We were at 40th and so was someone else

It was our friend’s 40th party, a Saturday night at a nice big house near the beach. When we arrived, I got Amy a gin mixer and we chatted to a few people we sort of knew, but we didn’t know many at all, and not that well either.

Amy had a short skirt on showing her beautiful legs, which helps with the advertising, and a loose flowing top. It’s hard to keep my hands off her. She just had her hair cut to just below her shoulders, but she still looks stunning.

Early in the night I noticed this fairly attractive lady had been looking at Amy. Every time I looked at her, she had been eyeing up my girl. Then she spotted me looking and smiled. The next time we were on our own I mentioned it to Amy.

“Who,” she asked, indiscreetly looking around. I pointed her out by description and direction. She had long dark hair, light brown skin, nice face and nice legs in a short skirt. Amy looked at her and after looking her up and down, said, “she is very nice, but I why would she be looking at me.”

“Because you are attractive to her is my best guess” I replied.

Ignoring my comment, she said “maybe she knows me, but I don’t recognise her.”

Just then she looked over again and spotted us both looking at her. She smiled, lifted her drink slightly, same drink as Amy’s, in a nice hello ‘cheers’. We both smiled and returned the cheers, nodding slightly and raising our drinks.

“When she’s free I’m going to talk to her and see if she does know you.”

Just then the birthday girl came and started chatting to Amy. “Okay,” Amy said to me quickly. I waited, listening as they chatted, then noticed that the lady was free. I grabbed another drink for the lady and went over to introduce myself. Amy watched me go, probably wondering what I was going to talk about, maybe not. Whenever we go out, I’m always looking for an opportunity, not only as part of my own entertainment, but always in case something is a possibility. Sometimes it works, and Amy gets additional attention, and always enjoys it.

Her name was Ana, she was part Spanish, hence her nice golden-brown skin and dark hair. I pointed out Amy, which I didn’t really need to and told her Amy was my wife.

“She is so beautiful,” Ana said, “such a gorgeous smile, you are a lucky man.”

“Thank you. Do you know Amy, as I’ve noticed you looking at her a lot tonight” I asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry. No, I don’t know her. It’s just that she is so beautiful that I can’t help looking.”

“Would you like to meet her, when she’s free.”

“Yes, I’d like that. If you weren’t a couple, I would try to steal her from you.”

“Is that so,” I replied, my brain now buzzing at top speed with some very bad, but very good selfish naughty thoughts.

“Yes, I’m a little that way. Sorry, you probably don’t need to know that sort of thing.”

“Oh, don’t be sorry, that’s good, in fact that might ……,” I trailed off. I had noticed that Amy was now free, so I changed what I was going to say and said “come with me.”

As she followed, she asked, “what were you about to say.”

“I was about to say that that, would not bother Amy.”

Before she could respond I was next to Amy. Amy looked at Ana and smiled as I said to Ana, “meet my gorgeous girl, Amy. Amy this is Ana.”

They both reached out and shook hands but Ana reached in and kissed Amy on the cheek three times. European custom I think.

I quickly said “Ana doesn’t know you but she thinks your very attractive.”

“Thank you, but I also think you are,” Amy replied.

Both girls were now embarrassed but we started talking about the party, who we knew, work, Pilates classes etc. I could tell Ana was wrapped in Amy, she was looking deeply into her eyes, and I’m pretty sure Amy had some down below juicy thoughts about Ana.

Apparently, Ana was a long-time friend of the party girl and lives out of state, but she had heard about us, in a nice way, she’d said. After some chat time which was really interesting and provocative, Ana excused herself to go to the toilet. Amy watched as she walked away

“Ana said if we weren’t a couple she would steal you,” I told Amy.

“Really. She doesn’t really need to steal me, I’m free.”

I looked at Amy, who was looking into my eyes with that naughty bad girl look. “Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking,” I said.

“Probably,” she replied with her sexy smiling dark Asian eyes.

“I need a pee, don’t run away, I’ll be right back,” I said.

As I got into the hallway to the bedrooms and guest toilet, Ana was coming out of a room, closing the door. Our eyes locked.

“My room for the night,” she said, “it’s got a nice big queen bed,” she added with a smile.

My god, that was a hint, I’m sure, so I took the plunge, nothing to lose. “Big enough for three?”

“Sure is, and I just cleared away my clothes from on top of it, just in case I get a decent offer tonight.”

“Can I make one,” I asked.

“I’ve been hoping you would.”

I’ll see you back with Amy in a minute,” I said and went for a pee which was now very difficult because I pulled out more than half an erection because I was thinking about what might possibly happen soon. I had to bend over to pee.

Amy and Ana were chatting and giggling, touching each other like old friends, nice to see. As for what might happen, I knew Amy wanted to, and now I knew Ana would.

“Ana has a room here,” I interrupted, impatiently. They both looked at each other knowing they both wanted something to happen.

With a smile, handing me her drink, Amy said “I need the toilet.” No doubt to freshen up, put on some lippy etc.

“She wants to do something,” I quietly said to Ana.

“Great, me too, shall we go to the room when she gets back,” Ana replied.

“Yes, but there’s something you need to know. Amy would absolutely love some attention from you but she won’t reciprocate.”

“Fine by me, that’s your job,” she said and giggled,” but, I want a lot of Amy.”

In some recent female encounters, Amy has started to do little things with other ladies like accept a kiss on the lips without making a scene and she’s actually kissed a nipple and enjoyed it, so maybe this could lead to a little more adventurism, if there is time.

Amy came back, kissed me on the cheek, clearly a sign. She looked gorgeous and sexy. Yes, she had done a little makeup work. That tells me she’s keen and ready.

I reached out and held Amy’s hand, looked at Ana, who turned and walked to her room. Amy held my hand and willingly followed. Something was going to happen, and Amy was going to be the star of the show. Ana locked the door, left the main light off, leaving the bedside lamps on for some nice mood lighting. The bed sheets were pulled down already. I think she knew this would happen.

I turned Amy to me and kissed her. She responded with a hard passionate kiss. She was shivering with anticipation, she liked Ana and she wanted Ana’s sexual attention tonight. Ana had stripped off while we were kissing and came up behind me, reached around and undid my shirt and watched as I undid Amy’s. I was hoping to strip Ana while Amy watched. Amy must have taken her bra off when she went to the toilet, because her cute small boobs bounced into view, showing off her gorgeous full erect nipples. I pulled her skirt down, left her knickers on and turned her to face Ana.

“Oh, they are so beautiful.” Ana said as she put her mouth straight over the top and started sucking them. She then stood back and looked at Amy’s nakedness, smiled at the sight, put her arms around her and pulled her against her body. Their boobs pressed against each other, nipple to nipple. Their mounds pressed against each other as they pushed their hips forward. Ana nibbled Amy’s neck. Amy goes all gooey when that happens.

Ana slowly slid down, kissing and sucking Amy’s nipples again as she went. Ana kissed Amy’s kickers where her soft swollen pussy nestled, as Amy leaned back on me, opening her legs to to assist Ana. Amy turned her head and kissed me, letting Ana hold her bum as she used a finger to pull aside her knickers to kiss the soft excited dark flesh of Amy’s lips. Amy’s pussy was wet, it was ready and it wanted Ana.

I finished removing my clothes as Ana lowered Amy onto the bed. Ana was kissing Amy’s near naked body all over as she moved herself around on the bed. Ana then straddled Amy, putting her wet pussy against Amy’s belly. Ana then moved up to Amy’s boobs and lowered her slippery open pussy over one of Amy’s big swollen hard nipples. She began to move back and forward slightly, allowing Amy’s erect nipple to slide between her wet juicy pussy lips. She was fucking Amy’s nipple with her pussy, and using the nipple to massage her clit. I watched as Amy’s nipple, now smothered in pussy juice, was moving in between and disappearing within Ana’s lips. Amy just laid there totally absorbed in her first ever nipple fuck. I took the opportunity to remove her knickers and I kissed and licked her sweet juicy pussy with Ana’s dark arse hole, right in front of me. I will absolutely suck Amy’s pussy-soaked nipple, as soon as I can.

Soon Ana wanted Amy’s pussy, and moved down as Amy delightedly opened her legs, wanting Ana to kiss, lick and do whatever she wanted with it. As Ana moved her mouth to Amy’s pussy, her own pussy was now in my face, her legs over the end of the bed and her bum up and on the edge. Perfect for a pussy or arse fuck from behind. It can wait. I had to have Amy’s nipple, coated in Ana pussy juice in my mouth. Amy’s nipple and Ana’s pussy juice, a perfect combination. I sucked it while Ana helped herself to Amy’s gorgeous pussy. Amy was in heaven, her nipples being sucked and her pussy being licked by a stranger, another lady.

As much as Amy would like me to fuck her soon after she cum, she knew I should take Ana’s pussy while I could. This was not going to be a long session, so I moved back around behind Ana before someone noticed us missing. I kissed Ana’s cute bum hole, and gave it a couple of long licks. With my dick I moved her lips apart so her juicy pink pussy would accept my cock without hesitation. She felt it and groaned with delight as my cock gently forced itself all the way in, but she did not stop her tongue action on Amy’s pussy. I fucked Amy’s new found friend while watching them both. Ana was licking my wife’s pussy and my wife was laying back, eyes closed, holding my hand, letting herself build to a girl-on-girl exquisite orgasm.

I could just see her tongue probing between Amy’s lips, no doubt tasting and lapping up Amy’s sweet pussy juice. Then Ana reached behind and pulled my dick out of her pussy, pulled it in close and sucked it, with her own juices on it. Then she licked Amy’s pussy, then sucked my dick. Amy was watching with a very happy smile. Ana was doing both of us.

Ana then guided my dick to Amy’s pussy and using her hands guided my cock between Amy’s lips and helped push me in. She kissed Amy on the mouth as she watched my cock fucking Amy. I was hoping I wasn’t going to cum. Ana then pulled me out and immediately put her mouth over my cock and started sucking my cock with Amy’s juices on it while she slid two fingers into Amy’s wet open pussy, and finger fucked her. Ana wouldn’t stop and finally I cum in her mouth, and she swallowed. As I dropped onto the bed Ana went straight back to Amy’s pussy and started licking her, thrusting two fingers into her at the same time.

Suddenly it happened, I knew Amy was close, but her orgasm came so fast even she looked surprised. Ana kept teasing her, as her body shuddered to a fantastic cum. As Amy rested, I turned Ana over and licked her to cum quickly while finger fucking her, she was so ready for it.

Wow, what a whirlwind threesome. We all got to cum and when we got back to the party, no one was the wiser. It was as if we had been standing there, drinking and talking all that time.

I grabbed us all another drink, and soon we were back to chatting when this guy came up and kissed Ana. “Where have you been he asked, I’ve been looking for you.”

Ignoring him, she said to us “Meet my husband, Luke.”

Oh fuck. Amy looked stunned and so did I. He’d just kissed the mouth that had just licked Amy to cum and sucked my cock, swallowing my cum. She has no ring on, and didn’t even mention a partner, but I did wonder about the second suitcase in the room.

Luke was nice, friendly, slim and younger than us, like Ana is. He shook my hand then kissed Amy’s hand, and said in a slight accent, “you are very beautiful, my pleasure to meet you.”

Amy enjoyed the compliment, even though I tell her that every day. We all had a good old chat and while he was fawning over Amy, I turned my back and whispered to Ana, “does he know anything about what we just did.”

“No,” she said with a smile, “we have never had a threesome, and he does not know that I had a couple of lesbian encounters before we met. I will tell him one day. We have talked about swapping and he says he likes the idea, but he has never had the courage to do anything. Not like you guys did tonight. I thought you were very courageous to suggest it to me.”

When we got back to our Airbnb, which was within walking distance, we chatted about what had happened with Ana tonight while I was playing with Amy’s naked body. She let me strip her off again, she loves being naked in front of me. Talking about how Amy enjoyed Ana’s attention, got us both horny again.

Amy rolled over and said in a sexy invitation, “do you want me now, you didn’t fuck me earlier tonight.” She pushed her bum at me to fuck her pussy from behind, as she spread her knees apart and lowered her chest to the bed. Her bum hole and her pussy were mine. I kissed and licked her bum hole for a moment. I love doing that. I grabbed my hard dick that loves Amy’s pussy and eased it into her. The head of my dick pushed her wet glistening lips aside as I entered slowly, thinking that Ana had been kissing and sucking these lips earlier tonight.

We walked into the little breakfast bar down the road. Amy saw Ana wave. Her and Luke were at a table already. I did mention last night that that’s where we were going to have breaky, although it wasn’t an invite. We had slept in a little and were later than we thought. We had a 10am checkout and it was 8:30 already.

Ana greeted Amy and I with the typical cheek kissing. We knew what we wanted so ordered straight away with immediate coffee and within 10 minutes we were eating. Great service.

While Luke and I were chatting, Ana was quietly talking to Amy. Amy told me later that Ana had told Luke she wanted to see if we were into swapping. Apparently, he was all for it. I think he also liked Amy. I saw Ana kick his ankle. He got up and pretended to go to the toilet, I believe.

Amy looked at me and quietly said, so the other patrons could not hear, “would you like to have sex with Ana and Luke?”

I had a feeling that was coming. “With Ana yes, Luke no.” we all burst out laughing. That broke the ice, of which there was none to break with Ana anyway.

When Luke got back to the table, Ana quietly said “they are happy to.” He looked at us and smiled, a little shy and nervous, but that will go as soon as we are all naked, and he sees what he’s about to fuck.

When we got back to the Airbnb, we had half an hour. I let Amy take the guys up to the upper story bedroom and used my charm, texting the host, who had gone out for the morning and got a later checkout to 11am, just in case.

As we had slept in, Amy hadn’t showered yet, so she jumped straight in. “I could use one too,” Ana said.

“Join her, save water,” Luke said. She looked at him, dropped all her clothes and went in after Amy. Luke and I looked at each other, then back at them, two wet naked beautiful bodies behind the steamy glass.

They were out soon enough, with towels draped around them. They stood in front of us. Amy to me and Ana to Luke. I grabbed Luke’s shoulders, moved him in front of Amy and took Ana’s towel off. Her cute tits pointing at me and her neat furry pussy down below was waiting for me to fuck it. I didn’t get to finish that last night. Luke probably did as they horny talked about us.

Luke did the same, dropped Amy’s towel to the floor and looked straight at her large swollen nipples. She was going to be Luke’s first swap. His swinging days have started, and he’ll always remember Amy, this gorgeous Chinese lady with the tasty yummy pussy that he’s about to slide his cock into while his own wife watches.

We put both of our girls on their backs, hoisted up their legs, exposing their ready wet pussies. We quickly got naked. Luke’s dick was darker than mine and looked neat. Amy was ready, she is always happy to take another cock while I watch. She enjoys being fucked by another man, or two, while her husband watches.

I got between Ana’s thighs and sucked her nipples while my cock hovered on her pussy, but she was so wet, it slipped in. Oh, what the hell, I thought and started fucking her, but before I cum I wanted to pull out, as I wanted to lick, kiss and suck her pussy. Luke had looked across, he missed seeing my dick sliding in, but he knew my dick was buried inside his wife’s pussy, with her legs up and wide apart. He winked at her.

Luke couldn’t get himself off Amy’s nipples. She finally pushed him down between her legs and he started kissing her pussy.

Not long after I got down to her pussy, Ana started to cum. He looked across as he was licking Amy. Amy held his head in place so he didn’t miss a beat. Ana cum, hard and loud, her husband watching her cum to another man for the first time.

Luke’s licking wasn’t working so Amy pulled him up, grabbed his cock and guided it between her lips. I watched as his eager cock pushed aside her lips and disappeared into my girl. Amy groaned with pleasure, her hungry pussy was neatly wrapped around another new cock, holding it tight as it moved in and out, not wanting it to stop, yet. His cock was now buried deep inside another man’s wife, a beautiful sexy, very naughty Chinese one at that. He started fucking her as I had just started fucking Ana again.

Ana manoeuvred herself closer to Amy while we were fucking them. Ana, holding Amy’s hand, got her mouth over one of Amy’s nipples and started sucking while Luke was fucking her. Ana then moved and kissed Amy on the lips. Wow, we could both see the girls. Amy did not pull away, but was still too shy to respond passionately. I guess Luke was wondering where that came from, but she would tell him later that it was a heat of the moment thing, he does not know that the girls had sex together just last night. And, depending on how they spoke about it later, it could be a good thing for him in the future. But at the moment, Amy was enjoying both of them now.

I cum not long after, it was just too much to watch them both enjoy Amy. Luke heard me cum into his wife. He knew what had just happened but was not bothered at all about what Ana was doing. He was fine that someone else was fucking her. Ana then reached down and massaged Luke’s balls as he was fucking Amy. That was too also much, and soon after he cum as well.

Ana new Amy hadn’t come and slid down between her legs as Luke and I watched while recovering from our ordeal. He didn’t seem to mind, I found out later she had told him it’s something she wants to do and he agreed, as he wanted to watch.

Ana kissed, sucked and licked Amy’s cum filled pussy. Ana didn’t mind the cum and lapped it up in the process. She slid two fingers in and did what she did last night until Amy had also cum, shivering with the emotion of her Ana orgasm.

We all laid down across each other and chatted until it was time to go. Ana and Luke did not want to go, they would have stayed all day having sex with us, but they were flying back to Sydney that evening we found out, so there would be no more fucking them two.

That’s okay, there are our other friends we enjoy, and a couple of new guys we have on the radar.

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