my throat when I feel a smack from the whip on one ass cheek and then one on the other as I gag and gasp for air and moan on your cock.

You pull out and walk back around me and shut the machine off and pull it out. I feel you climb on top of me and moving around, when I suddenly feel your warm cock slide into my boi pussy.

I then heard the machine turn on, but I was not feeling it. I go to look behind me when you cover my mouth and make me look forward and bit my neck and then my earlobe and whispered, “If you tell any of my friends about this, that ass beating you got will be ten times worse bitch! Nod if you understand, you fucking whore!”

I nod and moaned yes into your hand. You keep kissing and biting my neck and ear, moaning, “sissy bitch” in my ear. I know you have the machine fucking you as you keep your cock still in my boi pussy.

Your moans are getting louder and I feel you drive your cock deeper as you scream out. I feel your cock throbbing over and over into my boi pussy. You scream out, “Take it bitch!”

You collapse on top of me. The machine still running and I feel your cock throb in side me from time to time as I feel your lips on my back and neck and whispering in my ear. You climb off me, the machine still running, you shove it back in my boi pussy.

Suddenly, I hear two doors close outside. You hurry around putting pants back on and sat down next to me, touching my ass with the whip as your two friends enter the cabin. They see me and laugh as they put their stuff down.

One friend said, “I brought what you told me to, but I wasn’t sure if this was a joke or the real deal but by the looks of it, it is real!”

You introduced me to your friends as Brandi, the cabin sissy maid. Then you put your foot in my face and loudly telling me to kiss it. I kiss your feet as they both giggle watching me. Another friend says to you, “She doesn’t look like a maid laying there nude.”

You reply, “I know, but I wanted you both to see what we have first!”

They both start pawing at my ass and slapping it, watching the machine stretching my boi pussy out more and more. They grab their things and head to their rooms. You shut the machine off and untie me, telling me to go get dressed up.

I head to the bathroom to get dressed. You yell, “Outside and do your makeup again!”

I head outside and its dark and freezing out now. I had to pee, so I squatted by the truck and pee. I put on more makeup and my maid outfit with black four-inch heels and my matching black lace panties. I walk back in as I see you handing the letter from my wife around to the both of them.

They look at me with a serious look. You tell me to cook dinner. I had to make everyone their dinner. One of your friend went to his bag and grabbed out something and threw it at you and said, “This is what you wanted, ain’t it? I will hook it up to that machine just like you said!”

You walk out to the kitchen and tell me to face backwards and kneel as you held something behind your back. I turn around and kneel in front of you. As I watch you lower a leather strapped hat with a metal O going across the front.

You slap my face, telling me to open my mouth. As you position the metal O, spreading my mouth open and strapping it tight to my head. Then I see this two fork kind of thing slap my forehead as you hook it in my nose and pulled the strap back, opening my air passage.

You laugh and said, “That will help this bitch breath while sucking cock tonight after dinner boys!”

They all clap as you make me stand up and show them. Then slapped my ass hard, telling me to finish dinner. I set table and you have me kneel beside as you eat. After dinner, you have me kneel back towards the cross style bench, as you tie my hands and arm and tied my collar as well.

As you hook up the machine to the leather hat and turn it on, as you all clap and applaud as you watch my head move back and forth with the machine. You all fight over who goes first. You let one friend that brought the hat go first.

He shoves his cock in my mouth as you turn the machine on faster. You speak up quickly saying, “Do Not cum in this bitch’s mouth we need him to be a hungry cum slut and not allow her to taste any cum we need her to beg and crave for our cum in her mouth do we understand!?”

They all agree with you and took turns having the machine move my head on to each and one of your cocks that seem like hours, drool running all over my outfit, my mouth sore. You stop the machine as I notice my phone as you videotape it.

You tell me you’re sending it to my wife. She wants to see us abuse you. Both your friends beg with you they need to cum. So you unhook me from the machine. One grabs my collar and smashes my face to the floor and rips my panties off and starts fucking my boi pussy hard.

It doesn’t take long before he fills me with his cum and feeling his cock throbbing inside me. The other friend pushes him off and starts fucking me hard too as before he cum quickly, feeling him fill me up with his cum as well. Making me moan as his cock throbs.

I see you sitting on the couch holding my phone recording. I crawl over to you with my arms and legs being so weak, I kiss your feet your, hearing me begging you over and over really faint with my mouth pried open, “Please cum in my mouth master.”

You push my face off your feet, witch rolled me over on to my back. You grab my legs and pin them to my shoulders and pushed your cock into my boi pussy. I let out a moan but gave you sad puppy eyes, trying to say, “Let me suck your cock!” but you can’t understand me with my mouth pried open.

Handing the phone to one of your friends, you fuck me. I close my eyes and turn my head sideways enjoying the fucking but still want to suck you off, when I get a slap across my face and you say, “Look in to my eyes bitch I want you to realize I own you bitch!”

As I look up at you, grab my face, staring down at me as I feel your cock throbbing and jets of cum shooting deep inside me as I moan disappointed cause I wanted to swallow it.

You get up and put your pants back on. Your two friends grab me and have me kneeling back towards the cross style bench. Tie me up again and said, “Let’s get this bitch drunk!”

One friend grabbed a bottle of liquor and poured it in my mouth with the metal O still in place. I have eaten nothing all day and after an hour of him pouring liquor down my throat and the three of you taking turns making me lick your cocks clean; I get so drunk I pass in and out.

I remember you three grabbing me and dragging me to the car and it went black.

I woke up the next morning. The O brace is off my head, but I am tied to the cross as I lay on my belly and legs tied too. I feel like my lower back is sore from something. One of your friends woke up first. Made coffee, seeing me tied up, still walks over and pulls his pants down.

He shoves his cock in my mouth. My mouth is so sore, but I so need to suck his cock. I suck like a pro. My tongue is touching his balls as I suck. He is holding my head, moaning out loud how a good sissy slave I am being.

I look at him, puzzled. He took his phone out and took a pic and showed it to me. On my lower back was a tramp stamp tattoo saying “Sissy Slave” in bright pink.

I didn’t care. I just kept sucking harder. He must love it cause he grabbed my head and shot a huge load deep down my mouth. I savor his cock throbbing in my mouth, savor his cum holding it there.

I look over and see you walk out of your room as you hear and see him grunting and shaking as he cum. You said, “Damn it, we agreed to no coming in this mouth. We need him horny to become a cum slut! His wife’s orders.”

He says, “I know, I know, but I had morning wood and his pretty lips looked hungry so I feed him!”

You say, “No more unless he becomes a good Sissy Slave for us!”

Laughing, you untie me and tell me to cook breakfast before you three go out hunting. So I obey. I knelt down beside you as you ate, staring at your bulge in your pants. After everyone eats you, all get dressed to head out hunting.

You snap your fingers pointing at the ground and told me to crawl to you at the door when you say, “Kiss our feet and wish us happy hunting.”

I obey and do as I am told as you all left.

I knew better, so I grab something to eat fast and cleaned up. I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror at the tattoo, telling myself everyone is going to see that. I cleaned myself up and redid my makeup and sat on the couch and fell asleep.

Door opens, startling me. I look up to see you walking in. You put your things on the table and walked over to me. Grabbing a hand full of my hair you pull me over the arm of the couch and whipped my ass telling me, I could not sleep, and I did not make yet lunch. 20 smacks on my ass, it felt like it was on fire.

Both your friends walk in also and asked where is lunch? One friend handed you the whip. Smacking my ass over and over, telling me to repeat that you are the master and I am to obey. After, like, 20 more smacks from the whip, you let go of my hair and tell me to hurry up with lunch.

You all staring at my bright red ass as I hurry around making lunch. I set the table and kneel beside you as you sit down. You had that O brace in your hand. I lower my head and back myself between your legs as you strapped it back on my face.

You laugh and say, “You will learn to obey!”

I nodded yes. You all get back up and head back out to hunt. I clean up and get things out for dinner. It is getting dark out, so I cook. One of your friends shows back first. He kicks his boots off and walks up to me, squeezing my ass and bit my neck.

Sticking a finger in my boi pussy, making me moan, and pulled it back out. He shoves me to my knees and pulled his cock out with the hooks in my nose and O brace on. He tells me to smell him, to enjoy his alpha order. With the hook pulling my nose open, he shoves the tip of his cock in my nose holes, laughing like he wanted to fuck them with his cock.

He grabs my collar, pulls me up to my feet and bends me over the counter and whispers, “Tell me you want to suck my cock, bitch over and over!”

I obey, mumbling that I want to suck his cock the best I can as he shoves his cock up into my loose boi pussy!

I keep saying it as he sucks on my neck as he cum inside me again. He pulls out and makes me taste his cock, and I lick it clean. He walks to his room. As I stand up finish setting the table when you and the other friend walk in happy to see food made.

You look at me and see cum running down my legs. Your friend walks out changed you say to him, “I thought we were going to play with this bitch at the same time damn you too!”

I kneel by the chair waiting for you to change and sit down to eat. You see that and say, “You’re finally learning, bitch!”

After you all ate, you had me kneel in front of the cross again and hooked up the machine to the headgear and you all took turns fucking my face or machine made my face fuck your cocks. You reach down and grab my ass. I let out a little squeal and jerked. You lifted my skirt to see it still red. You smile at me as I suck on a cock looking in to your eyes when you say, “That sore ass is a friendly reminder!”

I nod yes. After another hour sucking all three of your cocks, they untie me and push my face down by your feet as they both take turns fucking me as you video with my phone some more and telling me out loud to kiss your feet over and over. They take turns coming into my boi pussy. Again, you hand one of them my phone, lay me down on my back and made me look at you as you cum in me.

You keep your cock in me and took off the headgear; you slide up and sat on my face telling me to lick your ass. The guys are watching in awe after a few you get up and they high-five you and wanted a turn.

During the night I slept on the cross tied up. Sometimes you would tie me up and leave the fuck machine on my mouth or ass while you three slept. The three of you reminded to obey, because it was my wife’s orders. I felt so horny and happy I didn’t want it to stop, but I really wanted to taste their cum.

The last day it was really early. I get woken up by you untying me as you whisper, “SHH, you was a good little bitch, so how bad do you want to suck cock?”

I reply “I will do anything master to taste cock without that damn brace please master!”

You say, “Good, go fix your makeup and put on extra lip stick and crawl into each room one at a time and suck them off. Now hurry before they awake.”

I get up and rush to the bathroom and did as I was told. I crawled to the first room. Feeling for the foot of the bed, I climb up under his covers between his legs and worshipped his cock. Kissing and licking his balls as he moans and starts rubbing my head. I work his cock like a trained slut,

He grabs my head and shoots his load into my mouth, where I hold it there until I feel his cock stop throbbing and soften. I crawl back out to you and show you my prize before I swallowed it. Then off to the next room as I did the same thing and crawled out and over to you, showing you my prize in my mouth.

You sat on the couch and curled your finger over for me to suck you off next. I smiled as I crawled to you like a proud slut. I lick your ass up to your balls, to the tip of your cock. I worshipped your cock real good, so good. The guys sat down and watched me as you had your hands behind your head, looking down at me as I stared up at you.

You ask if I was ready, and I moaned on your cock, “Yes.” As I’m looking up in to your eyes. I feel your huge load shot in my mouth and your cock throbbing over and over. I am almost gagging by how much cum you shot. After you calm down, I lifted my head to show you your cum, as I look in your eyes and swallowed.

I stood up and turned around and sat down on your cock. Both your friends stood up and made me suck them both off again as I sat on your lap. You run your fingers up and down my spin and traced out the tramp tattoo on my back as well.

After they both cum in my mouth I was still hungry. I got up and dropped to my knees between your legs and start licking your cock, trying to get you hard again when you kicked me off. I say, “Please Master, I need more cock and cum!”

You smiled and shook your head no. Your friends get backed and got ready to leave. I crawled over and kissed their feet, begging them for the cocks. One friend holds my chin and says, “That is a good cum slut, you keep dressing up and sucking all the cocks you can, I want you to dream all day long that you need cocks to suck so when we get you here again you will be like a porn star!” Your other friend agrees with him.

Doors close, and car pulls away. You have me lie down on the cross again and tied my shackles up. Grabbing the whip, and beat my ass 20 more times. You climb back on me and fumble around again when I feel your cock go deep in my boi pussy. You moan and bit my neck and whisper, “You’re my bitch!”

I hear the machine start again, but this time I know better than to look back, Your moaning in my ear and sucking my neck and say, “Remember you tell nobody this, or there will be hell to pay,”

I reply “Yes, Master!”

You say, “Tell me you love cock. Tell me you need cock. Tell me you can’t live without cock. Tell me you have to have cum. Tell me sissy bitch!”

I repeated it all back to you as you turn the machine up more. Then you say, “When you get home your wife is going to want you to fuck her but you won’t do you understand!”

I reply “Yes, Master!”

You turn the machine higher I can start to feel the motion more when you say in to my ear, “You will hump her feet from now on. You will not fuck her because I want her horny for my cock! You will beg her to hump her feet in steed of fucking her pussy cause I want that pussy for myself. Do you understand?”

I reply “Yes, Master!”

You turn up the machine more and say, “You’re such a good sissy slut and cum slut, and a whore. Oh, God! Fucking take it bitch!”

I feel you throbbing in my pussy hole again loads of cum shooting deep inside me and when I scream out, “I am a cum slut I need cock, My wife’s pussy is yours Master I need cock I will only hump her feet Master!”

You feel my boi pussy tighten up and throb over and over. As I shot a load on to the floor. You pull out and untie me, grabbing my hair. You shove my face in it and tell me to clean my mess. I look up as you have my phone in your hand sending the video of me screaming when I came and repeat what you told me to.

I ask if you can unlock me so I can go pee and you said, “Hell no you! You go squat to pee outside, remember?”

So I do as I am told. You follow me outside, you video me squatting and drips of pee coming out of my cage as you send that to my wife as well. You tell me to get naked outside and I am to walk in my heels all the way back to the road and then you will allow me to get dressed back in my normal clothes.

You followed me in your truck as I walk my bright red ass and naked body to the road. I stop and open the door and asked, “:Do I have to wear my normal clothes or can I wear my maid outfit still?”

You smiled and said, “Normal clothes please with me in the truck, but when you get home, I am sure things will change and she will let me know when she is ready to be fucked by me, Now get in time to go!”

I get home; I kneel before her and kissed her feet, thanking her. Wife now points to the bathroom telling me to shower. After my shower, she was sitting in her chair. I walked over, gave her a kiss, and she kissed me back. I kneeled in front of her, worried about what was going to happen next. She smiled at me and said, “So you love cock? What, you don’t love my pussy no more?”

I replied, “Yes I love cock, but I had to obey you told me too! I love your pussy the most Master, I need your pussy. I love you and your pussy. Thank you for sending me to his cabin. I hope I didn’t let you down?”

She smiled, reached down to grab my chin and kissed me and said, “No, you didn’t. I am very proud of you and love you for being honest with me!”

I leaned down and kissed her feet again and said, “I love you very much. Please know that Master!”

She leaned back, stuck her feet out and said with a giggle, “Good bitch! Now hump my feet since you’re not allowed to have my pussy! Oh, buy the way, that pink tattoo I told them I wanted looks good on you!”

I looked up, worried, as I pull my penis out and start humping her feet.