Wife decides to give old guy a pity Fuck

I gazed out at the beautiful azure waters and watched the small waves lapping onto the snow white sand. I had felt such peace, such happiness, being here with my bride as we celebrated our thirtieth anniversary. Moments ago the tranquility of this paradise island had been destroyed.


“Mary, let me get this straight, we are here celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on this romantic island and you’re telling me you want to spend the night with another man? How can you even ask me such a question?”

“Mark honey, don’t be that way. You know I love you more than anything. I just want to do this for John and Amy. I know you were just as moved by their story as I was. It would be just one night. One night to bring a little bit of happiness to an old man who is dying and lonely. … And besides, it’s not like you will be left all alone. I’ve seen the way you look at Amy. She is a beautiful young woman.”

“Yes Amy is a beautiful young woman, but she is NOT my wife. I know she wants you to be with her father and is willing to fuck me to seal the deal, but she is not my WIFE!

I have never cheated on you and, until five minutes ago, I believed you would never cheat on me.”

“I have never cheated on you, Mark and I never will. That’s why we’er having this conversation. Amy and I talked about this all afternoon while you and John were out on the jet skis. She knows how lonely John has been sense he lost his wife three years ago. Now, with his diagnosis, he has less than six months to live. Mark, she just wants him to enjoy the pleasure of a woman one more time before he’s too sick to do so.”

“But why you? Why not just get a hooker for him? Hell if they can afford to vacation on this Island, they can afford a hooker!”

“Amy said she tried that on the mainland before they left and John got very angry with her. He doesn’t believe in prostitution. He says any woman coming to his bed must do so willingly and with desire for him, not his money.”

“So, you’re saying you DESIRE John? I thought this was a pity fuck, but now you’re saying you desire him. So this is not just about being kind and loving to a dying man, you WANT to fuck this old guy!”

“Don’t be crude! Yes, John is a handsome and charming man, he has a kind and gentle manner, but he is also very manly. So, while I wouldn’t be doing this if he were not dying, I admit, I think I will enjoy it. But having said that, just look at Amy! She is 20 years younger than us and is gorgeous, you can’t tell me you won’t enjoy that!”

“So Mary, it sounds like you’ve already decided you will spend the night in his bed. I’m guessing Amy has told John of your desire. Have you discussed it with him? Did you already tell him I agreed to let you do this?”

“Yes, Mark. I spoke to John while you were showering. I told him a little white lie. I told him we have swapped before and you really wanted to be with Amy. Amy told him she was eager to be with you too. He was very reluctant, but finally agreed. I told him I’d come to their villa at 7:30 and Amy will come here at the same time.”

“So you “asking my permission” was actually you just telling me it’s a done deal. I really have no say in this at all. Well let me tell you, I DO NOT AGREE! If you do this our marriage may be forever damaged. I can’t stop you, without physically restraining you, and you know I’d never harm you, but THIS will surely harm US.”

“Mark, it’s just something I feel compelled to do. Making love to a lonely older man, giving him one last chance to feel like a real man, I just have to do this for him. Please Mark, enjoy your time with Amy and tomorrow we’ll be together again forever.”

Mary stood and walked back into our villa to prepare for her evening. I sat and looked out at the water. How could this be happening to me? My wife is abandoning me to spend the night with a man we only met a couple days ago. A man who must be at least sixty years old. Mary has always been softhearted and now she wants to give some smooth talking old guy a pity fuck? No, that’s just her justification, she digs this old charmer and is using his diagnosis as an excuse to fuck the bastard.

Well I’m not going to make it easy for her! I got up and marched into the villa. Mary was dressed in a light summer dress and sandals. I could smell the expensive perfume I’d given her before we left home. She was putting her second diamond earring on.

“STOP! I bought you those earrings as an expression of my love for you, not to make you look good while you cheat on me! Take them off! And you’re not wearing the perfume I bought you! Wash it off immediately! It’s bad enough you are humiliating me and cuckolding me tonight, I’ll be damned if you’re going to do it while wearing my anniversary gifts!”

“Mark, you’re being silly, I’m not cuckolding you. We agreed! We are swapping! You will be with Amy! Now go away and let me get dressed.”

I took 3 quick strides across the room and grabbed her left wrist. I worked her wedding rings off her finger and held out my hand. “Give me the earrings or I’ll rip them from your ears!”

With a horrified look, Mary removed her earrings and placed them in my hand. I put them in my pocket and turned to leave. “Don’t bother to come back tomorrow, you can just stay with them.”

I went to the fridge, gabbed a six pack of beer and went back out to my chair on the beach. I drank some of the beer and stared at the water. My mind was swirling, what should I do? What CAN I do? If Mary came to me right now and said she had called it off, I am not sure I could forgive her. If she goes to him tonight, our marriage is over!

I sat and stewed for over an hour before Amy approached me.

“Mark? I was looking for you. Do you want me to join you here, or do you want to go inside?” Amy walked around my chair and stood in front of me.

“Amy, you are a beautiful young woman, but I am a married man … at least for the time being. I know you and Mary had an agreement for this evening, but I never agreed to your plan. I told Mary I did not agree and she went to John anyway. She is cheating on me with your father and I will divorce her as soon as we get home.”

“Oh my god, Mark! You can’t mean that! You know WHY she is doing this, it is an act of kindness. She’s not cheating, she loves you and I know you love her! Please Mark, let me take your mind off of it.”

Amy slipped one thin strap of her summer dress off her shoulder and then the other. Her dress fell to her feet. Completely naked, she spread her feet a bit and inhaled deeply, causing her firm breast to rise. She was indeed, a beauty. Her light blond hair drifted in the breeze, her proud nipples stood tall on her firm breast. Her dainty hands sat on the curve of her hips, her flame red nails contrasted with her tanned body. A small landing strip just above her pussy gave proof to her being a real blonde. She waited for my eyes to track back up to hers and then she smiled.

“I think we could have some fun. She is having her fun, you deserve some fun too. Mark, I have really been looking forward to being with you tonight. Please, let’s go inside and let me help you forget all about her for one evening.”

My eyes drank in the sexy blonde as she reached out to me and asked me to take her inside. The four beers I’d had was almost enough to allow my lust to over rule my brain, but my anger was still there. I stood and grabbed Amy’s hand and marched into my villa. I went straight to the bed room, telling Amy to grab the wine from the fridge. I stepped into the bedroom and slammed the door shut. I slid the small bolt into place to lock the door.

“Mark! Let me in! Why are you doing this? Please Mark, open the door and let me in, please Mark.”

“Amy, my wife has decided to become a slut, that doesn’t mean I have to follow suit. I made a vow and I will keep it until I can divorce the slut. You can leave or you can sleep on the couch, either way, you’re not sleeping with me.”

Amy tried a few more times to convince me open the door before finally giving up. I got into bed and pulled a pillow over my head. I was emotionally drained and, with the help of the beer, I fell asleep.

I awoke to more pounding on the bedroom door. “Mark! Open up, let me in! … Mark!”

This time the voice belonged to my unfaithful, soon-to-be ex-wife. She pounded on the door. “Mark honey, please open the door. We need to talk, we need to put this all behind us. Please Mark, I love you, I know I’ve hurt you, but it’s over now and we can be together today. Please Mark, this is our last day on the island. I want to spend it with you, my husband, the only man I’ve ever loved.”

The bright late morning sun filled the room. My head ached a little and the pounding on my door didn’t help it at all. I got out of bed, went to the door and threw the bolt open. Mary burst into the room and came rushing up to hug me. I stiff-armed her and pushed her away.

“Don’t touch me you filthy slut! You come to me, fresh from his bed, and expect me welcome you into my arms? You must have completely lost your mind! I can smell him on you from here! Get in the shower and clean yourself, you filthy whore!”

Mary gasped in horror and then burst into tears. She turned and ran to the bathroom crying: I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I din’t think. Mark, please, I’ll be out in just a few moments, I’m so sorry.”

I went into the kitchen and made some coffee. I wished we had cell service on the island so I could get out of here before our 6:00pm departure time. I looked at the clock, 11:30. That means I have to be alone with her all fucking day.

Mary walked into the kitchen. She had wrapped a towel around herself and her wet locks hung down onto her bare shoulders. Two days ago I would have sprung from my chair and gathered my beautiful bride into my arms. Today, I just stared at her as I sipped my coffee.

“Mark? … I’m all clean now, I washed everything several times. Mark? … Please, I’m still me, I’m still your wife. Please Baby, say something.”

“Get some fucking clothes on and then we need to talk about what’s going to happen.”

“But, but, Mark? Aren’t you going to reclaim your wife? Amy and John said you’d want to reclaim me. They said you’d fuck me harder than you ever have. Please, Mark. I want you to reclaim me, make me yours again.”

“Shut your mouth you fucking cow! I will never touch you again! Now get your cheating ass in there and put some clothes on!”

Mary burst into tears and ran into the bedroom, slamming the door. She came back out as I poured the last of the coffee into my cup. Mary saw the empty pot and knew not to ask me to make more coffee. She quietly refilled the pot and turned it on. Once brewed, she poured a cup and sat down at the table.

“Mark, Amy told me you locked her out last night. I don’t understand why you did that. I thought you would have hammered that young pussy all night and then been eager to tell me all about it this morning. I thought we’d have a good laugh about our adventures then you’d make love to me all day.”

“Jesus, who the fuck are you? You can’t be the same woman I married 30 years ago! How could you ever believe I’d be ok with that fucked up plan?”

“Mark, we’re on a tiny island, the other two villas are empty, so it is just the 4 of us. No one would have ever known what we did here. You had a beautiful young woman begging you to fuck her AND you had my blessing to do so! What man in his right mind would pass up that opportunity?”

“You just don’t get it! I loved you, only you! It wouldn’t matter that no one else would know what I did, because I would know what I did! I took a vow and vows mean you do what you said you’d do, even if there is no one watching you! Obviously, your vows didn’t mean anything to you, but they meant everything to me and you broke them!”

“Mark, I thought you’d enjoy it. I knew you were a little hurt but I thought once you started with Amy, you’d really enjoy yourself. I didn’t know you’d locked her out of the bedroom until she told us this morning. I just assumed you had a wonderful night, just like …”

“Just like YOU, Mary? You mean just like your WONDERFUL night fucking John?”

“Yes Damn it! It was a wonderful night. John is an excellent lover and I DID have a wonderful night! YOU could have had a wonderful night too, but NOOO you had to be a fucking Saint! Well it’s your own damn fault you missed your wonderful night!”

I waited until I had my anger under control. Then I spoke calmly, “No Mary, I had already had five wonderful nights with you, I didn’t need, or want, a wonderful night with Amy. I was looking forward to another wonderful night with you, but you chose to be with John because you believed he needed you. Well, I needed you too, but I guess that just wasn’t important you.”

I got up and went out to my beach chair. I pulled my beach hat down over my eyes and tried to sleep. An hour or so later a large shadow crossed in front of me. I looked up into the smirking face of my wife’s lover.

“Hey buddy, I’m real sorry about the mix up. I swear I thought you were on board with the plan last night.”

He tried to appear sincere, but couldn’t quite hide that smirk. I knew then, it had all been a ruse. The lying bastard had sold Mary a sob story and the stupid bitch fell for it. This guy gets off on fucking married women and uses Amy to help make it happen.

“I understand, John.” I said as slowly stood up. John had stuck out his right hand to shake. I looked into his face and his smirk was one of triumph. He truly believed he had pulled one over on me. I casually lifted my left hand in an awkward hand shake. John shifted his eyes to my left hand. I brought my right fist up from below my right hip and drove it into his throat. Instantly John grabbed at his throat with both hands and staggered back. I stepped forward and did my best to PUNT his balls back to the mainland. John dropped to his knees and I slammed an elbow into the side of his head.

I thought seriously about dragging his limp body down into the water and drowning the son of a bitch, but then I heard Mary scream. I turned and saw her running toward me. She ran right past me to the unconscious lump sprawled on the beach.

“Oh my God! What have you done? Oh John, are you alright?” Mary lightly slapped John, urging him back to consciousness. I had to laugh, she was slapping him quite near where I smashed him with my elbow, I figured that had to hurt, too bad.

I walked back up to the villa and went inside to get a beer and a spot of lunch. I sat on the porch and watched Mary and Amy help the bulky John stagger back to his villa. When he got near, he turned to look at me. The smirk of triumph was gone, in its place I saw only fear.

I didn’t see Mary until just before the island boat arrived. She quickly packed her things and bustled them down to the pier. When we got on the boat, Amy and Mary talked to a crewman and I assume he used the radio to contact the mainland, because we were met by a uniformed policeman of some sort.

“Mark and Mary Stevens?’ … I nodded. “Please come with me.”

We followed the man into a small office and he pointed to a couple of chairs. We sat and he offered us a drink before becoming serious.

“I understand you had a run in with Ron Cook and his playmate Amber Jones.”

“No Officer, you have it wrong, They are the Phillips, John and his daughter Amy.” said Mary as she glared at me.

“Oh, those were the names they used this time?”

“I beg your pardon, officer. John and Amy are my new friends and my husband attacked poor John for no reason whatever.”

“Madame, do me a favor and shut the fuck up! I want to talk to Mr. Stevens and I don’t want to be interrupted.”

I laughed, “Please call me Mark, now how can I help you officer?”

“Mark, I think you must have figured out Cook’s game and that’s why you … er… expressed your displeasure during your …er…conversation?”

“Maybe, but I am not admitting to anything.”

The gentle laughed, “Spoken like a true American. Well, Mark, this is the fifth time Cook has run this game on some gullible tourist. At least it’s the fifth one we’ve learned about though some sort of complaint or altercation. I have no idea how many times he actually got away with it. I understand the next step is for Miss Jones to contact your wife in a few months and tell her Cook passed away. She will then ask the wife for some money to help get Cook’s body back to the States to be buried next to his late wife.”

“Wow, that’s a bigger con than I realized. He cons the stupid wives into fucking him and then gets his bimbo to con them for some cash. Quite a play!”

“Yes, but thanks to you, I’m guessing he will be retiring from the game, at least at our resort.”

“So who is Jones? She is obviously not his daughter.”

“Amber Jones was a stripper in a club in Miami when Cook met her. He had just won a small lottery prize and convinced her he was very wealthy. She traveled around with him for a while until he hit on this scam and now that’s pretty much all they do. She wants to be an actor and thought this would help her learn. Cook just loves cuckolding the husbands and then having their stupid wives send Amber some of their money. He bragged it was like having the cuckolds pay him for fucking their wives.”

At this point, Mary, who had tears sliding down her face, began to sob. “Oh my god, I am so stupid. I gave up my husband for a lie!”

“Mrs Stevens, you are not the first woman to be conned by these two. I have two other ladies that want to press fraud charges against Cook and Jones. Now, Mr and Mrs Stevens, if you wish to forgo pressing charges, I think I can persuade Mr. Cook to do likewise. In any event, your plane leaves in the morning and once you’re in the air you are out of my jurisdiction.”

I looked at Mary, she nodded and said, “I just want to go home. Please Mark just take me home.”


Once home Mary tried to convince me how sorry she was to have done something so awful. she claimed she was duped, or maybe even hypnotized, by John and was not in her right mind when she cheated. I had her served at home five days after we landed. She had a breakdown and was hospitalized for a few months. It didn’t stop the clock on the divorce.

She tried to get our adult children to intervene on her behalf, but once I told them the whole story, they refused to help her. Eventually she gave up and we agreed to the Standard 50-50 split. We sold the house for a tidy sum. I have to pay support for the next 10 years, but then she’ll have a nice nest egg to fall back on.

I sometimes think back on everything and marvel at how a trip to paradise ended my thirty year marriage and left me to grow old all alone. … Fortunately my daughter had other plans for me and introduced me to her next door neighbor. We hit it off and things look like they might get serious. BUT! I can guarantee you we will NOT be spending our honeymoon at an island paradise!



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