Wife Caught Me Jacking Off

After being married for 30+ years my wife and I don’t have regular sex anymore but I am still as horny as ever. Each day I wake up and head down to my basement office where I load up a camera on my laptop so I can see myself and open a google window so I can watch hot girls masturbate on Chaturbate.

Then I open Pornhub on my iPad and find several vids to help me get off. These days I’m really enjoying watching vids of women with big tits masturbating so I open several windows with related vids and start to stroke my 8 inch cock. It takes me a while to cum so I also made some homemade toys to get off a bit faster.

Last week I was naked in my office enjoying the videos when my wife opened the door and caught me. “Oh my God,” she said! “What are you doing Tom? I had a question about our trip to my parents and I find you down here jacking off!”

I fumbled with my clothes which were on the floor and said, “I’m sorry honey but I can’t help myself. Since we don’t have sex anymore I need to do this.”

“Well, finish up and come upstairs so I can talk to you about our travel plan,” she said.

I was a bit dumbfounded at this point. I was always afraid of getting caught like this but it seemed like she was OK with me continuing so I dropped my clothes and went back to jacking off.

I was looking at a video of an extremely hot young girl with nice big natural tits playing with her pussy. When she got on her knees and played with herself there was a great shot of one of the hottest asses I’d ever seen which immediately brought me to the edge of cumming.

Hot asses are my favorite fetish and I slowed the pace of my toy and stroked it up on and down my big cock until I couldn’t take it anymore and shot a massive load all over my stomach. The feeling was amazing and after I recovered I shut everything down, got dressed and went upstairs to face the music.

To my surprise she said nothing about what she saw and asked me what time we should leave for her parents on Saturday. I said, “10AM should be fine but don’t you want to talk about what you saw?”

“I do not,” she said. “If that’s something you need to do then just do it. I won’t bother you anymore when you’re downstairs.”

I gave her a hug and said, “Thank you for understanding dear.” My mind was reeling as I made my way back downstairs and since she gave me her blessing I decided to have another round of jacking off so I loaded everything back up and stroked my big dick.

This time I decided to get on Skype and see if anyone was around. One of my Skype friends was online so I pinged him and we jacked off together to the same video I had cum to earlier.

He has a nice cock which is not quite as big as mine and I always wondered what it would be like to suck him off. This fantasy took me over the edge and I shot another load of cum up my stomach just as he shot his nice load.

The rest of the week was uneventful and on Saturday I packed up the car for the trip to her parents. It was a three hour drive that included a long boring stretch where there was little traffic and less to see.

As usual my wife fell asleep when we got to this part of the drive and my mind wandered to another fantasy I had where I was standing off the side of the road just outside the tree line naked and stroking my cock for anyone passing by to see.

I love the thought of showing my cock like this and it didn’t take long for my raging hard on to press against the loose pants I had on for the trip. I started to slowly stroke my cock through my pants and I wondered if I should risk taking it out and getting myself off. What would my wife do if she woke up and found me jacking off?

It seemed like she accepted what I do so I decided to throw caution to the wind and pulled my pants down, freeing my raging hard on. I started jacking off furiously because I didn’t want to press my luck and figured I’d better get off as fast as I could.

The feeling was incredible as I drove down the highway and imagined my self jacking off by the side of the road. Unfortunately my orgasm was taking a while to come on but it still felt really great.

After about 10 minutes of this I heard my wife exclaim, “Really Tom! I can’t believe you’re doing this in the car! I know I told you I didn’t mind you playing with yourself at home but this seems dangerous. What if you lose control of the car?”

“It’ll be fine babe,” I said. “The cruise is on and the steering assistant will help keep us safe.”

“It sounds to me like you’ve done this kind of thing before,” she said. “I have to admit I do like seeing your big cock again. It’s been quite a while.”

Just then she reached over and put her hand around my cock and started jacking me off. “Mmmm that feels so good,” I said. “I can’t believe you’re jacking me off in the car like this babe.”

“I always loved your cock Tom but when it got to the point where you had so much trouble cumming I always felt like I was inadequate.

Maybe we found a new way to have fun. It’s certainly making me horny right now.” She stopped stroking me, unbuttoned her pants and slid them down to the floor. “Play with my pussy while I stroke your cock Tom.”

I reached over and started rubbing her clit while she resumed stroking my cock. She moaned while I played with her and started humping against my fingers. I always managed to get her off pretty fast when I stroked her clit and this time was no different. Just then she cried out, “Oh yes you fucking pervert! Stroke my clit just like that. MMMMM it feels so good. Seeing your big dick out in the open while you feel my wet pussy is so hot I’m gonna come right now. MMMMMMMM!”

She shuddered through a long orgasm and managed to continue jacking me off at a rapid pace. “Come on baby, let me see the cum shoot out of that big dick. Pretend I’m one of those girls you jack off to in the basement.”

That fantasy wasn’t a big stretch as my wife has a nice pair of C cup tits and since she mentioned the videos I said, “Show me your tits baby. That will make me cum for sure.” With her other hand she pulled her sweater and bra up releasing her nice tits. I reached over and fondled her sweet tits as she continued to jack me off until I started to feel my orgasm building.

“Oh yes babe, just like that. Fuck I’m gonna shoot my load for you right now! Oh please let me cum on those nice tits of yours baby! MMMMMM!” She leaned over as I started to cum and I sprayed her tits with stream after stream of milky white cum. She continued to jack me off and hold her tits out for me until my massive load finally ended.

She reached down for a tissue to clean herself up and I said, “Will you please just leave my cum on your tits babe? I want to think about my cum drying on your tits while we visit your parents.”

“That’s simply taking things a bit too far Tom,” she said. “Be thankful that I understand your needs but I’m not a cum slut.”

“Of course dear,” I said. I’m sorry I asked you to do that.”

“Don’t be sorry,” she said. “It seems like one of our problems is that you are afraid to talk about certain things with me so in the future I want you to be totally honest with me about everything. If you ask me to do something I’m uncomfortable with I’ll just tell you.”

We straightened out our clothes and my mind wandered to what the future might bring. I never would have thought my wife would do what she did today in the car. I wonder what else I might get her to do. Maybe I could show her some of the people I masturbate with on Skype. I know my horny male friends would like it but where might that lead? Could we meet a couple online? Could that lead to more?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see the answers to those questions for another day.

To be continued…