Wife Confesses She Yearns for Black

We were talking about places we had wanted to go see, and the conversation morphed into what you had always wanted to do but hadn’t had the chance. I said I had always wanted to go hang gliding, and she said she had always had the yen to learn to mountain climb. I then said I had wanted to learn to fly but never had the time to learn. Claire then said she had wanted to learn to juggle, but never took the time to learn.

We talked about Greece, Peru, the Virgin Islands, and she said Iceland had always drawn her for some reason. We were starting to make love when she stopped, holding my erection in her, looked me in the eye, and said, “You know what I have always wondered about, always kind of wanted to do.” She then laughed and said I’d hate her, that it was silly, and I said I wouldn’t, she grinned, then burst out laughing. “What I have always secretly dreamed of is having sex with a black guy with a huge horse cock,” she said blowing me out of the water with her shocking admission.

I was flabbergasted by my wife’s shameless declaration of secretly desiring sex with someone else, especially a black dude with a monster cock. I just had no idea. I never even dreamed she would want that, or anything like that, but the more I thought about it the better it sounded.

I began to fantasize about her fucking some brother with a colossal-sized cock, and I even would picture the huge erection driving into her sweet little white pussy, jarring her body with each massive thrust into her, rocking her completely as they fucked. My wholesome little bride wanted to fuck another man. I could not believe it, but more I was amazed that she’d tell me.

I asked her about it the next night, and she blushed again and said she was only being silly. “But you are curious, right?” I asked, kissing her to reassure her that I could handle it, which I wasn’t convinced of myself.

Finally, once again she admitted it, telling me quietly that she had just wondered about it, had always kind of privately thought about what it would be like to fuck a black guy. “It’s not a big deal,” she said sheepishly. “I just think about it now and then.”

That is when the thought came to me. “Maybe we can make that happen,” I said, not really knowing how serious I was but more aroused by the idea than I expected. As I thought about it I began to get turned on by the idea of her being with an African American with a horse-sized cock between his legs. We had talked about places we would like to go and had considered trying to fulfill those dreams, why not a sexual yearning?

I began thinking of ways to make it all happen. I thought of one of my friends who was a real physical specimen with feet as large as small boats. I was sure he would fit the bill. I was also sure he would love the assignment. Fuck my wife? He would love to, would jump at the chance i was sure. I had been told he liked fucking white women because they were so grateful, so appreciative of a good fuck, a big dick and a chance to fulfill a dream. I was pretty sure many other white women had secret cravings for black adventure. It most likely was not only my wife.

I decided right then to put it to him straight, ask him right out if he would consider doing a favor for a friend by fucking the friend’s wife. I wondered if she would go for it. Would she violate her vows to find out if fucking black was as good as it was rumored to be. Could being fucked by a black snake turn her into a convert? Would she ever want to ‘go back’ to the humdrum white needle-dicks of Caucasian fucking? It was a risk, pf course, but maybe I owed it to her. I at least wanted to give her the choice.

When I finally talked to Jeremy, he saw right through my pretense, the ‘knowing a friend who’ ruse, and he said, “Your lady wants to fornicate with a brother, huh?” He had a wide, knowing smile. I admitted that it was true and I had wondered if he would help me out.

“I will fuck her for you, mis’son,” he said in his native West Indian dialect. “You leave everything to me,” he said. “She will never be the same. You be able to handle dat?” he asked. I told him I loved her and wanted to give her what she really wants.

I wondered if she was right then arranging hang gliding lessons for me while I was making it possible for her to fuck a soul brother and find out for herself if the old story was true about how good black guys fucked and about how ‘gifted’ they were in the male organ department. I was convinced I needed to do it for her. I loved her enough to want whatever she wanted.

Jeremy had said to leave it to him, that he would find a way to lead her into fulfilling her dream. He said all he needed was time with her and I had him show up to do some carpentry for us. A few days of him being at the house would be enough, he had said.

The first day she brought him some lunch and a cold drink. They chatted, then she left him to ‘his work’ for the rest of the afternoon. On the second day she stayed in the room with him while he worked and asked him about himself. That afternoon she asked him straight out if he had ever been with a white woman. She had obviously seen through our ploy.

When she and I talked about that later, she said he laughed and told her he had been with white women, many, many times. “White ladies like black meat,” he told her with a grin. “So, have you ever been with a brother, I mean a black fellow?” She shook her head and he told her every white lady should have at least one day with a black snake in her. That intrigued her that he said, “black snake.”

“Did you think you were going to have sex with him when he was here?” I asked her.

“Actually? I hoped,” she admitted openly. “I didn’t quite know what to do, but he made it easy. He came over to me talking quietly and as he spoke he began slowly taking off my clothes. I was helpless to stopped him, and–when I finally stepped out of my panties–I wanted him in me so bad that my pussy was drenched and itching to be filled with whatever he had. At that point I would have done anything he asked,” she said with her neck reddening from just the memory of it.

“When he entered me I think I cried out,” she said breathlessly. “He fucked me from behind, from below, and in every room of the house. When I am in the den, I remember what he did to me there. When I am in the kitchen I think of standing at the sink with my legs spread for him and him fucking me as I stood naked at the counter bending over for him as he rammed it into me.

“I have never been fucked like that before. I am sorry if this hurts you, but I loved every single second of having his cock in me.” I had never heard her say the word ‘cock’ before, but as she said it the word seemed to roll around in her mouth like she enjoyed saying it.

“He told me to suck it and I did, eagerly. When he came he said to swallow every bit and I quickly did as I was told. Then, without being told, I licked every bit of it off his still erect penis and kissed the tip over and over, tasting his cum and loving it. When he told me to get into the sixty-nine position, I did eagerly and took him into my mouth. I can’t believe I am telling you this but I want you to know. For some reason I have to tell you about it, about all of it.”

“That’s because I arranged it. I asked him to come and fuck you and you want to share the experience because we love one another,” I said. “You told me you had always wanted to fuck a black man and I wanted you to be able to. I didn’t want you wishing you could but not doing it because you were married to me. I love you too much to keep you from doing what you want.”

I asked her if he was right that once you had a black dick inside of you that you wouldn’t want to stop. “I think so,”she said shyly. “I loved it enough to want to do it again, and again,” she said smiling. I said I though Jeremy would go for that. He told me you were one great fuck,” I told her.

“He said that? One great fuck? Really?”she asked with a pleading question on her face.

“He loved fucking you,” I said. “Said you were the best white woman he ever had.” I told her he has had a lot. She wanted to know how many and I said I didn’t know, but he hinted that it was dozens, maybe hundreds. “He told me that other husbands had asked him to fuck their wives.” She asked if I believed that. “Well, I did,” I said. She nodded and smiled, realizing I had asked another man to fuck and she willingly had done it and even wanted more.

The second time he fucked her it was in our bed and I left before he arrived. She met him at the door completely naked and with a wet and willing pussy ready for a blackcock to fill her white wife vagina with thick, hard black cock that she now craved.

When I returned we got in bed and she told me about it all, recalling every thrust, every lick, and every bone jarring orgasm she had as he filled her tube-tied pussy with cups of cum that simply shot out of him and then dripped from her splayed and well-fucked slit as she stretched out drained and satisfied on her back with her naked legs open wide and shamelessly on the bed..

Having a black man fuck my wife may have been the best move I have ever made. She is happier, calmer, and has a smile on her satisfied face almost constantly. I haven’t worried about the fact that she is fucking someone else, mainly because it has just increased her interest in sex and we now have it far more often than before.

I worried that maybe she would only want it with him, but that hasn’t been the case. Once a week or so ago she pulled me into bed right after he left. We fucked for an hour, until I almost passed out under her, and when I woke up she was sucking me, trying to get it up enough to stuff into her.

Jeremy is over here right now and I can hear the bed banging against the wall as he rams into her. I am in the tv room, trying to watch the Lakers, but I can’t keep my mind on the game because I keep picturing what is happening just down the hall. Usually, he fucks her from behind and I have actually watched them fuck on two occasions. He told me to go outside the bedroom window and watch through the curtains. It was a great show, with him behind her shoving it in as fast as he could go.

She had never been interested in being fucked doggy-style before, but now it is their go-to position, except that she likes to be on top the best. Jeremy, though, controls what they do and she does whatever he tells her to do as fast as she can. It is almost like she thinks he will stop fucking her if she doesn’t comply, and do it quickly.

When I asked Claire what she would like to do that she had never been able to do, I had no idea it would lead to my wife being fucked regularly by a black friend who has a massive tool in his pants that my wife has fallen in love with and cannot do without. It has turned out to be a monumental occurrence in our marriage, a moment that keeps right on giving and I keep reaping the benefits almost daily.


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