Tracy Plays Along

Tracy and I have a great marriage. We get along well and have three great kids. We are both in our mid-40’s and in decent shape. She is beautiful with blonde hair and great 34DD tits.

She is always the life of the party and extremely flirty. This, coupled with her tendency to wear low-cut shirts makes her popular with the men when we go out.


One evening this summer we made a reservation at a nice restaurant we had been wanting to try. We got a babysitter and we were both excited to be able to get away for a few hours.

When I got home from work, Tracy was getting out of the shower. She was bending over toweling her legs when I walked into the bathroom. She was naked and her skin was bright pink from the hot water. I couldn’t help myself as I reached down and supported one of her dangling breasts.

We have been married for almost twenty years and I never get tired of playing with her tits. I gently squeezed her soft flesh and pinched the large pink nipple between my fingers. I marveled at the weight of wonderful tit as I palmed it, lifting it up and down.

Tracy looked up and giggled. “You just love those things don’t you?” she said.

“You know it!” I answered, letting go long enough to watch her breast fall down and swing. Just the sight of that made my cock jump.

“Now leave me alone so I can get dressed,” she said. I took the hint and went downstairs to check on the kids and get everything ready for the evening. I began watching the news and lost track of time. After almost an hour had passed, I heard Tracy calling my name from upstairs. “Craig,” she called. “Are you going to change clothes?”

I hurried upstairs to get dressed. When I got there, Tracy was standing in front of the large mirror on our dresser adjusting her outfit. I was dumbfounded with what I saw. She was wearing a short black dress that was low-cut in the front revealing a lot of cleavage.

Her hair was curled and hung seductively over her shoulders in golden waves. She wore black high-heeled shoes that made her shapely thighs and calves look great. The dress was clingy, but not tight and showed off her shapely rear end nicely as well

“Wow!” I said as I stood there with my tongue hanging out. “You look great.”

“Thank you,” Tracy said with a big grin. “Now hurry up and get dressed, we have to go.”

I quickly changed clothes and combed my hair. When I came downstairs, Tracy was giving the final instructions to the babysitter, and we were on our way. The restaurant was across town and the drive gave us time to catch up. Tracy was in an especially good mood and I complemented her repeatedly about how sexy she looked. She seemed very happy to be appreciated and said she was excited to go out.

As we drove, Tracy put her right leg up on the dash. Her dress was so short that her entire crotch was exposed. She grinned and bit her bottom lip as she slid the tiny patch of her thong to the side revealing her neatly trimmed pussy.

She began slowly running her fingers up and down her slit, stopping at the top and rubbing her clit each time. As she did this, I could tell she was becoming more aroused, and her pussy lips began swelling and sticking out prominently.

Tracy stared at me while she picked up the pace, rubbing up and down her now-wet lips and grinding her hand on her clit. It was all I could do to continue to drive with this going on next to me. At one point, a large pickup truck drove right up next to us and the driver looked over.

He just grinned widely and honked in approval. Tracy hardly noticed, however, as she was busy rubbing herself to an orgasm. It was so sexy to see my beautiful wife with her legs spread in my car rubbing her pussy!

Just as I was about to turn in to the restaurant parking lot, Tracy suddenly got flush, stiffened and began convulsing as she crossed her legs tightly with her hand buried in her twat. She made several grunting noises as she came with her eyes tightly shut.

“That was great!” Tracy said when she finally opened her eyes. She sat up and adjusted her dress as the valet opened her door. She seemed somewhat surprised by this and blushed slightly as she slid out the door. She shot me a wicked smile as she stepped to the sidewalk.

Once inside, we noticed a lively crowd. This restaurant is downtown and is surrounded by large hotels, so it is usually busy on the weekends.

This night was no exception with several groups of businessmen drinking and talking loudly in the bar. Tracy and I made our way in and ordered drinks. We found a little high table to stand at while we sipped our drinks.

People continued piling in and soon we were sharing our little table island with a group of four businessmen. They were all in their forties, dressed in suits and ties.

They were very average in all dimensions and extremely friendly – especially to Tracy. She struck up a conversation with them immediately and found out they were pharmaceutical reps in town for a district meeting. Tracy also used to work in this field, so they had a lot to talk about.

I was not really into the conversation but was fascinated by the attention the men were giving to Tracy. They seemed genuinely rapt by her beauty and wit and were extremely attentive. They were also extremely attentive to her cleavage, sneaking glances down her dress every chance they got. For her part, Tracy obviously loved the attention, and this made me happy.

After about forty-five minutes of conversation, the hostess came to tell us our table was ready. We collected our things and began to follow her when the men started booing!

They begged us to eat with them and told the hostess to add two more to their party. Tracy hesitated and looked back to me for approval. I nodded and commented that groups are always more fun.

It took us almost an hour to get the larger table and that gave us time to have a few more drinks. The men Tracy was talking to graciously sprung for them including two shots. By the time we sat down for dinner, we were pretty buzzed!

Dinner was wonderful as always and the conversation was light and easy. The men were very polite and respectful and continued to pay a lot of attention to Tracy, allowing her to be the center of attention. She was eating this up and giggling like a schoolgirl.

She frequently touched the men’s hands or rubbed their legs under the table. One of the men, Steve, had moved his chair closer to hers and I noticed his hand lingered under the tablecloth quite a bit as the night wore on. I don’t know what he was doing, but Tracy obviously didn’t mind and acted as if it was nothing.

It was almost eleven when we finally pushed away from the table and headed to get our coats. It had started snowing and Tracy called to check in with the babysitter. She said that she didn’t want to drive home in the storm, so she was going to spend the night.

Tracy told me this and the men overheard it. They immediately suggested we go up to their hotel room for a night cap since we didn’t have to hurry home. Tracy obviously liked the idea and I agreed also, mainly because I wanted to sober up if I was going to try to drive home that night.

We briskly walked the brief distance to the hotel and Tracy held my hand extra tight. Several times I caught her giving me secret glances out of the corner of my eye like some signal that she was being naughty. I loved it and my cock was already throbbing just thinking about the possibilities.

We arrived at the hotel in a few minutes and we were soaked by the heavy snow that was falling. We went first to the hospitality suite their company had set up and we all got paper towels and dried off the best we could. There was no one there and they had left the complimentary beer and wine. We made our selections and sat down on the couches to talk.

After one drink, two of the men excused themselves and headed off to bed. They had early flights and had to call their wives before bed. We said our goodnights and returned to conversation with the remaining two men, Steve and Joe.

They had fairly well exhausted “shop talk” and the conversation shifted to spouses. They were commenting about how domineering and controlling some of the wives were and made a few jokes at the expense of their friends who had to call home.

“It’s like their wives don’t let them pack their dicks in their overnight bags,” laughed Joe.

“Oh really,” said Tracy. “And what about you. Do you get to bring your special friend on the road with you?”

Not fazed, Joe shot back, “Of course. Never leave home without it!” he said as he slumped back on the couch and thrust his hips into the air.

Tracy leaned over and placed her face inches from his crotch. “Hello in there,” she said. “Can you hear me?” Everyone laughed and Joe told her his friend was sleeping.

“Aw, that’s too bad,” Tracy said with a pouty face. “Maybe I can wake him up.” She leaned even closer to his crotch this time and breathed out a long, hot breath. “Yay!” she exclaimed as there was noticeable movement under the material. “Your friend is waking up!”

Tracy continued blowing on Joe’s pants, pressing her lips against the fabric until the outline of his rock-hard cock was clearly visible. “Oh no,” she said. “He looks cramped.” With that she reached up and slowly unzipped Joe’s pants. She then reached in and pulled his swollen cock out. “There you are,” she cooed.

Joe glanced over at me, and I was just sitting there grinning like an idiot, so he must have figured that everything was OK. He undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants and Tracy skillfully pulled them down to his ankles. Joe now sat there half-naked with his stiff cock sticking straight up.

Tracy repositioned herself between Joe’s legs and immediately wrapped her lips around his engorged shaft. She slowly lowered her head until she had his entire cock in her throat.

Joe moaned loudly when she reached his pubic mound and grabbed the back of her head. Tracy then slowly slid his cock back out and with a loud “plop” let it fall against his thigh. She then stood up, and shouted to me, “Honey, would you please unzip me.”

I was so surprised to hear this I was almost unable to stand. I gathered myself and rose up behind her, my raging hard-on visible to everyone. She held her hair as I unclasp her dress and unzipped it down her back. She stood there staring at Joe as she let her dress fall to the ground. She stepped out of it and said to me without looking, “And my bra please.”

I flinched and with trembling hands undid the clasps of her sexy lacy bra. She slid it off and handed it to me saying, “And the panties.” I pulled the thin strip of material down her shapely ass and legs allowing her to step out of her thong.

“Thanks Honey. You can put those on that chair. I won’t need them for a while.”

I walked over to the chair and gently laid her clothes on it. Tracy stood before Joe completely naked except for her high heels, allowing him to take in her voluptuous form. She bent forward and he reflexively grabbed her swinging tits, one heavy orb in each hand. He began nibbling and sucking on her nipples and she laughed and threw her head back.

She then placed one hand on his shoulder and swung her leg up onto the sofa. He grabbed her by the waist to steady her and she swung the other leg over. and She sat on his lap and arched her back, making her glistening pussy visible to Steve and I from behind. She and Joe kissed deeply as she reached around behind her, grabbed his shaft and guided the purple swollen head to her expectant sex. Once it was at her entrance, she slowly lowered herself onto it.

Tracy ground her hips in a circular motion until she came to a complete rest on his thighs. Joe moaned as she bottomed out, still holding on to her dangling tits. Tracy began to slowly ride up and down on Joe’s cock, giving us a perfect view of the entire length of his shaft going in and out of her.

After a few minutes, she picked up her pace and began forcefully slamming herself down on him. He had a firm grip on her waist and was helping her ride his cock. Tracy suddenly made a low grunting noise and whispered loudly to Joe, “Oh fuck, you’re making me cum.” Her body stiffened and she shuddered in what seemed like an intense orgasm as she ground herself on his pole.

When her climax was over, she gently slid off Joe’s cock and lay on the couch next to him. She rubbed her hand up and down his shaft glistening brightly with her fresh juices. She then leaned in and started licking and sucking him. Steve and I again had a wonderful view of the goings on and could see his cock cross her lips and disappear down her throat over and over. After about two minutes of this, Joe stiffened and said, “Oh shit I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum in my mouth. Please!” Tracy said as she deepthroated his cock once more. Joe grabbed ahold of Tracy’s head and forcefully thrust his cock deep into her mouth. He held her head there for what seemed like minutes as his cock convulsed, sending his spunk into my wife’s eager mouth.

Tracy was a trooper as always and eagerly swallowed his considerable load, gob by gob. Joe eventually finished and released Tracy’s head. His cock slowly slid from her mouth and as she let it go, a long string of thick cum kept them connected for a brief moment. Tracy slurped it up loudly and fell back on the couch, out of breath.

Joe laid his head back with his eyes closed, also spent. Steve and I looked at each other and simultaneously began applauding. Tracy opened her eyes and smiled broadly. “Oh shut up,” she said. “Who’s next?”

Steve looked at me and I shrugged. He then stood up and walked over to Tracy. He undressed completely revealing a thin, but muscular build with no body hair. His cock stuck straight out in front of him and was at least nine inches long and thin.

Tracy sat up and reached out for his cock, immediately taking it into her mouth. “Ummm,” she hummed around his shaft. She played with his balls while she sucked his cock. She looked up at one point and said, “Wow, you have huge balls. Are you a big cummer?”

Steve laughed and said, “Keep doing that and you’ll find out!” He then pressed his hands against her shoulders and pushed her back against the couch. In one smooth movement, he firmly inserted his rigid member into her used pussy causing her to release a surprised squeal.

Steve held his cock inside her as deeply as he could for almost a minute while he and Tracy kissed. He released their embrace and began pumping his length into her.

He began to quicken his pace and pretty soon he was fucking for all he was worth. Tracy obviously enjoyed this, but I figured her pleasure would be short lived at this pace. Surprisingly, Steve maintained his furious assault of Tracy’s pussy for at least five minutes.

She looked at me with glazed eyes as she came extremely hard. She closed her eyes and I looked back down at their union. Steve had slowed down and there was a mass of white cum running out of Tracy’s cunt and down her crack, hanging off of Steve’s balls and pooling on the couch. It looked like he must have put a gallon of spunk in my wife!

I sat there extremely aroused as I watch Steve continue to pump in and out of Tracy’s sloppy twat. He seemed to have no intention of stopping and she was clearly ready to cum again. “Oh fuck, your cum feels so good inside me. I’m going to cum again.

OH SHIT!” Tracy began to convulse and buck underneath Steve as he again increased his pace. She was flushed and looked like she might pass out as she continued to cum for at least two minutes. Finally, Steve stiffened and unloaded another enormous blast of hot cum inside her.

When he rolled off, exhausted, his remnants ran in rivers out of her swollen, sodden snatch. She reached down in vain to try to contain it, but instead just smeared it around her pussy, thighs and belly. She scooped up a handful and rubbed it on her tits and then licked her fingers clean. The strong smell of sex hung in the air.

I sat there gaping in shock. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. I was so turned on I felt like I was on some kind of drug. I stood up and took off my pants, planning to have my turn in her wonderfully messy pussy. When I looked down, however, I noticed that my cock was no longer hard. I also noticed that my underwear was full of cum. I don’t know how many times I came, but when I think back on it, it was probably three or four. I laughed and threw them over by Tracy’s clothes.

Tracy laid there on the sofa for a while and Steve brought her a warm wet towel. He gently wiped all the cum off of her legs, belly and chest. She smiled and purred at the kind attention. I noticed he didn’t wipe her pussy, however, and this made me really happy.

I just love to fuck her pussy when it is full of someone else’s cum and I was beginning to feel the familiar stir in my cock. I got up and walked over to Tracy, contemplating trying to fuck her when I noticed Joe had the same plan. His cock was fully erect and he knelt on the couch at Tracy’s feet. He reached up and gingerly fingered her used cunt. When he parted her swollen pussy lips, another large glob of cum ran out. “Ooh,” she said, giggling.

Undeterred, Joe climbed on top of Tracy and slid his cock into her. He fucked her with a determined steadiness accompanied by the slosh of the mixed juices. Before long, he arched his back and grunted. He clenched his butt and you could see his balls tighten and then rhythmically contract as he shot another load into Tracy.

He held his cock inside her briefly and then withdrew. Tracy sat up slightly and looked down at her pussy. This was enough to cause Joe’s cum to gush out of her. His load seemed almost as big as Steve’s and flowed freely out of her onto the towel she was now laying on.

“Oh my god! You guys cum so much!” Tracy laughed as she again wiped the gooey white spunk around her pussy and thighs. This was all I could take and asked Joe to excuse me as I prepared to mount Tracy’s waiting pussy. Like I said, I love to have sloppy seconds and this was some kind of record.

As I rubbed my aching dick along her soaked slit I could smell the strong muskiness of all the intermingled sex. Tracy looked at me and said, “Go on, get yours in there!” I slowly slid my cock into her soaked and swollen cunt. The swollen walls of her tunnel grasped my shaft and held it firmly. I paused for about two seconds and then unloaded what seemed like ten gallons of sperm into her.

“There you go,” said Tracy with a smile as she closed her eyes again. I felt suddenly very tired and couldn’t keep my eyes open. When I awakened several hours later, I was back in my bed at home. Tracy was lying next to me and the sheets around me were soaked in stick goo. She rolled over and laughed, “Let me guess, more dreams of you getting to see me fuck. Did they all cum in me? How many guys were there this time?”

“Yeah, it was great,” I said sleepily. “We definitely have to try that sometime, OK?”

“OK,” she said. “Someday I will be your whore and you can have your sloppy seconds.”

“I love you,” I said.

“Weirdo,” she responded, giggling.




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