two best friends first time fun

Macenzie and lacey are having a quiet girls’ night — drinking wine, eating chocolate, and watching a movie. The two friends are hanging out and chatting (well, gossiping, they’d have to admit) and after a while, they’re snuggled on the couch in comfy leggings with their feet up.

“I like this wine,” says macenzie, taking another sip of Prosecco. Then she giggles. “These bubbles are tickling my nose.”

“You’re so cute,” says lacey, in an offhand manner that makes it sound like it’s just an observation.

“So what movie did you get?”

lacey reaches for the remote. “I thought I’d try something different tonight. I thought maybe you’d like it.”

“Oooh, I’m intrigued,” laughs macenzie.

lacey hesitates for a moment, gives macenzie a strange look, then takes a deep breath. “Okay, then.” She presses play on the remote.

They watch for a few minutes. After a while, macenzie feels compelled to mention, “lacey, is this one of those ‘so bad its funny movies? Because these two chicks can’t act for shit.”

“It gets better, trust me.”

“Okay, because I don’t think I’m drunk enough to appreciate it yet.”

They keep watching. Then macenzie’s eyes get wider and wider as realization dawns. “lacey, this is lesbian porn!”

“Um, no it’s not,” says Lacey, looking innocently up at the ceiling.

“They’re kissing, and the blonde one has her fingers right up the short one’s snatch. I’m pretty sure this is lesbian porn,” insists macenzie.

“Just keep watching,” suggests lacey. “There’s a bit coming up that I really think you’ll like.”

“Er, okay…”

They watch for a little while longer in silence. macenzie becomes acutely aware of lacey’s close proximity, as well as an exciting little feeling in her tummy and a disconcerting wet feeling in her panties. She draws her knees together, concerned that the dampness might soak through to her leggings and become a visible wet patch. The silence starts to become oppressive — she can even hear lacey breathing beside her — so she feels she has to speak up again.

“lacey, this is definitely lesbian porn. They’re totally sixty-nining each other, and there is absolutely no way that the blonde is old enough to be the other one’s mother.”

lacey twists on the couch to face macenzie and place a hand on her friend’s knee. “Okay, you got me. But do you like it?”

macenzie tears her eyes from the action on the screen, briefly glances at the hand that has started inching up from her knee to her thigh, then locks eyes with lacey. She finds herself unable to look away. lacey’s so pretty and smells so sweet, and she’s warm, and she’s getting closer, and closer, and…

“It’s okay… uh… I mean it might be having an effect…” she stammers, and lacey smiles, and suddenly that hand is alarmingly high on macenzie’s inner thigh and her legs are parting almost of their own accord.

“Is it having an effect… here?” asks lacey, and her hand is suddenly on the snug waistband of macenzie’s lululemon’s. She can feel the heat and dampness, and thus encouraged, she leans in for a kiss.

macenzie gasps as lacey’s lips press against hers, but her mouth opens to allow the other girl’s probing tongue and they fall into a steamy embrace, tasting the sweet wine in each other’s mouths. lacey starts rubbing macenzie’s mound with her whole hand, then graduates to pressing her index finger into the enticing groove she can feel through the leggings.

“Oh fuck,” moans macenzie into lacey’s mouth. It’s an involuntary exclamation with a couple of meanings. The first is “this feels sooooo good,” and the second is, “oh shit, I’m doing lesbian stuff with my friend!”

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” whispers lacey, her soft lips kissing their way around macenzie’s neck and ear as her constantly-roaming hand sneaks down under the waistband of macenzie’s activewear.

Things are going a little too fast and macenzie isn’t quite ready for a finger up her pussy, no matter how wet it might be getting, so she grabs the offending wrist and puts lacey’s hand in the only place she can think of at the moment — up her T-shirt and on to her bare breast. Oh yeah, that’s right — lacey had suggested they discard their bras earlier in the night, so they could be more comfortable. Hmm, thinking about it now, that might’ve been a clue as to her intentions.

lacey shifts closer, gently squeezing macenzie’s tit and tweaking her stiff nipple, then gets a leg over so that she’s half on top of her friend. They keep kissing and lacey starts to get a little more passionate, grinding her crotch against macenzie’s knee.

macenzie’s blood is racing, her head swimming, and her pussy creaming itself like crazy. All resistance fades away as she decides, “fuck it, I’m clearly into this, let’s totally lesbian-bang each other, all girls do it, right?” Then she grabs lacey’s ass and squeezes it tight as lacey humps her leg.

Soon the two girls are panting and moaning louder than the starlets on the screen and macenzie’s hand has slid into the back of lacey’s pants, clutching at an exposed ass cheek bared by the skimpy G-string she’s wearing underneath. lacey releases macenzie’s well-fondled boob and makes another attempt to slip her hand down the front of macenzie’s leggings. This time macenzie lets her, making no attempt to stop lacey’s probing fingers from pushing her knickers to the side and delving into her slippery wet folds. She shudders as lacey locates her hard little bud and she clutches at lacey’s butt harder.

“I wanna eat you,” pants lacey, and there’s a sudden flurry of movement as macenzie finds her pants roughly tugged down her calves and thrown across the room. Now she’s staring down at the top of lacey’s head, her panties are tugged up and over to the side, her bald pussy exposed to lacey’s eager gaze, and before she knows it she has her hand on the back of lacey’s head, fingers in her soft hair, as lacey’s tongue presses into her groove.

“Mmm mmm…” goes lacey, and macenzie smiles, happy that her girly bits are fresh and yummy from the showers that lacey suggested they each take earlier… Hey, hang on, that was deliberate too, wasn’t it? Dammit, lacey!

lacey explores deeper, her tongue probing between macenzie’s inner lips, then stiffening and jabbing at her entrance, penetrating her and making her shiver. Her nose is pressed against macenzie’s little clit, all erect and peeking out from its hood, and she slithers her tongue up to meet it. macenzie tenses, feeling jolts of electricity as lacey’s tongue flicks over her bud.

“Oh wow, oh wow,” sighs macenzie. lacey seals her mouth around her nubbin and sucks on it gently, drawing it further out. “Oh WOW!” cries macenzie, then “Eeek!” as an orgasm strikes her completely unannounced. lacey keeps her face pressed between macenzie’s twitching thighs until it’s over, then pulls back and looks up with pussy juice and a grin plastered on her face.

macenzie feels her face turning red and she quickly draws her legs up, curling into a ball. “Oh god, oh my god, I can’t believe I let you do that to me!” she giggles, hiding her face in her hands.

lacey gets up and hugs her, then whispers in her ear. “Do you want to go to bed?”

macenzie bites her lip and nods. “Yeah, I think I’d like to return the favor. And… um… do some other stuff…”

On the television screen, the blonde has tied her ‘daughter’ face-down on the bed, ball-gagged her, and is busy plunging a strap-on dildo in and out of her ass.

“So, macenzie… do you fancy doing that?” asks lacey, and they both scream with laughter. “lets start slow lacey”.

“Okay sound good to me”.

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