wife pleases herself, her husband, and their new friend

My wife Rachel and I are both still working from home. We sit at our dining room table each day and do whatever we’re required to do on our computers. It can make for some long, somewhat boring days, but we do what we can to break up the monotony.

We’d been having some issues with our sprinkler system, so Rachel decided she would call the company that had installed it.

She was hoping to schedule a service call. A friendly gentleman named Jonathan answered the phone and Rachel identified herself and advised him that he was on speaker phone because she was working on her computer and I was too. He responded with a pleasant;

“Okay no problem Rachel, how can I help you?”

Jonathan had a deep, friendly voice and he sounded as if he might be black. Rachel politely conversed with him as he attempted to locate our account. I quietly joked and teased Rachel about how friendly Jonathan was and how he might be black. Rachel blushed and smiled at me and I could tell she was enjoying the conversation.

Once he found our account, he asked Rachel to describe exactly what the sprinkler system was doing. Rachel attempted to explain the problem as best as she could, but Jonathan interrupted her on several occasions to ask her questions;

“Do you have city, county, town or well water?”

“Do you have a water filtration system?”

“How long ago did the system start acting up?”

He was polite and jovial and spoke with a chuckle in his voice. He asked Rachel;

“Will you two be home later today?”

Rachel replied;


Jonathan said;

“Great!” “I should be out there before 2 pm.”

Rachel responded;

“Oh, great!” “We’ll see you then.”

Rachel walked over to me, hugged me, looked me in the eye and asked;

“What devious ideas do you have in that mind of yours?”

I replied;

“Just breaking up the monotony.”

Rachel and I then emailed our employers to let them know we were taking the afternoon off. We had a quick, romantic, lunch together, outside on our deck. After lunch, I poured two glasses of red wine and I went to the movie room and put some IR porn on our big screen TV. Rachel and I enjoyed a glass of wine together while watching the porn. I reminded Rachel;

“It’s time to whore up!”

After a long hug and kiss, Rachel went to our bedroom to prepare for Jonathan’s

arrival. I yelled after her;

“Look hot!”

I then sat back down and continued watching the porn.

Rachel came down from the bedroom all showered and smelling sweet with a long pink T-shirt with no bra, a matching set of pink panties and a pink bow in her hair.

She looked beautiful as usual, but hotter and sexier with the makeup she had put on to compliment the outfit. She was a bit nervous, but the porn and the wine helped her to relax. An older white woman on the screen was getting spit roasted by two younger black studs.

Just after 2 pm, the doorbell rang! Rachel and I exchanged excited glances as I got up to answer the door. As I left the movie room, I told Rachel;

“Keep the movie playing.”

After opening the front door, Jonathan and I introduced ourselves to each other. We looked each other in the eyes and shook hands. Jonathan was about 45 years old, with dark skin and a bald head. He stood 6′ 5″ tall and had a lean build. We then started down the basement stairs in order to view the sprinkler system control panel. On the way down Jonathan mumbled;

“Sorry I was late, I stopped at home to take a quick shower.”

I muttered;

“No problem!”

Jonathan further went on to explain;

“I bought this sprinkler company several months ago, so I want to make sure we keep all our customers happy.”

Once Jonathan got eyes on the sprinkler system control panel, he was able to troubleshoot the problem within a few minutes. While doing so, however, the muffled sounds of a porn movie were making their way through the floor. Jonathan made no mention of the noises. The sprinkler system was up and running again! I thanked him and asked him if he would like to come upstairs to meet Rachel. He chuckled;

“Of course!”

When Jonathan followed me into the movie room, he saw Rachel and the IR porn playing on the TV screen and letting out a laugh he said;

“My instincts were right, I had a feeling it was something like this.”

He then walked toward Rachel. She got up from the sectional and gave him a hug. Jonathan couldn’t take his eyes off her as she went back to take her seat. He said;

“Wow, don’t you look and smell great!”

“You’re sweet” Rachel said.

I offered Jonathan a drink and he too was a red wine drinker. We all got fresh glasses of wine and I offered Jonathan a seat to the left of Rachel. I sat down to Rachel’s right. The movie on the screen showed a young white bride on her knees sucking off a group of black guys.

As the porn played on the screen, the three of us talked about ourselves and our histories. Jonathan and I had served in the military and had been stationed at a couple of the same bases.

Rachel and Jonathan had gone to the same college. At least a decade separated the times we were at each place, however. The conversation eventually turned to sex and Jonathan confided to us that his wife had died several years ago and he hadn’t felt like getting much, until recently. Rachel blurted;

“I can see that by the way you were talking on the phone.”

We all laughed and while doing so, I put my hand on Rachel’s upper thigh and began to rub her. I said;

“Jonathan, you can do the same.”

When Jonathan reached out and touched Rachel’s thigh, she let out a loud gasp, closed her eyes and put her head back. She then reached down, pulled her damp panties away from her skin and began to finger her soaked pussy. Her nipples were rock hard and pushing out against her pink shirt. Within a minute she was cumming hard on her fingers.

Rachel then reached out for Jonathan’s cock and felt it through his summer shorts.

She looked at me with a smile and said;

“It feels really big, Hon.”

Jonathan then got up and stood directly in front of Rachel. He removed his shirt and then he looked at Rachel saying;

“Are you ready for this Baby?”

Rachel, looking at me, shyly whispered;

“I hope so.”

With that Jonathan let his shorts fall to the floor and he watched Rachel’s amazed expression as he stepped forward and placed his semi-hard, massive, black cock within an inch of her face. She glanced at me quickly and then reached out with both hands and began to play with it. Rachel tugged on it and cupped his balls. She looked me straight in the eye as she stuck out her tongue and licked the head of Jonathan’s BBC.

Once Jonathan was completely hard, Rachel got up and lead him by the cock with one hand while motioning to me to follow with the other. She was headed to the master bedroom and the king size bed. While Jonathan was positioning himself on the bed, Rachel removed her T-shirt and panties. She left the pink bow in her hair, however.

I took a seat in my favorite chair, several feet away. I love Rachel very much and I enjoy watching her be pleasured beyond what a man of my age is now able to do by myself. Watching her face when she’s in ecstasy makes it all worthwhile. I feel no jealousy whatsoever, just love.

I sat and watched Rachel and Jonathan have fun for nearly two hours. She played with his black cock like a toy and attempted to swallow as much of it as she could. She would do so until her eyes watered! She gagged and coughed with every courageous effort. After trying, but not being able to get him off with her mouth, she broke out the lube and milked his cock to a gushing climax. As the cum continued to flow out of Jonathan’s cock, Rachel lapped it up and swallowed what she could.

Rachel continued to play with Jonathan’s cum and cock throughout his recovery time and she was glad when he was able to get hard again. She then mounted him and I changed positions in order to see Rachel’s pussy stretched out to capacity. Rachel screamed with orgasms as she lowered herself down onto his ten inches of black cock and rode it that way for over a half hour.

Jonathan then fucked her to several orgasms in the missionary position. He then rolled her over and lubed up her ass. Rachel could barely resist at this point, but Jonathan gently and slowly began to work his massive BBC up Rachel’s ass. After a short period of discomfort, Rachel began to orgasm again and again until the pace picked up and Jonathan eventually filled her ass up with his black seed.

Rachel and Jonathan both took a short nap and then went and showered. The bedroom had a stench of sex and the sheets were soaked. We exchanged cell phone numbers and Jonathan and I looked each other in the eyes and shook hands. Rachel hugged and kissed him. We then said our goodbyes as Jonathan thanked us and we thanked him.

Rachel and I had a lite dinner that night and turned in early. As we spooned in bed, she told me she loved me and I told her I loved her. Rachel thanked me for allowing her to have some fun and I told her that I had fun, too. It had been a great way to break up the monotony! We’ll be seeing Jonathan again. I saved the pink bow.



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