The Slutty Virgin

“Will you hurry up Ava, damn… You’re so extra… We’re just going to Cubboost, not Rome. Sheesh girl, you’re an adult, not twelve. Why do you always take so long to get dressed?” my twin scolded me…


“Can you leave me alone, Caroline, I have to look good… When I dress down, that’s the time that I see the people from Campus. So just give me at least twenty more minutes, OK?

“Fine, but hurry up, you know mom and dad will be upset if we are late to dinner.”

Exactly twenty minutes later, I came down the stairs, and we left.

When we arrived at the restaurant, my sister gave the waitress our names, and she guided us to our table.

Kissing our parents, we sat and placed our order.

As the night progressed, I noticed that there was a guy that keep staring at our table.

At first, I thought that he was looking at me, then I realized that he was blatantly staring at my Caroline.

Just then, the waitress brought our meals and I got distracted and forgot about him… Dad said a word of prayer, and we dug in.

“Mmmm, this is delicious you guys,” I moaned out.

“How can you come here every time, and order the same thing, and find it delicious Ava,” my mum inquired.

“It’s delicious mum because Caroline didn’t make it,” I responded.

“Shut up Ava, you know that I don’t like to cook,” replied Caroline.

“Girls, girls, behave. Ava leave your sister alone,” mom said, playing referee as usual.

Spooning a piece of fish into my mouth, when I got the feeling as if I was being watched.

My goosebumps raised just as I happened to glance across another table, and noticed an very much older gentleman.

He was gorgeous.

I made eye contact with him. He had the greenest eyes that I’ve ever seen in my life.

He was sitting four tables away with his family.

Lifting his glass to me, as if in a silent toast.

All through the night, we seem to be in each other’s sight.

After my dinner, I excused myself to use the restroom.

Opening the door, and about to lock it, I saw a hand stopping the door from closing.

It’s the guy from the restaurant.

He comes in, locked the door, and began backing me into the wall.

All the while never breaking eye contact. He then lifts me, and places me on the sink, he opens my legs and took down my panties, placing them in his pockets.

Raising my dress, he bent down and inhaled my pussy, groaning.

He began licking and sucking my pussy lips.

I grabbed onto his hair and pulled him into me.

Flicking his tongue and sucking my clit harder, until I came in his mouth…

Raising, he licked his lips and kisses me, letting me taste myself. He then pulls away.

Unbuckling his pants, as he puts on a condom and just as he was about to thrust into me, I said, “I’m a virgin!”

Groaning he said, “Kiss me, and don’t stop until the stinging subsides.”

So along with the lubrication from the condom, he used spit to make the process much more comfortable for me.

Gripping onto his shoulder and wrapping my legs around his torso, we kissed with passion, when suddenly, I felt this pressure and a stinging sensation in my pussy.

He stopped, looked at me, then said, “Get ready Princess, I’m about to take my dessert. Open up and give me all of you,” as he began thrusting into me.

I met his thrust, as he bit onto my shoulders, thrusting harder. Wrapping his hands around my neck, he squeezed, until am about to pass out.

I welcomed this sweet torture.

Taking down the straps to my dress he took my nipples into his mouth, biting painfully into my flesh then blowing on it.

I threw my head back and groaned. He commands me to cum. As I do, I screamed and bucked my hips for him.

“You are a wonderful fuck Princess.”

“Are you a virgin here as well?” He inquired, as he touched my asshole.

“Not for a very long time,” I whispered to him.

Taking his cock out of me, he began to play with my ass, until I thrust into his hand.

Placing his cock at the entrance of my asshole, he thrust until all was inside.

Then he began to fuck me as if it was his last meal. It doesn’t take us long before we both came together.

Removing his cock and squatting in front of me, he licked my pussy clean.

Standing, he straightened my dress, and said in a rich British accent, “I’m keeping your panties, and by the way, thanks for dessert”.

Fixing his pants, he then escorted me back to my table, acknowledged my family, then went back to his own.

Leaving me with my pussy feeling even wetter than before.

Gazing at each other across the way, he sniffs his fingers, smiling at me.

When our dinner was over, everyone got their belongings and left. As I was about to leave, I took one final look at him, as he took out my panties from his pocket and inhales.

Opening my eyes in surprise, I sprinted out of the building and into the car.

Just then, I got a message on my phone. When I took it out of my purse to read it, I saw this.

“That was a delicious dessert Ava, see you at Campus on Monday.

Make sure to come into my office and collect your treat promptly at seven AM. I’d keep it warm for you.”

Signed Mr. Ferguson. Your Principal.

“P.S. Your ass gets tastier and tighter every time that I fuck it.”

Putting the phone back into my purse, I drove off, excited for tomorrow.




The author does not condone child abuse or incest, this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life.

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