They lubricated me with their fingers Part 2

Dinner was a much more informal affair broken up into smaller tables and she found herself at a table with two women and five guys including Rob’s immediate superior, Jack, a mid 40s guy who had been sitting beside her the previous night.

She was pleased when this very senior company guy told her she looked fabulous. Drink flowed and after dinner there was a group with dancing and Jack asked her to dance in a slow number. Once again he was very complimentary about her dress and what was in it and she felt his hands on her rear.

It did get quite warm and a bit noisy for conversation so Rob suggested that they take their drinks out to the lobby. She was surprised that Jack joined them but she had had enough to drink to be flattered by this and their rather ribald comments about how much tit and thigh she had on display. Jack said she was quite the sexiest woman at the conference.

By the time Rob suggested they call it a night she was quite intoxicated and happy to accept his and Jack’s offer of a nightcap in Jack’s suite. Thinking back she should have realised that she ‘was on the menu’ when she saw two bottles of champagne chilling.

She was sitting back with a glass of bubbly showing a lot of thigh and leg on one of the sofas, when Rob asked Jack did he not think she was one of the best looking women at the conference. They all smiled when Jack said, she certainly was and one of the sexiest.

Rob said “I hope she is going to show us just how sexy she really is.”

He pulled her to her feet and began kissing and groping her and as she responded she felt Jack come up behind her and join the action.

Her dress soon came off leaving her in just string and thigh highs and she was rather propelled into the bedroom where the guys lost their clothes.

The rest of the night was a bit of a blur with lots of champagne for her and lots of cock as they double teamed her in every way possible. They were quite demanding and a bit rough and her mouth, tits, pussy and ass were well used. When she went into the bathroom in the morning she was shocked to see finger mark bruises on her tits, thighs and ass and her anus was not only gaping but was bleeding slightly from being ripped by the traffic it had taken with both guys sodomising her several times.

The guys were really complimentary about her performance but although she had quite enjoyed the experience she was wondering how she was going to hide her bruises from hubby.

The short answer was that she couldn’t, and had to admit what had happened. As they needed her salary he accepted that she would have to continue working but tell her boss that what had happened was a ‘one off’. She agreed to this and apart from a couple of sessions with Rob had stuck to it but hubby and she had never had the same connection after this.

As she recounted this tale I became fully erect again and seeing this she bent down and kissing my cock murmured, “I’d forgotten how quickly young guys recover”.

I grinned and murmured “Especially, when a beautiful woman with great tits, pretty pussy and a fantastic ass promises a lot more sex.”

She smiled and said, “I’m all yours what do you want?”

Pushing my luck I grated, “I’d really love to fuck your ass.”

She grinned and said, “I thought you might, haven’t done a lot of anal, just a few times with hubby and the night with my two bosses and their cocks weren’t as thick as yours. But if you’re careful I’m up for trying it when I get lubed up.”

She brought back a tube of KY jelly and ‘assumed the position’ bent over the bed with her rear in the air. I parted her pretty little hips to reveal and then lick her pretty little tight looking anus before gently lubricating and inserting one, then two lubricated fingers.”

She wriggled her ass a bit saying it was quite pleasant and lubricating the head of my cock I gently pressed it against her anal ring. She moaned a bit but obviously keen to please pushed back against me until the head of my cock passed through the tight ring and into her bowels.

I pushed in a bit gently and holding her hips suggest she move back on to me taking my cock at the best rate for her. With a few moans she eased back and I was soon embedded in her ass with my balls resting in her bum cleavage. When I said “That wasn’t too bad was it?”

She moaned, “Hell you’re big I’ve never felt so filled up but it’s not unpleasant but take it easy if you are going to ride my ass.”

I started off gently to get her used to the thrusts and when she seemed to be taking it well increased the speed until I was fucking her quite hard. Her moans increased as I increased the temp and she fell forward on the bed as I climaxed deep in her bowels. I leaned forward and asked had it been all right and she muttered, “Talk about pain and pleasure, It certainly hurt but was also exciting and I’m glad I did it.”

To my shame having ‘broken her in’ I hardened in her and asked was she up for some more.

She moaned, “I can take more if you want.”

As I started to stallion her rear again I found her responding shoving her ass back to meet my thrusts and writhing against me exhorting me to ‘fuck her ass.’

Over coffee with lots of fondling and kissing, I asked would she like to see me again. With a grin she said,”I certainly do want to see you again.” She volunteered that she only worked Monday to Wednesday so could see me on Thursdays or Fridays. When I asked did she want to go out she said, “Possibly in the future but I’ve had real fun today so what about coming to see me next Thursday morning.”

Over the next four months we met up most weeks for sex. She effectively became a ‘fuck buddy’ as we really only met up for sex in her house but before she started to get bigger I took her out for lunch on two occasions and fucked her in the car. When she was about 5mths pregnant and starting to show a bit she told me hubby was away for a few days and she would love us to go out as a couple.

I suggested she get a sitter and I’d take her away for a night to a hotel if she wore the green dress for dinner that her bosses had fucked her in. She said she would try to get in to it.

She did and although it was a bit tight I found it very sexy as it was also sculpted to her figure with the top struggling to hold in her heavier breasts and the big nipples clearly on display. It was also sculpted to her much larger rear but overall was very sexy and I enjoyed a really good nights fucking with her.

I actually found the changes to her body sexy with her breasts, thighs and ass getting bigger. I loved fondling her bigger heavier breasts and tit fucked her several times and of course I continued to make good use of her thickening butt.

Apparently lots of pregnant woman get randier when they are pregnant and Debs said I was a godsend as she was horny nearly on the time. She said if I hadn’t come along she would have had to rekindle her affair with her boss.

After a couple of months, it was uncomfortable for her with me on top of her so sex was mainly oral, doggy, in the spoons position or me sodomising her. Initially I left it up to her when to call time on our sex but she was a woman who really wanted and liked cock.

She also said with her being well serviced she was a lot easier to live with and hubby and she were getting on better and had resumed a sex life although this mainly consisted of her giving him oral.

However, I felt it time to stop our sessions when she was 7mths when she thought she felt contractions after we had a very vigorous anal sex session. She had encouraged me to ‘give it to her hard up the ass’ and when I did twice in a row she felt unwell. I thought I was going to have to take her to the hospital and was really glad when she settled down.

I suggested that we give it a rest until after she had the baby as I didn’t want to hurt her or it. After giving me a blow job she did ask me to keep in touch by ‘phone and said she hoped we could resume when she had the baby if I still fancied her.

This coincided with me being given a new job with a move but I promised to keep in touch and Part2 started.

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