Wife Out Of Town On A Trip

My wife had to go out of town on a conference. She was excited, she always loved going to this sort of thing. It was winter but this hotel she chose had a swimming pool, so she went shopping and bought a new suit before her trip. It was a modest white one piece. She said the white helped make her look more tanned than she was.


She got to her room, unpacked and excitedly headed to the pool. Winter must have kept most people from thinking of swimming though. She walked in and there was only one other person at the pool. She went to change and as she came out of the changing room, that modest one-piece white suit got the attention of the lone stranger. She dove in and swam to the far end of the pool, away from the man watching her.

After a few minutes she decided the hot tub would feel nice, so she climbed out of the pool and walked over. She was shocked to see in the reflection of the window that her suit was almost transparent. Her nipples were clearly visible through the material and the material clung to her like a second skin.

A brief rush hit her as she realized the stranger could see this as well. Without a glance towards him, she continued to the hot tub and got I for a soak.

The stranger remained where he was, just relaxing in the water at the shallow end. My wife decided she would push the limits a bit and see what would happen. She hopped out of the hot tub, stretched, arching her back in the process. The suit clung to her, leaving nothing to imagination.

She dove in, swam to the other side again and the colder pool water made her nipples get as hard as can be. Once at the other side, she propped herself up on her elbows at the pools edge, facing the water and exposing her chest. He was swimming about 20 feet from her now.

She moved around in the water for a bit and then swam across to the ladder and as she climbed the steps and stood dripping, the stranger was, by now, not hiding his admiration for her as he edged closer for a better look. She pretended to be indifferent to him, but she was getting excited from his blatant stare.

The stranger got out of the pool, smiled at her and it looked like he was preparing to leave. He grabbed his things and began to walk off. As he rounded a corner, she felt a bit let down but then hurried out of the pool and headed for the changing rooms.

Her plan once inside the changing rooms was to take off her suit, shower, dry off and then go to her room for the night. She had just stripped and turned on the shower when she heard the changing room door open. She was taken completely by surprise since nobody else was around, so she just stood there under the shower head, letting the water rain down on her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that it was the stranger once again. She acted as if she hadn’t heard the door and was unaware of his presence. The stranger never took his eyes off her as he dropped his suit and walked towards the shower which was next to her.

She decided to keep looking ahead and not make eye contact. As she continued to lather herself, he took hold of his cock which was getting hard and started to stroke it. He slowly moved closer, reached across with his free hand and touched her on the shoulder as his hand slipped down her arm and around under her breast.

She tensed but still didn’t look his way or say anything. Whether he was encouraged by her silence or simply didn’t care, he now moved behind her and caressed her ass with both hands moving them around to her front up to her breasts and then down to her pussy.

He pulled her to him as his fully erect cock smashed against her. She moved her hand behind her and positioned his cock so that it slid between her legs, and he started to move slowly back and forth.

He spun her around to face him, forcing eye contact. Her lips parted slightly as she looked at him and they began to kiss deeply. He moved his hands to her breasts while she used her left hand to stroke his cock and her right hand to knead his balls. Slowly, he started to move her across the shower floor to a bench.

She turned around and put her hands on the bench and looked behind with a slight grin, then opened her stance for him. As he moved up behind her, she reached between her legs searching for his cock. He placed it in her hand as she drew him into her.

As he entered her, she let out a slow moan and then pushed her hips back against him. He moved his cock in and out and pounded away. He increased the tempo and her moans increased. Her willingness drove him on as he got close to Cumming. She felt him start to spasm and she came too as he pumped his dick deep into her.

She could feel the hot spurts of cum deep inside her and moaned with delight at the sensation. She laid her head her arms as she felt his cock slip out of her. He left quietly and she stayed there, in that position for a few minutes, not even caring who might walk in to find her that way.

After a few minutes, composure regained, she dressed herself to make the walk back to her room. As soon as she got inside, she noticed a message waiting from her husband. She reached down to her pussy, slid a finger in to feel the strangers cum still inside her. She smiled and then replied back “Just got to my room. Gonna take a shower really quick and then call you.”