The evolution of a throuple Part 1

I met Amy in the back garden of one of my work colleagues. My most recent girlfriend and I had parted a month earlier by mutual consent and although I was unattached I was not looking for a long-term relationship or even a quick screw when I was invited to the annual summer work barbecue.

I was drinking a beer when I first noticed her. She had her back to me and was wearing blue jeans and a white tee shirt and had the most glorious bum I had seen in some time. Her waist was narrow, and her legs were long, and it appeared that the denim had been sprayed onto her big round bum cheeks. As I studied her form she turned, and I was smitten. She had long dark hair, brown eyes, perfect white teeth, and chiselled features. Her breasts were not too big and not too small. She saw me looking at her and then looked away in apparent disinterest.

A short while later I was chatting with one of the secretaries from work. She was in her fifties, divorced, and was an office fixture who appeared to live only for her work. She was old enough to be my mother but was a lovely lady with plenty to say for herself and well worth cultivating. As we were talking she suddenly stopped talking to me.

“Excuse me,” she said. Then she called out to someone behind me. “Amy. Come over here. There’s someone I’d like you to meet.”

The young lady I had admired now stood in front of me smiling and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

“Amy this is Ross.”

I held out my hand and she took it.

“Hello Ross, I’m Amy. You must work with mum.”

I spent the rest of the afternoon talking to her. She was great company and easy to talk to. It turned out that she was a nurse and worked at a hospital about thirty miles away in Manchester. She had been given a few days off and had come to see her mother for the weekend. Ordinarily, she would have not come to the barbecue but had decided to accompany her mum at the last minute. She was an only child. Her parents divorced when she was eight years old.

In turn, I told her I was a GP and worked at the practice where her mother worked. I had joined the practice as a Junior partner eighteen months earlier. She knew all this already, of course.

“You aren’t Dr Walker by any chance, are you?”

I nodded in the affirmative.

“My mother mentioned I should meet you, and now I have. What a surprise.” She smiled.


Right from the start, I learned that Amy was not a very trusting individual. The reason for this was simple. Her father had been serially unfaithful and had left Amy and her mother to fend for themselves. He had failed to pay any child support and had not seen Amy since the day he abandoned her with no warning.

“I don’t know or care whether the bastard is dead or alive,” she told me.

Early in our relationship, she laid down one unbreakable rule.

“No secrets.”

Honesty is a very important part of what makes her tick, and she was honest with me from the moment we met although it took a little time for her to trust me enough to tell me some of her secrets which she, by her own rules, now had to divulge.

“I have never trusted men fully. Not after what my father did to us. I love sex with men but when I was younger I enjoyed sleeping with women too. I think I trusted them more. I’m sure I’m bi.”


I soon discovered that Amy was turned on by talking when she was in bed. To be more precise, whilst I was fucking her, she liked me to describe in intimate detail how I had fucked my previous girlfriends. At first, I was a little reticent having believed that a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell but I soon warmed to the idea when it became apparent how much this added to her enjoyment and of course to mine.

We had been going out for only a short time and fucking for maybe a few weeks when she asked the question. I remember we were in bed one Sunday morning and had just woken up. We were lying side by side and naked in bed anticipating the sex that was inevitably going to soon happen. As I cupped her breast in my hand and started to play with her nipple, she sighed and spoke.

“How often do men wank?”

“Men in general, or me?” I asked. “You’d probably find the answer in some sex survey, although men rarely tell the truth about their sex lives. When I was a student I was the only one not shagging three times nightly if I was to believe what all my mates were saying.”

“Ok then. How often do you wank?”

“Depends,” I said. “When I didn’t have a girlfriend at College it was most days. I remember there was a girl who was going out with a friend of mine called Mike, and with whom I shared a house. Their room was next to mine, and I could hear them fucking through the wall. I fancied her like crazy and used to jerk myself off as their bed rattled.”

Amy was intrigued. “Go on. What was she like?”

“Her name was Amanda. Sex on legs. And she knew it. She wasn’t very pretty but she had a lovely

body with long legs and a big bum and tits. She loved sex and tried to shock people with how

she dressed and talked. She used to wear skin-tight jeans and I’m sure that she didn’t always wear

panties because her camel toe was often clearly visible. I remember Mike telling me that she was

clean-shaven and loved oral. He described her going to a party wearing a short skirt and panties,

going to the bathroom, taking off her panties and putting them in her handbag, then taking him

into an empty bedroom and sitting on the bed with her skirt around her waist and her legs spread

wide, and then him kneeling between her legs and licking her to orgasm.

Then when they got back to the house she fucked him. She was an exhibitionist and a screamer

and made a huge amount of noise, and whilst she begged him to fuck her harder or faster I

would stroke myself and imagine I was fucking her. She knew I could hear them and I’m sure it

turned her on. Once she even apologised and told me she hoped the noise didn’t stop me from

sleeping or get me too excited.”


Whilst I had been talking Amy had been listening intently and had taken my prick in hand and had been gently sliding the foreskin up and down over the swollen helmet, and I was bone hard.

“Oh you poor man, ” she murmured. “If I had been there I would have put you out of your misery. Did you want to fuck her very badly? Would you have liked to feel her hand and lips on your dick and fill her cunt and mouth with your cum?”

“Oh yes,” I croaked, as Amy skilfully worked my dick.

“Then fuck me. Fuck me hard. Imagine it’s her you are filling. I’m so wet just thinking of you fucking her.”

She rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide. “Put it in me. Put it in me now. Pleeeease.”

After that when we were in bed together I described to her in lurid detail my previous sexual encounters. One by one I told Amy about them all. There was Julie who loved doggy-style sex, Anne who fantasised about doing it in public, and a girl I picked up on a bus on my way home from a disco and whose name, I’m ashamed to admit, I can’t remember. And there were several others whom I hadn’t thought about for some time. The ones who took their orgasms quietly and those who moaned or screamed. The more I told Amy the hornier she got, and the better the sex.


It was when we were on holiday in Turkey that things changed. We had gone away for a fortnight in late August and were staying in the harbour town of Kalkan on the Lycian Coast of the Mediterranean. It had been recommended by a Turkish friend of mine at work as an excellent place to visit, and he was right.

The town stands on a small bay with whitewashed shuttered houses on narrow streets that wind down the hillside to the harbour. The sight and fragrance of crimson bougainvillea were everywhere on the late summer days we spent there.

We had chosen Kalkan not just for its beauty and the opportunity to visit the beach or lie by the swimming pool at the Pirat Hotel where we were staying, but because the surrounding area is rich in interesting places to visit.

We took our lives in our hands, Turkish roads being notoriously dangerous, and hired a car and spent several days exploring the countryside around the town.

We visited the ruins of the ancient Lycian city of Xanthos, mentioned by Homer in The Iliad, and infamous for being the site of two mass suicides when the population burned the city and killed themselves rather than surrender to the enemy. This happened first in 540 BC when Lycia was invaded by the Persians and then almost exactly five hundred years later in 42 BC when Brutus attacked the city during the Liberator’s Civil War which followed the death of Julius Caesar.

At Saklikent (Hidden City) Gorge we walked in the cold melt waters of the nearby Taurus Mountains and ate trout in a local restaurant following which we toured the ruins of ancient Tlos which lay only a couple of miles away.

Tlos lies on a hillside overlooked by Akdağ (the White Mountain). This is where the tomb of Bellerophon is said to be, with an image of the hero riding Pegasus the winged horse, carved into the rock. It is a truly romantic and beautiful place.

We visited the ruins late in the day when the sun was low in the sky with few other visitors at the site. I noticed two young women walking in the distance but paid little attention until they approached us in the car park as we were about to leave. They were both very attractive. One was tall and blond and the other of medium height and dark-haired. She smiled briefly at me as we passed by.

“Down boy,” said Amy with a smile as we drove off.


During the evenings we spent our time in Kalkan, eating and drinking in any one of a myriad of bars and restaurants dotted around town, and at night we made love.

One evening close to the end of our stay we were in a restaurant and had just finished eating when I noticed a dart board on the wall of the restaurant bar and suggested we play, The barman was happy to provide us with a couple of sets of rather moth-eaten darts and Amy and I started to play. After we had played a couple of games I noticed a young dark-haired lady intently watching, and a little later she offered to score for us. After we had played a few games Amy challenged her to a game and after she had beaten Amy a couple of times we invited her to join us for a drink. She seemed familiar, but it was only when she asked us if we had enjoyed our visit to Tlos that I remembered where I had seen her before.

Her name was Lieke, and she was Dutch, and like most of her compatriots, her English was fluent. She had come on holiday with a girlfriend but was at a loose end after her blond friend had gone off with a Turkish man earlier in the day. He was the taxi driver who had taken them to Tlos. They were due to fly home the following afternoon and Lieke was determined to enjoy her last night in Kalkan.

We shared a couple of bottles of wine, and I could not help noticing that Lieke was taking a lot of interest in me and directed much of the conversation in my direction. I also noticed her checking out my ring finger. Late in the evening, Amy excused herself to go to the toilet and Lieke and I continued to chat.

“Your girlfriend is very beautiful,” she said.

Before I could reply I heard Amy’s voice. She had returned to the table.

“Thank you for the compliment, but I’m not his girlfriend. He’s married but not to me. His wife is a real bitch and he’s getting divorced. I’m his sister!” And she looked me directly in the eye, as Lieke, now hopeful, looked sympathetically across the table at me.

It took me a few moments to process what had just happened, but it was apparent that Amy had just opened the door for me to fuck Lieke if I wanted.

Amy continued to speak, “I’ve come on holiday with Ross to give him time away from his wife. I’m gay and my girlfriend had no worries when I told her I was going on holiday with my brother.”

We paid the bill and Lieke excused herself and went to the toilet, and whilst she was gone Amy spoke quietly and urgently.

“She fancies you. If you want to fuck her be my guest. I like her and she deserves to be fucked at least once when she is on holiday. Only two conditions. You come straight back to the hotel afterward and when you fuck me tomorrow you tell me every little detail of what happened. But remember. No secrets.”

If Amy had not drunk the best part of a bottle of wine I am not sure she would have made that offer, and if I had not drunk the same amount I am not sure I would have accepted. Lieke was undeniably sexy with a well-rounded body and “come-to-bed eyes.” I knew that if she wanted to go to bed with me I would be happy to oblige.


When we left the restaurant the three of us walked back to The Pirat Hotel where Amy left us, and Lieke and I continued to the harbour where we walked hand in hand. It was just after half past ten and the moon was almost full and shining on the sea. We sat and looked out across the bay, and we kissed. The kiss was long and passionate.

Then she looked at me and spoke. The promise of sex was unspoken. Please will you take me home…….

……..I arrived back in our hotel room several hours later. Amy was asleep but woke as I got into bed naked, and I lay beside her. She spoke softly in the dark.” Was she good?”

“Oh yes. But not as good as you.”

“And I’m going to be even better when you tell me all about it. Now hold me tight and go to sleep. I want you to be fully recovered for what I have in store for tomorrow.”

Shortly afterward Amy was asleep in my arms and a little later I followed her “into the land of nod.”


We slept late and had breakfast around half past nine. In the full light of day and sober, I felt a little guilty at what had happened, but Amy behaved as if nothing unusual had occurred.

We spent the morning by the swimming pool. Around noon I remember going for a swim and returning to my sunbed next to where Amy was lying in her skimpy bikini. As I looked at her lying on her front with her long black hair tied back I admired her long legs and perfectly formed bum cheeks and started to harden at the thought of what I would do to her to me when we returned to our hotel room. Amy turned and looked at me, and her eyes rested on my groin and the bulge in my swimming trunks.

“Let’s go back to the room,” she said.” I think you are ready. I know I am.”

We took the stairs to our room. Amy entered first and I followed her through the door and closed it behind me. She dropped her beach bag, turned, and kissed me hungrily forcing her tongue deep into my mouth. I put my hand on her bum cheeks and pulled her against me as she reached down and put her hand down the front of my wet swimming trunks, gripped my hard prick, and sighed.

“I am so fucking horny. Whilst you fucked her last night I wanked myself silly imagining what you were doing to her and what you would do to me when I found out. Remember, no secrets.”

Five minutes later we were in a shower. I stood naked whilst Amy, now also naked, knelt in front of me. As the water cascaded over her head and hair onto her back, she took me into her mouth and slowly and very skilfully started to fellate me, as I started to describe the events of the night before.

“She started by asking me when I had last had sex and I lied. I told her my wife and I had not fucked for several months. She was very pleased and told me she would be worth the wait. When she took her clothes off she had a lovely body. You know I’m turned on by tan lines. They emphasize a woman’s nakedness, and her naughty bits were milky white. She started by giving me a blow job and then we did sixty-nine and she came for the first time. She was very noisy.”

Amy stopped what she was doing and looked up at me. Her eyes were wide with desire, and I led her to the bed where she lay down with her legs spread wide. I lay flat on my belly with my head between her thighs where I could watch her as I lapped at her sopping wet hairless sex. Her clitoris was swollen, and as I worked on her with my tongue she groaned and started to talk.

“Did you do her like this? Did you do her like this?”

“Next time I want to watch. I want to watch her come.”

“I want it! I want it! I need it! I need it so much! Give it to me! Give it to me!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkk!”

I lay beside her and fingered her with the pads of two fingers as she held me in her fist and slowly and deliberately wanked me. Then she turned her head towards me, and I started to softly speak to her again.

“She was very noisy. She didn’t talk. She just groaned and wailed all the time I was fucking her. After her first orgasm, I screwed her in the missionary position. Her cunt was very tight and gripped me like your fist is holding me now. Then I had her doggy style just like, very soon, I’m going to fuck you. Her ass was small, and I had a wonderful view of her cunt lips puckering with each stroke of my cock. Finally, she rode me cowboy -style and she had her last orgasm when I shot my load high inside her cunt.”

Whilst I had been talking my fingers had continued to work busily on her clitoris and I saw the desperate pleading in her eyes as she approached her climax. Her hand had stopped moving but gripped me tight as she let out a long drawn-out groan of release.


As she came, her back arched and her thigh muscles tightened, and she lay still.

“And now I’m going to fuck you doggy style. She was pretty but you are beautiful, and I love you. I want to hear you scream with pleasure before I come inside of you.”

She knelt on the bed with her breasts against the bed and her beautiful bum raised. Her slit was moist with her juices, and I penetrated her with ease and slid inside of her. And then I fucked her.

She moaned and groaned and screeched and screamed as I pounded her. She begged for release and demanded to watch me fuck another woman and then climaxed three times over before I filled her with my sperm.

We lay in bed together. I held Amy tight in my arms and she rested her head on my chest. I spoke just one word, “Why?”

“Because the thought of you fucking another woman is the ultimate turn-on. The sex we just had was fantastic. And my ultimate fantasy is to watch you with another woman.”

“You said NO secrets,” I replied enquiringly.

Amy disentangled herself from my arms, sat up, and looked down at me.” Very well….. My father was a philanderer. He ruined my mother’s life because he couldn’t stay faithful to one woman. He damaged my ability to trust. I do not believe that men or women are naturally monogamous. You are the first man I have ever cared for, and I am not about to lose you because you see some floozie you don’t particularly like but want to fuck because she has a big bum and tits, and a pretty face.

Do you know what told me this afternoon? You told me you loved me. well, I love you too and I never want to lose you.”


After we returned home to Liverpool, life rolled on uneventfully until Christmas when it took another turn. Amy was still working in a large hospital in Manchester. That Christmas, as always, there were a large number of parties and events arranged. These included ward parties, departmental parties, and parties in the doctor’s and nurses’ residences.

For most doctors and nurses Christmas is not a holiday. The disease does not declare a truce over the festive season and Amy was rostered to work Christmas Eve and Christmas day and I had decided to work at the local out-of-hours service on Christmas Day. We would have Christmas dinner and exchange presents on Boxing day.

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