Valentine’s Day turns into her fantasy Part 1

“Happy New Year,” I said to my gorgeous wife, Jan, as she came into the kitchen from the bedroom. She was dressed in her usual workout shorts and the sports bra barely containing her ample chest, her long auburn-hair tied back in a ponytail, ready for her morning workout.

“Happy New Year to you, too,” she said a little tired after the late-night celebration. But hers was still a cheerful tone, not indicating any sign of a hangover. She walked to the cupboard to retrieve a coffee mug for her first cup of the morning. “What do you have planned today?” she asked over her shoulder as I admired her tight ass and long legs when she raised up on her toes to reach into the cupboard.

“Just lounging around and reading,” I said. “… I checked your Amazon Wish List, and I see you have everything you wanted. So, what do I get you for your birthday later this month?”

“Surprise me,” she shrugged. “And don’t plan anything for Valentine’s Day next month. You know I’m not into overpriced flowers, candy, or cards for one day each year. I prefer you show me on all other days of the year that you think I’m special.”

“Yeah,” I admitted. “Last year was a bust with the overcrowded restaurant I thought you’d like. And how can I plan anything for a weekend? You have our calendar packed almost every weekend for the next few months.”

“… Except for my birthday and Valentine’s Day. … I expect the kids will at least visit on my birthday,” she mused as she filled her mug. “And everyone we know has plans as a couple for Valentine’s Day, so we don’t have any other engagements that weekend. And I don’t want to fight the crowds in restaurants, so we can just stay at home together.”

“Okay, then. I’ll try to think of something special for your birthday.”

“Maybe you could give me a nice bed and breakfast weekend sometime, like the one you took me to in the mountains a few years ago,” she said and walked off with her coffee mug down the basement stairs for her daily workout.


At sunset, we were in our usual living room chairs with drinks that evening.

“That’s rather hot!” Jan murmured with a hint of excitement, sitting in her swivel chair as I took a sip of scotch in my chair beside hers.

My wife held her glass of wine in her left hand. She sat on a towel with her right leg thrown over the arm of the chair, with her right-hand busy in her lap. I watched her as she slid her middle finger in and around her bare, hairless slit, massaging her protruding nub. I was similarly naked, sitting on a towel stroking my semi-hard shaft as we got excited. We’d eventually end up on the living room floor together on the blanket.

Looking at the TV, there was the scene exciting her. The young husband in the background sat on a chair looking anxious and angry as two other guys spit-roasted his young wife on the bed in front of him. The wife was obviously enjoying it as she enthusiastically rocked between them. This was one of the porn videos I randomly selected from our collection to start our evening’s entertainment.

“Wishing you were taking two cocks?” I asked and chuckled.

“Not that,” she replied. “It’s the husband sitting and watching her having fun that I think is hot.”

“Well, HE’S not having fun,” I pointed out. “The story is: she agreed to pay off his gambling debt, and he has to sit there and watch her.”

“You’ve said you like watching me sucking and fucking other guys at swinger house parties,” Jan noted. “But you’ve also said you’re usually too distracted with the other wife you’re fucking. Wouldn’t you like to just sit back and watch?”

“Hmmm, maybe. It would need to be under the right circumstances, not something like that where he’s forced into it. And most house parties we’ve been to have the couples pairing off, so there aren’t usually any extra guys.”

“Since the second house party when we were together with Maggie,” Jan admitted “it’s been a fantasy of mine. I laid there with your arm wrapped around me and my head on your shoulder, … watching Maggie, … as she sucked you up and rode you!” she added, with a soft, seductive hint to her voice.

“I think that’s every husband’s fantasy,” I said, “just lying back with two gorgeous women taking care of him.” I let out a sigh, and added with a hopeful cheer “Can I do it again?”

Jan laughed then pointed out, “You had yours! Now when do I get a turn? … I think of you sitting back with a glass of scotch while I put on a show for you. I would look over at you as you took a sip, … and I’d have another guy’s cock in my hand.”

She went on, lowering her voice to a softer tone staring seductively at my eyes. “I’d pull him to my lips … slowly … as you watch, … and I see you staring at it. Then … I’d slowly pull it into my mouth as you watch my tongue.” Jan flicked her tongue out a little to catch my attention. ” … I’ll lick the head,” and she licked the tip of her finger. “… Then I’ll wrap my lips around it and push my face down, … taking him all the way in!” She pursed her lips and put her finger in her mouth slowly sliding it in and out to make her point. “He’ll feel the head pressing against the back of my throat.” Jan paused briefly then went on “… If he’s long enough, I might even get it further down … into my throat.”

“And I could have another guy fucking me from behind,” she added. “He can cum inside me, and you can see it drip out. You can sit there with your drink and watch them … using me … filling me … watch them cum inside me … making me cum!”

“You like to tease and frustrate me,” I said a little annoyed and I reached down to stroke my now almost painfully stiff member.

“You LOVE it when I turn you on,” she asserted with her cheerful, flirty tone. “And you KNOW I don’t leave you frustrated, … just begging. But I’ll always take care of you.”

“Maybe we’ll get there someday,” I said. “We’d need to find two or three single guys we can trust.”

“Three?” she asked with a hint of surprise. “Hmmm … At the same time? If you want me to take it in my ass, I need to know ahead of time to get ready.”

“At least as a contingency,” I said as if planning the project logistics. “It might be tough coordinating schedules to get two trusted guys fucking you at the same time. I don’t want to miss the action of the cock you’ll be servicing, to answer the door if one shows up late.”

“There’s always Roger, the guy I met at the airport,” Jan reminded me. “I’ve had him at Maggie and Dan’s house.”

“Yeah, there is Roger,” I admitted. “I trust him. But we should still try to find one or two others to complete your fantasy.”

“I’ll just keep it in my bucket list of fantasies until then,” Jan added a little dejectedly. “What do you think about as a fantasy?”

“… I don’t know,” I said after a thoughtful pause. “Since we’ve been to a few house parties, I’ve done about everything I might want to do. I had Maggie riding me as you laid beside me. One time, you and Maggie were sucking my cock AND balls, at the same time. I’ve spit-roasted you with Ken. Allison almost took my whole hand into her, … and she really wanted all of it! Then there was Tina enthusiastically sucking me that time you were in another room with her husband. He told me his wife loves sucking cock, but I had no idea she’d go at me like an enthusiastic porn star!”

“So, Tina sucks your cock better than I do?” Jan asked with a hint of innocence and disappointment, and she pushed her bottom lip out in a feigned pout.

“Oh, you’re a world-class cocksucker,” I said with a chuckle.

“I like running my tongue over that soft head,” her voice changing back to a seductress. She paused as she ran her tongue over her upper lip “… and the sensitive skin under your balls,” Jan added “when I know I can drive you crazy.”

She set her wine glass on the end table, slipped off the chair onto her knees and crawled on hands and knees, like a cat slowly stalking her prey, to stop in front of me. Looking up into my eyes, she ran her tongue slowly circling her lips.

So, our evening began with my wife in one of her playful, “drive a man crazy” moods …


In Jan’s teenage years, she was somewhat of an outcast with just one close girlfriend after she had an argument in junior high with “THE” most popular girl in our class. Jan’s “bitch” nemesis during those teen years managed to keep her ostracized from the social groups in our small, rural town. So, when Jan finally grabbed onto me, a clueless geek in our senior year, she felt like taking control of me (and later, any guy), almost as if making up for those years boys avoided her. She learned to flirt … and later she reveled in using her new skill as a weapon against all men. She seemed particularly satisfied when she would tease me and have me begging her to finish, then reduce me to an empty husk, with my cock shrinking and empty. Her attitude was: “I got you! … Now be a good boy and bring me a glass of wine.” But she can “get me” any time she wants!

During our years in college, we dated others without jealousy. But we finally realized we were perfect for each other. I knew her sensitive controls and could torment her to orgasm, too. We married and moved away from the small town. Now after over thirty years, our kids are grown and all out on their own, leaving us to enjoy sex, again … together.

But once you’ve done EVERYTHING you both like … so many times, … together, … a yearning seems to set in. It’s a melancholy feeling of missing the newness of exploring sex together as we did when we were young. I think all long-married couples face a time when one or the other gets a feeling of ‘what else?’, ‘what am I missing here?’ Jan and I seemed to get that feeling at about the same time in our marriage shortly after the last of our kids was out of the house, and we looked around for a new hobby.

The swinger lifestyle we found gives her the opportunities for flirting and exploring her control over other guys, without secrecy threatening to break up our marriage. And I can enjoy playing with other women, feeling their different reactions, and having fun learning their different sexy styles and desires.

At six-foot-three and with my muscular build, I don’t have problems finding other wives to play at house parties. And Jan can easily grab any guy she wants at those parties, enjoying her flirting and controlling experiments with them. We could trust each other, knowing we were giving each other everything the other might want; more freedom to enjoy new sex, but together. And afterwards, we talk about our new experiences, further exciting each other, which seems to bring us even closer.

We have only two personal rules as swingers: we stay together at those parties, and we don’t seek out to fuck anyone as young as our kids. Jan doesn’t want me wandering off with other women without her! And it just seems creepy for us to be fucking someone as young as our kids. Our age-appropriate guideline is they should be no more than twelve to fifteen years younger. Jan calls any guy ten to fifteen years younger her “boy-toy”, and she’s enjoyed at least two of them that young. Of course, at some parties, we don’t know the age of everyone there. But if we do know they’re too young, then the rule applies.

When Jan described her unfulfilled fantasy of me watching her put on a show with two guys, it gave me an idea for the perfect gift for the wife who has everything. But trying to set up a sexy meeting with single guys could lead to problems unless we’ve met them elsewhere in a safer situation. And finding guys near where we live, and work could lead to longer term conflicts and embarrassing situations. My idea was to set up a weekend away at a nude resort during this unseasonably warm winter. And I had read about a special swinger place in Florida, where she might get her one-time-only special fantasy, in a relatively safe, but anonymous swinger environment.


After the Birthday Party

She came from the bathroom, climbing into bed, and paused leaning on her right side with her head up off the pillow. “I want a shoulder tonight,” she said, and I wrapped my left arm under her neck for her to cuddle, laying her head on me.

“We left a big mess in the kitchen to clean up in the morning,” she added quietly, running her left hand lightly over my chest, then draping her arm over me.

“You know it will all be cleared and your coffee ready by the time you get up,” I said in a soft, dismissive tone, my confidence from having done it so many times before. I pulled her closer in a hug, sliding my left hand down her arm and enjoyed the soft curves of her body.

“Thanks for the birthday party,” she said. “Having the kids together is always nice. But where’s the nude resort you’re taking me to with those airline tickets in your letter as your present? And on Valentine’s Day? Is it the same place we went to in the RV those other times? That place should be packed with the winter ‘snow-birds’.”

“No, it’s not that resort,” I said. “I found a place which had some room vacancies in their lodge for Valentine’s Day weekend. And with everyone else busy that weekend, it seemed the best time.”

“But you’re not telling me where?”

“It’s part of the surprise,” I said. “Just pack for a nice weekend at a nude resort, with one or two decent outfits for dinner. We’re lucky it’s warm enough there in February this year.”

“Now you’ve got me wondering,” she said. “The other nude resorts didn’t require clothes in their restaurants.”

“Patience! … Wait for the whole surprise and be ready to have some fun.”


Valentine’s Weekend Begins

Jan had to work the Friday before the only free weekend we had open for my plan. So, we couldn’t get the early start as I hoped. We were planning to return home on Monday. But I rescheduled our outbound flight to late afternoon Friday, and we arrived at the Tampa airport that evening. After picking up a rental car and stopping for a quick dinner, we arrived for a late check-in around nine o’clock at the resort.

As first-timers there, one of the staff gave us a quick tour of the main building. And although they had a lively nightclub with a D.J., we decided to just have a drink at the piano bar and settle into our room for the night.

The next morning, we enjoyed the freedom of wearing only our sandals, with a towel draped over a shoulder to walk out to the patio café for breakfast, feeling the cool air on our skin.

We’ve learned to enjoy nude resorts over the years. Most people at these places are not hung up on their bodies and enjoy the very free nature of their surroundings. I think nudists tend to be more friendly and comfortable with each other, even with strangers, because everyone there already has something in common. We can quickly spot those who are new to it because they’re the ones still trying to hide themselves. Striking up a conversation with almost anyone at a nearby table or in the pool is very easy, even for a socially awkward geek, like me.

We walked around the resort during the day and became familiar with the layout. The place has a nice restaurant, café, piano bar, nightclub, gym, and a store selling sundries and sexy clothes not found at most nude resorts. Outside at ground level, there are two pools, with a large bar at the second pool furthest away from the building.

There’s a waterfall at the end of the first large pool with another area above and behind the waterfall called the “conversation pool”. We were told by the staffer the night before when we arrived that’s where the hot tubs are located. We briefly saw a small part of that pool from the lobby balcony the previous evening, but it was mostly obscured by the vegetation.

We didn’t go to the conversation pool area or explore further out to the tennis courts during the day, instead enjoying the two large pools at ground level with the café and bars. Merely settling on lounge chairs at that second pool for the sunny afternoon, we relaxed reading, tanning, and socializing with others in the pool.

Being “newbies” here, we weren’t familiar with the local protocols of swinger get-togethers. I didn’t expect a continuous orgy. I assumed we would meet someone, start a conversation, and see where things went. And knowing my wife, I expected her to move things any way she wanted and as fast as she wanted. But we didn’t pick up on any signals from those we talked to suggesting they were swingers or might be interested in anything beyond just talking. This could have been like any other nude resort we’ve been to, except it was adults-only … and for the sexy clothes the store held. So, my plan for a potential sex-filled weekend might be a bust.

This was a “clothing optional” resort, not a nudist place. The difference is at nudist resorts, they expect you to be without clothes unless weather or a health issue requires some covering. At clothing optional resorts, we found bathing suits are not allowed in the pools or hot tubs. Otherwise, people will be in varying forms of dress for meals or in the clubs and bars.

So, when I reserved a table at the restaurant for dinner that evening, we dressed for the occasion. Jan wore a one-piece short red dress with a pair of dressy sandals for the Valentine’s Day themed evening. She went commando, without panties or bra, carrying a small purse with just her cellphone and a credit card. I wore black golf slacks with polo shirt, and sandals.

After dinner we were sitting at a table in the lobby piano bar area when Jan overheard the group near us talking about the conversation pool.

Jan turned to one of the women at the table and asked, “What’s the conversation pool like?”

“Oh, it’s where you can go to let loose after dark,” she said. “Things are a little more open at that pool and the hot tubs around it since it’s more secluded. We’re heading out to one of the hot tubs now.”

“Do you want to try it,” Jan asked somewhat excitedly when she turned back to me.

“Of course,” I replied. “We didn’t bring towels. Do you want to head back to the room first?”

“No. Let’s just go see what it’s like.”

We went to the bar and ordered two more drinks, another glass of wine for her and scotch for me, in plastic cups to take outside. Walking out onto the balcony and heading down the short flight of steps on the far right, I could see the pool better than just the short glimpse through the vegetation.

It was a long, relatively narrow, serpentine pool with plenty of shrubs and trees around it. This seemed to make a better pool experience if you wanted at least a little more privacy than in the large open pools below on ground level. The four hot tubs were also in-ground, tiled areas which could each hold over a dozen people. Each tub had large, tiled steps into them and a seat around and just under the three to four feet of water. And there were plenty of lounge chairs and tables with metal chairs for seating scattered around.

The lighting around the whole area was not overwhelming, more like mood lighting, with some areas much brighter than others. For those who wanted even more privacy, they could find some dark corner of the pool or use the hot tub furthest away from the lights.

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