The Great Romance

They say that for every great man there is a great woman by his side and vice Versa.

It just so happens that when it comes to; curves, bust, butt, hair, mouth and the perfectly dirty mind to get someone’s motor going, she is the best thing that could happen to any man.


I had just been to the gym and was waiting at home for my gf to come home from the office. The sight of her coming through the door in a pencil skirt, white-frilly shirt and those dark tights would lighten any man’s day.

She’s a hard worker! Her skin looks like it’s caught the sun which only makes her fiery red hair, almost a going down to the top of her ass. Trust me, she is dynamite in such hugging clothes! Makes me want to hold her and tell her she’s an absolute goddess!

It was really the first time I realised that we hadn’t really been intimate for a while. I have myself to blame for that. In fact, I was the one who suggested that we should only have wild, raunchy sex if we held our tongues and that I made the effort.

The Gym is good for a lot of things, mostly for determination purposes to know that when my honeybee flutters down to my fly, she’ll be in for the full pot! Leaving her sweeter and stickier than before!

Also, I had been taking a whole bunch of dieting pills to keep me from pigging out, zinc tablets to produce more sperm and two others, one known as, ‘Stand and deliver’ which is meant to make a person taller and another simply called, ‘No.95 Extreme Penis growth’ it had been eight weeks since we last made love and I think we both had to have it.

She looked increasingly frustrated with me for this idea and I had to fight through gritted teeth to beg her to do it with me. I have a lot of pride but temptation had came and went and now the great occasion had arrived.

Honestly, I could have just ravaged her right there and then, her looking the goddess of fertility that she was. I cannot underestimate how hot she was; curvy in every right place and curiously warm which might have been due to her skin or being in heat I suppose.

“I’m so glad to see you back so soon James!”

She said, she exclaimed with loving smile.

“I was just thinking that maybe I ought to get you that little thing I had before we begin if you like?”

There was no need to say what was about to happen, that’s what I loved about her. There wasn’t much a sense of occasion as supposed to getting straight to it. After eight long weeks I think she knew better than I.

“Um, yea sure hun, would you like me to wait behind the door whilst you do your little thing?”

I asked, inwardly I was so nervous but decided to just let her see to it. She knew how to push my buttons, all she needed now was to find the big one that read, ‘Love machine’


My jaw almost dropped to the floor. She had nothing on now, except a single item of clothing. An Apron that looked way too small for her, it barely covered her pussy, her side boobs were on display and at the back, the only string was round her swan like neck.

I’ve never seen anyone look so sexy in all my life. Her peach which I’ve fucked twice looked so beautifully tanned and soft. Her boobs looked so full of milk that if I made them bounce, she would be lactating butter before long!

She turned to me almost in slow motion pushing her red hair to one side.

“So? You like it then?”

She asked sweetly.

“I think…I’m love!”

I said, struggling to find my words. I’m pretty sure she didn’t just push the button but she damn well smashed it!

“Hmmmhmmhmm, what do you love about it babe? The way my thick thighs are on display for you? Or how my giant boobs are barely held in place? Or…”

She spun round and rubbed her left ass cheek.

“The fact my backside is for your eyes only? 😉 Hmmm? I know how badly you want this James and it makes me feel bad knowing how much you want me. Which is why I want you to fuck me bad! On the couch? Over the table?”

“The bedroom if that’s cool.”

I responded.

“Certainly, whatever you want!”

I then came towards her and she turned to face me with her face turning all red. I wonder if it just set in what she just said to me but I did have her permission and that was good enough for the both of us.

“Your so fucking hot babe!”

I said.

“You’ve gotten taller again, haven’t you? It makes you look hot too! So muscular and strong!”

She couldn’t finish, she had already flung herself into my arms and whispered.

“Honey, all I want is to make you feel good. You think you’re the only one who’s feeling pent up? Wait what the hell?!”

I tilted her backwards and lifter her up like she was my wife and about to take her across the threshold.

“I thought you might like it like this huh babe?”

“Oh, I see! Well, you do have a very intriguing way of doing things so I suppose I’ll just let you have me however you like!”

We got to the bedroom and shut the door behind. We stood at the foot of the bed where we are now only a few inches away from each other. Without saying a word, we both leaned into each other and gave each other a fairly soft kiss. We pulled away again after about six seconds.

She leaned in this time and forced my mouth open with her slipper tongue. We then began one of the time-honoured traditions of our love making. Making one of us submit to the other or making us both sweat with sexual attraction that we would ravage each other like wild dogs.

I put my arms around her and pulled her tight so her soft breasts were pushing into mine and I could feel down her wonderfully womanly back.

Her mouth though was what was on my mind right now it was warm and wet with her occasionally breathing heavily into my mouth. I had no choice but to fight back as the bulge in my pants shifted till it was ready to tear my jeans apart as it pressed hard against her leg.

We pulled away with a thin trail of saliva down the corner of my mouth which I wiped away with the back of my hand.

“Well… are you just gonna stand there or are you going to play with my body?”

She asked panting a little.

“As much as I love that number you have on, I want to see your boobs, could you like press your apron to the middle please?”

I asked eagerly.

“Sure, you can baby! You like my milky tities?”

“I love them so much! Makes me just wanna…”

I leaned forward and held her left breast between my hands and began to immediately suckle on her teet.

“Oh my! James you always go for my weak spots!”

Her moaning began as though by magic. I love the way she moans and does that cute squirm with her hands on her cheeks.

“You know how much I love nursing these beautiful tits hun.”

I said with my face still in her bosom.

“What if I just started playing with your other nipple like a joystick?”

I didn’t wait for an answer but I don’t viciously twist it or anything.

“Babe! James please! If you! God your gonna make me cum by just playing with my tits!”

She cried. I backed away because I was very surprised.

I backed my face away and looked up.

“Really? You’re that sensitive babe?”

“Yea, and it’s so mean of you because you know what you’re doing so well!”

She said going red in the face. However, I knew this was just a front because she’s never acted like that when I’ve played with her boobs before. Maybe in hindsight it was because it had been a while, so I changed tact.

“Then how bout I play with…”


Even though I couldn’t see it, I knew her huge ass like the back of my hand and she knew how much I loved playing with it!

“I love how my hands just sink into your flesh! Your cheeks are so hot that I could make my breakfast off that phat ass!”

I couldn’t help but smile because even though I wasn’t spanking her, it was enough to make her gasp and moan again and make those cute little moans of delight.

“Don’t say such hurtful things! You know that, AH! Oh my god! James! Play with my ass and suck my tit! Please! You gotta make me cum babe! YEA! YEA! YEA! YEA! AGHHHHH! HOLY FUCK JAMES!!”

Her body went into spasms as I played with her ass with both hands and sucked her right tit like a hungry child. I pulled away and let go of her ass, I stood up straight to see her look down panting just about regaining her breathing.

“I mustn’t have known my own strength perhaps. I didn’t hurt you did I? Tell you what, maybe it’s your turn to relax and take the weight off your feet, work must have been a killer.”

“Well, I’d love too but I think you deserve a reward too. I’m keeping my promise lover boy!”

She said regaining her composure.

“Well in that case, how about you turn around and I’ll put on a number of my own.”

“Hmhmhm, sure thing!”

It took all of five seconds for me to strip down to just my black briefs but she knew nothing of this.

“Fascinating! It’s just one knot at the neck that keeps this apron up? What if I just pulled this and, down it comes! Turn around babe!”

She turned around and was rather surprised. She must have saw that I was tenting.

“Someone’s excited to see me!”

She traced a finger at the outline of my penis which caused me this time to stiffen up.

“I think you’re ready for round two baby! So, I’ll tell you what we are gonna do.”

I took my right hand, grabbed her left ass cheek a bit harder than before and pulled her closer so that I could whisper in her ear.

“I’m gonna lie on that bed and I want you to park your fat ass (I gave it another squeeze) right on my face!”

But then she leaned in, pressed the palm of her hand against my bulge and whispered,

“Oh! That’s what you want huh, James? You want a sexy 69?”

Without another word, I threw myself on the bed and she walked alongside and stood on the bed with her legs on either side of my head. The view was stupendous!

“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this view!”

Her thunderous thighs, her mountainous ass, her long womanly back, her millers, her fiery hair and her beautifully tanned skin! It was almost making my mouth water!

She put her hands on her hips and said,

“I think it’s time I took a seat on my throne! I hope your hungry baby because I can’t wait!”

She squat down and soon her 90 cm butt was all in my sight now, giving off this warmness that tickled my skin. Her pussy was this thick and juicy thing that looked massive now that it was so up close.

Her asshole was also in my view, a tiny dot that winked at me and I had the pleasure of pounding a few times before! The thought of that caused my cock to rise in such eagerness that it caught her attention.

“Oh! You poor thing! Let me just get to work, shall I?”

Without needing an answer from me, she pulled off my briefs and opened her mouth wide. I stuck my face into her pussy the second I could sense my cock passed her lips. Her pussy was so delicious that I damn near swooned with ecstasy.

She buckled her hips so I didn’t need to arch my neck to reach her pussy. I stuck my tongue quite low to see if I could flick her clit without success so I did the next best thing and licked in lines, I started from the bottom close to her pretty, little, asshole and tried to reach as far as I could with my tongue.

I did this for about a minute which I think she appreciated more than anything else. She on the other hand was definitely trying to get my 7,9 inch cock as deep down her throat as it would allow. I’m so glad I shaved my pubes just to make it look that little bit bigger! But my god was she a natural! I thought that I wasn’t going to hold out but I have my ways!

“Holy shit babe, your gonna make me cum the way you suck me off! You must be hungry! But I want some of your Black Forrest gateaux!”

I’m pretty sure she must have said something like, ‘what?’ But was cut off in surprise when I spanked her ass checks, pulled them apart and began farting my tongue into her asshole. The sensation nearly made her mouth become a vacuum swallowing my cock on one sweep before she let it go.

“Holy! That’s my asshole your prodding babe! How could you do that to my cute, little asshole! So small and tight and so grateful for your huge fucking cock! I want you to keep doing that babe and I’ll let you do more than just fuck it!”

She said in between moaning harder like a bitch in heat. She had this habit of being really slutty after having an orgasm, it made having foreplay almost essential to just to feed her appetite for sex.

“Babe, I want you to leave my cock alone for now and just sit on my face normally so I can really get at your asshole!”

I almost begged. Ah fuck it! I wanted her too! Could you blame me?

“Sure, thing James, like this? So, I can, uh, see myself in the mirror? I get to play with my sensitive boobs while you tongue fuck my slutty asshole! I love it when I look in the mirror like this and see what a big strong man you really are! You know how to make a real woman into a damn near slut sometimes James! I remember sometimes in the office, uh, I would get lonely and imagine you beneath my desk and eating my fat, fucking pussy!”

“You fantasise about me at work too? What else?”

“Oh well! I remember you just bending me over my desk and you rip my skirt off and fuck my ass right in the middle of the office! I wouldn’t bother wearing panties! I just want to have you in my asshole so bad!”

“So, let’s do it then!”

I gently lifted her up and she knelt on the bed looking down at me looking slightly weary. She looked like she had been on a bucking bronco already but this was when the real ride was to begin!

“I’m ready to fuck you baby! I want to take you on the ride you’ve fantasised about!”

Maybe this was the wrong thing to say because to her it meant, go wild and fuck yourself rotten!

“I’m gonna give you a special reverse cow-girl just so you can see my ass bounce on that dick of yours!”

She was at my nether regions, knelt down and with my clock in one hand, slid it into her hungry pussy like an old friend.


She almost impaled herself on my cock like the slut she currently was and without any further prompting, began to bounce up and down like a playboy bunny. Her tits rocked back and forth in the sight of the mirror. Her hair looked wild and messed up, but it made her look wild and untameable! Which to me made it the more certain she really must have loved what we did, especially if it provoked a reaction like this!

“Fuck! Look at my fat pussy swallow your huge cock baby! Look at me take it all the way in! That looks so fucking hot! Look at my fucking ass bouncing on you!”

She looked like she was going cross-eyes as she rubbed her nipples and continued to bounce like a veteran whore but she was the absolute greatest at this and I couldn’t ask for more! She on the other hand was I said, untameable. Time for me to take charge and give her what she was asking for!

“Babe, turn around on my cock, I want to see your lewd face! I want to fuck you differently!”

“Oh! Is that so!”

She did as she was told!

“Hmmm! You look so sexy James! They way you’re taking my fat pussy like a champ! What could you! Ah!”

If she kept talking like that I might just pass with joy! So, I sat up, held her in my arms with the full length of my cock deep in her pussy and managed to turn her so that she was lying on her back with her holding her legs wide as I, now on my knees resumed my pounding as she lay there with her stuffed pussy for all the world to see!

“Ah! Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s right James, loud that fucking pussy like it’s yours! Show this cum slut who I belong too!”

“Then say it! It might send me over the edge but I want you to say, ‘I love James’ big cock and having him fuck me only makes me happy!’ Go on! Say it!”

“I fucking love how James’ fucking, huge cock messes me up and only him fucking my brains out can possibly make his dirty, little, slut happy any longer! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!”

I pounded as hard as I dared which made her scream my name to the heavens. I was half gritting my teeth and half wanting to scream and cry with joy but I had to see this through.

“Holy shit! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna nut in your fat!…. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!”


“Holy shit! James that was…I want more!”

“I thought you would say that. So, I can’t wait, I wanna fuck your ass! Let me pull out and I want you on all fours like a dog so I can go wild on your previous asshole!”

“Oh, James you sure do love to fill my holes up! Here you go! I want you to fuck me even harder! It’s right here baby!”

With my cock still dripping in both of our love juices, my cock with a little bit of force managed to get my full cock into her ass.

“Holy shit! It’s even tighter than I remember!”

She screamed so loud that it would be almost impossible to describe. I think she took my dog comments a bit too literally because she had her tongue out and made moaning sounds in time with her heavy breathing that I wasn’t sure if she could last more than a minute.

“Don’t keep me in suspense! Fuck me hard James please! I’ll do whatever you say! I need your fucking cum in my asshole!”

All she had to do was ask!

I pulled back as though I was ready to pull out entirely.

“Wait, James what are yo, AH! YES! OH, FUCK YES!”

I slammed into her hard and that’s what began our anal session. I grabbed her waist but weary of accidentally sticking my nails and hurting her, with that being said, I was holding on for dear life since this is where our sex usually was won or lost.

Sometimes having sex like this makes it sound like a duel between two carnal and damn near primeval individuals! She was now virtually in hysterics with saliva down her chin, her fiery skin and hair becoming hot to touch with made her asshole feel even tighter to fuck!

“Say it!”

I demanded!

“Say who this ass belongs too!”

“This ass only belongs to James! Only he can fuck it and this dirty, little slut! HARDER! HARDER! HARDER!”

“Babe! I can’t last much longer! I’m gonna cum again!”


I shot string after sticky string of cum so deep into her that I had to pull out to see a rare anal creampie!

My cock went ‘plop’ when it left but did continue to shoot a few more strings onto her grateful ass!

There she lay with her ass in the air looking absolutely ruined but in reality, she was just so overcome so to speak.

After I cleaned up her ass and pussy, we lay side by side on the bed both exhausted and still panting.

“That was the best I’ve ever had babe! I never knew you could talk as dirty as that!”

“I just want to make you happy James! It was actually rather fun and arousing to see you completely own my body!”

They exchanged a tender kiss.

“So, should we make dinner or just order something? I don’t really feel I can walk after that!”

“Definitely! Just I might end up skipping desert and, (slap) eat out your yummy ass again!”

“Oh, stop it! You’re gonna get me going again!”

“Maybe I want to! How long does the pizza guy take? Like forty minutes?”

“James, I’m gonna out the order in and then you are gonna fuck my brains out again right here!”

“Let them know if I can have you on the menu!”




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