Anais watched closely as Risa settled into the padded chair and positioned her feet on the rows of bars, her knees firmly against the inside of the swiveling knee cushions.

“And you broke up with him?” Risa asked as she pushed her thighs open to a slow to exhale the exercise serving as an excuse to show the well-muscled woman her nether region.

“We are still fuck buddies…” she said in a voice that dared Risa to challenge it.

Anais’s fingers wandered quickly to her loins again as she watched intently while circling around to the front to get a better view.

“Damn girl; you keep doing that and I will lose all sense of decorum and eat you out right here.”

Risa simply smiled and said nothing as she continued the exercise.

“You call him, or does he call you? For the booty call I mean.”

“He’s a good fuck!” She exclaimed as she plunged her fingers inside her body recalling what would sex with Brian was like. “Knows just how to get me off.”

“How much did he pay for those things? Risa asked allowing her fingers to reach towards her moistening groin.

“Five grand…for three hundred twenty-five cubic centimeters. I always push them in his face when I see him. I love it when he sucks on my nipples. He starts on the left one and pinches the other while his other hand teases my clit. He dips his fingers in my juices rubbing them all over me…kind of like I am doing now.”

Risa was hypnotized by Anais’s fingers and began mirroring the movement with her own fingers.

“Five grand.” She repeated whistling at the amount before adding, “must be compensating for something.”

“Brian has about nine inches and about an inch across…why are we talking about Brian?

He isn’t here and he isn’t going to eat your pussy. Not that he wouldn’t.”

Risa slipped her fingers from between her thighs bringing them up to her mouth to suck them clean.

“You keep talking but I don’t see you doing anything.” She said teasingly when she had finished.

“Who are you and what did you do with my shy friend from a little while ago?” Anais replied looking around, her fingers still busy between her thighs.

“Thought you wanted to work-out?” She continued as she began a slow stroll towards her friend, placing her feet carefully in front of the other as a model on a catwalk might.

“Who can work-out with you masturbating all over the place?”

“Orgasms are good for you; releases stuff makes you feel happy.”

Anais reached the nude Risa siting with her legs spread out and stepped between them. Removing her fingers from her body Anais held them for the seated woman to clean.

She took Anais’s hand in both hers before she licked it slowly looking up into soft brown eyes.

“You are a nasty bitch.” She said when she had done the job, her island accent making it seem a song.

“That isn’t the half of it.” Anais’s voice now beginning to sound a little husky.

Leaning over Anais placed a gentle kiss on Risa’s full lips for a few moments playing tag with her tongue. Cupping the island woman’s larger breasts with both her hands Anais spoke softly gazing at the fully erect nipples as if talking directly to them.

“I am going to get back to you later but for now I have been dared.”

Wasting no more time, Anais sat on the tiled patio floor her hands helping Risa keep the machine’s knee pads apart. Taking her time Anais gazed at the flower petal shaped labium before her, the narrow strip of short pubic hair trailing away out of her vision. Slowly she committed the image to her memory.

“What’s the matter?”

Flicking her eyes up to briefly lock onto Risa’s; Anais smiled slightly.

“Talk about a picture; I want to be able to bring it to mind…perfectly.”

Slowly she leaned in and lightly placed her lips on Risa’s thigh just outside her panty-line. Then she shifted to the other thigh and repeated the gesture. Anais continued the soft kisses alternating thighs getting closer with each round. Blowing on the tip of the labium Anais started a new pattern of kisses and licks, this time along the length of the fleshy flower she found before her.

Risa slid her hands down along the length of her body, hooking her arms under her knees as she held onto the pads her knees were pushing out. She looked at Anais’s head between her thighs as she enjoyed the climax building within her.

Lightly Anais raked her manicured red fingernails along the span of Risa’s upper leg. Pinching the dark colored lips together Anais massaged them around Risa’s pleasure digit sending waves of pleasant feelings throughout her body. Still holding them together the lighter skinned woman French kissed Risa’s nether lips. She continued this for as long as her muscles could hold out. Finally after what seemed like forever, she rotated her neck slowly as she pushed her tongue in as far as she could. She withdrew it quickly and used it to dampen two of her fingers.

“Can I put my fingers inside you?” Anais asked her mouth barely away from Risa’s swollen lips.

Risa rapidly nodded several times unable to speak aware Anais was looking at her. Her mouth had been open a while forming a silent groan as Anais held her on the edge of orgasm with seeming easy. Still not trusting her voice she begged Anais with her eyes to have pity on her. She could see the beginning of a smile on her friend’s face followed by the attack of tongue flicks on her exposed clit. Anais had pulled her pussy opened with just her fingers making two fingers feel like one of those dildoes she saw inside.

Anais was flicking her fingers against the patch of ridges just inside her friend’s pussy as she mirrored the rhythm with her tongue. She was rewarded almost instantly with the twitching of Risa’s left leg followed quickly with the stiffening of her entire body.

Catching her breath loudly Risa gripped Anais’s hair and pulled her up towards her so she could plant a kiss on the other woman’s lips.

“Would it be wrong of me to say play it again Sam? I need to ride that pleasure saddle inside and have cum running down my legs when I get off.” The islander said ignoring her taste on Anais’s soft lips.

“You did not just misquote Casablanca to me…that is one of my pet peeves; drives me crazy.” Anais said getting to her feet and reaching out to help Risa stand on somewhat shaky legs.

“What; I said it right…play it again Sam.” She replied holding on to Anais’s waist for support.

“That is not the line. No one person says ‘play it again Sam.’ It is really two lines combined because she says, ‘play it Sam; you know what I want to hear.’ Later he is at the bar drinking and says, ‘play it again; you played it for her you can play it for me’ so between the two lines everyone says ‘play it again Sam’ but that it not the line.”

“You know I am going to watch that movie again to see if you are right.”

“Go ahead; I know I am. But truth be told the line really comes from another movie Woody Allen made called ‘Play It Again Sam.’ So who where it really come from.”

The two women walked into the immaculately designed house their arms wrapped around each other’s waist.

“You ever have sex to soca music? Do you even know what soca music is? You don’t have to answer I know. Come; we are going start your soca education with some Krosfyah. You’re going to love this.” Risa said as she bent down to grab her clothes and backpack on the way in.

Risa walked directly to the Sybian, dropping her backpack and clothes along the way.

“Oh music.” Quickly she went back to the backpack and removed her smartphone. “I assume your speakers have Bluetooth.”

“Of course.” Anais watched her new friend press a few buttons on her phone.

As the island music filled the air, Risa informed her about it. “This is Haunting Melodies.”

“Crossfire you said.”

“Not Crossfire; Krosfyah, K-r-o-s-f-y-a-h. Now while you listen to that I’ll ride this thing.”

Risa looked at the dildoes arranged on the coffee table like sculptures. It excited her to image Anais sitting in this room watching television and playing with her toys. She squatted behind the Sybian and turned it on. The hum of the engine was loud almost drowning out conversation. Risa played with the other two knobs to what they did. One made the dildo attached move up and down, while the other made it move in circles.

“Oh, this should be fun.” Risa looked up and broke in a smile. “Allow me to misquote the misquote and say Play me again Anais.”

Anais laughed and came over to sit on the floor near the machine. Her legs were thrown open giving her friend a great view of what she was doing. She grabbed a large dildo from the low coffee table. The muscular woman ran the toy through her lips. She was watching Risa closely, waiting for the moment the Sybian’s dildo disappeared into her.

Risa lowered her body onto the toy, hugging it with her thighs. Anais plunged her toy into her own pussy while she watched her friend adjust the controls.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.” Risa had both knobs at two. “I can’t take much more. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.”

Just then Anais heard a quick double knock on the front door, followed by its opening and closing. Only one person was comfortable enough with her to do that. It did not appear that Risa heard any of this.

Anais leapt to her feet the glass dildo abandoned on the floor. She strode towards the door intending to meet him in the hallway.

“Anais, where are you? Do you have company? I don’t know that car.” Brian’s voice thundered through the house.

Risa, new to nudity fell to the floor on her side after a brief scream of surprise and tried to cover herself with her hands.

Nude and uncaring Anais bumped into him in the hallway.

“There you are, Anais. Who is your friend?”

Anais and Brian stood in the doorway to the entertainment room. He was beginning to pull off his clothes since the two women were nude.

“Never mind her, she is not your type.”

Brian’s shirt was in his hand, his sneakers had been kicked off. He was in the middle of unfastening his jeans when he spoke. He seldom wore underwear, preferring to go commando. “What do you mean not my type? She is a woman, isn’t she? Of course she is my type.” He stood on the bottom of his jeans and was pulling his leg from them when Anais stopped him again by grabbing his arms.

“You are not listening to me. YOU, are not her type.”

Brian stopped trying to remove his clothes and looked from Anais to the unnamed woman and back. Now he understood.

“Oh, I get it. Sorry for interrupting your fun but that’s not why I came.”

Brian was a hound dog and never met a woman he did not like. He thought every female wanted him, but he was not a rapist. Whenever he had any dry spell, he would visit Anais. He knew she was also up for some fun as she was known on the swinger scene.

Anais stood there watching him get himself back together, her hands on her hips. Only when he was fully dressed did he speak again.

“I came to say goodbye. You have been a lot of fun over the years Anais, and I am going to miss you.”

Anais dropped her hands from her hips while she spun Brian around to back the room and allow Risa some privacy. “What do you mean goodbye?”

“I am leaving Orlando. I started seeing a woman, she is from a city a little south of Kissimmee. She is on the city council. The other day she let slip a nude bill is up for vote at this month’s meeting in a few days. She says there about a ninety percent chance it passes. I am going to move there.”

Behind Brian’s back Risa was looking around.

“Really, you are moving there for her or for the nude bill about to pass.”

“A bit of both to be honest. I just wanted to let you know that.”

“I thought so…tell me when are you heading down?”

“Friday, why do you ask?”

Risa got to her feet being careful to position her body, so Anais’ male friend did not see anything she did not want him to.

“I want to follow you down. I said to Risa a little while ago I would love to live clothes free now here you are with this news, seems like something I should grab with both hands.

“There is this thing called a smart phone. I know you have heard of it because I know you have one. I know this because I bought it for you. On said smart phone is an app called GPS. You can use said GP…”

Over Brian’s shoulder Anais could see Risa stepping into her leggings. The woman from one of the islands was putting on a show for her host. She bent at the waist; she pulled the white material up slowly the little bitch.

“Oh be quiet you. I want to go with you because you are always on the interstate, so you know all the shortcuts and stuff, but I want to be able to get back when I want so I need my car.”

Brian exhaled loudly. “Okay, I will swing by at eleven. I promised Dawn I would meet her for lunch on Friday. You still have that white Mustang?”

Now the bitch was pulling her sports bra on and fixing her tits in them. Oh she was going to get it. “I do.”

Brian noticed Anais glancing over his shoulder. He assumed she was looking at the black woman he only glimpsed before. Whatever she was doing Anais was turned on, her nipples were downright huge, her nostrils were flared, and her eyes were dilated.

“Good, I am taking my Harley, so you’ll be able to keep up. You two have fun. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…which isn’t a hell of a lot…but if you do…”

“I know Brian; take video and show you.”

Brian laughed as he walked to the door while Anais switched her gaze to Risa. Brian opened the door and began to step through then stopped. He turned and looked at his friend. “On second thought take video anyway, with you in it we’ll make a fortune.” With that said Brian was gone.

“Where do you think you are going?” Anais clasped her hands behind her back, while she watched Risa who stood barefoot, with her shoes and socks in her hand and her backpack on her shoulder.

Risa looked up startled at the sudden silence as much as she was the abrupt noise of the man’s arrival. “Home, I mean work, oh I don’t know where I mean other than away from your friend.”

“Well Brian is gone. So you don’t have to leave.”

“Don’t you have to pack. I heard you say you were traveling on Friday.”

“Today is Monday, there is plenty of time. Beside I am going for a few days, maybe the weekend. I just need toiletries, make-up, a pair of extra jeans just in case, three or four thongs, the same number of socks and shirts. Maybe a few changes of shoes, plus whatever I am wearing Friday. What’s to pack.”

“Oh. I mean I thought Brian was staying.”

Anais started to stalk towards Risa. “He would have but I told him you were a lesbian. Why are you suddenly sly and nervous?”

“I was naked and there was a strange man here.”

Risa stood where she was and watched the naked woman hunt her. Why did she suddenly feel she was in trouble. Anais kept moving until she was standing nipple to nipple with Risa.

“First, you are a guest in my home I would have protected you with all my being. Second, Brian is not like that. Brian assumes all women want to fuck him but when it is pointed out to him that some women like other women, he shrugs and moves on. Now what are we going to do with you?”

“What do you mean?”

Anais suddenly wished she owned one of those bondage and domination crosses.

“You have been a naughty girl, teasing me as you put on your clothes. But I noticed you did not put on panties. Where are they?”

“In my backpack.”

“Get them for me.”

Risa put her shoes down next to her, moved her backpack around to find her panties. Finding them she handed the white material to the naked woman. Anais took them, held them so they were inside out. Keeping her eyes on Risa’s, she brought them to her nostrils and inhaled.

“You know I am going to have to spank you. For being naughty. I see you are confused. You dressed without permission and even in dressing you did not dress correctly. Do you understand? Ah, no speaking without permission. Do you understand how you were naughty?”

“I do.” As Risa answered she had a thin smile on her face. She could play this game. It might be fun. Anais was turning things upside down. Being dressed wasn’t naughty, being naked was being naughty if anything had to be.

“Good. Come with me. We are going out to the patio. You are going to remove your clothing and hand them to me like you did your panties. Then I am going to sit, and you are going to assume the position and prepare to receive your spanks. Do you understand?”


“You should have said yes mistress. That will be one more spank to your total. Do you understand?”

“Yes mistress. If I may mistress how many spanks is my punishment?”

“Not sure, but that is one more to the total. Shall we?”

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