Valentine’s Day turns into her fantasy Part 2

But some people apparently weren’t very shy. As we walked around the pool, we passed one guy sitting on the other edge, only ten to fifteen feet away from us. He had his legs in the water as he leaned back on his straightened arms, admiring the scene in front of him. A girl was standing in the water with her back to us, bobbing her head in his lap! Looking past the first hot tub to another one which was lit far brighter, we could see a guy lying back on a lounge there under the light with a woman kneeling on the lounge between his legs. Her head was also bobbing up and down as she sucked him.

We picked a table near the closest hot tub, still in a half-lit area. The table was about ten feet away from the tub steps, and we pulled out chairs to sit and look around for a few minutes. We were still close enough to the resort main building to clearly hear the music from the loud nightclub.

Hot Tub

After a few minutes of watching the couples in the hot tub nearest to us just talking and relaxing in the water, I turned to Jan, saying “We could strip here and leave our clothes at the table to join them. We don’t need towels until we get back to the room later.”

Jan reached down to undo the straps on her sandals, then stood and in one quick motion whipped her dress up over her head and off to hang it over her chair. I stepped out of my sandals and quickly stripped to join her. Stepping down into the hot water, we went to the opposite side to sit and get comfortable. Within minutes, Jan was striking up a conversation with the four other couples sharing the area with us.

They were all about our age and said they lived in Florida and were regulars here. They enjoyed the free atmosphere of the resort leaving behind the usual social hang-ups you find at “vanilla”, non-swinger resorts. If any of them felt like playing, they knew they would be free to do so here. But they knew it wasn’t always a fuck-fest every time they came here. I assumed they were here to play with each other, and already had their evening desires planned between them.

A few minutes later, a younger couple, obviously in their mid-to-late twenties, came into the hot tub to join us. The boyfriend, Wade, sat on the sidewalk at the edge of the tub near the steps, his legs in the water with his left side turned toward us. His girlfriend, Candy walked down into the water and began circulating around the large tub, taking turns talking to everyone.

Candy had the bubbly and energetic personality of a young girl who’s enjoying life. She was a few inches shorter than Jan and maybe carried an extra ten pounds. Her darker skin suggested a Mediterranean heritage, and she had straight, long black hair to her shoulders.

Wade was about six feet tall, with the same dark skin, but his head was shaved, and he had a few tattoos. His build and the way he carried himself suggested he wasn’t stuck at a desk job or a couch-potato, or at least he spent time in a gym, his body displaying some well-defined muscles. Although Jan isn’t a fan of tattoos, he was the type of guy she would otherwise like with an “Oh, yeah, I’d do him” comment, … except they were as young as our kids!

Candy came to us and introduced herself, saying they’re from Tampa and they come here about once or twice per month. She only talked for a minute or two, then as a social butterfly, drifted off to talk to one of the other couples. Jan moved across the tub to sit beside Candy’s boyfriend on his left, trying to engage him in a conversation.

Being about eight feet away from them, I didn’t hear everything they were saying. But I soon noticed Jan glance down at Wade’s semi-hard shaft as it twitched. She looked back at his eyes, saying something else. Then she ran her right hand up and down his muscular leg, almost brushing his cock as it stirred. She glanced nervously over at me, knowing her target was in our ‘too young for comfort’ age range. I could see with the questioning raise of her eyebrows; she was wondering if it would be okay.

I smiled, with a broad grin and gave her a quick, subtle nod of my head for reassurance and she beamed with excitement. Her eyes flared with desire, as if challenged with a fun game when she turned back to begin her ultimate flirting. The game was on!

After saying something to him, Jan looked down and reached for his cock, grasping it in her right hand and began slowly stroking it. I could see that fleshy shaft stiffen under her control as she stared down and slowly licked her lips. She turned to look back locking eyes with me and smiled mischievously, that look she has when she’s turned on and wanting to tease me. Standing from her seat beside him, she turned quickly and knelt on the wide step in front of him, first looking up into his eyes. Then she turned to her right to again lock eyes with me.

Keeping her eyes on mine, my wife took his cock with her left hand and used her right to slip her hair behind her right ear. I knew this was her deliberately giving me a clear line of sight to her lips and she slid her tongue seductively over those lips. She lowered her head still looking in my direction and flicked her tongue out and around the head of his cock. She kissed the end, then turned to look back up into his eyes as she took his pole into her mouth.

I sat at my side of the hot tub a few feet away, mesmerized with the sight of my gorgeous wife doing this, and feeling my own cock responding.

She took Wade’s cock all the way into her mouth, bobbing her head as she shamelessly gave him a blowjob, putting on a show for me … and entertaining the hot tub and nearby pool audience. Jan was watching Wade’s eyes as she took him out of her mouth with her right hand, stroking it as she tilted her head to her left. Shifting her gaze past him to make eye contact with me again, her eyes seemed to blaze in lust as she licked her way down the shaft and sucked one of his balls into her mouth. She crouched down a little further getting her lips under his balls and I saw her jaw moving. I knew she was sucking and licking that sensitive spot, and I saw Wade throw his head back in amazement at this new feeling. My world-class cocksucker was doing her best for him! And my own cock was reacting, getting harder as I watched my wife.

I realized there were some things missing from this scene. So, I stood and closed the gap between us. Stepping behind my wife as she knelt in the shallow water on the step in front of her target, I reached down to grab her hips and beckoned her to her feet. Jan clumsily stood, never parting with the stiff shaft in her grasp and soon stood bent at the waist with her ass out of the water and her feet on the steps. She returned him to her mouth as I slid my hand along her slit. I slipped first one finger, then a second into her cunt, and I heard her stifled moan, enjoying my attention. She shook her ass in a subtle teasing move as I probed her, coating my fingers with her juices and rubbing her natural wetness around her pussy. Then I stepped away, up and out of the hot tub. I turned toward the others in the hot tub, smiled, and nodded, motioning with my open hand toward her ass as she was bent over.

I walked the few steps to the chair about eight feet away and turned it toward those steps. With my slacks spread on the chair, I sat and reached for my glass of scotch to watch the rest of her show. Jan was standing sideways to me, bent over with Wade’s cock in her mouth, and my erection was clearly on display for her to see when she glanced to her left.

One of the other guys in the hot tub stood and stepped into place to grab her ass with both hands. Jan briefly glanced back over her left shoulder at him, a look of surprise on her face seeing that it wasn’t me. I could see him from the side as he lined up, sliding his hard cock up and down her slit searching for her wet hole.

My wife could object by merely saying “no” or bend her knees a little to drop down out of his easy reach. And I chose this type of resort, knowing the commercial business of this swinger atmosphere wouldn’t tolerate threats. Everyone here should respect her “No, means NO!”, if she wasn’t interested in him.

But Jan smiled, after her initial surprise feeling the strange cock probing her. She teasingly wiggled her ass just a little for him, then looked back at Wade who was staring pleadingly at her. I saw her expression change slightly when she looked again at his cock in her hand. Then, she turned her gaze to her left looking surprised at me. I lifted my scotch glass as if in a toast and smiled before taking a sip. Her smile brightened in amazement, almost as if saying “Oh, my God” when finally realizing her present. She recognized her fantasy.

“I LOVE you!” she exclaimed with assurance and loud enough for me to hear. Turning back to again engulf Wade’s anxious cock in her mouth with renewed vigor, she was soon being bucked forward with the thrusts into her from behind.

I listened carefully, and soon heard her distinctive “Mmmmph, mmmmph” sounds as the air was pushed from her mouth by the invading cock there with each thrust from behind. She sometimes took the cock out, still stroking it in her hand and I strained to barely hear her almost mewing or moaning as her excitement built.

Candy came over to them, reaching under Jan’s chest and began playing with her swinging tits, leaning over to suck on one nipple.

When my wife finally stiffened her legs and paused, her whole body shook in her orgasm. Her knees then buckled under her and the guy fucking her quickly wrapped an arm under her waist until she regained her balance. She again straightened her legs, and he continued thrusting a few more times.

“Where do you want me to cum?” he asked, obviously getting close to his own release.

“In me,” Jan hurriedly replied, “right where you are.”

He stopped his long thrusts, just bucking his hips a little, as he unloaded into her. His wife stood from her seat in the tub and stepped closer to hand him a small towel. Holding the towel, he reached with it between Jan’s spread legs as he pulled out to catch his cock. I watched him wiping his cum at my wife’s pussy as it oozed out of her, trying to keep it from dripping into the hot tub water. When he finished wiping her slit, he stepped contentedly away to sit with his wife.

Jan never let go of the cock in front of her, even as she orgasmed. She braced herself with her hands on Wade’s legs, keeping his cock in her mouth, then went back to bobbing her head on it. But Wade reached down, grasping the sides of Jan’s head and pulled her mouth off his hard shaft. “Candy and I have a rule,” he said quietly. “I’m getting close, and I’m only allowed to cum in her.”

Hearing this, Candy climbed out of the hot tub and onto the sidewalk remaining on her hands and knees. When Jan straightened her back releasing him, Wade stood in the water at the edge of the tub and positioned himself behind his girlfriend. She leaned back with her knees spread, lowering her ass closer to the edge of the tub, and he slid his hard cock into her to start violently fucking her. Candy moaned so loudly while bucking back against him, even people in the other hot tubs glanced over at her.

Jan turned and sat on the side of the hot tub and reached to massage Candy’s swinging tits. This only lasted a few more thrusts until Candy pulled forward away from her boyfriend and twisted around to lie on her back. She scooted her ass closer to the edge of the tub for him and pulled her knees up, spreading herself open for him. Wade re-entered his girlfriend, again violently fucking her as she bucked her ass up toward him, shouting and screaming to everyone’s entertainment.

The looks on the other women around us reminded me of the scene in the movie “When Harry Met Sally”. Meg Ryan moaned with simulated excitement in the restaurant, and another woman tells the waiter, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Jan laid down beside Candy, leaning close to quietly whisper in her ear, receiving a quick nod from Candy. Jan leaned in to passionately kiss her. When she broke the kiss, my wife moved further down to suck and caress Candy’s tits as Wade continued to thrust until he finally bucked into her and stopped, shooting his load into his girlfriend.

When Wade pulled out of Candy, Jan rolled on top of her to kiss her, then reached down to slide her fingers into the freshly used, open pussy. She withdrew those fingers coated with some of the thick white fluid and pulled them up to her mouth to suck it off. They laid together quietly talking for a minute, then Jan reached down plunging her fingers back into Candy and pulled them out again, rolling onto her back to look over at me. Smiling seductively, she sucked on her fingers, one at a time, plunging each deep into her mouth. When she finished, she rolled over onto Candy and again kissed her, then whispered quietly in her ear.

Candy smiled and looked over at me as Jan rolled off her toward me. Jan then stood to take the few steps to our table.


Standing in front of me, she picked up her wine glass, taking a sip. “So, that was your real present for my birthday,” she said cheerfully. “I really do love you!”

“The evening’s not over,” I pointed out. “And we still have tomorrow.”

“I’ve already had a great time,” she said, then fell back into her teasing mode. “I’m feeling tired now since I’ve had my ‘over-the-top’ one. It’s time to head to our room and bed.”

“What about me?” I asked, astonished and surprised, then I looked down at my hard-on standing straight up. “You promised you’d always take care of me,” I added, looking back at her with a hint of comedic disappointment. I expected her to say something snarky about listlessly lying back, allowing me sloppy seconds.

Before Jan could answer, Wade and Candy came over to our table, and he wrapped an arm around Jan’s naked waist, turning her toward him, then pulled her in close for a passionate kiss. “Are we going to your room for a drink, and maybe a second chance?” he asked with a hopeful hint. “Candy said it’s okay for me to finish with you if we do.”

Jan looked up at Wade, her eyes glowing with renewed interest She said in a low sultry voice; “My husband always says, it’s not a blowjob until the job is done.” I could tell by her tone, she was planning to have more fun tormenting him, edging him until he couldn’t take it anymore, before allowing him a release.

Candy came to me at the same time and leaned down to kiss me on the cheek. Her eyes sparkled in a teasing way. “I understand you’ve been a very good boy and deserve some attention.” She glanced down at my lap and the stiffness there. “Let’s find a better place for that.”

Jan looked at me, seeming to glow with contentment, with her arm wrapped around Wade’s naked waist. “I DID promise I’d always take care of you,” she admitted. “I just didn’t promise I’d be the one to do it,” and she smiled then added, “I outsourced with Candy. … Happy Valentine’s Day.”


It was well after midnight when Candy and Wade left our room. Jan came from the bathroom, climbing into bed, and paused leaning on her right side with her head up off the pillow. “I want a shoulder tonight,” she claimed.

I wrapped my left arm under her neck, and she rested her head against my shoulder. She slid her body closer to me, her cleavage against my side, the warm pillows of her ample chest feeling so comforting pressed against my chest and side. She bent her left knee and laid her leg across mine, as her left hand slid across my chest, and I pulled her tightly to me.

“Mmmm,” she cooed, enjoying our cuddle time. “Did you talk to Wade and the others earlier to set that up?”

“No.” I said quietly, the evening exertions catching up. “I picked this place for the opportunities the swingers might provide. I know you, and trusted you’d find someone you wanted.”

“I enjoyed my present.” she said and paused, before quietly adding hopefully “Can we do that again?”

I chuckled as I said “You got yours! It’s my turn again, and you know what I want.”

“We’ll see,” she said a little dismissively. “That will take finding someone like Maggie I can share you with when her husband’s not around.” She paused then added with a hint of hope, “Maybe I can find a single woman here,” and she paused again in thought for a few seconds. “…

That might be fun. We could make you just sit back with a glass of scotch while I put on a show for you. I would look over at you as you took a sip, … and I would …” She quietly and seductively continued with her bedtime story as I started to doze off, exhausted and emptied of Candy’s attention.

I love my wife and her fantasies. And we still had one more day here …

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