This Is How I Met Girl In A Bar

Hey Guys, I am Samir from Chandigarh. I am 25 years old and working in a software company.

I am having a decent sex life as I’m not married yet. People have had a notion about Indian women that they are a little conservative, but once you get them going they can rock your world. I am going to tell you about a girl, with whom I had an amazing hookup a few days back.


I went to Noida a few months back due to my office work. I had to stay there for two months due to some client project.

It was a Friday, and after office hours I decided to go out for a party. So I decided will take a night out. I decided to go to the bar of the Hotel where I was staying to have some drinks for fun and then dinner. I was wearing black jeans and a casual T-Shirt. I got to the bar and ordered a drink for myself. Just sitting in the lounge area I noticed a hot girl across the bar drinking a beer and looking at me. I didn’t bother making any eye contact.

To describe her, she was around 5’8 tall, 32C bust size (which came to know while having fun), nice shaped ass, and had a very cute face. She was wearing a maroon one-piece dress showing off her cleavage and tight-ass crack.

I looked back, stood up, and walked up to her. I started the conversation by saying,

Me: lovely dress

Her: thanks

I thought she was astonished by my pickup line.

Me: The name is Samir and you?

She thought for a second suddenly said Palki.

Me: Oh you’re Indian? You seem like a foreigner

Palki: Yeah I’m an Indian.

I just smiled and said very nice, I had made her comfortable with me and there was no awkwardness.

Palki: I never spoke to guys in the bar and generally the ones with cheesy pickup lines, but you could hold a conversation. I like that. Then she said I need a drink.

Me: Sure!! Which one? By the way, I’m staying at this hotel only and have a private room with a private pool for my special guests.

Palki: She laughed and said vodka with lemonade.

While having her drink she asked if I was serious about the room and pool thing. I told her yes, I’m not joking.

Palki: Do you mind if I see it?

I told the waiter to send the drink to my room and started going towards my room. I realized that I was walking to my room with a stranger girl, but for some reason, I liked that feeling. I walked up to the room and scanned my card.

Palki: It’s a stunning, amazing room with a Jacuzzi, a bar, and a lovely setting with a round couch, wonder what you’re guests do here?

Me: I smiled and said you have no idea, and we both just laughed.

We sat and spoke about each other and stuff, she didn’t realize she had a lot of drinks down and the A.C in the room was making her nipples perky.

I’m not wearing any bra, she said. As she noticed I was checking out her boobs. I apologized for making her uncomfortable. I walked to the edge of the Jacuzzi and turned it on.

Me: Can we go for a swim?

She kind of lost herself and was not sure what to say.

I walked up the edge and took off my T-shirt and jeans. She noticed my six packs in skimpy boxer shorts walking into the Jacuzzi. I told her to join me. She walked up to the edge and unzipped her dress from the back and let it drop on the floor, I was looking at her erect nipples and she covered them with one hand and walked into the warm water.

Then the bell of my room rang and the bartender asked me would that be all?

I looked at him and said, leave us a bottle of vodka and you can leave. He did so and left.

Me: You have kept yourself well maintained, looking at her half tits visible in the water.

Palki: Ohh!!! You notice.

Me: Well, that body cannot go unnoticed.

I poured the drink into the glass and passed it to her. I started to realize that she might end up cheating on her husband tonight but was trying to stop both of us. I went inside the tub and sat next to her. Before she could do anything, I pulled her closer and started to kiss her. It was an amazing kiss.

I was so lost in her kiss and I started to move my hands on her tits and started to fondle them, Ahhhhhmmmm!!! It feels so good she said.

Palki: I wanted to see what you had in store?

I held her hands and kept them on my 7.5 inches hard monster standing right up.

Palki: Is it real?

Me: 100% baby.

I started to kiss her neck and my head was burning with pleasure. I moved my hands to her boobs and started fondling them. Then I started to rub her clean-shaven pussy and pushed one finger inside it and was biting her boobs with my mouth. I was moving in ecstasy. I was controlling her and she started shouting, baby don’t you stop, I am gonna cum. Oooo baby yeah!!! And I stopped and pulled her up and put her on the edge and I started to lick her pussy. You taste nice I said.

She moaned Ahhhhaaaaaa fuck baby lick it, lick that pussy. I was going at it like an animal, my tongue was licking her pussy and she was nearing an orgasm. I pushed my head into her pussy, cum on me Baby.

I wanna cum soo hard, she said. I was fingering her even faster and suddenly she reached her orgasm and she said, I have never cummed so hard.

I just smiled and said the party has just begun. She took a few minutes and then got up and slipped back into the water. Time to return the favor? I stepped up on the edge and removed my shorts and she was gazing at my dick, a 7.5 inches thick piece of monster. Before I could say anything she held it with both hands and took it inside her mouth.

Palki: To be honest I love cocks, my husband’s cock is not this big and I want to be a bitch tonight.

She knew I was gonna fuck her hard with my dick. She was sucking my dick and licking my balls and I was moaning along, I asked her to suck it hard and I was holding her wet hair and pushing her mouth onto my dick. She loved my dick and wanted to suck it. You better cum, she said. Like this I surely won’t last long, I said and exploded a cum shot in her mouth.

She could barely swallow it and it went on. She kept licking my dick and then I suddenly pushed her head back and got a little rough. Gonna give this Indian pussy a hard pounding, I said and picked her up and put her on the edge of the Jacuzzi. I started to suck her boobs and bite them, I was getting rough with her and she liked it. I bit her on her boobs and left marks over there.

Don’t leave marks please, I don’t wanna tell my husband about this session, she said. But I didn’t stop and bit her shoulder. I said, he needs to know what slut wife he has, and stood up and pulled her legs apart and stuck my dick into her pussy. Ahhhhaaaaaa fuck, it’s huge. I feel your husband doesn’t satisfy you, I said.

I need rough and dirty sex she said. Ahhhhaaaaaa fuck!!! I love it she said.

I started thrusting her hard, with every thrust I was reaching my orgasm. She was going crazy and said I never had a big dick of this sort inside me. Then I bent forward and started to suck her boobs once again.

She said I’m gonna cum fuck me harder Ahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa.

Then I started to fuck her harder and said you will be fucked by me whenever I want and will be my fuck toy till I demand, or I will stop.

Palki: No please don’t stop, I will do anything for this dick. Fuck me harder. I will be you’re fuck toy. You can fuck me anytime.

I started to push my dick deeper and faster. You watch what I’m gonna do to you. I will turn you into a slut and keep pounding her for good 15 minutes.

I turned her around and started to fuck her from behind. I kept calling her a whore.

She said you love this whore, don’t you? Hearing this, I pulled her hair and said you’re my whore from now and you will forget what you’re husband’s dick feels like and I bit her neck leaving body marks all over.

I kept fucking her, and then I pulled out and turned her over and sat in the Jacuzzi. She just moved back to me and slid my dick back into her pussy and faced me. I was fucking her like anything, and she was enjoying riding my dick.

I was sucking her boobs and said, your husband has not used his slut properly. She kissed me and said, he doesn’t fuck me like a slut. I said I will use this body tonight for myself and I started to fuck her again. I was gonna cum. Bitch you gonna make me cum, where do you want ii, I said?

It’s gonna be inside you, you like it or not?”.

She looked at me and said, do you think I give a fuck what happens to me, I want that cum in my pussy.

Hearing this, I gave a final thrust and shot load after load in her pussy and we came together. After a few minutes, I took my dick out of her pussy and got up. Then I poured a drink and said, you are an awesome Slut. She just smiled and went into the shower.

She cleaned up and walked out of the shower. She was going toward the bed, but I held her from behind. My dick was hard again and I was fondling her boobs from the back.

Palki: Haven’t you had enough of me?

Me: No and I pushed her on the bed and got on top of her. Tonight you’re my slut and I am gonna fuck you like anything. Saying this I pulled her closer and pushed my dick back into her. I started fucking her hard again and was fondling her boobs.

She loved it and I kept fucking her.

Me: You’re a slut and I’m gonna fuck your very hard tonight.

She was getting fucked by me and was not even resisting. I fucked for another 10 minutes and we switched to the cowgirl position. I kept rubbing my hands on her boobs.

Then I held her hips and said I am gonna cum, ride me harder bitch and I exploded inside her pussy and laid next to her.

We fell asleep naked and she woke up before me. When I woke up, she got dressed and said goodbye to me. I asked her about tonight’s plan. She just smiled and said how can I say no?

I knew she had turned into a slut and was gonna ride me tonight. After that, she gave me her number and came to my room at night again and we had a lot of fun.



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