The Naughty Girl Comes Out To Play

It pleased him that she might be thinking the celebration was over. She could not be more wrong.

He paused her at the restaurant’s entrance. “I have a surprise for a naughty girl. Would you know any of those?”

Flustered but intrigued, she covered quickly, “as a matter of fact, I do.”

“Then,” Alex’s finger relished a slow journey over the luscious scape between her breasts, “she’ll have to follow my instructions, no questions asked. Do you think she could manage that?”


A strong and accomplished woman, asking Suki to agree to this, Alex knew, was no minor request.

Biting her lip, she nodded, the insistent tone of his voice making her damp.

“Take this to the restroom,” he dropped a spiked black leather collar into her purse, “come out wearing only your shoes, your coat, the collar… and your sluttiest smile.”

It was clear to her now why he had been so insistent that she wear the long faux fur and carry her larger purse. At least he wasn’t demanding she parade around the place naked. Fighting the urge to flee, she navigated the path to the back of the restaurant on legs weak with excitement.

Once she was out of sight, Alex texted Hunter and Brad; “It’s on.”

She was an exhilarating mixture of excitement and fear. Alex clearly had a plan. He had never done anything like this. She knew he had her best interests at heart.

Her lacy panties were soaked as she drew them down her long legs.

Having concealed everything in the bag, she checked that she was covered — covered as much as she could be. She was showing far more cleavage than she would like, which excited her to no end.

A ravishingly hot woman greeted her in the mirror as she stepped out of the bathroom stall. It took her a moment to realize it was her.

The coat’s fur was electric on her skin as she navigated back through the crowded room. She did her best to not be obvious, she could only hope that no one knew what the collar meant. Somehow in the chaos of the dining room, she was screaming sexiness, and attracting glances from both sexes.

She forgot all of that when she saw how Alex’s eyes drank in her beauty as she approached. It was as if she were the only person in the room.

She pressed her damp panties into his hand, knowing he loved anything to do with her pussy. He gazed into her eyes, smiling appreciatively as he savored her warm wetness.

“Good girl,” he held the door for her.

He encircled her in his arms as the valet brought round the car, “You’re radiant this way.”

In spite of her best effort, it was impossible to get into the car without the coat falling open. She maintained a graceful demeanor, but it was clear from the valet’s expression she had made his day.

Alex tipped him anyway.

He adjusted his erection as he belted in.

All bets were now off, everything from here on was virgin territory between the two of them. It was wild, and she loved every second of it. She was only slightly surprised when, reaching into the backseat, Alex produced a black velvet blindfold, demanding she put it on. She briefly considered cheating, but choosing to go fully in, she adjusted it so that she truly could not see a thing.

Alex caressed her bare knee as he drove. He turned up the car music, confounding her attempts to sense their location by sound.

It was painful to make small talk as she tried to appear calm and unaffected as she was tracking the turns and stops. Whenever she felt she had it, a smell or a sound would confound her most promising theory.

She had just surrendered to the moment when the car decelerated to a gentle stop.

It was no easy task to contain his excitement as Alex came round and opened her door. She was a bare nerve in the cool night air. Damp flowers nearby were blooming. Not far away, a medium sized dog barked.

“Are we here?” Suki asked expectantly, hoping for permission to take off the blindfold.

“We are,” a delicious vulnerability washed over her. Her mind was racing with all of the lewd secret fantasies she’d never tell anyone.

She accepted Alex’s deep kiss, feeling it all the way down to her womb. His hand slid inside her coat, lifting her breast as he took her mouth with his tongue. She found his hard cock and gave it a gentle pull through his pants. It didn’t register that this was outside on the street, though Alex had taken care to ensure that there was no one to see them.

He led her forward, his gentle support ensuring her safety. The temperature changed as they passed into a warm, welcoming room populated by the scent of candles. Soft music played. Something smelled sweet, something smokey. Somehow, she felt the space was large and open.

Sliding the coat from her shoulders, he made her stand, naked, as he fitted cuffs at her wrists.

“Click your fingers.”

She complied in her best beatnik style.

“That is your safeword.”

She was now officially terrified, intrigued — and dripping.

Tenderly Alex stretched her out on a soft bed. He drew her arms above her head, fastening the cuffs to ropes.

Stepping back, Alex’s eyes drank in her beautiful body. As often as he had seen her naked, she took his breath away every time. Her taut skin flowed over her feminine frame. Her ripe breasts rose and fell with her breath. It had all gone so well, and now it was finally happening.

Smiling, Hunter and Brad offered him a Bourbon. They quietly touched their glasses together, in tribute to the heavenly vision before them. They had shared the same drink weeks earlier as they laid out their perverse plan.

Hunter gave them each a feather and they took up positions around the bed.

Suki held the conviction that she was actually in her home, tied in the guest room bed, which she had never actually ever slept in.

A feather traced her collar bone. She tracked closely the sensation over her shoulders, along her neck, her face, and then ever so sweetly over the swelling globes of her perfect breasts. The sensation was a velvet sleigh ride. Her breathing deepened and slowed. Her tensions released, as the touch journeyed the vistas of her skin.

She let the cares of life fade away, and for these brief moments there was only the sensations on her skin. It had been a very long time since she had space to feel so deeply.

There was a second feather.

Too lost in the exquisite sensations, she didn’t question her image of Alex with a feather in each hand. It was in fact in Brad’s hand, who knew very well that she had not yet figured it out. He matched Alex’s pace as he traced along the defined muscles of her arms, taking care in her pits to touch but not tickle. Gliding over the taught skin of her breasts, he slalomed the black diamond runs of her slopes, slowing to investigate the bumpy edges on the rim of her dark rose areola — now forming up hard and inviting.

Deep in her mind, her arousal was starting to whisper after her attention.

Could it possibly be a third feather now at her forehead just where her hair stopped? She relished its touch as it entangled lightly in her brows, tugging them deliciously.

It travelled down her nose, lingering agonizingly close to a tickle.

At her nipple, feathered fingers, a million tiny tongues, touched every particle in her achingly erect point. Warm surges were shooting directly to her clit, making her effort to keep her legs together the singular result of a heroic, ill fated, act of her rapidly dissolving rational self.

She became aware of the warm ooz of her cunt. It ached for touch. She slid her feet apart, knowing Alex could never resist the invitation.

A warm hand lifted her foot, she let it. A hand lifted the other one — more gently. Different. A hand of a different texture and size.

Shit, there were two different hands.

There were two people touching her. A wave rose up inside her. A moan escaped her mouth; she pulled at the ropes as a warm wet contraction avalanched down her vagina.

“God! Alex!”

“You fucker!

“I love it!”

Her legs were in capable hands, expertly massaging her feet, but involuntarily she drew them up and wide. Brad and Hunter exchanged a smile as they admired the smoldering beauty before them. Her distended clit was a beacon in the gleaming wet folds of her aching yoni.

Standing at her head, Alex bent down and whispered in her ear; “Do you think the naughty girl is ready to be bad tonight?”

A breathless “Uh ha,” was all she could summon.

Brad offered some warm oil. They each set about painting the statuesque beauty before them. They moved gently over her taut body as she rolled and waved beneath their fingers. It became a dance as she spoke to them through her response, and they in turn explored and sampled her luscious textures and shapes. Though they singularly avoided her smoldering crotch, Brad and Hunter arrived each at the base camps of the breasts, just in time to prepare their ascent. She could almost have come as their skilled hands shaped the forms of her breasts, squeezing, grazing, scratching. The spires of her nipples, now flush dark brown, pointed heavenwards as they rose and bent under the two men’s touch. She was going to cum if they didn’t stop soon.

Alex was naked, his erection full. He stood so it hovered over her face.

He motioned for the other two to undress, as he bent his engorged cock down to touch its tip to her lips. She tongued it with relish, lubricating it so he could slide deeper into her mouth.

She had about half his length when, straddling her head with his knees, he lay down over her body. His arms under her legs, his fingers laced in the insides of her labia, he stretched open her luscious gash to the benefit of the two others, now naked and ready.

Alex visited gentle licks around her clitoral hood. Her cavern opened, a pink invitation to heaven. Her thick swollen labia framed her delicate gleaming inner lips, her pinkest delights; wet and slippery. Her erect clit, presided like a gothic queen from within it’s goddess nest.

With a gentle push of his rod, Alex felt his balls on her warm face.

Hunter and Brad were both at her hips now, she felt the texture of their body hair as they held her legs high, kissing their way down.

Alex rose up, gently stroking his shaft in and out of her pliant throat. She was moaning in pleasure. It was the paradise of her fantasies. Their lips took turns tracing trails over her hips and lower belly, traveling the taut skin. Thrilling her with the promise of pleasure.

A deep moan escaped her lips as they ground out against the root of Alexs dick.

An adventurous hand brushed her labia. Involuntarily she opened and flexed her hips. She needed it. Her cunt was flowing. It needed something in it. Something big.

Alex dismounted her face. She lifted her head to get it back. She could feel him close, but he was out of reach.

His hand circled her breast, catching the nipple. With a loving tug he triggered her into a microcum, her toes contracting as a tender wave took her vagina.

Brad caressed her face as she caught his thumb, lightly, in her teeth. After a few more caress, he replaced his finger with his cock tip, admiring the sexual angel — their willing captive. Her serpent tongue travelled the underside of his shaft, just where he liked it.

In the precious keep of her hips, Hunter caressed, appreciated, and tasted. Her glistening womanhood alive and swollen with her desire, writhed aquatic and slutty. He relished her soft textures, the landscapes of her taste. Her sensitive clit.

His tongue explored to her puckered anus, holding her still by her hips, he stroked its ridges with his tongue tip. She tasted clean and divine. Her rings welcomed his oily finger, where she gripped him warmly.

Her shaven garden before him. His other fingers stroked her along the crease of her thighs, finding through her folds the firmness of her deep clit. He tapped on her through her thin skin there, until he could bear it no longer, and softly he started his tongue up through the primal valley of her. Here she was salty. Here smooth, delicate, and flavored sweetly.

She moaned around the cock she was sucking, the cock that fucked her mouth. He was using her.

An empresario at his instrument, Alex’s sensitive lips played her nipple. Without warning she was cumming. Its first waves tore open the vaults of her shame and reserve as she fucked on Hunter’s willing mouth. He drank at her goddess river.

Brad pulled free of her mouth, partly to tease her, partly to delay his own ejaculation, but mostly so because he feared she might bite him in her death throes.

They looked at Alex, all was well.

She was still afloat in the stars as Alex freed her hands of the ropes. He lay on his back, guiding her hips over his own. His cock filled her willing tunnel with a single stroke. She was down to his root with a deep grunt as she impaled herself with relish. She felt like a different woman, like an animal unleashed. He held her ass as she fucked him.

His balls were getting tight.

Hunter now offered his cock to her skillful mouth, she took him deep, tonguing him like a seasoned professional.

Looking over her shoulder, Alex spread wide the succulent globes of her firm ass, flashing Brad with the inviting visage of her ready rosette. Wet and lubricated, stretched from the pressure of Alex’s cock in her vagina. Alex pointed for Brad to join them.

After a coating of lube, Brad guided the head of his achingly erect cock, drawing circles around her little bud, edging it to open for him. She was warm and tight. He couldn’t help but pressure her just a bit more, until her ring stretched enough to almost let him in. He could feel the ripple of Alex long stroking her beneath. A slight stronger push and she had him tight just past his head. Her walls were smooth and warm, as the other cock stroked him too along the underside of his bolt. Brad paused, enjoying her heat and her smooth walls and the tightness of her stuffed pelvis.

“Fuck!,” it was Hunter who said it. She had him by his balls as she worked his shaft with her tongue. “Deeper.”

Brad powered on behind her. They were stuffing her. He could feel Alex next to him as he bottomed out, her hips tight against his thighs. Her muscular back stretched out before him, a path to the red meadow of her hair.

Rotating his hips, Alex pumped her slowly, until all of their rhythms matched and she was again in the iron grip of ecstasy. It was building to be a big one.

Still holding Hunter by his base, she was alternating taking him deep and pausing to blaspheme and pant. Her anus milked Brad’s rod, as Alex’s thrusts stroked him to a peak.

Ever her master lover, Alex broke in to a counter rhythm, which touched exactly the place she needed.

Hunter was first. Unable to hold back, he pumped her mouth full of cum as her orgasm built and finally crested. The three of them held her body as she quaked and stormed. Her strong waves were too much for the men she imprisoned in her hips. Hunter thrust into her ass, emptying his balls in her depths.

Alex’s hot flow filled her tight channel a few strokes later.

She collapsed onto her husband’s body, limp and spent. Her long hair covered his face.

In the fog of the afterglow, she chose never to remove the mask. In the light of the sunrise they placed her gently in the car and watched Alex drove her home to the warm sheets of her bed.

Maybe someday soon they would capture their angel again.