The evolution of a throuple Part 2

The week before Christmas Amy suggested we go to the party in the nurse’s residence.

“It will be fun. The ward party is always so correct. The party in the residence always results in some scandal or other. Last year one of the junior doctors was caught screwing the Ward Sister from F10… the married one. The party’s on Friday night and I’m not working on Saturday.”

“I’ll drive,” I said. “I’ve got Saturday morning surgery. You can drink and have a lie in. Let’s not be too late coming home.”

So that Friday evening, we drove the twenty miles to the hospital. I parked the car in the staff car park, and we walked to a pub near the hospital gates where we knew we would find some of Amy’s friends from work. The party would not get going until after the pubs closed but would then continue to the wee small hours. The pub was noisy and crowded and at first sight, we could not see anybody we knew until Amy spotted a group of work friends and colleagues sitting at a large table in the far corner of the bar.

There were half a dozen people at the table, four women and two men. Following the introductions, I learned that the ladies were all nurses and one of the men was a junior doctor whilst the other was the husband of one of the nurses. With some difficulty, I found two chairs, and Amy and I squeezed in at the table.

Amy sat on my right whilst one of the nurses, Lara, sat to my left. Amy was soon deep in conversation with Gina, a good friend, and I chatted with Lara. She was an attractive brunette with a soft Scouse accent.

“How long have you known Amy,” she asked.

“Just over two years,” I replied. “And you?”

“A long time. At least eight years. We trained together. She was at my wedding and that was over six years ago We were very good friends but lost touch until this year when I moved back to The Northwest. She’s a real treasure ”

“Have you left your husband at home then?”

She smiled ruefully.” I left him several years ago. I’m divorced.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be I’m not anymore. He was a nice enough guy, but we weren’t suited.”

After that, the conversation moved to less personal matters, and we chatted about our holidays for a minute or two before Amy remembered I was sitting beside her and turned her attention back to me. Lara for her part started to flirt with James, the ward doctor, although he seemed remarkably unimpressed, and I wondered if he was gay.

Just after closing time we left the pub and headed for the party. Three of the nurse including Lara were a little worse for wear having been in the pub for almost three hours. As we crossed the road to the hospital Lara took my arm to aid her balance which was affected by several g and t’s and her high heels.

The party itself was typical of the scores of hospital mess parties I had attended over the years, It was noisy and full of people intent on either getting drunk, laid, or both. Once we were at the party, Amy stayed by my side much of the time only straying occasionally to chat with a new arrival at the party. I must admit I felt a bit of an outsider. Many of the folk present already either knew or knew of one another. In that respect, it was a rather incestuous gathering. Amy did her best to keep me included and I was pleased that she was enjoying herself with her friends.

Around midnight the music slowed, and Amy and I held each other close and danced. We had just decided it was time to leave and Amy was saying her goodbyes when Lara reappeared. She had continued to drink and whilst not drunk was disinhibited. She asked me for one dance before we left, and Amy nodded her assent. Lara snuggled up tight against me as we danced and held onto me after the music stopped and as I returned to where Amy was standing she had a smile on her face.

I was driving home along the M62 when Amy spoke. “Lara fancies you. Would you fuck her if you got the chance?”

I knew I would. She was a little plump but had a pretty face, brown hair, and soft brown eyes.

“She was drunk.”

“That’s not what I asked.”

“Of course, I would. Is the pope a catholic?”

“She swings both ways you know. That’s why she got divorced. Her husband couldn’t deal with her sleeping with another nurse on our course. Before you ask it wasn’t me although it could have been.”

She stopped talking. It had started to rain, and the car was silent other than the sound of tires on the tarmac and the slap of the windscreen wipers.

A little while later she spoke again. ” I am so bloody horny. I keep thinking about watching you fuck her. I don’t care if you have to work in the morning but when we get home I need a good hard fucking and tomorrow I’m going to talk to Lara and ask her if she wants one too.”


I did not get a great deal of sleep that night and woke at seven o’clock to the sound of the alarm. I reached over to the clock, and quickly switched the alarm off, concerned that it may have woken Amy. I need not have worried. She had not stirred and was still sound asleep when, an hour later bleary-eyed, I set off for the surgery.

That evening at supper. Amy mentioned the topic of Lara.

“I spoke to Lara.”

I didn’t respond straight away. I suppose I thought Amy’s lust for me to fuck Lara, which she had expressed forcefully enough in bed the night before, was alcohol driven.

“Don’t you know what we talked about?”

“I’m frightened to ask.”

“Come on. I made it clear what I was going to say. Both in the car and when you were fucking me later.”

“You were half drunk. I wasn’t sure you would think it was a good idea when you were sober.”

“Well here’s the good news. She’s coming over on Boxing day afternoon and she WILL stay the night. Our problem now is how you are going to keep me happy between now and Boxing day and give Lara a good fucking too. Do you need some little blue tablets?”

My penis was already hard in my pants when I replied. “I’ll manage.”

“Something else. Lara doesn’t know I’m bi or that I know she’s bi. I only know because I slept with her girlfriend… the one her husband found out about. How do you feel about watching two women make out? ”

And my penis hardened further until it felt like a steel bar.


Boxing Day arrived. I felt as nervous as I did before a first date and Amy was also clearly in a state of suppressed excitement. It had been arranged that Lara would come over after lunch and just after one o’clock the doorbell rang, and Amy answered the door. When Lara entered the lounge it was apparent she had tried hard to look good. And she had succeeded. Her brown hair was freshly cut, and she had taken time for her makeup. She wore a blue midi dress and a black cashmere sweater.

I stood, said hello, and offered her a seat and she sat on an armchair opposite the sofa where I was sitting. She accepted a cup of coffee from Amy, and we sat and chatted. I can’t remember much of the conversation since I was trying to work out how I was going to break the ice. This was a new experience for me. Never before had I met a woman for the sole purpose of having sex. I had never been with a hooker or met somebody online for sex. Come to think of it I still haven’t.

I shouldn’t have worried about how I was going to seduce Lara. She finished her coffee and put her cup down. She smiled across the room at me, stood and walked over to where I was sitting, bent down, and kissed me firmly on the lips. I kissed her back; tentatively at first but then more passionately. Lara stood back up and behind her I could see Amy looking on.

Then Lara spoke. “Now take me to bed.”

So I did.

We went upstairs to our bedroom. There were fresh sheets on the bed and the room was warm and cosy. Amy sat in the armchair in the corner of the room and looked silently and intently on as Lara pulled her sweater over her head and then loosened her skirt and stepped out of it. Underneath she was wearing a blue bra and undies and blue stockings. She sat on the edge of the bed and rolled down her stockings.

As she stripped I removed my shirt and trousers and sat beside her on the bed. Then I removed my socks. I put my arm around her, and we kissed long and deep. Then she gently pushed me away, reached behind her back, unclipped her bra, and her tits swung free. Her nipples were erect as I cupped each breast in turn and took the nipple gently between my lips and I heard her moan.

We lay on the bed and kissed some more and then with one hand on her buttocks I reached down under the hem of her pants and found her slit. She was already moist as I started to slowly rub her clitoris. She raised her bottom, bent her knees, reached down, pulled her panties down, and kicked them away. She was naked and I quickly removed my underpants and lay naked beside her. Then as I fingered her I felt her take my foreskin in her hand and slowly move it backward and forward over my swollen bulbous glans.

As we masturbated one another, we kissed. We were in no hurry but soon Lara started to moan gently and then whimper and she stopped stroking me and gripped my penis hard in her fist. My fingers were moving fast when I felt her shudder, her thighs tremble, and she quietly groaned.


I lay between her legs, and she guided my penis head to her vaginal lips, and I slowly penetrated her as she looked deep into my eyes.

She turned her head towards the chair where Amy was sitting, and I followed her gaze. Whilst Lara and I had been busy with one another Amy had stripped herself naked and was sitting on the chair with her legs apart and her feet on the arms. She was facing us and giving us the best possible view of her swollen labia and sex. She too was very busy and was working a dildo rapidly in and out with one hand whilst rubbing her clitoris with the fingers of the other. She was watching us intently.

I returned my attention to Lara and started to fuck her, slowly at first, and then harder and faster. As the bed creaked and her juices flowed she raised her thighs into the air with her knees bent. I kept up a regular rhythm and soon Lara began to moan again. Lara was looking up at me with her eyes wide with desire when Amy began to speak.

“Fuck her hard you bastard! Fuck her hard you bastard!”

“She wants it! She needs it!”

“Give it to her hard! Give it to her hard!”

“Give it to her good! Give it to her good!”

“Make her scream you bastard! Pound her with your cock!”

Lara had reached down been her legs and was frantically rubbing herself as I drove myself fast and hard inside of her and Amy continued to entreat me to fuck Lara harder. Then I heard Amy again.

“I’m going to come! I’m going to come! I’m going to come!

I’m coming!


And simultaneously Lara straightened her legs and bucked and writhed under me as her legs straightened and her vaginal muscles spasmed and clamped around me and she too cried out.


And I felt my cock pulse rhythmically as I climaxed and ejaculated high inside of her.


For the moment I was spent, but neither Lara nor Amy was finished. As I lay on my back recovering, Amy got up and crossed to where we lay, bent down, and kissed Lara fleetingly and very gently and invitingly on the lips before raising her head and waiting for Lara to react. Then Lara looked up at Amy and put her arms around her and they kissed passionately until Amy stood and spoke urgently to me.

“Your turn to watch.”

As I settled into the armchair, still warm from the heat of Amy’s body, she took my place beside Lara, and they continued to kiss passionately as their hands explored each other’s bodies. Then as I watched, they too unhurriedly made love.


A little later we sat together in the lounge. I wore only pyjama bottoms and the girls had retrieved a couple of pairs of Amy’s pyjamas to put on. I had a strong suspicion we would all be shedding them soon enough, but they were fine to lounge in as I recovered. We were each drinking a glass of wine when Amy retrieved a couple of brightly wrapped boxes from under the Christmas tree. She placed one on the low coffee table close to where Lara was sitting and kept the other in her lap.

“Merry Xmas Lara. I brought you a present. I wasn’t sure whether it would be appropriate to give it to you or not, but I think you’ll like it and find a use for it. Do open it.”

I was intrigued. As Lara fumbled with the wrapping paper I wondered what it might be. By common agreement, Amy and I don’t give thoughtless presents like socks, scented candles, or cheap photo frames which label the giver as cheap and unimaginative. I wasn’t sure Amy knew Lara well enough to buy her a more personal gift.

I didn’t have long to wait. After removing the paper I saw a cardboard box and when Lara removed the lid she extracted a blue strap-on dildo with a leather harness.

“You knew all along,” said Lara. “But thank you it’s beautiful.”

“And this is my present to me,” said Amy as she opened the package on her lap and produced a twelve-inch double-ended dildo.

In the early evening, I watched them lie on their backs naked and joined at the groin by the double dildo as Amy used a wand on her vibrator and Lara used her fingers. When they came together their cries of passion were long and hard. I sat and stroked my erect cock as Lara, wearing the strap-on, slowly penetrated Amy as she lay over the end of the bed with her bum in the air. As the blue dildo slowly slid in and out Amy moaned and whimpered, and then as her pleasure grew she started to talk.

“That’s so good. That’s so good So good. So good. So good.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me!”


And Lara, encouraged by Amy’s cries of joy, drove the dido harder and faster into Amys slit. Amy in turn responded by driving herself backwards onto the dildo and with each stroke her hanging tits swung from side to side.

On and on Amy babbled. She was alone, and yet not alone, in her world of perfect physical ecstasy, and I was able to watch from the outside as Amy took her pleasure. Her nipples were erect, her breasts, upper chest, and face flushed, her eyes wide, and her mouth wide open when she came. As she orgasmed she cried out,


And I marvelled at her beauty, made greater at that moment, and realised how much I loved her.

Then the spell was lost to be replaced by another. Lara turned to me and urgently spoke.

“Please fuck me.”

Amy lay on her back with her legs spread as Lara bent over the end of the bed supported herself on her arms and licked. Meanwhile, I stood behind Lara and was rewarded with a view of her swollen labia framed by her pale and slightly flabby bum cheeks.

I heard Lara speak again. This time more urgently.

“For fuck’s sake put it in me. now!”

I placed my swollen dick-head between her lips and slowly penetrated her until I was as far inside as I could go. Lara was wet with desire as I fucked her. I maintained a steady rhythm whilst I rubbed her swollen clitoris with my fingers. Soon her bum cheeks tightened, and I felt her vaginal muscles grip me as she climaxed, but I did not stop. Instead, I fucked her harder and faster. She came over and over and was slick with sweat when I finally came inside her, withdrew, and saw her juices mixed with my sperm leak from between her swollen pink labia.


Later I heard Lara ask Amy, “How did you know?”

“That you fancied Ross? When you danced with him at the party you might as well have had “fuck me” tattooed on your forehead.”

“No. That I was bi and fancied you?

“Mary told me. she slept with me too. You knew I was bi, didn’t you?”

“Of course,” replied Lara. I’ve known for years and I’ve fancied you for just as long.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because nobody makes a pass at everybody they fancy or love from afar. I lost my marriage to a good man because I was bi and unfaithful. The time has never been right for you and me. until maybe now. Time will tell.”


And it did.

Amy, Lara, and I returned to Kalkan the following August. We stayed at the Pirat Hotel just as Amy and I had done a year before. We lay by the pool, visited the beach, and made love.

This time we took a boat trip and visited the sunken city of Kekova. We visited Patara beach, and the ruins of old Patera half buried in the sand. It is a testament to the nature of the visitors that whilst the beach was crowded the ruins with their over three thousand years of history were empty and largely ignored.

We also returned to Tlos where we stood once more in the shadow of Akdağ and visited the baths and looked down across the Plain of Xanthos towards the distant sea. Whilst we were walking amongst the ruins of Tlos, just for a moment, I thought I saw two young women walking in the distance, but when I looked again there was nobody there.

And one evening we returned to the restaurant where we had played darts the year before and Amy told Lara what had started there.


We are a throuple. I never thought I would love two women, but I do. And I know the girls both love me and one another. Three years ago when all three of us went to Kalkan together Amy instructed me to do something very important. She told me to book Lara and me into one room and herself into a second room. It was our way of telling Lara she was an equal partner in our relationship and not the junior. I will never marry one or other of the girls to the legal detriment of the other.

We live together, and each of us brings something different to our shared partnership. We support and enrich one another. We have no secrets from one another.

We do not have an open relationship. We are faithful to one another and can fully satisfy our emotional and sexual needs within our little group.

The sex is undeniably wonderful. Often we make love together as a threesome but sometimes if one or other of us is tired or at work, the other two may fuck one another. Sometimes I like to watch them make out. There is little more erotic in this world than the facial expression of a woman at her climax, and I love watching the two beautiful and sexy women in my life give and take their orgasms together.

And we all sleep together in the same king-size bed.


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