Turn Hot Blonde Into Foot Slave

In a crowded workshop, a petite brunette woman bent over a shining metal helmet. Sparks and smoke drifted through the room. The woman was dressed in a ridiculous white lab coat and a fluffy white wig. This was Mira, eccentric scientist, closeted lesbian foot fetishist, and woefully unethical inventor extraordinaire.


Mira gritted her teeth and knitted her brow in a look of intense concentration. The perky young woman was running around her home lab with a soldering iron in one hand and a tablet in the other. She alternated between making last minute adjustments to the helmet and tapping away on the tablet.

A burning metallic tang filled the air as well as the loud hum of small fans around the room trying to keep the space ventilated. As she soldered some finishing touches on her latest and greatest creation, a corner of her costume caught on an exposed wire and ripped.

“Shit!” Mira cursed. She tried to disentangle herself from the wire without dropping the tablet or catching something on fire with the hot iron. That was when she heard her doorbell ring.

“Shit! Shit! She’s here. You better work goddammit!” She swore at the helmet.

Through sheer willpower and focus, Mira touched the soldering iron to her creation one last time, tapped the final command into the tablet, and wrenched her costume away from the wire, ripping it terribly in the process.

“It won’t matter soon.” Mira said under her breath.

She dashed out of the lab and towards the door. The doorbell was ringing constantly now but Mira paused for just a moment at a hallway mirror and looked at her reflection.

Mira was short, 5’1” in shoes, with dark hair and olive skin. Her Italian ancestry was obvious in her features. Her dark curly hair normally cascaded down her shoulders. Her most striking feature was her bright green eyes that at this moment were surveying the damage to her halloween costume. She was supposedly going to a halloween party later with her best friend Luceria who was at the door right at that moment. They had agreed to go as a mad scientist and a slutty robot (Mira’s idea) but now Mira’s fake lab coat was shredded. The dark haired genius sighed and took off her Doc Brown style white wig.

“You’re so close. Be cool.” She said to her reflection. Then Mira put on her biggest friendliest smile and turned to open the door.

“Trick or treat, smell my feet! Oh jeezus what happened to your costume Mira?” Luceria asked.

Mira stood still, frozen for a moment. Even though they had known each other for years, there were still times when she was stunned by Luceria’s beauty. Mira had always had the hots for her friend. Luceria was tall, blonde, athletic but with curves, and most interesting to Mira were Luceria’s long beautiful feet. Unfortunately for Mira, Luceria was completely straight and Mira had never felt like she had a chance of hooking up with her gorgeous friend. At least not by conventional means.

Luceria’s Halloween costume was not elaborate but definitely sexy. She wore a short silver skirt, a sparkly silver halter top, some metallic style makeup, and at the bottom of her long legs, tall silver go-go boots.

“Hello? Earth to Mira!” Luceria said to Mira who was still spacing out.

Mira quickly shook her head and tried to forget about what she had planned. “Sorry I spaced out. Must be the fumes getting to me. What did you say?” Mira asked.

Luceria stepped inside. “I was wondering what happened to your costume? We were supposed to be a slutty mad scientist with her slutty robot. Instead we’re going to look like a slutty robot and her friend the Hulk post-hulkout.” Luceria said and gestured to Mira’s torn lab coat.

“Oh right, sorry. I had a little wardrobe malfunction while I was tinkering in the workshop. I shouldn’t have been wearing the costume. That was dumb.” Mira said.

Luceria shook her head. “Maybe there’s some way we can fix it. We could make you like a cavewoman and then it would be like we’re from the future and the past. I don’t know. I know I can’t change my costume. I even got a silver paint job at my mani/pedi today, see?” Luceria showed off her nails.

Mira had to concentrate and try not to imagine the silver nail polish on Luceria’s toes. Luceria had long and narrow feet. They were slender and spotless and had been the focus of Mira’s lust for as long as she could remember. Mira loved women, loved women’s feet, and above all thought that Luceria had the sexiest feet she had ever seen.

“Soon they’ll be all mine.” Mira thought to herself.

Luceria waved her hand in front of Mira’s face. “Earth to Mira! My nails aren’t that great.” Luceria teased her friend.

Mira blushed. She was a domineering control freak most of the time and she hated how Luceria unwittingly had such a strong effect on her. She had lost count of the times that she had been turned into a stammering fool when Luceria was barefoot or just talking about feet around her.

“Sorry, sorry. Just thinking about the costumes. That reminds me. I made you a helmet for your costume. Come and see!” Mira said.

“What makes you think my costume isn’t complete?” Luceria asked teasingly.

“What? No it’s great it’s just-” Mira stammered.

Luceria playfully patted Mira’s shoulder “Calm down I’m just messing with you. Show me what you’ve cooked up, mad scientist. You really don’t need a costume. You’re so smart I think you’re a mad scientist already. Always inventing things.” Luceria said.

Mira grinned. “You don’t know how right you are.” The short scientist led her tall beautiful friend into her workshop.

Mira led Luceria into the workshop and gazed proudly at her creation. The years of lusting after Luceria had fueled her research and led her to the creation of what was undoubtedly her most ambitious invention. The Slaver Helmet. It sat in the center of the room, still surrounded by fans and wisps of smoke. It was roughly the size of a motorcycle helmet with a screen that would cover the face of the target. It had exposed circuits and wires running all over its metallic exterior. If it worked it would do the unthinkable, transform Luceria or anyone else who put it on into Mira’s personal slave.

Mira was so full of nervous energy she could hardly stand still. She felt her moment of victory was at hand. Luceria regarded the helmet with skepticism.

“That’s it? It looks kind of involved for a costume piece. Does it do something?” The tall blonde asked. She gave it a little prod with her index finger.

“Yeah the screen can light up and display things.” Mira said. She put a hand on Luceria’s back and tried to usher her over to the device.

“Oh like Daft Punk?” Luceria asked.

Behind her back, Mira rolled her eyes. “Yes, yes. Like Daft Punk. Ready to try it on?” She asked impatiently.

“Um sure.” Luceria lifted the helmet up and gingerly placed it on her head.

“Is it supposed to be this warm? How am I supposed to see?” Luceria asked. She held out her arms to steady herself, she was completely blind in the helmet.

“Here, sit down.” Mira guided her friend into a wheelie office chair and then started to hurriedly tap commands into her tablet to begin the brainwashing process. Mira kept her fingers crossed as the program booted up. She hadn’t had time to test it and she could only hope that it would turn Luceria into her slave without frying her brain.

“Here goes nothing.” Mira muttered. The petite genius tapped in the final commands and looked up to see how the helmet would react.

“What’s that Mira? Woah! OH GOD!” Luceria suddenly cried out with panic.

Mira watched with bated breath as the helmet started to blink and emit light from under the facial screen. The circuits and wires started to visibly pulse with electric current and the helmet made a humming sound that increased in pitch until it sounded like a hive of hornets was droning in the room. Then there was a very bright flash of light from within the helmet that momentarily lit up the surrounding room and Luceria went limp in the chair.

Mira cautiously approached her hot friend’s body and lifted her wrist. Mira felt a pulse and she let out a pent up sigh.

“Well you’re not dead. Let’s see if this worked. Luceria, stand up.” Mira watched nervously as Luceria continued to lie there unmoving. Mira palmed her forehead.

“Godammit. It didn’t work.” Mira felt her heart sink. Then suddenly Luceria stood upright.

Mira gasped. “Oh my god! I did it! It worked!”

“What the hell are you talking about? What’s wrong with this helmet?” Luceria asked sharply.

“Oh shit! Luceria?” Mira asked.

“Answer me! What the hell is going on?” Luceria asked angrily.

Mira tapped her chin and furrowed her brow. “Luceria, raise one arm.” Mira commanded

Luceria raised one arm.

“Luceria, jump up and down.” Mira said.

The tall blonde started to jump in place.

“What the hell? Why am I doing this?” Luceria asked. “I can’t stop! What’s happening?” Luceria’s voice was starting to grow more desperate.

“Very interesting.” Mira muttered. “Stop jumping Luceria.” Mira commanded.

Luceria stopped.

“Luceria, grab your tits.” Mira ordered.

The curvy blonde lifted her palms and squeezed her breasts. Luceria gasped.

“Mira you’re scaring me! Tell me what’s going on!” Luceria demanded again.

“Hold still Luceria.” Mira said. She approached her tall friend and reached out to touch her body. Mira started to run her hands all over her former friend and feel her curves for herself.

“God that feels so good.” Mira purred.

“What the fuck?” Luceria asked.

“Alright I’ll clue you in. The helmet was a trap. It is designed to turn you into my personal slave. And it seems to have worked somewhat. Your body is obeying the commands. It seems that your mind is not fully under my control yet.” Mira calmly explained as her hands roamed freely over Luceria’s toned ass and generous breasts.

“Mira stop it! This can’t be true! It doesn’t make any sense! I thought we were friends!” Luceria said, her voice broke as the depth of her friend’s betrayal became apparent.

Mira seemed unconcerned and she had dropped to her knees and ran her hands down Luceria’s long legs. Mira dropped even lower, resting on her stomach and started to playfully run her fingers over the tops of Luceria’s silver boots.

“Oh you don’t know the half of it Luce. I’ve wanted this for so long… You’re going to make an excellent foot-slave as soon as I figure out why you’ve still got your mind.” Mira said.

“Foot-slave? What the fuck does that even mean?” Luceria was starting to sound more scared than angry now.

Mira twirled her hair around her finger as she thought through the problem. Then she looked at her tablet. Her eyes went wide and she sat up.

“Eureka!” She said, Mira stood up and began tapping hurriedly on her tablet.

“What now?” Luceria asked.

“The helmet works by accessing the brain through your senses. Your sense of sight and hearing have been calibrated through the helmet. I suppose that is enough to control your body. If I want to control your mind as well I’ll just need to calibrate your touch, smell, and taste. Looks like you’re going to get an early sample of what life is going to be like from now on.” Mira said with a sick grin.

From under the helmet, Luceria groaned. “I don’t like the sound of that.” The beautiful blonde muttered. Mira only smiled wider. She walked behind her former friend and stood on her tiptoes to whisper in her ear.

“Too bad.” Mira lightly licked Luceria’s earlobe causing her to shudder involuntarily.

“I can’t believe you were just a creeper this whole time.” Luceria said sullenly.

“Oh you really were oblivious. I’ve stolen your socks to masturbate with. Just last week when I came to visit I sniffed your shoes while you were in the bathroom.” Mira teased her captive.

Luceria stuck out her tongue “Gross!”

“Remember our trip to Boston?” Mira asked.

“Don’t tell me.” Luceria groaned.

“I sniffed your soles while you were passed out drunk. It was the greatest high I’ve ever felt. Truly my greatest orgasm ever.” Mira bragged

“Ew! You creep!” Luceria said and shuddered in place.

“Luceria, as much as I’m enjoying our little chat I think it’s time we got this thing calibrated. Sit on this workbench and put your feet up.” Mira commanded, and roughly shoved the various detritus off of her workbench.

“You don’t have to do this Mira! Let me go please!” Luceria said. Meanwhile her body obeyed perfectly, sitting on the table, long legs and all.

Mira ignored her pleas. “Luceria, take off your shoes and socks and make it as sexy as possible.” Mira watched, her eyes glimmered with lust and she bit her bottom lip.

Luceria slowly reached down and one at a time slowly kicked off her sneakers and peeled off her socks. Now her feet were on display in all their bare glory. The silver polish on her toes shimmered in the dim light of the workshop.

Mira sat in her wheelie chair and wheeled next to the big bare feet. She gazed in awe, her face just inches away from the objects of her desire. Starting to sweat a little bit, Mira quickly typed in the last commands on her tablet for the helmet to scan her brainwaves to calibrate Luceria’s sense of touch.

Then Mira took Luceria’s foot in her hands. Her thumbs kneaded and rubbed Luceria’s smooth soft arches.

“Oh god!” Mira said. In a fit of passion she pressed her face against Luceria’s long smooth sole. Mira closed her eyes and just rubbed her friend’s foot against her face. She nuzzled her cheeks against the smooth foot. She tickled the pale sole with the tip of her nose. Then it was no longer enough to just be near the foot; she had to smell and taste as well. Mira pressed her nose against Luceria’s sole and inhaled deeply. Mira sighed with pleasure. Luceria’s feet smelled divine. One of her hands drifted down and started to rub her sex. For years Mira had to be satisfied with sneaking little sniffs of Luceria’s shoes or socks. Now being able to smell and taste Luceria’s feet with impunity was making her wet as rain.

“Oh jeezus you really weren’t kidding. I think I’m going to be sick!” Luceria protested.

Mira completely ignored her. She shifted her attention to the other foot and gave it similar treatment. She sniffed, she rubbed, she started to nibble Luceria’s heels and arches. The nibbling turned to kissing and the kissing turned to licking. Soon Mira’s small red tongue was lashing and slurping the blonde’s long slender feet. Mira dragged her tongue from heel to toe and then wrapped her lips around Luceria’s long toes and started to suck them. Her passionate worship was interrupted when the tablet beeped to signify that the helmet had locked on to the brainwaves and calibrated Luceria’s sense of touch. Mira ignored the beeping for a moment longer, getting in some final long lingering kisses on the balls of Luceria’s feet.

The cute, brunette scientist leaned back in her chair and let out a long and happy sigh. She fanned herself with the tablet.

“God. Even if this doesn’t work it will have been worth it just for that.” Mira said.

“Mira, think about what you’re doing! This isn’t right! Stop now!” Luceria said in a panic.

“Hmm I’ll take that under advisement.” Mira said as she rolled her eyes. She let out another breath and whistled.

“Wow, that was something. Okay time to focus. We’re almost there. One down, two to go.” Mira said. She had a rosy blush on her cheeks and a triumphant smile on her face.

“Mira? Mira please!” Luceria’s tone was getting more and more frantic.

“Luceria, kneel before me and help me take my boots off.” Mira commanded. She tapped more commands into the tablet to prepare for the next calibrating scan.

A helpless passenger in her own body, Luceria could only beg and plead as she got down from the workbench, walked over to Mira and kneeled in front of the petite and perverse scientist. Luceria looked up at her friend turned mistress. Her eyes were still covered by the helmet but small tears could be seen trailing down her face.

“Well what are you waiting for? Boots. Off.” Mira said dismissively.

Luceria angled her head back down to the floor. Mira lifted her legs and Luceria pulled off her Ugg boots one at a time. Then she remained kneeling in a ready and attentive position. Mira rubbed her socked feet together in anticipation.

“Oh my god this is going to be so hot! You were always a little too stuck up for my liking. Maybe this will teach you some humility before I erase your mind. Luceria, smell my boots!” Mira commanded with a cruel smirk on her red lips.

Luceria started to lift up the boot.

“Wait stop.” Mira bent forward and adjusted the helmet visor to reveal Luceria’s nose.

“Perfect. Continue.” Mira said gleefully.

“Please don’t make me do this! No! Nooooo!” Luceria’s complaints were somewhat muffled as she lifted the boot up to her face and stuck her nose inside.

Mira smiled. She could clearly hear her sexy slave-to-be sniffing the Ugg.

“Well don’t leave me in suspense. How do my boots smell?” Mira asked with a smug smirk.

“This is so gross. How can you do this to me?” Luceria pleaded some more.

“I think you’ll learn to love it. Let’s get you right to the source. Maybe this will do it for you. Smell my socks and feet!” Mira commanded.

Mira was wearing white socks under her Ugg boots. Her feet were warm and smelly. Luceria pressed her face close to Mira’s socked foot and started to sniff. Mira closed the distance and started to rub her warm sock-clad feet against her friend’s gorgeous face.

“Please Mira! This is intolerable!” Luceria gasped.

“Uh-uh-uh no talk just smell.” Mira scolded her. She tapped Luceria’s mouth with her other foot to silence her and continued to rub her smelly socky feet around Luceria’s pretty nose. The trapped blonde had no choice but to sniff and snuffle her former friend’s musky feet until the tell-tale beeping of the tablet signified that another sense had been calibrated.

Mira sighed with satisfaction. “This has been wonderful but I’m really looking forward to having a mindless obedient slave ready to answer my every whim so let’s finish now. Take off my socks and lick my feet!” Mira ordered.

“Mira please! Don’t make me! It’s not too late. You can stop now!” Luceria said. She slowly peeled off Mira’s plain white cotton socks one at a time.

Mira settled back in her chair. Her cheeks were a pleased rosy red. She slipped one hand into her waistband and down to her pussy. She was drenched.

“I’ll take that under advisement Luce. Now, taste my feet.” Mira commanded again.

The tall blonde stuck out her tongue and made a small lick on Mira’s big toes. Mira sighed and wiggled her toes happily. The petite scientist lazily tapped the final commands onto her tablet to lock on to Luceria’s brainwaves and complete the calibration.

Luceria licked again. A little longer this time, covering the upper arch of Mira’s small but curvy feet.

“Op! Et ee oo!” Luceria tried to beg with her tongue out as her body stubbornly kept licking.

Each lick grew longer and longer. Now Luceria dragged her tongue all the way up Mira’s foot. Mira shivered with delight as her friend’s warm wet tongue coated her shapely soles in saliva. While Luceria licked one foot, Mira rested her free foot on her slave’s shoulder.

“Luceria, what does my foot taste like?” Mira asked.

Luceria paused her worship for a moment. “Salty.” was all she said.

Mira noted with interest that Luceria didn’t beg, she had just answered the question. She checked the progress of the scan. It was nearly done.

“Suck my toes.” Mira ordered.

Luceria nodded slightly then she brought Mira’s foot up to her face. Starting with the littlest toe she began to suck it like a popsicle. She moved down the line giving each toe a thorough sucking. When Luceria had sucked seven of ten toes the tablet beeped, the process was complete.

“Remove the helmet.” Mira commanded.

“Yes Mira.” Luceria answered, her voice absent of emotion.

The slave removed her helmet and shook back her long blonde hair. Luceria sat at attention, her blue eyes looked glassy and unfocused.

“Are you fully ready to serve me? To be a slave to my every whim, my devoted foot-slave pet?” Mira asked.

“Yes Mira.”

“Call me Mistress.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Mira clapped her hands with excitement. She stood out of her chair and hopped up and down in a little victory dance. Luceria only watched impassively.

“Thank fuck. Wow. Finally. Well I hope you liked the taste of my feet, we’re only just getting started. I don’t know how we’re going to do it but I want your gorgeous feet all over my face while you eat my pussy out.” Mira said.

“Yes mistress.” Luceria said.

Giggling and horny, Mira stripped out of her clothes and began a night of perversion and debauchery that would last until dawn. Her new slave performed exactly to her specifications and the mad scientist enjoyed the fruits of her grandest and most successful invention to date. Mira passed out as the sun came up with her face resting on Luceria’s sexy soles. Luceria just sat still and unmoving, awaiting further orders from her foot-obsessed mistress.