Unexpected cuckold

I came home from work today to find my wife pacing the kitchen.

When there is something wrong, her face always gives it away. Today, I got that dreadful feeling that I was in the dog house for something; it just wasn’t obvious to me what I’d done.


Nothing new there, I thought.

“What’s wrong?” I said to her warily. I have never liked seeing her in a mood like this. She can whither you with just one look if she wants.

She just stared at me sort of angry looking and at the same time she was wringing her hands nervously.

Her usually beautifully manicured and moisturised hands looking sore and reddened like she had been working hard hand washing laundry or something; not that she had ever washed laundry by hand.

There I go again, rambling when confronted by her.

“Just remember, you wanted this!” she blurted.

“Wanted what?” I replied in a panicked tone, I was almost afraid of her answer.

“During our moments of intimacy you keep asking me if I’d like to fuck a bigger cock!” she blurted.

I just stood there slack jawed and dumbfounded, waiting for her to continue. I was really not quite sure how to react; she rarely swears and has never ever said Cock! Well, not to my knowledge.

“You just go on and on about it!” she continued.

She paused again for what seemed an age.

“I will do it,” she eventually said; not looking directly at me, but looking nervously the floor.

Shocked by her outburst, but nonetheless excited at the fantastic news, I quickly replied, “that’s great!” “This is going to be such an amazing adventure.”

“I know a few guys who are well endowed, I will have them contact you.”

“No need!” she immediately answered, looking me directly in the eye. “I’ve already got someone in mind.”

“Oh? I assumed that was going to be for me to arrange.”

“No!” she replied angrily.

“If I’m to fuck another man, then I get to choose who and when; Got it!”

“Y-yes, ok,” I answered with slight trepidation, given her sudden change in demeanour.

She handed me her iPad and on it was a photo of a very strong and fit looking man.

“He’s black!” I said, a bit quicker and louder than I expected it to actually come out.

I then saw her face turn red and angry.

“I never thought you were against me being with a black guy and I find that quite offensive,” she said accusingly.

“No no; just you’ve never mentioned black guys to me; that’s all.”

“That’s because I know their physical superiority intimidates you,” she replied, trying her very best to hide the bitten cheek smirk that had appeared on her now beautifully flushed and obviously excited face.

“No they don’t,” I replied weakly and to be fair a little too defensively, knowing all along that she had actually seen right through my lie.

Asking her why she wanted to fuck this particular guy; I said, “He may not have a big cock and that’s always been the fantasy. A big cock; not just because he’s handsome.”

She then showed me another photo on her iPad.

Shocked? That would be an understatement.

He was ripped, good looking and definitely had a big cock! Although I’m totally heterosexual, I could immediately see why she would be attracted to him.

I now felt every bit as intimidated as she had predicted, and was actually quite worried.

“This guy may be great looking, but he may be an asshole,” I nervously stated, trying to recover some element of control over this now spiralling situation.

“He’s definitely not,” she said. “He’s handsome, a fantastic person and I will not have you bad mouth him.”

By now my mind and stomach were turning somersaults at her shocking statement.

But she continued.

“I am meeting him in the local pub tonight. You can either come with me and enjoy what you’ve continually asked me to do; or you can stay home. Your choice, but I am meeting him and I will fuck him if he wants me to.”

I just stoodthere; looking as shocked as I obviously felt.

And she just stood there looking at me defiantly and with a look of contempt.

She then said to me, “You wanted this!”

Later that evening we arrived at the pub and my wife was immediately looking around to see if he was waiting for her, but he was nowhere to be seen.

She was looking soooo good, all eyes in the pub were on her, even women were looking.

I was secretly hoping he was a no show, when I suddenly noticed the most beautiful beaming smile on my wife’s face.

I turned to see her looking at a strikingly handsome and obviously fit younger man. He stood out among the usual pub clientele of chubby beer bellies and as he approached he looked directly at me, smiled, held out his hand and said, “Hi I’m Max, thank you for giving me your stunning wife for the evening she is quite beautiful.”

I stood there shocked as he delicately lifted my wife’s chin with his strong fingers and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

He then turned to me and gave me a small package. “We are going across the road to the hotel you’ve kindly arranged for us. Stay here for 30 minutes, then you may come and join us.”

He then took my wife’s hand and without looking back at me guided her toward the pub exit. My beautiful wife looked briefly over her shoulder, winked sexily, then willingly walked out of the pub with him.

Intrigued, I opened the package at the bar and saw a chastity device with a note. “Put this on.”

Before I could hide the device, a guy close to me saw it, looked me up and down and laughed to himself turning back to the bar grinning.

Embarrassed, I left the pub, went home, and with difficulty I reluctantly put on the device.

It was the most uncomfortable thing ever, but I kept it on and went nervously to the hotel.

Once there I shakily put my key card in the door, all of the time asking myself “why am I doing this?”

I opened the door, tentatively, walked in and was suddenly stopped dead in my tracks by what I saw….

There she was; kneeling in front of him, dressed in the most delicious black revealing underwear. Her beautiful green eyes watering slightly as she looked up at me and at the same time holding his strikingly hard and obviously long manhood.

It was clear that just before I had walked into the hotel room my beautiful wife had been gagging on his now glistening cock.

She looked directly at me and instructed me to go into the bathroom and get undressed.

I nervously did as instructed and

when I returned to the room they were in a steamy embrase, kissing deeply.

I just stood there extremely self conscious, with my hands covering my obviously inferior tackle, not knowing quite what to do next.

Their kiss broke and she told me; no, ordered me to sit in the chair opposite the bed.

“Sit in that chair!”, pointing to a small club chair.

“No touching for you cuck,” she said in an aggressive, almost angry like manner as she again gripped her bull’s bulging cock.

I timidly tried to protest, but she immediately cut me off before I could utter a word.

“You wanted this Cuck, so just sit down and enjoy it, because I certainly will.”

My wife is quite a tall gorgeous woman and would always avoid high heeled shoes because they made her look taller than me.

So imagine my surprise when I saw she was wearing what looked like 6inch high heels for this man!

In fact she had not worn sexy underwear of any sort for me. Ever!

Now she looked every bit the Hotwife I had wanted her to be.

She then ignored me and turned toward him, gently draping her slender arms around his neck and kissing him passionately and deeply.

With her back facing me, her bottom was accentuated by the rake of those fabulous high heels.

As she pressed up against him, his hands gently stroked her beautiful soft bottom.

He glanced briefly at me mid kiss, then deliberately ran his hand up into the cleft of her milky white bottom, which was looking so delicious in the black thong above black sheer stockings.

the scene was so full of sexual tension my heart almost stopped!

“Kneel down side on to your husband so he can see,” he said in a gently commanding tone.

She then slowly sank to her knees glancing at me, her soon to be cuck.

“Suck your first black cock, put on a slutty show for your cuck and taste a real man,”he said to her, whilst all of the time looking me directly in the eye.

As she began licking and sucking on his manhood, I felt a huge surge of jealousy.

All the while my groin hurting from the awful chastity device.

My beautiful wife was actually drooling onto the carpet whilst trying to accommodate him. Her eyes were watering and her throat bulging with the effort.

His strong hand was gripping the hair in a bunch on the back of her head, all of the time encouraging her to take him deeper in her throat.

The more he gently pushed, the louder her aroused moans became.

I was just sat there mesmerised by the whole amazingly sexy scene.

“Can I have the key to remove this awful cage.” I painfully cried.

She turned toward me, licked her drool from her lips and said, “No; you wanted this.”

She once again turned her eager attention to his splendid glistening cock.

He just smiled back at me, enjoying her efforts, and my discomfort.

I continued to watch my beautiful sexy wife submit to this handsome alpha male, all the while regretting the awful chastity cage which was biting into my delicate scrotum.

However, the more aroused I got, the worse the pain became.

I began to weakly plead again and again for the cage key to unlock and free my puny manhood from the cage.

I could see a hint of guilt register on my wife’s face.

She stood up, walked over to me, looked pityingly into my eyes and gave me the key she had just released from a BBC anklet on her right ankle.

I hadn’t ever seen this item of jewellery until that moment.

She looked at me and said commandingly, “go in the bathroom and remove it cuck! and when you are done, pour us all a nice cold glass of wine.”

Once off, I tossed the awful chastity cage aside and walked gratefully back into the room.

My wife was now laid on her back on the bed I had paid for, all the while looking up longingly at her strong black lover who was towering above her.

He was kneeling so she could suck on him whilst at the same time enabling him to dip his fingers into her pussy.

I could see that in that very moment, she was a very happy woman.

As she sucked eagerly on his glistening BBC, he began more vigorously fingering her.

She was flushing and I knew this was the sign of an impending orgasm.

And yes, I have given her orgasms myself. Just in case you thought I hadn’t.

However his expert fingers brought her to her first of what turned out to be many amazing hard orgasms that night.

“Are you ready for your first black cock?”he asked her.

She just nodded eagerly, whilst looking deeply into his dark brown eyes.

He hooked has hands behind her knees and roughly pulled her to the edge of the bed. Her wet and puffy pussy now inches away from his groin.

My heart began to race as I sat like the spare prick that I obviously was, anticipating the moment of penetration with a mix of excitement and mad jealousy!

I suddenly realised at that point, I had been furiously pulling on my inferior little cock.

But I just couldn’t stop!

He looked down at her and she looked longingly up at him.

He held his fabulous big black cock at the entrance to her pussy and teasing her cliterus with his impressive cock head.

“Fuck me please,” she purred to him sexily.

He looked across at me, slightly amused at my beating my cock with fury.

He then returned his full attention to my wife’s pussy with a look of determination.

He pumped a bead of lube onto the end of his cock, he spread it over his long fat shaft, then he slowly eased his cock into her.

To my utter shock and surprise she accommodated the whole of what must have been an 8 or 9 inch cock.

Once fully up to his heavy ball sack he just kept still, looking sexily down at her and then smiling across at me.

He had paused, then after a very short while, with an almost amimal look of lust on her face my wife began to gently move on his massive cock.

I knew at that very moment that I had lost her pussy. It was no longer solely mine.

As was masterbating furiously I wasted my seed on the floor, all I could hear in my head was her voice.

“You wanted this cuck!”

I then sat there watching my beautiful wife enjoy fucking her bull. I could now only wonder what I had done and how this would effect my marriage.

Meanwhile they gradually moved quicker and quicker in unison.

I have never heard my wife say, “Oh My Fucking God” so many times.

In fact; come to think of it I don’t think I’d ever heard her say that until this man was inside her.

I saw her as she lay under his superior body, shuddering from another huge orgasm.

I listened to her rapture and watched her toes curl under his expert deeply penetrating love making.

I could now only feel a sense of loss and shame.

After what seemed like an age, they eventually broke their frantic bed athletics.

She looked over to me and mouthed a silent “Thank you.”

Then they just sat on the edge of the disheveled bed and delicately kissed.

“Can you get us another drink?” he said. It was said nicely, but the look on his face told me that this was my job and I must comply.

I brought them glasses of chilled white wine.

As they drank their wine, they only had eyes for each other.

The glasses were put down and he stood in front of her, guided her head by her hair toward his now limp cock and she eagerly began to expertly bring him back to life with her mouth.

He hadn’t washed his cock!

This shocked me.

She would always insist that I wash after penetration if she was to perform oral sex on me!

She again began to gag as he pressed his cock deeper into her throat.

I noticed then that she was actually achieving a better depth before almost puking.

I was so absorbing every detail.

What I hadn’t noticed up to that point, was that despite my shame and jealousy I had another raging erection.

As I have aged, my erections had become less strong. But watching my wife become a big black cock slut had given me the strongest erection I’d had for many years.

More feelings of shame followed because of this, but I just couldn’t stop masterbating!

I even caught myself urging her on as she tried to accommodate his cock as he fucked her throat.

After what seemed like a long time, she eventually came up for air.

He told her to kneel on the bed so he could fuck her doggy.

He then looked at me and said, “you need to go to the other side of the bed and look at your wife’s face as I give her the cock she deserves from behind. your mind will be blown.”

I moved as instructed to see her look up at me as he mounted her.

Her eyes rolled up and a low guttural cry of, “Fucking Hell,” came out of her beautiful mouth as he instantly drove himself deep into her.

At that moment I realised that my love for her was absolute.

I’d again erupted my seed, making a bit of a mess.

But this time it was my turn to vocalise by saying, ” Go on, Fuck her good!”

Well, it wasn’t long before she was looking into my eyes howling an orgasm, at the very same time as he was blowing his load into he now well used pussy.

He stayed in her and grunted as his cum kept pumping into her pussy.

He didn’t withdraw until his erection had subsided.

My wife looked exhausted, but very satisfied.

“Come look at this,” he said to me as his now limp cock slid from her.

In doing so, I was to witness his voluminous ejaculate dribble down her legs and onto the bed.

“Tell him slut,” he said.

“Tell him.”

She hesitantly said to me, “Go on Cuck, clean my pussy”.

“What?” I blurted.

“Clean me, Cuck!” she repeated with more urgency.

I just stood there, shocked.


“You wanted this,” she said once again.

I was afraid that she would hate me if I complied with her demand to clean her.

I didn’t want to do it.

The thought of it made me feel a bit sick actually.

How would it taste?

How it would smell?

How would she react to my tongue and would I get an erection? I hoped not.

After all I’m not attracted to men, I’m definitely heterosexual.

I reluctantly positioned myself under her, looking up at her worn puffy and now gaping pussy.

It was oozing cum. She settled over my face and allowed me to access her used pussy.

I tentatively touched her with my tongue.

It didn’t taste too bad, so I reluctantly began to suck his cum from her.

I was totally engrossed and was loving the feel of her wiggling her pussy into my face and her tits gently touching my cock and then suddenly she got up and walked across the room.

I raised myself from the bed to see that her bull had already dressed and was about to leave.

With a cum smeared face, I looked toward them.

They smiled at each other, looked toward me and then kissed each other deeply.

She looked back toward me and said, “my pussy is now owned by this wonderful man and men like him.

You may only have access to it after they have played with me.

Penetration is reserved for men like him unless they, or I allow you.

I will always love you, be in love with you and make love to you.

But l will now fuck big cocks belonging to handsome alpha men.

“You said you wanted me to do this.”

“Did it meet your expectations?”

I stuttered out a feeble, “Y-Yes.”

We returned home after that momentous evening and you could still smell the sex in the air.

Hardly a word was said until we stepped indoors.

“I’m tired,” she said.

I’m going straight to bed”.

I didn’t reply, I just flopped down on the sofa in a bit of a confused haze.

I could still taste both of them and my cock was sore from that awful cage.

“I’m glad that I threw that thing in the bin,” I muttered under my breath.

I was actually feeling rather pleased with myself.

Whatever I had done to finally convince my wife that she would be desired by fit younger men had finally worked.

The way that she was fucked by her first ever big cock bull this evening had proved that 10 times over.

He was very obviously enjoying her.

I would have never been able to fuck her the way he did.

Not only did he have a big cock, but he fucked her with an expertise and energy that I could only have imagined.

That ball sack of his slapping her as he drove his manhood into her.

Her moans and cries of extacy as she matched his rhythm was a joy to behold. And I will never forget the sexy foul language she’d used with him.

That was a big shock. She rarely swears, and if she does, it rarely involves her using the word “Fuck!”

I felt another stirring in my groin. “Should I masterbate before I go to bed?”

“No, I’m too sore.”

I woke in the morning to feel my wife gently cupping my balls.

I turned to look at her and she was smiling. I could still smell him on her.

“Did you enjoy last night?” she said with a wicked smile.

I cautiously mumbled a rather meek, “Yes, it was fantastic. I didn’t know you had it in you to be such beautiful and sexy slut.”

“Did it turn you on?” She said with a guilty smile on her face.

By now my cock was rock hard in her hand.

“What do you think,” I replied. Grinning like a mad thing.

“Fuck me,” she said.

Actually it sounded very like an instruction rather than an invitation.

However, I needed no second invitation.

I rolled on top of her and I fucked my beautiful wife for all I was worth.

During my feeble efforts to match her bull, she whispered in my ear, “his cum is probably still there mixing with your cute little cock.”

That was just too much!

I let go with an incredible orgasm.

Not much cum, but an incredibly long and hard orgasm.

As I collapsed in post sex exhaustion, I said, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t last long enough for you to cum too.”

I felt such a letdown.

She stroked my hair and said, “Don’t worry, I really don’t mind. I just love how you enjoyed fucking and reclaiming me.”

I had to agree with her. It was quite the thrill.

I asked her, “Did you enjoy last evening?”

She said, “Absolutely. Would you like me to do it again, or would you rather I didn’t.”

I smiled and replied, “only if you want to.”

With that, she reached over to her bedside cabinet and picked something up.

She turned to me with that awful chastity device in her hand and said with a naughty grin, “Now go and shower, then put this back on. You must have accidentally dropped it in the hotel last night.”

“l-I thought last night was just a fantasy night. It was great fun, but you want this contraption on me again?”

“Yes, all of the time, unless I give you permission to remove it.” she firmly said.

This is now our sex life.

She looked right at me, and said, with a tone of finality.

“You wanted this.”



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