wife and ex-girlfriend get it on together

A summer afternoon at 4 o’clock finds me waiting for the F-150 truck that will soon turn onto the driveway of our false-brick- facade home. The driver Mac Volpe is my husband of 5 years since we were just 23.

Mac is a buff 5′ 9″ tall dark-haired hunk whom I had actually met through a blind date. The venue of that first date was a mutual favorite Italian restaurant at 5 p.m. on a Friday.

My name is Anne. My figure is a 126 pound hourglass. Long straight black hair frames a heart-shaped face. Facial features include full Flemingo-red lips, brown eyes and a roman nose.

I had just come from the health club where I pumped my legs on an elliptical for almost 25 minutes then dove naked into the pool. Swimming submerged, I couldn’t help but get the sense that guests were checking out my ass.

I’m bi though it’s been a long time since I actually got it on with a girl. Beside the pool a half hour earlier in the day, I was cruising some hot women.

Mac and I are in an open marriage. He knows that I like fooling around with girls occasionally. He likes to watch me licking pussy or having mine licked.

The time was coming up on 4 30. I’m wearing white shorts over my bear ass, and a yellow puff-sleeve off-shoulder crop top. My boobs are bare because I hate bras. Besides, when I’m horny I really don’t care who caresses “the girls”.

Mac’s longtime friend Kate McClellan is a 5 8 sexpot with long light-brown hair and blue eyes. So what if her figure is not an hourglass. Her vase-shape is no less elegant.

I’ve known her since before Mac and I had tied the knot. She’s a lesbian so I don’t worry about him cheating on me. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind having an occasional fling with her. One night every 7 or 8 months is plenty.

From the deck I heard two car doors close. Seconds later Mac and Kate appeared just off the deck.

“Katie nice to see you.”

“Likewise Anne.”

She climbed the steps, dragged a chair toward me and sat in it. We chatted but she was flirting with me, not that I mind.

My husband sat nearby watching our every move. Kate’s hand slid slowly on my thigh toward my lady parts. With her hand barely a half inch from the “goal” I opened my shorts letting her see my goodies. She slid her hand inside there.

Blood rushed into my clitoris elongating it. My labia opened giving her fingers access to the pink area. Muscles went into spasms causing tension that made me quiver.

I caught a glimpse of my husband rubbing his dick lightly and slowly through his pants. Katie, being lesbian, showed no interest in watching him.

“Hubby take your pants all the way down and go for it.”

I turned my attention back to Kate and said softly, “lick my pussy.”

Kate did what I wanted. A soft “mmmmmmmmmm” expressed my delight in feeling her tongue sliding through my wetness.

Mac who was lying in the lounge nearby had pulled his pants and briefs to mid thigh. I watched his hand sliding rapidly up and down his hard-on.

Suddenly, but not unexpectedly, Katie had brought on my orgasm then backed away leaving me huffing and exhausted.

I don’t mind talking dirty.

I asked Kate, “do you polish the pearl when there’s no one around.”

“I sure do and I like tapping my G spot as well. I love using my multi-function vibrator.”

“I like that feeling when I’m wet and sticky in there.”

“Awesome isn’t it?”

If Kate was heterosexual I would talk about what my husband and I do in bed but she isn’t.

I caught another glimpse of Mac’s hand still going like a high speed piston.

I put my libido on hold after the escapade as did my husband and his friend Katie. I got dressed but still without putting on a bra and panties.

Anyway, our guest stayed for a long while longer. Mac put hamburgers on the grill which sits on our patio.

Like any adult, I regard my sexual activities as private even though I like engaging in girl talk with fellow nurses Sarah, Jane, Beth and Susan. Imagine my surprise at hearing a juicy bit of lockerroom talk. It’s not like I never heard it before, just not from adults in their 30s and 40s.

I occasionally enjoy watching porn, especially man on man sex. Tuesday evening, a few nights after the 3 way, sees me alone in the house, not expecting my husband home for an hour at least.

Presented with the opportunity to amuse myself, I stretched out naked on the kingsize bed with the laptop on my tummy. On the monitor a buff gorgeous black dude is lying on a mattress with his feet raised above his boyfriends’ shoulders.

A slow hard rub elongated my clit as it opened my labia. Wetness spread and my vagina ballooned. My fingers slid backward finding that orifice. Minutes after I started playing, my first orgasm happened. A second soon followed then a third.

Meanwhile the video had come to an end so I cued up another one of two men indulging in sex. Unlike the previous video which was shot in a bedroom setting, this one was shot outdoors on a grass field without furniture.

The bedroom door opened. My husband stepped over the threshold. I looked up from my laptop inviting him to make a remark.

“What kind of porn are you watching?”

“Man on man.”

“In that case I’ll go watch TV.”

“Get naked. I’ll be there shortly.”

I logged off the website, powered down the computer and walked out to the livingroom.

My husband looked at me so I settled into the sofa. Without wasting time I put my hand on his dick.

“Why aren’t you naked?”

He didn’t reply.

I immediately opened his pants and licked his now erect manhood from head to nutsack before closing my lips around it. His dick touched my throat. He stroked my hair.

Quite satisfied after roughly a minute, I sat upright and looked into his eyes.

“I never told you this but Katie and I were a couple back in high school days. She came out to me.”

“You guys patched things up.”

“I was hurt but I couldn’t stay angry forever. I’m glad that she and I became friends.”

“I like that you bring her here. Three is more fun.”

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