The First Time My Wife Is Touched

This is my first story. Its as true as I can remember it.

For my birthday, my wife agreed to be my slave for the week. It was something I had been asking for, for months, and because she ruined Valentine’s Day, she agreed. After 2 days as my slave, she looked at me and said she wants this to be how we are from now on (with me in charge sexually).

We had been married for 18 years at this point. I was her first kiss and first everything else. She is obsessed with sucking me, and loves it so much that she would suck my fingers while I fuck her.

Since she was my slave, I ordered her to tell me her deepest fantasy, and it was to suck a cock while she is being fucked. To be used without thought of what should and shouldn’t happen.

Then she said she couldn’t go through with it because the thought of someone else touching her freaked her out. She wanted a cock to suck, not the man attached to it.

She has known my best friend for as long as we have been together. So I asked her if as a starting point she gave me a blow job with him in the room watching. She said no, but with an uncertainty that let me know she was willing, but I had to ‘make’ it happen. What she didn’t know is that he has had a thing for her since they met. So I knew he was down.

I told her he would come over, and watch her suck me off. She was freaked out, but she agreed. She knew she was going to hate it.

He came over one afternoon. She was wearing a red blouse with flowers on it, a black pencil skirt, 4 inch black heels, a bombshell Victoria’s Secret bra, size 36 D, and matching panties. The outfit showed off her sexy hourglass figure, especially her generous ass. Her brown hair was fixed with a gentle curl, her make up very light, to highlight her girl next door face. The burgundy glasses completed the sexy, sophisticated look.

I start by kissing her. As I move to her neck, I run my hands over her body, first down her sides. Moving to her ass, and as I start to squeeze it, she starts to get into it and acts as if he is not there.

She drops to her knees and starts to unbuckle and unzip me. She quickly pulls down my pants and briefs and grasps my growing erection. She rubs my cock all over her face, worshipping it, and perhaps putting on a show. She nuzzles my balls as she runs her hand up and down my fully erect cock and starts to moan.

I sit down so she is on her hands and knees in front of me, and slowly starts licking and sucking me. Then he asks, “Can I touch you while you suck him?” She tenses, and is nervous to answer.

She looks at me, and I shrug my shoulders. With my cock in her mouth. She nods and quietly moans, “Mmm hmm.” Her body is now tense. I can feel the fear through her mouth that is still wrapped firmly around my cock.

He moves behind her, and runs his hands along her hips. The second he touches her, she gasps, then her body shakes. The vibrations in her body pulse through her lips to my cock. She was certain she would hate being touched by another man, but her reaction has clearly proven her wrong.

I let her know that we have 45 minutes until we have to leave. She moans in the affirmative. His hands are on her back, her hips, her ass. He is massaging and kneading her. She is funneling her pleasure to me, worshiping my cock. He grasps her hips and grinds himself into her ass. He comments that her pencil skirt is so sexy, but next time wear something thinner so he can feel her better.

He untucks her blouse and works his hands onto her bare back, under her shirt. I grab her head and pull her all the way down on my cock, she moans in delight at my force and his touch.

He reaches her bra strap and looks at me, he is asking my permission to unhook her bra. I nod, he unhooks her bra. She shudders in anticipation. I go through the sleeves of her shirt and remove the bra. She is working my cock like her life depends on it.

She is desperate for everything. He moves his hands slowly to her sides, he touches the sides of her boobs. As he moved to fully cup each tit, he grinds into her again.

She is like a live wire. She is moaning constantly as he enjoys her tits and dry fucks her ass. She looks me in the eyes as she swirls her head and tongue around my member. He starts on her nipples, pinching and tugging them. She whimpers in response.

She continues to swirl her mouth and tongue over my cock. Moaning and shivering. I grab her head and force her all the way down on me, holding her there. He pulls firmly on her nipples. She is lost.

Lost in sensation. I let her up and she gasps quickly, then immediately dives back into worshipping me. He hands are everywhere from her ass, her back, her hair, her tits.

With varying firmness and speed. She brings me close several times, but changes things slightly each time I near orgasm.

She wants it to last. I notice the time, 40 minutes had passed. I tell her it is time to get me off. She bobs her head quickly. Swirling, and gagging herself. I warn her that I am going to come. She continues and enjoying the molestation of a 2nd man, and the cock in her mouth.

After 45 minutes of her pleasuring me, I erupt. She doesn’t pull off, she takes it all in her mouth. He moves away. On shaky legs she stands. Her skin is flushed.

There is fire in her eyes. She swallows and sheepishly smiles at me. I ask her if she swallowed, and meekly she nods and whimpers mmmm hmmm.

Up to this point in our marriage, she loved sucking my cock, but normally had me cum on her. She did not like to swallow. Everything changed in that moment.

She is in heels, a pencil skirt, a silky but modest blouse, a professional and modest outfit, yet she looks like a bitch in heat. A slut. My slut, my whore. I kiss her and he comes up behind her and for a moment she is the center of a naughty sandwich.

He thanks her for the show and letting him finally get his hands on her gorgeous ass, and leaves.

She looks at me whimpering. She is almost in tears with need. I run my hand up her thy and with the slightest touch of her cunt, she convulses into orgasm.

She clutches to me and I support her weight. As she comes down, I let her know it is time to pick up our daughter from school. She looks lost. She doesn’t want the moment to end. But it has to.

She now swallows my cum every day. She feels like it belongs there or in her pussy. She never swallowed before. Now she loves it. It was the first of our extra marital fun, but not the last.


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