Play it Again

It was only midmorning but already Anais was covered in perspiration. She stood on the back patio of her house under the balcony running the length of the building, her nude body positioned beneath the ceiling fan as she curled hundred pounds weights. The cool air flowing over her damp light caramel-colored skin like a lover’s touch was intoxicating turning her on even as she pushed her body to exhaustion.

Her body bordered on a work of art, and she was proud of it, working out every morning before going to her job as an interior designer and watching what she ate without being obsessive about it. Tall for a woman Anais stood at five feet eight in her bare feet as she did now. Thrusting her chest out Anais completed the last few curls of her set punctuated with several groans. Half dropping half lowering the weights Anais began pacing before the sliding glass doors leading into her study. Casually her eyes followed the strong, athletic reflection noticing for the first time how gracefully she moved.

“Like a wolf…” she mumbled under her breath.

Her fingertips softly caressed the toned muscles of her abdomen and heft her breasts in her palms.

*Or better yet; a warrior of ancient times…* She thought as a smile crept across her face.

She imaged herself as a nomad riding a horse, protecting the young and elders with the might of her sword and the accuracy of her aim with a bow. She imaged too the sensation of being nude in the outdoors at will and no one caring. Anais discovered a long time ago she loved being watched as well as watching. She thought too of what it must have been like to bath in a lake or stream and as you rise from the water like a love goddess newly born feeling eyes upon you as you cause loins to stir.

Her fingers found their way to her own groin without any conscious thought. Absentmindedly they started to tease and caress her womanhood. Without knowing, her eyes had closed, and she was once again in that time.

She had built this fantasy slowly over the years, each detail carefully chosen, rejected and replaced by another only in the end to go with the first one. It returned now as it always did; all at once filled with sounds and smells from her past. The smile on her face was broader now, more genuine touching more than her lips.

A knock at the front door snapped her back to reality. The frustration was evident on her face as she stalked towards the source of the interruption and slung the elaborately carved wooden door open. Quickly the frustration was replaced with elation when Anais saw the pretty thing on the other side of the threshold with a brown backpack slung casually over one shoulder, a white and blue police squad car newly parked in the driveway behind her.

*It was the woman from the gym Anais went to twice a week to run on the treadmill or swim a few laps. What was her name again? Something like…*

“Nice to see you this morning Risa, thanks for coming.” Anais said leaning on the door’s frame her arms folded across her chest. The smile was still on her face now for a different reason.

Risa was a dark-skinned chocolate colored woman with the sing-song accent of the Caribbean and who wore her hair shorn close to her scalp. A pleasing smile crawled over her face as she looked at her host.

“Is this how you come to the door showing your assets for all to see?” She said as she slowly closed the distance to the other woman.

“Not than I am complaining understand but you just out of the shower?” Risa asked brushing her sports bra and leggings covered body against Anais’ as she passed without being invited in.

“No I was finishing a workout…make yourself at home.” The house owner said devouring Risa with her eyes as the dark woman entered the house, adding the last bit almost as an aside.

Risa smiled nervously for an instant before it was gone as she looked over her shoulder at the living sculpture made flesh. Her nipples were hardening; straining to escape their confinement and demanding that the rest of her body follow which her loins had no problem agreeing to. Risa admired her friend’s freedom and seemingly lack of shame, but she couldn’t do that, her upbringing would not allow her. Her mother would turn over in her grave if she dared do such a thing then get up out of the ground and ring her ears for her.

The sway of her hips was mesmerizing to Anais causing her to stare momentarily before her guest turned to face her.

“Aren’t you going to close the door?” Risa said while she looked at everything but whom she was talking to.

“Come…a workout will do you good. Help burn off that nervous energy you have bottled up inside.”

Taking Risa by the hand Anais led the way to the back patio where she had been working out.

“Is that what I think it is?” She said before they had taken three steps while pointing with her free hand.

“What do you think it is?” Anais replied with a smirk on her face halting her stride to linger at the entrance to the television and entertainment room for a moment.

“One of those Sybian machines…” She said without preamble as she saw the four carved glass dildoes standing on end and arranged in order of length on the low table in front of the flat screen television. Slipping free Risa marched into the room, spun on a sneakered foot and stood facing the nude woman with her arms akimbo.

“What is that?” She said, referring not to the intimate items of pleasure but to a photograph hanging on the wall above them.

“Looks like a breast to me; what does it look like to you?” Anais muttered in a low voice, stepping a few paces into the room and mirroring Risa’s stance.

“Whose is it?” She asked again turning now to look at the black and white poster sized image.

“Mine. It took forever to get that shot…fuck Eddie might still be working on it if I hadn’t threatened to leave his house and drive home.”

Anais had sauntered over beside the fully clothed woman to look at the picture again, her breasts jiggling the slightest bit with each step.

“Who is Eddie…a boyfriend?” She asked looking at the lighter skinned woman with disgust evident on her face.

“Wouldn’t call him a boyfriend, just a guy I used to fuck.” Anais replied shrugging her shoulders as she did so.

“So I am assuming you are bi?”

“I prefer to think of myself as pansexual.”

Starting towards the open archway Anais called to Risa as she went.

“Come on we can talk as you work out.”

It was the nude woman’s turn to look over her shoulder at the other person as she added a few more words with a grin.

“Unless you’ll rather stay here and play with all the toys.” She did not change her stride as she spoke already reading that Risa was a very conservative person.

“No I am coming with you, but I have to ask…what is a pansexual?”

Risa followed the tight muscular ass through the house as she listened to Anais’ response.

“I am turned on by all sexes.”

“That’s what I said, a bisexual.”

Turning and walking backwards for a few paces Anais immediately asked a question of her own.

“What are you? A Christian.”

Risa halted in her stride as if she hit a wall.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Anais continued her backward walk for a few more short steps before she too came to a halt.

“I didn’t mean it like that…it’s just that in my experience those of religious persuasions tend to be limiting in their views.”

“What do you mean by limiting?” Risa persistent not willing to let it drop just yet.

Anais took a deep breath and exhaled loudly before she began to speak again.

“In this particular case you see the world as divided into simply females and males while I am willing to at least agree with if not completely believe in the idea that transgendered people should be thought of as different sexes…thus four not two.”

“What?” Risa nearly shouted in disbelief. “Four sexes…there are only two types of genitals, pussy and cocks…two sexes.”

Anais gestured for her guest to continue with her to the back patio.

“Are you willing to agree that the brain can have a sex? If you are not, then there is no point continuing this topic.”

“Yes, I will allow that…but I am not a doctor.” She stated as she passed through the open sliding glass doors and saw Anais’s workout area for the first time.

“Neither am I but look at it like this…at the moment of conception the sex is determined right?” The lighter black female said moving further away from the doors and waited until she got a nod before she continued her argument

“And between then and when the baby is born a whole bunch of stuff must happen in the right order and the right number of hormones and the right type. All kinds of crazy things can and do happen. Who is to say it isn’t possible?”

“So does that mean you agree with gay marriage?” Risa asked as she lowered her backpack and slid into the chair of the Bowflex machine beginning to do some leg extensions.

“Doesn’t matter what I think…it is against the law to discriminate on the basics on sexual orientation. It is wrong if I do it and it is wrong if the government does it…maybe more so.”

The pair fell into a momentary silence as a clothed Risa lifted the bar over her head while a nude Anais stood directly before her.

“Risa, you are making me hot working out in those clothes and I do not mean the good kind. Why don’t you take them off get comfortable?”

The short haired woman did not respond verbally but continued with her exercise as a hint she could not remove any of her clothing.

“Okay…just the top. It is only us girls here…no harm in that.”

Risa lowered her legs allowing the pivot bar to return to its original position while she held Anais’ gaze with her own.

“You are not going to leave it alone, are you? Not until you see my tatas. If my mum could see me now…God rest her soul.” She said muttering the last bit under her breath as she crossed herself.

“All right…you win.” She pulled the tight black sports bra over her head even as she was speaking.

Dropping the item onto her backpack after a quick fold Risa ran her hands over her newly freed breasts.

“Now doesn’t that feel better?” Anais asked taking another good look at the other woman like the one she gave her at the gym the day before.

Risa could only nod not trusting her voice as a tear rolled down her cheek. Physically she felt fine great even but mental was another question.

“I am sorry for your lost…how long ago?” Anais asked simply, her voice breaking slightly as she struggled with her own memories.

“Almost twenty years but it still feels like yesterday.”

Anais said nothing. She couldn’t not because she did not want to share but because to do so would make it real. How could she put into words the fact that the woman who loved her and named her daughter after her favorite author now looked at her and saw a stranger? It was a fate worse than death. Anais blinked her watery eyes willing away the tears as she thought of happier more pleasurable thoughts.

Her eyes lingered upon Risa’s natural breasts. She committed to memory the beginning of the gentle slope, the rounded fullness, the dark areolas encompassing a much larger area than her own, and the nipples hardening as big as her little finger even as she watched. She noted their slight outward turn and that the left hung a little lower.

The midsection mushroomed over the white leggings ever so slightly as the now topless woman lifted her legs at the knees. A camel-toe lay beneath the material at the apex of the woman’s thighs that made Anais drool to think about and ache to see.

She yearned to spread those thighs wide and gaze upon it, to put her nose into it and inhale the aroma of Risa’s natural perfume. Only then would she extend her tongue and lick the swollen labia.

Anais did not know when she started to breathe hard, nor did she realize she had started to massage her own inflamed clitoris. It was only Risa’s words that brought her back to the present.

“You are a freak for real.” Risa decided enchanted by the movement of the fingers before her.

“Indeed…” She answered as a sly smile enveloped her face.

“What else are you? Just so I know what to watch out for.” The seating woman said as she paused for a bit between sets with an equally sly smile on hers.

“…besides a freak,” pausing briefly to consider, “a nudist, a pansexual, a lesbian, an amazon, and most importantly a slut.”

“Okay now I am confused.” Risa said beginning another set. “How can you be both a pansexual and a lesbian at the same time? Isn’t the one part of being the other?”

“It would be if I was using the modern definition but in Greece there is an island called Lesbos…”

“Everybody knows that…the poet Sappho lived there.”

“Right and it can be argued that it is mainly because of her that we come by our current definition. It is an island with a community of men and women; I think that the true meaning of lesbian might be more along the lines of hedonist or at worst libertine.”

“Makes sense what about amazon?” Risa asked swinging her leg over the pivot rod to get to her feet.

Turning away from the nude woman whose fingers were lazily rubbing herself, Risa stepped the few feet to her backpack. She bent at the waist keeping her legs straight to remove a water bottle and a towel sneaking a peek at her new friend as she did so.

During her exercise Risa had a chance to relax and enjoy the moment. It happened like a flash of lightning, an epiphany of sorts. Out of nowhere she had the idea that culture or one’s upbringing can sometimes be a prison serving to hold her back keep her from growing as a person but at other times it can be the spotlight that enables her to shine. Silently she thanked wherever it came from but hoped it was from her mother.

Anais watched as Risa bent over in front of her enticingly; her face framed nicely by the white material of her leggings. The only thought Anais had been wishing she had a strap-on ready. Slowly Risa straightens, spinning on her heel to face the still masturbating woman.

“If you keep doing that I will never finish working out. And I still want to know about you calling yourself an amazon.”

“Sex can be its own work out, but I understand. You can add exhibitionist and voyeur to the list.” She said curling her hips upwards to completely show her nether regions to Risa’s view.

“How can you stand there so totally carefree naked as the day you were born? I would be a bundle of nerves.”

“Probably because I hate clothes; always have. I would live a clothes free life if I could.” Anais teased her clit out of its hood with the pads of her fingertips aware of Risa’s closeness then began rubbing it more forcefully.

Returning to her natural stance Anais started telling her guest about the amazons.

“It’s the same with amazons. It is thought they were once a nomadic tribe wandering the steppes of what is now Turkey and, in an age, when the Greeks had a strict division of female/male labor titles this tribe had a gender equality unmatched for their time…and perhaps you can argue we have not caught up with them yet.”

“I never knew that. Where did you learn that?” Risa asked her eyes darting repeatedly down to Anais’ fingers and back up to her eyes.

“I am currently reading a book that separates fact from fiction about Amazons. If history has told us anything it has told us that the ancient Greeks were storytellers as evident by the vast number of myths and legends, they have left behind.”

Anais ran her left hand over her hairless pubic area to pinch the clitoral hood allowing greater exposure of her enormous clit. Closing her eyes she allowed her pleasure to build to the edge without going over; a smile reminiscent of the Mona Lisa appearing on her face.

“So where was I? Oh yeah…it seems the nomadic tribe was called in their language something that sounded like Amazon to the Greeks and through mistranslations and storytelling became what we have today.”

Catching Risa’s eyes lower briefly Anais dropped her own towards the leggings covered loins of the other woman.

“You know you are not being fair.” Anais pointed out pouting after she said it.

“Oh…in what way?” The island bred woman asked genuinely surprised.

“I have shown you mine, but you haven’t shown me yours.”

“What are we, schoolkids? I never agreed to that. You showed me yours since before I got in the house.” She argued knowing that in the end she would.

“Come on Risa; you knew what was going to happen here before you left home this morning.”

“And what is going to happen?” Risa asked but was already sliding her thumbs in the waistband of her white form fitting item.

“If I were a man, I’d say you were going to be fucked but the phase I will use, is I am going to ravish you…wait let me do the honors.”

Anais sauntered across the short gap between them; she rested her open palms gently on Risa’s dark-skinned abdomen. She felt the knotted muscles just beneath the epidermis as she seductively leaned into kiss her along the length of her neck and nibble on her earlobes. Anais entwined her thumbs with Risa’s in the waistband while she planted kisses where she pleased.

Briefly they stood there looking into each other’s brown eyes their fingers tangled within Risa’s few remaining clothes. They were both amazed to learn they were the same height, touching nipple to nipple.

Anais leaned in, touching Risa’s lips with her own. It was a gentle kiss; the kind that lingered and seemed to last forever. The moment it was broken they both wanted to kiss again.

Anais however kissed the other side of Risa’s neck over the shoulder along the gently sloping contours of her breast to her left nipple. The muscled woman rolled the harden bit of flesh with her tongue. She lowered her body into a squat, pulling the now warm white material down to the woman’s calves and shoed feet. Her knees jutted pass Risa’s legs as she shamelessly spread her thighs to better balance herself.

Sitting her sculpted rear-end on her heels Anais pulled the whole bundle of panties, leggings, socks and shoe from first one foot then the other. Finished undressing her friend Anais gazed at the once covered region she sought to see, smell, and taste. There was a narrow strip of hair leading the eyes to that special of places. The labium unlike hers was folded inward, reminding Anais of a package at Christmas waiting to be unwrapped.

Slowly she used her legs to push her body upward to its full height never more than a few inches from Risa’s. Lingering momentarily at the apex of her thighs before her Anais inhaled deeply, catching the slightest whiff of coconut. This she confirmed by a snake-like flick of her tongue towards the single object of her desire.

“How does it feel?” She asked savoring the taste on her tongue when she was once again gazing into her eyes.

“Exciting but uneventful at same time.” Risa replied. “Maybe I was expecting…not sure what I was expecting but more than this.”

Looking down between them, Risa noted her larger breasts and nipples hardening under the unaccustomed exposure. Instinctively she reached up to caress first her own then the lighter more tanned ones.

“You have such nice beasts; work done?” She asked suddenly dropping her hands from Anais’s skin.

Backing away Risa spun on her heel approaching the machine once again. She had only done two sets of leg extensions and began a debate with herself about whether to do a third. Taking a careful look at the machine she wondered if she could do that incredibly erotic exercise that worked her inner and outer thighs. Nothing on the main machine could do it but attached to the side was another piece of equipment that could do the job.

“Yeah…an old boyfriend, when we were breaking up, bought them for me as a goodbye gift.”

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