The Janitor

“Can you go out for a second?”

I shuddered sharply and looked around in confusion. So stuck on a photo of one friend on Instagram that he lost his sense of place and time.


“Can you go out for a second?”

I shuddered sharply and looked around in confusion. So stuck on a photo of one friend on Instagram that he lost his sense of place and time. In the meantime, it was the evening of the working day, I was in a small room without windows, which serves as my office, and before the end of the day I had to file another report to the head unit. But instead, I stick to the women’s asses in the photo and twirl the crumpled piece of paper in my hands. But who is talking to me? Oh, yes, at five o’clock in the evening, janitors walk around the offices and kick employees out for a couple of minutes in the corridor. Usually they have nothing to catch. I am always extremely careful. But this is the law of the office, everyone does their job.

I hastily folded up Instagram and got up, knees crunching. At my 28 years old, it’s time for arthrosis, scaliosis and sciatica. A diminutive woman 19-20 years old slipped into the office. Strange, I have never seen young girls in such a vacancy. Usually these are old women or middle-aged drunks with dark circles under the eyes. And here is a girl, and very good looking. We met eyes. I once went to pickup courses, about 7 years ago. Nothing really came of it, the courses themselves turned out to be an ordinary hoax. But one thing that the coach said then I remembers well. It is important to catch a glance with a woman, he said. If she does not take focus for a few seconds, then you could interest her with something. And I’m like a fool, trying to catch the glances of this or that lady, trying to catch hold of the mall. But they looked at me contemptuously and arrogantly.

And then the girl did not look away. Her warm brown eyes met mine, and she smiled. It was so sweet that my soul felt warm, and in my closet with a blinking mercury lamp it became much brighter.

“Will you go out for a second?” she asked. “Don’t worry, I’ll be quick.”

“Yes, of course”, I answered, hearing my voice, as if from the side. She no longer looked at me, but her gaze was still in front of my inner gaze. She hooked, as if hooked. Everything as that coach said. But it seems that I myself got hooked more.

I left, nodded to Mikhail from the Financial dept and Olga from the Accounting, who were standing in the corridor, waiting for their offices to be put in order. The girl really did it quickly. Before I had time to listen to the silly joke from Mikhail, she came out and smiled at me again, even more pleasant. I returned to my office, ears glowing like a schoolboy and a stupid smile from ear to ear.

“So…” I said to myself. “I need to work. I need to work…”

But something got in the way. Oh yes, the crumpled piece of paper is still in my palm. I ought to throw it away. But looking at the bucket, covered with a fresh package, I felt sorry to desecrate its purity. I went out into the corridor.


The Janitor who was pushing the cart to the chief’s office turned around. Still, a blue apron suits her very well. Shades her natural beauty and liveliness. No makeup on the face, blond hair is gathered in a ponytail. But it all made her even more cute.

“Miss…” I repeated. “Can I throw it over to you?”

And held out a crumpled piece of paper.

“Yes”, she responded. “By the way, my name is Zlata.”

“And I – Ivan…” i answered not in my own voice, completely forgetting why I had turned to her.

She laughed.

“I know that, it is written on your office door. Ivan Ilyichev, senior analyst. Let us have your piece of paper here…”

I handed her a piece of paper and our hands touched for a moment. She was nice, cool and gentle. This is how a woman should be.

That evening I did not go home, but to my old mistress Olesya. She had been married for a long time, but we had been fucking with her since the days of college, and I continued to visit her out of old memory. Her husband often stayed late at work or even went on long business trips, so I brightened up Olesya’s lonely evenings. She fed me a hot dinner. Then she said that today she started menstruating, and I can count on the maximum blowjob.

I agreed. Olesya threw back her naughty curls and dug into the head with a greedy kiss. I tried to hold back. She hated semen in her mouth or on her face. But this time she tried for a long time. My cock was stuck, but did not want to have fun.

“Maybe another time?” Olesya asked, releasing my penis from his mouth. “Something you are not in shape today.”

“Now you will find out what my shape is!” I answered. “Let’s not shirk!”

Olesya snorted like a fox and again slid her tongue along the bridle. I closed my eyes. I had my closet with a representative lamp. I sit as usual at the table. And under the table sits Zlata and her hand in a yellow rubber glove quickly moves the foreskin. Sharp, rough touches give me pleasure that I have never experienced. She smiles at me under the table and jerks off my cock faster and faster. I frantically hold on to the table and the boss walks in. He asks me something, but there is only noise in my ears and heartbeat. And I myself unload myself in a prudently set mouth, cover her pretty face almost entirely with glaze and look at the boss with a stupid look.

Olesya’s cough returned me to reality. I was so carried away by my fantasy that I was discharged into her mouth without warning. And there it has accumulated, perhaps, for a week.

“Bastard…” she said, smearing mascara and semen all over her face. And I could not answer anything, looking at her with a stupid look.

From that evening on to Olesya I stopped going, and dreams of Zlata became my constant companions. However, not only dreams, but all thoughts in general. It turned out that she was a student, and her mother, the senior janitor, arranged for her to work here. I saw her, a heavy, puffy woman with short hair and tattooed lips. It is strange that such a beast could give birth to a beauty. When her shift was not, I suffered terribly. When she came into my office, these were the best moments of my life. During the day I thought about her, at night I fantasized, mentally taking possession of her from behind, while she, kneeling, wipes a dirty stain on the floor. Dirty, dirty, dirty girl… Do you love the cock in your dirty anal hole? I’ll clean it for you while you clean the toilet. My passion became so obsessive that I got into the habit of jerking off in the office toilet, and even touching myself through my pants in the office.

As for Zlata, she was always willing to make contact. We could talk to each other for a long time. We didn’t have so many common themes, but all sorts of trifles like the weather on the street, the twists and turns of her studies, some funny stories, helped to compensate for this shortcoming. She began to come to my office not only for cleaning, but also just to exchange a couple of phrases. I also visited her in the back room. It, like my room, had no windows, but it was by no means larger and more comfortable. And all at the expense of a small sofa.

“You’ve gotten better here than the boss”, I told her, stretching myself out on this couch, and Zlata laughed loudly in response and looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes. What could be better?

Time flew by imperceptibly, and at the same time it seemed to me that we had known her all our lives, although only two and a half months had passed. Imperceptibly, a significant date has come, the birthday of our company. The boss was very kind to this date and every time he arranged a holiday better than New Year’s. Our dining room that day was bursting with the most exquisite snacks, against the backdrop of a formidable battery of bottles of alcohol. I’ve always liked this day. But not today. All the employees gathered in the dining room, even the autistic marketer crawled out for once. But there was no Zlata. However, it is understandable; the boss never invited the janitors to the table. Therefore, I could hardly endure when he finishes his solemn monologue, drinks a couple of glasses and finally goes to celebrate at home, instructing the others to finish everything, not to leave a crumb here. No sooner had he left the dining room than I quickly collected sandwiches and canapes, grabbed a bottle of whiskey and quietly walked out into the corridor. Zlata was in her back room, absentmindedly leafing through a glossy catalog, sitting on the sofa, her legs tucked under her.

“Hey!” I said, demonstrating snacks and drinks.

She smiled with only her eyes, but so warmly that I wanted to immediately hug her, hug her as tightly as I could.

“Is the party over yet?” she asked.

“No, in full swing”, I replied.

“Why aren’t you celebrating?”

“It’s not a party without you!”

Zlata looked at me in surprise, and as if a little appraising.

“Shall we drink?” I asked.

“So we are at work… “

“Today we can. The boss himself blessed it all to eat and drink!”

“Then pour”, agreed Zlata.

She drained the first glass in one gulp, her cheeks flushed, her eyes sparkling more than usual.

“Wow! Is that how they drink in your college?”

“Yep! This is how my boyfriend and I met. He said that I was the first girl who could drink him!”

My heart fell like a heavy stone.

“Your boyfriend?” for some reason I asked.

“Former! Already the former! Pour more!”

We drank again.

“Do you have someone now?” I asked. If not for the alcohol I had drunk, I would never have dared.

She looked at me with that appraising look.

“Maybe…” said Zlata softly and unexpectedly touched my cheeks with her lips. In response, I touched her cheek with my hand, habitually removed the hair from the ear, as I always did with Olesya.

“What are we doing?” she asked in a whisper.

“We are embarking on an unexpected, but very pleasant adventure”, I replied and glared at her lips with a kiss.

“Wait”, she whispered. Zlata gently pushed me away, slid to the door and locked it.

“Now no one will bother us… “

I have never been so excited, even when Olesya naked danced in front of me on the table. I was trembling all over with greed and impatience. I was like a hungry dog with a huge piece of meat laid in front of it. Zlata was no less excited. I stroked her small breasts through the clothes and felt with my palms how the nipples were tense. I kissed her tender neck; she viciously licked my cheek and ear. We circled the room, as if in a dance, merging in kisses and hugs. But this waltz slowly but surely brought us closer to the sofa. I already lifted the blue apron and began to pull down her jeans.

“Vanya…” she breathed in my ear. “Wait… Vanya… let me undress…”

“No…” I answered just as quietly. “Don’t take off your clothes…”

I pulled off her jeans, along with socks and panties. I did not take pictures of everything else. In my fantasies, she was always in a blue apron, why spoil everything? Her legs were slender, her feet were neat, and the big toe was shorter than the middle one, as in the paintings of the Renaissance.

She wanted to lie on her back, but I didn’t let her, putting her on the couch on all fours.

“Wait, wait…” Zlata whispered feverishly. I bent over her buttocks, tickling their breath.

Her ass was small and not perfect. A couple of small pimples, a coffee-like birthmark, irritation on a carefully shaved pubis. The vulva looks like a plump dumpling. But I was now interested in the wrinkled eye of the anus.

“What are you doing? Don’t…” she whispered, holding back either a laugh or a groan.

But I was hard to stop. I did it so often in my dreams, and now I could not resist. I clung to her ass and dug into him with a kiss, parted the sphincter with my tongue, penetrating inside.

“Don’t… I’m there… ah… unwashed…”

Naive, don’t I know that? How many times have I dreamed about it. Clean up your tight little ass. Dirty, dirty girl. Despite some resistance, Zlata liked what I was doing with her. She began to move her back rhythmically, sitting on my sharp tongue. It was dirty, but there is nothing sweeter than mud. I imagined that at that moment she was not on the couch in this room, but in the toilet. Kneeling and rubbing a rag my sperm, which splattered during masturbation. She cleans away my dirt, and at this moment I clean it off.

I could not resist this thought and burst into the strongest orgasm in recent years right in my pants. There was a wet stain on my Friday jeans. It’s a pity Zlata didn’t finish. In my dreams, she finished at the same time with me, with closed eyes and a bashful blush on her cheeks.

“You are everything?” she asked, a little disappointed.

“Well, I do not!” I answered. If you have already seized upon your cherished dream, you cannot limit yourself to this.

My janitor was kneeling in front of me. In a blue apron, her hair pulled back into a ponytail, delicious bare legs and a pimply bottom. How could I retreat?

My cock responded almost immediately, the strength returned to me. I’ll show you now, you dirty girl.

I parted her buttocks. She protested again, guessing my plan. But it was too late. My penis is already slowly, until only with the very tip, punching its way where the tongue laid a track. I saw in the mirror how her face was changing. Fright, grimace of pain, palm to lips to hold back a cry, tears in his eyes.

At that moment, I suddenly found myself completely inside. We both froze. She is with fear, I am enjoying new sensations. Yes, I got not a virgin, like Olesya once did. But her ass clearly did not know anyone before me.

And then I started to move slowly. Zlata’s face was distorted again, but the same blush from my dreams came on her cheeks.

She liked it. To be sure, my fingers slipped into its plump doors. It was very wet there. I began to move more boldly, she waved. I plunged into the ass, forgetting about everything, dissolving in the process. Zlata moaned selflessly, clutching the back of the sofa. The blush was no longer visible, she was red all over, from the tips of her ears to the tips of her neat toes. I grabbed her hair, caught in a ponytail with an elastic band, and pulled her sharply towards me. Zlata screamed in surprise, bit her lip, my penis reached its maximum depth. It stabbed in the scrotum, I continued to hammer my penis into it, pulling my hair over myself. Zlata bent over with a grimace of pain and pleasure. The second orgasm was not so bright and grandiose. Rather calmer, monotonous, soporific. Like drinking warm milk before bed. I pulled my dick out, my semen was coming out of her anus.

I leaned in there and began to lick again. The workplace must not be left untidy.

“Have you finished?” I asked her after. Zlata shook her head. She looked tired, as if after a hard shift.

“Can I lick you?”

She shook her head again and leaned back on the sofa.

“Let’s go somewhere tomorrow…” she said quietly.

“OK!” I agreed and kissed her high forehead, on which beads of sweat appeared. She smiled at me with her eyes, and I felt good and warm in my soul again.

The next day was Saturday, day off. We agreed to meet at an inexpensive coffee shop in the city center. I haven’t been on dates that often in my entire life. With Olesya, we rarely walked, spent more time at her house. Therefore, it was all a little unusual. I felt like a movie hero. Here I go, hands in my pockets. Maybe I should have bought her flowers? No, it’s too corny. And where will she then put them?

She was already there. I saw her as soon as I turned onto the right street. She sat at a table by the large display window and thoughtfully ran her finger along the rim of her milkshake glass. She did not see me, I was on the opposite side of the street, behind the trees. I took a step and stopped. Something was wrong. Something was wrong.

It took me a few minutes to figure out what exactly. I’ve never seen her without a blue apron. She was dressed in casual clothes. And the hair was unusually loose on the shoulders. And on the face was this nasty makeup, shadows, lipstick. They made her older and… dirtier. Vulgar. An ordinary girl, from whom she smells with tobacco and cheap eau de toilette

It was not my Zlata, some other girl. With a banal face, ugly. I haven’t noticed this before. Could it be the terrible lighting in my office? No. Without a janitor’s uniform, she was a rather unsightly girl, painfully similar to her puffy mother. The senior janitor momentarily appeared in my mind’s eye and I shuddered. No no no! It won’t work that way.

I have no desire to go on a date, much less to fuck this. Cinderella must have been an eerie sight too, after the clock struck midnight.

I stood still for a moment, made sure that she did not notice me, and walked away.



The author does not condone child abuse or incest, this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life.

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