Two couples are naked poolside

The pool in the back yard is so inviting on a hot summer morning during a vacation week. My husband Jon and I like to relax at home rather than go anywhere. In our 40s now, we’ve already done a lot of traveling.

Jon likes his gym workouts and it shows. He’s not Arnold by a long shot but he does have an athletic physique. He’s 5′-9″ with short brown hair and blue eyes. His face is square and his lips thin.

I’m 42 and also fond of a vigorous gym workout. The only difference between our routines is my preference for the elliptical over weights.

My tits are an A cup so I often go around the house without a bra. It’s not like I need one. My husband has grown accustomed to seeing my nipples press against my teeshirt.

The first time this Italian first generation American girl went swimming in the all together was 5 years ago at Guvano Beach in Italy. Nudity felt so good. Who needs a bathing suit?

Anyway Jon and I were taking our sweet time getting ready to go outside. We did not even get out of bed till 8 o’clock. We finished eating breakfast around 9 o’clock. The time between getting out of bed and starting to make breakfast saw me slouching in the sofa listening to a Danielle Steel novel while laundry spun in the washer. I was wearing just my chemise and panties.

Just after 9 o’clock I went out to the pool. The thermometer already registered 89 degrees. The weather report predicted that the mercury would rise. The sky was almost cloudless except for a few wispy cirrus at very high altitude. There were plenty of miles between those. The intense sun warmed the patio blocks and metallic arms of chairs.

I pulled my teeshirt upward over my head and dropped it. Without hesitation I opened my white jean shorts letting them slip to my feet. Intent on swimming in the nude, I draged my panties down and off me.

I dipped into the water and swam submerged for several seconds. When I poked my head up it was only to stand against the edge in the deep end. I watched my husband walking naked to the diving board.

Nice Ass. God he’s sexy. I want his big dick inside me.

He dove and poked his head out of the water near the middle.

If we don’t actually do the nasty I’ll always settle for watching him masturbate. By his own admission he does that every day, sometimes twice. I’m not innocent. I’ve polished the pearl a few times, sometimes in front of him.

Anyway we stayed in the pool, much of the time just standing. I can’t be swimming and checking out his goodies at the same time, nor can he check out mine.

About noon after lying in the sun on chaise lounges for a long time we were both hungry. I addressed that issue.

“There’s plenty of cold cuts and bread. I’ll make us some sandwiches.”

I came back outside a few minutes later with a tray of sandwiches on French bread and a couple of cold beers which I set on the patio table under the umbrella.

About two minutes after finishing his sandwhich and beer Jon stretched out in the chaise lounge, this time to stroke his dick lightly. He must have been at it for several seconds, having started while I was peeing.

“Go for it hon. I can’t wait to see your cum shot.”

He tightened his grip on the shaft which by now had gotten hard. Determined to ejaculate, he rubbed his hard-on vigrously.

“OH Baby are you close?”

“Don’t know babe. I think so.”

Watching my husband always makes me horny so within a few seconds my hand was busy rubbing hard on my clitoris. My other hand was not unoccupied, its’ fingers brushing my nipple then its’ twin. The self pleasure puts us in the mood to indulge in actual sex later in the day.

My orgasm was soon followed by a second one then a third leaving me exhausted on the chaise lounge.

My husband, having recuperated more quickly than me, was doing a backstroke. I locked my eyes onto him, especially his dick.

Seeing no point in getting waterlogged, we came out of the water to lounge in the sun.

By mid afternoon we had decided that we had enough sun and water for one day so I took a shower mainly just to wash away the chlorine. My husband did not join me in the tub, although I would not mind if he had.

I put a camisol on with the shorts I had worn in the morning. There were stil clothes to be dried, folded and put away so I told Alexa to resume the novel and worked at that task.

Meanwhile Jon was tending his flower gardens which seem to be all over the place and so are the weeds. The hedges need to be trimmed as well.

Having finished the laundry, I made our bed with a clean sheet and pillow covers.

My sister Elena bears resemblance to me except for her hair and eye color. She has a similar figure, slim with small tits.

Anyway my i-phone vibrated into the counter at around 5 o’clock. The call came from Elena.

She is one of those people who can talk incessantly. She has something to say about everything under the sun. I don’t mind listening.

After a few sentences I finally got a word in edgewise.

“Reading anything interesting lately?”

“Vogue has some good articles and I got Reader’s Digest in Italian.”

Like me, Elena and her husband Alesandro enjoy an active sex life. It’s anything goes.

The sun was low in the sky when my sister and her husband came to the front door. I let them in and brought them to the patio. She and her husband, Jon and I dove naked into the pool.

Elena stepped out of the pool and walked a few feet toward the fence. She gestured to me and I closed the distance to her.

She asked, “Can yout set up your camera.”

I knew where she was going with the request.

She lowered her voice.

“I feel like giving Al a blow job. Can you video it for us?”

“Yah sure.” I giggled at the request.

I mounted the camera on the tripod which stood on the table top. My sister put her face in her husbands’ lap. Her lips slid along the shaft of his cock. My camera captured the action.

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