They lubricated me with their fingers Part 1

I was 25 and had my first job as a pharmaceutical rep. I was just under 6 ‘ slim with dark black hair and was regularly described by girls and women as gorgeous! That was nearly 40 years ago!

I was sitting in a doctor’s surgery waiting to see one of the doctors and got into conversation with one of the last patients a quite attractive late 30’s early 40’s lady. I had noticed her earlier when the surgery was fuller because she was wearing black stockings and a shortish skirt which showed off shapely legs and thighs. I couldn’t help wondering was she wearing tights or stockings. She wasn’t bad looking with shoulder length curly auburn hair and was wearing a tight fitted suit jacket over a white shirt. Overall she looked to have a slim shapely figure with quite nice tits.

We exchanged a few pleasantries and learned she lived locally and worked as a pa in one of the large local companies. She ruefully said she was glad she had taken the day off as everything had gone wrong including her car failing to start and her hubby in a bad mood because he had to take the kids to school. I learned she had two kids a girl of 10 and a boy of 4.

The doctor’s receptionist called me and I said it had been nice chatting to her and went in to see him. I was quite some time as I had a new product to introduce to him. When I came out I was slightly disappointed to see she was gone.

However as I drove up the road to my next appointment who should I see but Debbie walking up the hill. I had been right about her figure as it was slim but yet with curves in the right places shown off in her business suit which looked smart but a little too tight round what looked like a perky rear and a bit too short to look truly sophisticated but showed off very shapely legs.

When I pulled in to ask her could I give her a lift she smiled and said I was a godsend as she had hoped to get her car sorted to go back to work.

As I got out to open the door I admired her legs and thighs as her skirt rode up as she swung her legs into the car but infuriatingly I still didn’t see whether it was tights or stockings as she held her skirt down.

She grinned infectiously at me and said ” It’s my lucky day a Knight in Shining Armour and a gentleman to boot. You have certainly made a bad day better.”

She lived in quite a nice semi about three quarter of a mile away with a smart black mini in the driveway.

She invited me in for coffee and as I followed her in couldn’t help admiring her perky rear.

When she brought the coffee in to the lounge she had lost her jacket and I could see she had a good slim figure with good tits braed up in a white lacy bra.

When she sat opposite me as we drank our coffee she wasn’t quite so careful about holding her skirt down and as she crossed her legs I got a good glimpse of stocking top and a flash of creamy thigh.

When she asked was I in the habit of rescuing ‘maidens in distress’ I said, “Only the very pretty ones!”

When she asked if a gorgeous young guy like me really found her attractive I said, “I think you are absolutely gorgeous. You are very pretty with a great figure and fantastic legs. Your husband is a very lucky guy.”

She looked at me ruefully and said, “I wish he thought so.”

She admitted that her marriage had been going through a bit of a rocky period with hubby more interested in the pub and going out with his mates than her.

When I said he was mad, if she was my wife I’d never let her get out of the bedroom! She grinned then started to cry.

I got up to comfort her and took her in my arms while she sobbed.

When I asked her what was wrong she said, “Everything — I’ve had a really bad day with the car, hubby being horrible, having to call into work when we are very busy and having the doctor’s appointment.”

I said that if it helped I would see if I could get her car going again as I had ‘jump leads’ in my car.

I saw the semblance of a smile as she murmured, “You really are nice but I think you’ve done enough.”

I said, “Well dry those tears and get us another coffee and I’ll get to work on the car.”

When she brought me the coffee she bent down and kissed me on the cheek and murmured, “Thanks for making an awful day bearable.”

Standing up I took her in my arms and bent down and kissed her on the forehead, and said, “Things are never as bad as they seem and if your car had started I would never have met a truly gorgeous woman.”

That made her smile and she murmured, “That really is good for my ego.”

Titling her head I kissed her on the lips. Initially there was a slight resistance and then I not only found that she was kissing me back but that she rather melted against me. As our tongues sought each others, I felt myself getting hard as I felt her slim but shapely body against me.

She didn’t resist so I ran one of my hands up to cup and fondle one of her breasts and met no resistance and if anything our tongues got even busier. When I reached down and grabbing one of her pert high riding buttocks, I pulled her hard against my erection she moaned, “This is wrong but you are so bloody beautiful.”

I murmured “No you are beautiful, I fancied you as soon as I saw you.”

And taking her hand I placed it on my erection and murmured, “You can see how much I fancy you and want you.”

Pulling out of our kiss she looked up at me with her infectious grin, ran her hand over my engorged cock and balls and murmured, “It certainly appears you do fancy me, that cock is unbelievably hard.”

Emboldened I opened her shirt to reveal a pretty front loading push up white lace bra framing a nice pair of breasts which I later found out to be 34bs. When I opened the bra it was clear that her tits didn’t really need the support of the push up bra as they were firm and high riding with exciting almost 1″ long nipples which were fully erect. I pulled off her shirt and bra to leave her breasts with their erect nipple standing proud.

She moaned as I bent down to suck one and deciding to ‘go for broke’ I put my hand up her skirt to claim her pussy and found that her knickers were damp — it appeared she had been wanting me a lot sooner than when we first embraced — she later confirmed that.

She moaned as I pushed her knickers aside and pushed two fingers into her cunt before moaning, “I shouldn’t be doing this but I want you to take me to bed.”

When I heard this I got her to step out of her skirt to reveal her suspenders, creamy ripe thighs and high cut white lacey knickers covering what looked like a neat cunt.

When I said. “You really do have a fantastic body.”

She grinned and murmured, “I shouldn’t be doing this but let’s go to bed.”

When she turned and I saw her pert high riding buttocks in her high cut knickers with a sliver of cloth parting them I didn’t need to be asked twice and I followed them up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, she initially appeared indecisive about where she was taking me but then turned and grinned wickedly saying, “I was going to take you my daughter’s room but then I thought I’d rather have you fucking my brains out in my own bed.”

She led me through to a rather nice room with a king size bed before lying back on the bed thighs open and saying, “Now you’ve seen my body let me see yours.”

I stripped quickly and as I dropped my boxers my engorged cock stood to attention.

She murmured, “You’re gorgeous and your penis is awesome — come here I want to kiss that.”

She sat up and as I stood between her thighs she gently grabbed my balls with one hand and holding my very rigid cock with the other kissed the tip of it. She murmured,”You really are big and so hard.”

She smiled when I said, “It’s hard because I find you fantastically sexy.”.

Looking up she grinned and whispered, “I’m going to show you how sexy I can be. I want you to fuck me in every way possible starting with my mouth.”

With one hand groping her tit and the other the back of her head I fed my 7.5″ into her mouth and throat.

She seemed keen to take my cock and we developed into a fairly good routine with her taking it deep into her throat and I was obviously excited by the thought of fucking this slim mature ‘in every way possible’. After about 5 minutes of face fucking her when her finger first stroked my anus and then penetrated it, I shot my load into her mouth. Although it was quite a load which she struggled to swallow she obviously wanted to please as with a cheeky grin she used her finger to collect the excess from her lips and teasingly proclaimed it ‘very nice’.

With another sexy smile she held on to my balls and murmured, “You’re still hard — I think we are going to have real fun.”

I kissed her and pushing her back on to the bed I said, “That was really good let me return the compliment.”

I pulled her knickers off to reveal a very pretty shaven cunt with a little auburn ‘landing strip’. As I bent down to tongue her clit and finger fuck she smelled and tasted good. She was obviously heavily aroused as about 5-10 minutes in, she clamped her long slim thighs round me and climaxed very noisily.

As she came down I opened her thighs and mounted her. Once again about 5-10 minutes of hard riding brought her to another noisy climax. As she writhed beneath me I dismounted and pulling her up to a position leaning on the bed I mounted her doggy. She had a very pert prominent rump and thrust it up to be ridden as I pounded her pussy to another noisy climax for her. As she came off I too let the floodgates go and filled her pussy up.

We both fell back on the bed temporarily sated and as we cuddle up together with me groping her firmish little breasts and her my cock and balls. I said, “Sorry for spunking in you without asking, I hope you’re on the pill.”

With a rueful grin she murmured, “You don’t have to worry, I’m 2-3 months pregnant.” She went on to say that that on top of everything else that news at the doctors, had made for a pretty dreadful day until I had come along and really cheered her up.

I have to say I had a whole range of emotions and questions at the news I had just fucked a mature married and pregnant woman.

I learned that it was not planned as hubby and she hadn’t had much sex after she had an affair after the birth of her son. They rarely had sex and only then the odd jump on and off after he had a few drinks. She said she really enjoyed good sex and missed it and with a grin said, “That little session was a lot better than I have been having with my vibrator and I hope you are up for a lot more!”

She suggested a coffee to give me time to recover and rather bounced out of bed with her perky tits bouncing. As I watched her ripe jutting buttocks framed by the stockings and suspenders leave the bedroom, my cock hardened as I thought “You are going to get a lot more cock in that little ass.”

As we drank our coffee I asked about her ‘affair’. She told me that In fact this had happened because hubby wasn’t servicing her regularly and she was vulnerable because she wanted and needed good sex. Although Rob, her early 30s boss, and she had been flirting for some time before and after the ‘affair.’ it had been low key in nature and more about him paying her compliments if she wore tight short skirts and asking what colour of knickers she was wearing. She grinned when she said to tease him she often did wear shorter skirts and flash her knickers.

Nothing would probably have come of it until the factory was up for a performance award in London and he asked her to accompany him. He gave her a £500 bonus to get something to wear at the two dinners they would be attending.. When she asked what sort of thing should she wear he said something, tight, low cut and short to show off her tits, ass and ‘those wonderful legs’. She felt terribly extravagant and added to the budget to get a couple of sensational dresses.

When he picked her up at her room he looked very handsome in his tuxedo and was really pleased at her choice of dress which he described as sensational. When she asked did it show too much he grinned and said “For me not enough but for the dinner just right.”

She was really pleased as she thought she did look well in the more conservative black dress, which with a push up bra showed a bit of cleavage and at about 4″ above the knee a bit of thigh.

At the pre dinner drinks reception he was very attentive and introduced her all round as his invaluable assistant. Throughout the meal he kept her drink well topped up and sitting between him and another senior manager the conversation flowed and she felt that she really did fit in. When it was announced that their plant had been runner-up in performance she was relaxed enough to peck him on the lips.

She probably had drunk more than she should and was relaxed enough to let him put his arm round her as he led her to the lift to escort her to her room. As they stopped outside her room she pecked him on the lips to thank him for a great night and before she knew what was happening his tongue was halfway down her throat.

He came in for a ‘nightcap’ and they ended up in bed. He was a good lover and gave her several climaxes with his tongue and cock before going back to his room. He had had her mouth a couple of times and her pussy from the front and doggy. She was still on a high when she met him for breakfast and he said, “I had a wonderful night. You looked sensational, and were every bit in good in bed as I thought you would be.”

He told her the day ahead would be busy but the evening ahead would be a lot less formal and more relaxed as people rather let their hair down before heading home.

When she grinned and said she had heard that and bought an even more special dress for that evening he said “Your dress last night was pretty spectacular, I heard a lot of comments about you. What is tonight’s going to be like?”

He said “Wow!” When she said, “Shorter, tighter and showing a lot more of my boobs in fact if its OK with you I’ll be leaving very little to the imagination — I hope you don’t think it’s too much.”

It was a busy day and as they relaxed in the bar after a drink he said “Thank goodness that is over, just a quite informal dinner tonight and then we party.” He said he would meet her at her room at 7.00 to go down for a pre party drink.

As she luxuriated in the bath prior to getting ready her hand had strayed to her pussy and clit thinking back to the night before and looking forward to the night to come she brought herself to her first climax of the night.

She was delighted with the dark green dress when she put it on. She had made up heavier than normal and unlike the night before when she had put up her auburn hair she let it hang in curls round her face. The dress had a halter neck which showed off her shoulders and was quite plunging at the front and obviously she had to go braless which showed off her cleavage, her high riding breasts and her nipples through the slinky material.

It was a bit shorter than she had originally thought about 6-7 inches above the knee and clung really well round her hips. She wore ‘thigh high’s as it would have shown off her suspender belt but as she had said to Rob, it left little to the imagination as it put all her assets on show.

She thought she was glad she had a white sheer wrap to make it look more professional.

He was very complimentary about her dress telling her that her tits, ass and legs looked superb in it.

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