Twins Are Up To Something

My heart swelled with pride when I saw the kids’ car in the driveway. I never expected to be a father, let alone a father of twin high school seniors. But here I am, eighteen years later and they were almost ready to go out on their own. Fuck I was going to miss them. In just a few months, I was going to be an empty nester. Crazy. I hated the very thought of it.


I parked and got out, fixing the garden gnome at the end of the driveway that always seemed to get knocked over at some point each week by the mailman. I could remember the twins playing on their bicycles in the street like it was yesterday, their laughter laced yells echoing in the neighborhood. I didn’t know what I was going to do when they went off to college.

I stepped up onto the front porch and through the screen door I could immediately hear the television on in the living room. I chuckled at the sounds of fake moans and cheesy music. I knew exactly what the kids were up to. Cupping my cock through my jeans I glanced at my watch. It was dick-thirty o’clock. Time for an ofter school snack.

By the time I walked through the kitchen and into the living room, my cock was ready and being stroked by my hand. Being a high school principal had a lot of perks, but one of the best was being off when my kids were.

I stopped for a moment to savor the scene I walked in on. Charlie was sprawled on the big chair in the corner, his eyes trained on the tv screen as his hand jerked his cock, his jeans pushed down to his knees. Lindsay was laying on the couch, her lower half bare, her short cheerleading skirt bunched up around her waist. She was lazily strumming her clit between her thighs.

“Hey kids,” I called out, glancing at the tv to see what they were watching. Big Dicks, Little Chicks, a family favorite, was playing. The kids loved the scene where the two fat cocked men DP’d the neighbor. Something about it just got them off every time.

“Hey Dad,” the both murmured absently in response, both engrossed in their self pleasure.

I chuckled quietly, not offended by their lack of attention. I was used to living in a household where casual sex was the norm.

I debated for a moment and then walked over to the couch, stripping as I went. My cockhead knew what was coming and was already leaking from the tip, eager to dump a load. Smiling up at me, Lindsay spread her thighs, making room for my body between them as I laid on top of her. I gave her a sweet kiss.

“How was school honey?” I asked her, rubbing my dick against her wet folds.

She groaned and arched up into me. “Was good Daddy, went fast.”

I smiled and nodded, using the fat head of my cock to slap her clit the way I knew she loved. Once her hips started to rise I knew she was ready to fuck. I positioned myself against her opening but she pushed her hands against my chest. Confused, I paused and looked down at her.

“Mommy says I need to use a rubber until the end of the school year,” she said and reached out over to the little drawer in the coffee table where we kept some condoms for when guests were over.

I laughed. “What the fuck for?”

Lindsay looked embarrassed. “Mommy said the antibiotics I had to take for my infection were gonna make my birth control not work for a while.”

If possible, my cock hardened even more. She had gotten an infection from taking me in her ass and then immediately back in her pussy. It had been a dirty and rough fuck that we’d both enjoyed at the time but had resulted in a small UTI. I felt bad at the time, but now it was looking like the best mistake I made all year.

“Your mother’s not wrong,” I said and slid into her anyway, pushing into her tight pussy and making her squeal. Fuck she felt good. Her cunt was always hot and wet. Thank god her mother taught her how to keep herself tight with daily exercises. With how much we fucked and the size of my cock, she should be as loose as a five dollar whore. Instead, she winced a little every time I thrust in the first few times. I loved watching her face for that wince. Made my balls ache, every single time.

“Daddy!” she cried out in protest as I began pumping into her.

I laughed and fucked into her harder, bending down to suck the spot on her neck that I knew she liked. It was the spot that got her to spread her legs whenever I wanted to rut between them. Sure enough, as soon as my mouth hit that tender skin her thighs relaxed open and I felt her cunt flutter.

“I love your cock Daddy,” she sighed in happiness. I felt her hand grab my ass cheek to pull me deeper.

“Yeah honey? Like how Daddy’s big cock fucks you?”

She moaned and nodded, lifting her hips up a little to meet mine.

“Daddy loves being in your little pussy,” I grunted, knowing this was going to be a quick fuck. I pushed myself up and pressed her knees back so she was wide open for me.

“Daddy!” she cried out at the deeper penetration.

I watched my cock slide in and out of her cunt, coated in her shiny cream. She was red and swollen from my heavy pounding already, stretched tightly around the fat girth of my cock. I reached down to rub her clit, wanting to feel her cum on my cock before I unloaded in her.

Her eyes widened in realization as I thrust faster, ready to cum. “Don’t cum in me!” she said desperately.

In the background, I heard Charlie’s bark of a laugh. We both knew it was a ridiculous, and pointless, plea.

I hunched into her harder and gave her a smirk. “That might be the stupidest thing you’ve ever said.”

She whimpered as my thumb rubbed over her hard bud and her fingernails dug into my forearms. She was holding on tight as her body jolted with each slam of my hips into hers. “Daddy don’t,” she begged pathetically.

I lowered myself onto her again, my ass humping into the air as I fucked her deep. I brushed her blonde hair away from her face and cupped her cheeks in my hands. “I’m not pulling out,” I explained to her quietly. “I’m cumming in your cunt.”

“But Mommy said–” she whispered.

I leaned down to whisper in her ear, my cock swelling as I fucked myself closer to climax. “Daddy’s gonna knock you up Lindsay.”

At my dark words Lindsay’s cunt spasmed on my cock, her whole body clenching as she came involuntarily.

“Good girl,” I praised loudly so Charlie could hear me. “Cum on your Daddy’s cock.”

I felt my spine tingle and my balls contract as her milking cunt pushed me over the edge. I quickly held myself as deep as I could and started to cum, making sure my cock pressed against her ripe little cervix, Lindsay’s wide, shocked eyes meeting mine.

I ground myself against her as I came, loving how the added element of risk had upped my normal afternoon creampie into something incredibly hot. I hadn’t cum this hard in a long time.

“Fuck Dad, it’s already leaking out of her you came so much.”

Panting, I looked up to see my son standing over us, his eyes fixated on where our genitals met. I glanced down to see the sticky hot mess I made in her and couldn’t help the cocky smirk that crossed my face. I had fucked and filled her pussy good.

I waited on top of her for a few moments to make sure I was good and empty and then carefully slid out and sat up on the couch. I gave her thigh a slap and thanked her for a great ride as she lay there weakly, still panting and in shock from my whispered declaration. I looked up at Charlie, his big hand still stroking his cock.

“Clean up your sister,” I directed and smiled as he licked his lips and grinned. He knelt on the couch between her thighs and moved to lap away at her still tender pussy.

They both groaned at the first contact of his mouth on her. At some point Charlie had shed his clothes as well and I was treated to the delightful image of his pert bubble butt and winking asshole as he cleaned my cum from his sister’s cunt. His big balls and hearty cock swung between his legs with every lick.

Like every man in my family, he was blessed with the Denver cock. A solid nine inches of fuck meat that was beautifully shaped with a mushroom head and a thick, two inch wide shaft. We had heavy balls that made lots of cum and our pheromones dropped panties and boxers alike. The Denver men had no shortage of willing holes to fuck and flood.

The room filled with soft sighs from Lindsay and the obscene slurping of Charlie’s mouth. The occasional wet pop of suction came from between her thighs as he suckled her clit clean of my cum.

I lazily stroked my still hard cock, watching them enjoy each other’s bodies. I loved watching them together. I reached over and stroked Charlie’s hairy thigh. He was strong with a fair amount of muscle for a boy his age, his body already changing to match the manly cock that hung between his legs. Soon he’d fill out and match my large frame, the baby fat would melt from his face and we’d look more like brothers than father and son.

I slid my hand across his skin and up to his ass, giving the pale globe a firm squeeze. My boy liked it rough and I was happy to give it to him.

Lindsay cried out suddenly and I watched her cunt’s little opening flutter and pulse as she came. Pleased with my son’s oral talents I slapped his ass in congrats.

“Good job son!” I praised.

“Thank you Daddy,” he murmured against Lindsay’s inner thigh.

“I want to watch you two fuck,” I stated and watched my son’s cock bob in the air on its own at the thought. “Go ahead,” I encouraged. “Mount your sister.”

Charlie nodded eagerly and Lindsay spread her thighs a little wider, eager for a second pounding. When Charlie reached over to the coffee table drawer I cleared my throat.

“What are you doing son?” I asked impatiently. “Slide your big fucker in and pound that pussy!”

Charlie looked back and me and hesitated. “Mom said this morning that I had to use a condom with girls now. That it wasn’t okay to have a baby with someone when I have plans to go to college,” he rambled nervously.

I rolled my eyes. “That’s for the girls at school Charlie,” I explained. “She wasn’t talking about your own sister.”

His eyes lit up eagerly.

“Go ahead, fuck away,” I said, gesturing to his sister’s welcoming cunny. “Lindsay doesn’t mind, does she?” I said with a stern tone, letting her know there was no option to disagree with me. She stared silently back at both of us and then reluctantly shook her head.

He grinned and quickly mounted his sister, sliding his cock in deep on the first thrust, groaning at the sensation of raw cunt surrounding him. The fucked like they always did, frantically and with little grace. But fuck did they put on a good show. His big cock slammed into her wet pussy, making crude fuck noises as they panted and rutted against each other. Charlie had once secretly told me that when he fucked with his twin it was like he could feel her pleasure as if it were his own and vice versa. Her cunt was literally molded for his cock. It was a beautiful, lewd sight for this proud Dad.

“That’s it son,” I cheered. “Make her squeal on that big Denver cock!”

Charlie shoved her thin white shirt up into her armpits, freeing her tits so he could play with her nipples. She moaned when he bent down over her and his mouth surrounded one hard tip and sucked. Their new position made his ass cheeks spread, letting me get a better eyeful of my son’s brown eye between them. Unable to help myself I cupped his swinging balls and gave them a little squeeze.

Charlie’s head shot up off of his sister’s tit at the feeling. “Fuck Dad!”

I grinned and rolled his testes against one another. “These are nice and full for you Lindsay.”

She groaned and looked away, ashamed of herself for wanting something so taboo.

I slid my hand up and over his taint and pressed my fingertip into his back hole. Surprisingly, my thick finger slid in easily. Charlie grunted at the invasion but didn’t stop sliding his dick in and out of his sister.

“You greased your hole for Daddy?” I asked, fingering his bottom steadily.

Charlie shook his head no.

“Ahh,” I said with understanding. “Rigby?”

Charlie nodded and then grunted as I stretched open his hole with two fingers and rubbed his swollen prostate with my fingertips.

“Did Coach rape my little boy’s hole today?”

Charlie nodded again, pressing back against my fingers eagerly and then back into his sister, fucking himself as he fucked her. Lindsay laid there and moaned, pinching her own swollen nipples.

“Did you fight him or did you bend over and take it like I taught you?” I tugged his balls when he didn’t answer me immediately.

“I took it,” he groaned, his forehead dotted with sweat from the intense pleasure.

“That’s a good boy,” I praised him, noting the streaks of Coach Rigby’s cum on my fingers. “You’ve got to maintain that starting position.”

“Yes Daddy,” he whimpered.

“You like his cock up your shitter?” I asked, kneeling behind him.

“No Daddy,” he moaned as I pressed three of my fingers into his greedy hole.

“That’s because your asshole only loves Daddy’s dick, doesn’t it?” I spit in my hand and stroked my cock, lubing it up for the inevitable.

“Yes Daddy,” Charlie whispered.

“That’s my good boy,” I praised and pressed his lower back so that he stayed still, buried deep in his sister. I pressed my cockhead against his asshole and mercilessly pushed until I was seated balls deep in him. He cried out and tried to buck me off of him from the burning sting I knew he was feeling, but I held him down. I rubbed my hands up and down his sides soothingly and stayed still so he could get used to my thick length. “Shh, shh,” I crooned in his ear. “Such a good boy.”

“He’s still hard Daddy,” Lindsay shared from below us, a little evil twinkle in her eyes. She loved watching me aggressively fuck her twin.

“Is that right honey?” I asked, feeling my son’s tight hole twitch around the base of my cock.

“He’s throbbing in me,” she said helpfully.

“Well then I guess it’s time to make sure I milk him good so he gives you everything he has,” I said, watching her face carefully. Her expression changed from playful to nervous as she realized what that would mean.

Ignoring her, I pulled my dick out of him slowly, loving the involuntary whimpers that came out of my son. Once I was fully out I slammed back in. I set a hard rhythm that had me pumping roughly in and out of him at a brutal pace.

“Ahhh, fuck!” Charlie cried out and braced himself over his sister so he wouldn’t crush her with the force of my thrusts.

I slapped his ass in warning when he moved to get off of her entirely. “Keep your dick in her! I want your cum soaking her cervix!” I barked.

“Daddy!” Lindsay cried out, biting her lip nervously.

“You think you’re leaving this house to go to college?” I laughed dryly, fucking my cock into my son’s velvet asshole. “A baby will keep this family together so we-can-keep-fucking.” I punctuated each word with a violent thrust of my hips.

“Ahh!” Charlie cried out and I felt his asshole twitch.

“Daddy!” Lindsay gasped and I knew she could feel it. He was cumming inside her.

I gentled my strokes, making sure to rub against his prostate so he fully emptied his load. Charlie shuddered and groaned uncontrollably as he came.

“That’s it son, knock her up!” I encouraged. “Cum in your sister,” I whispered in his ear, tonguing it wetly. I reached around and cupped his balls, making sure to give them a squeeze for good measure. I kept my strokes slow and waited until he got his breath back to confirm he was done. “You empty?”

He nodded weakly. “Yes Daddy.”

I pulled my cock out of his ass with a wet plop and pushed him aside. He stumbled for a moment and then sat on the floor against the couch, resting his head on his sister’s breast.

“Daddy’s turn again,” I said, fisting my cock. I met Lindsay’s eyes and waited a moment. Without prompting, my baby girl did me proud and pulled her knees back to her chest, offering me her used and cum filled pussy. “Good girl,” I praised, sliding my dick into her messy hole.

She moaned as I started rutting into her immediately, ready to cum. It was a quick and brutal fucking as I used her pussy to make myself cum. With one more thrust I held myself deep and groaned as I came, filling my daughter with her third load of potent cum.

The three of us laid there panting and dripping with sweat, Lindsay’s hands stroking softly through my hair.

“Don’t tell Mommy,” she whispered.

Charlie chuckled softly as I grinned