Two Cuties Rent My Apartment

Since a few years I have been renting out an apartment, with the idea that having an investment property that pays for itself was going to be a good supplement to the usual stock market investments.

The place was not a great property. The combined kitchen-living room was small, the view not great and both bedrooms where small as well.


It was close to the University and public transport though.

Through trial and error I had found out that renting it to foreign students was a good way to get reliable renters that could actually pay a very decent rent.

I completely furnished the place and added an internet connection as well. It was ideal for students that were just arriving and needed a place move in ready. So-far, It had always been two students renting it together and often they would typically move out after 1 or 2 years for something at a lower price point.

This summer was no different, my latest renters would not renew after the summer ended and I was looking for new tenants. I had placed an add in the University classified section and had gotten some responses.

I didn’t make selecting new tenants a complicated matter, the first candidates that seemed alright, I would sign up. Not bothering with credit checks and deposits.

Lili was from China and she was looking to rent an apartment together with her friend Yun. Both were starting their master in September in our local University and they were planning to arrive in the last week of August.

We exchanged a few emails about the details of the apartment and after they had agreed to rent for a full year I asked them to sign and return contract along with a photo copy of their passports. When we were coordinating the move-in date I offered to pick them up from the airport. This was something I usually offered and most times the students happily accepted.

So, on a Tuesday in late August I was standing in the arrival area of the airport holding a little carton board with their names on it.

I scanned the crowed exiting the baggage area for the two girls. Trying to identify them based on their passport photo’s was not an easy task. A full 787 from Shanghai had just landed and many Asian students were passing me.

I only spotted the girls when they standing right in front of me, “Hi David, we are here. So kind of you to pick us up.”

I reached out and shook the hand of the girl that had spoken, “Hi, you must be Lili.” I guessed.

Her smile confirmed I was right and so I continued and shook the other girl’s hand.

“Yun, nice to meet you.”

“Let’s go to the car and get you to your apartment,” I suggested.

I took over Lili’s luggage and led the way through the crowd. At the parking garage entrance I let them pass me and told them to continue straight. I quickly paid for the parking at one of the yellow terminals lined up near the entrance.

While catching up with them I could get a good look at them. Lili was wearing tight fitting yoga pants and she had nice legs and a small and firm looking ass. Yun was wearing loose fitting sport pants that she combined with a white top that showed off her nice perky tits. They both had long black hair and looked still energetic even after the long fight they had. Both girls were slim and probably not much taller than 5’3″. I guessed that both together, they would not weigh much more than my 210 pounds.

When they approached my car I hit the button to open the trunk and called out, “That’s me.”

We loaded the luggage and both girls piled in the back seat. They continued to chat in mandarin and occasionally asked me some questions in English. I had worked in China several years ago and studied the language enough to be able to understand quite a bit of Mandarin.

Usually I didn’t reveal my language abilities when I met Chinese, for the simple reason that my level just wasn’t good enough to engage in real life discussion beyond the initial exchanges.

From their conversation I understood that both had boyfriends back home and they were discussing the difficult good-bye.

I parked near the apartment and helped them haul the different pieces of luggage from the car. In the apartment I showed them around and explained the basic stuff such as heating, cooling, locks, were to find the bed-sheets and most importantly, the WiFi password. I soon said good bye and gave them my number in case they had questions.

To my surprise they already called that evening. Something with water leaking on the kitchen floor from underneath the sink and whether I could come over.

I grabbed my tool bag from the garage and drove over. I lived nearby and in the light evening traffic it only took me 15 minutes to get there.

The girls apparently just had showered. Lili was wearing a bathrobe and she had her hair wrapped in a towel, Yun was dressed in a pyjama, typically worn by men, consisting of long pants and top that closed with buttons in the front. Her hair was loose, but not yet fully dry.

They showed me the kitchen floor on which they had placed several towels to soak up the water that was dripping underneath the sink. I quickly reached under the sink and closed the two valves to stop the leaking. I got to work, cleared the things that were stored underneath the sink and dried most of the water accumulated there.

I laid on my back under the sink to get a better look and while working like this I exposed part of my belly and I heard Lili softly comment in Mandarin, “Yun look at his belly, it is so hairy.”

“Yeah, it is just like a monkey,” giggled Yun.

Underneath the sink I was rummaging around with my tools and flashlight. I was taking my time curious about what would come next.

“Look at his bulge in his jeans. Do you think he got excited seeing us dressed in our night cloths?” continued Lili.

“I’ve heard white men have big dicks. Do you think that’s true? asked Yun.

“Well, based on his bulge he seems to be bigger than my boyfriend” Replied Lili.

Hearing them discus the size of my dick really got me excited. My heartbeat picked up in anticipation and I felt my dick starting to grow in my pants. I’ve been blessed with a thick and long cock and as soon as it started to grow it started snaking down my right trouser leg. I moved a bit to give it some more space but it started to feel uncomfortable in the tight jeans.

“Oh my god Lili, do you see that?”


“There in his pants, down his leg. What’s that? It looks he has a very big banana stuffed in there.”

“That can’t be his dick, can it?” whispered Lili.

“Impossible to be that big,” claimed Yun.

At that point I raised myself up from underneath the sink and I saw both girls looking at me with open mouth and surprised look in their eyes.

In my best Chinese I said, “Some foreigners can speak and understand Chinese.”

And I continued in English, “It is not polite to talk about the size of their penis in front of them.”

The look in Yun’s and Lili’s eyes had changed from surprise to shock.

“Since you questioned whether this can be my dick I will show you so you can see for yourself.”

With that, I stepped forward, unbuttoned and slid down my jeans and boxers in one smooth move.

My dick, finally freed jumped up and stood at almost full hardness. Both girls stood still and said nothing. Yun had moved her hand to her mouth in surprise, Lili bit her lower lip and both had their eyes glued on my dick.

“What do you think of that?” I asked, “Does it look real to you?”

“Too big,” whispered Yun.

“Amazing,” exclaimed Lili.

I stepped out of my jeans and moved closer to them, “Don’t be shy, check it out.”

I took their hands and placed one of each on my dick. Yun hesitated, but Lili started to tug a bit and went down on her knees to have a closer loo.

She looked up to Yun, and said in mandarin, “Come have a look, it’s insane.”

Yun went down on her knees too. Lili added, “It’s easily twice the length of my boyfriend’s and more than double as thick.”

“I can’t get my hands around it,” giggled Yun.

The girls had all their attention focused on my dick and seemed to have forgotten I was attached to it.

When I asked, “Why don’t you lick it?”, they looked puzzled at first. Lili then smiled, moved closer and licked tentatively the shaft of my cock.

She opened her mouth and took in a bit of the tip and twirled her tongue around it. She then tried to take more of it in her mouth but she was clearly not used to giving head to something this size.

Lili’s bathrobe had opened up a bit and from above I had a good view on her breast. They were not large but very beautiful with nice firm nipples.

Yun had kept back with a look of amazement on her face.

We kept going for a little while until the sound from a cell phone sounded from one of the bedroom doors. Yun jumped up and disappeared behind one of the doors. I heard her muffled voice answering a phone.

I directed my attention back at Lili who was bobbing down on my cock, but only managed taking the tip in her mouth. Our eyes met and I reached down and hoisted her up putting her down on the counter of the kitchen island.

My left hand reached to her breast while the other pulled her in for an intense kiss. Her lips were soft and my hand had found her bare breast and I felt her hard nipple. I broke the kiss and slowly pushed her down until she was laying flat on the island with her legs over the edge.

I opened her bathrobe and was treated to the sight of an absolute fantastic body. I kissed both her nipples for a while and then went down to her belly and ultimately I stuck my tongue in her pussy. I started licking her and felt her wetness on my face. I reached up and massaged her tits at the same time. She was moaning and her body was wriggling on the counter

I stood up and grabbed my cock by the base and started rubbing the tip on her pussy and then sliding the full length of the shaft along her clit.

When I lined up my cock with her pussy entrance, she moved up on her elbows and looking down at my dick she said, “Wait, I can’t, I have a boyfriend.”

I continued rubbing her pussy and said, “Don’t worry nobody will know.”

She moaned and I pushed in a little bit, since she didn’t protest I pushed a bit more.

“It’s too big, I can’t handle that thing.”

“It will be OK.” I reassured her.

I was now moving back and forth with little strokes. I was hardly in her pussy, but I wanted to prepare her for the first big push.

Fortunately she was getting very wet and I felt she was ready. I pushed past the barrier of her entrance and the first three inches of my cock popped inside.

Lili let out a loud moan and I kept going with slow strokes. As I was working myself inside her, I felt her pussy stretching around my cock.

Soon I was a good way in and we were really fucking now. Lili had her legs wrapped around me and I picked her up from the counter so that we were fucking in standing position. I was in full control and starting pounding her pussy for real. I drove it in balls deep and from Lili’s sounds this was beyond what she could take.

I took a few steps with her around the island and I placed her on hands and knees on the living room rug. Taking it slower I entered her from behind and gave her some time to get used to it. She calmed down and started taking over pushing herself on me. I took in the nice sight of my dick sliding in and out her stretched pussy. Lili started to moan louder and pick up her speed, soon she was having her first orgasm of the evening and I felt her pussy squeeze around my dick.

After she regained her breath, I took over and started to fuck her with hard deep strokes still in doggy-style. After a while we switched position and she laid on her back with her feet on my shoulders. I held her on her waist while giving her my full length. Lili was drenched in sweat now and it gave her body and tits a beautiful shine. She seemed to be coming again and felt I was close too.

Not long after I exploded and I pumped stream after steam of cum in her pussy. I collapsed next to her on the carpet. Lili crawled on top of me and kissed me, I felt some wet stickiness leaking out of her pussy on my leg.

Just then my eye caught a movement at the back of the apartment. One of the bedroom doors was slightly ajar and through the opening I saw Yun, she held her cell phone and was pointing the lens to us……

To be continued.



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