The Deeper The Love

Description: “What makes love between two people so right, but so wrong?”

My name is Kay and I’ve been having sex with my son Jeffery for three years now. I’ve been thinking about some of the wild things we have done but now I ask myself about how it all began.


 So, here is the story of the start of our beautiful relationship as more than mother and son.

It all started when Jeffery came home with the news that his school was having a formal mother and son dinner. I was surprised that he really wanted to go! I thought it was so sweet. It was hard to choose a dress for this dinner. I wasn’t going out dancing, so I didn’t want to look to sexy. I didn’t want to look like a grandma, either. After some searching in the closet, I chose one.

“You look great, Mom,” said Jeffery as he walked into the room looking good himself in his new suit. “You’re the prettiest mom at my school.”

“But, of course,” I replied with a laugh.

Then he surprised me by coming over and giving me a huge hug.

“I love you, Mom,” he said.

I was really touched.

“I love you, too, honey,” I replied.

We had a great time at the dinner. Jeffery seemed to be showing me off to his friends. I felt very special. The school had set up a photographer so if anyone wanted a photo to commemorate the occasion with a portrait, they could. After we took one together, Jeffery wanted me to take one by myself. He said he wanted one of me to put in his room. He also wanted one for his wallet. I thought it was sweet of him.

When we got home, Jeffery again gave me a big hug and a kiss and said, “I love you, Mom!”

I was a little surprised because guys his age don’t think it’s cool to be affectionate with their moms anymore.

About a week later, Jeffery came home with the pictures from the Mother-Son dinner. He framed the solo one of me and put it next to his bed. I realized my boy had a crush on his mom. That was normal, I told myself. But then, he started to always, it seemed, show up while I was getting dressed. He would come in to tell me something unimportant, like he was going to have his breakfast. It was an obvious excuse.

An innocent crush on your mother is one thing but the following Saturday, things were taken up a notch! I was collecting clothes to get the laundry done. Jeffery’s door was locked and after knocking for a while, he finally opened the door. He immediately hurried down the hall to the bathroom. I knew Jeffery had been masturbating because I could smell the cum. My baby was growing up. Then my eye caught something under the bed. When I picked it up, I saw that it was my portrait from the Mother-Son dinner. But I was shocked at what I saw! There was cum all over my photo! I touched it just to make sure it was cum. My son had more than just a crush on his mom! He had the hots for me!!!

After I finished the laundry, I checked on Jeffery. He was watching a football game in the living room, I couldn’t stop thinking about him jerking off to my photo. I went up to the bedroom, locked the door, and did a little jerking myself. And the subject of my masturbation: My own son!!!

To make matters worse, sex with my boyfriend, who will remain nameless, was worse than ever. He gave me his slam-bam, thank-you-mam, turned over and fell asleep. All I could think of was Jeffery.

I loved the way it made me feel when I thought about turning Jeffery on so much. At his age, he should be hot for Christina Aguilera, not me! I decided to deliberately try to turn him on. After exercising one day, I stretched out in front of him, exposing my well-worked abs. I could tell he liked what he saw!

Another day, I made a show of reaching for a pillow that fell under the sofa. I also started wearing more sexy clothes when we were alone in the house. I don’t know what Jeffery thought about it, but it made me hot!

The one morning, I heard him coming down the hall to the bathroom and I walked out in my underwear. I acted surprised but didn’t move. I just stood there until he passed me. I was really enjoying this! The next day, everything changed!

I accidentally walked in on him right before he got into the shower. He was sporting a hard-on! He reached for a towel but I told him to stop. I don’t know what came over me. I just knew I didn’t want him to cover up tat beautiful cock. I went over and closed the door. At this point I still didn’t know what I was going to do. I knew I should leave but I just didn’t want to!

I walked over and grabbed hold of his cock!!! He let out a little yelp and raised his arms as if he was being robbed. I wanted to suck him off but instead I just started to pump it. I was past the point of no return. I got down on my knees and continued pumping until he shot a hot stream of cum onto the bathroom floor and my hand. All I could think of was “Oh my God, what have I done!”

I cleaned my hands off in the shower and left. Not a word was spoken between us. I went back down to the living room to watch TV. I was so scared, I don’t remember what I watched or what I did the rest of the day. It was all a blur.

I gave my son a hand job in the bathroom. I was so scared after that.

– part 2 –

That night I didn’t get a wink of sleep. Thoughts of shame, regret, and even jail came into my mind. What had I done? How was Jeffery feeling? Would he tell someone? It was the worst night of my life!

The next morning was no better. I couldn’t even look Jeffery in the eye. I was so ashamed. Jeffery didn’t give any indication, one way or another, about how he felt about the whole thing. I was useless at work that day. All day I thought about how I was going to handle this when I got home. Fortunately, Jeffery and I got home a good two hours before my boyfriend so we would have time to talk.

Once we were settled, I told him that what happened was a big mistake, I didn’t know what got into me, it was wrong, and I was sorry. After a few minutes of this, I was almost in tears. He listened to my speech and when I was done, he said with the saddest face I’ve ever seen on him, “You mean you’re not going to do it again?” He went on, “Please mom, that was the best thing that ever happened to me. That’s all I’ve thought about all day! I couldn’t wait to get home and do it again!”

I was so mad! Hadn’t he heard anything I had said! “That’s it!” I yelled, “We will never even talk about it again!” I stormed out of the room and went upstairs. I didn’t see Jeffery the rest of the night.

I thought about the whole situation all night and the next day. I called in sick to work and moped around all day at home. Then when I was sitting on the toilet peeing, I started to get very horny. I ended up masturbating myself to a fantastic orgasm thinking about beautiful son.

That night, I thought I would go take a look at Jeffery then make my way to the bathroom and get off another round of masturbation. I was quiet as I possibly could be. I found him sound asleep. He was beautiful! I should have just walked out but I didn’t. I just had to touch him. I reached over and gently caressed his body. He stirred a little but didn’t wake up. It wasn’t until I rubbed his cock did he spring up. I said softly, “Shhhh, It’s only me, baby. it’s only your mother.”

Without saying a word, I pulled off his shorts. His cock instantly got hard! “Don’t make a sound, honey. I’m going to suck it, ok?”

“Ok, mom,” he whispered.

It was pure heaven! He tasted and smelled so good. I sucked him so deep and hard that in a short time he whispered, “Mom, I’m gonna cum!”

He came so much, I couldn’t swallow it all! He laid back in total pleasure. My head was swimming in pure lust. When we had a chance to come down from our orgasmic bliss, I said to him. “Don’t say anything right now or in the morning. We will talk after school.”

When I got back to my bedroom, I realized my panties were soaked through. I was literally dripping cum!

At work that day, all I thought about was Jeffery. How far was I going to take this? I was scared but so excited. I couldn’t wait to get home!

This talk with him was different than the last one. I told him that what we did was wrong but I didn’t want to stop. I loved sucking his cock and having this special relationship with my beautiful son. He was pleased! He was even more pleased when I told him to take off his jeans and let me at his cock. It wasn’t long before I was repeating last night’s performance.

For the next couple weeks, I did a lot of sucking. At least once a day, but sometimes up to five. One day when my boyfriend was on the couch napping, I took Jeffery down to the garage. In no time at all, He was bottomless and hard. I was on my knees and ready. He had not cum in about 24 hours so he had lots of cum for his mother to swallow!

About five weeks into our crosskicking adventure, we did our most daring deed. We were watching TV one Saturday afternoon, when my boyfriend fell asleep and started snoring loudly. Jeffery and I looked at each other and knew what we wanted to do. Careful not to wake him, we quietly made our way into the hallway. We wanted to be nearby in order to hear him if he woke up. He didn’t wake, Jeffery got off, and mom had a belly full of cum! A nice afternoon! We continued like this for about two months. It was a happy routine. Until Jeffery did something one night that changed everything! I was forced to make a decision that I had been putting off.

-part 3 –

Now that Jeffery and I started our oral adventure, something happened, however, that threatened to put an end to our fun. What was it you ask? While I was sucking him, he reached over and squeezed my breast! You see, up to that point Jeffery had never touched me in a sexual way. My oral servicing seemed like an innocent game. But now it felt more serious!

“What’s wrong, mom?” asked Jeffery. I didn’t know how to answer.

“You grabbed my breast,” I answered finally. “You’ve never done that before.”

“I’m sorry. Was it wrong to do that?” I got up from the bed. “I have to think about this. We’ll talk tomorrow, I said as I walked out of the room. My poor baby was so confused. What was wrong with his crazy mother?

Instead of going back to my bedroom, I went downstairs. I had a decision to make. I know it sounds crazy since I was already giving my son oral sex, but allowing him to pleasure me seemed like crossing the line fully into incest. Was I really ready for that? Would he and I be able to stop before we took it too far?

“What’s wrong, mom? Did I do something wrong?” Jeffery startled me out of my troubling thoughts.

“No, baby, you did nothing wrong. Come here. Let’s talk,” I said motioning him to the sofa next to me. I explained to him my feelings about the line we were about to cross. I told him how serious it was and that if he had any doubts or misgivings, we would stop now and never talk about it again. I told him how much I loved him and how happy I was to be this close to him. He looked at me and said in all earnestness, “I love you too, mom, and I don’t want to stop, ever!”

We embraced for what seemed like an hour. I didn’t want to let go! When we finally released the embrace just a little, we looked into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, he looked different somehow. He was no longer just my son. He was my lover!

There was an invisible force that pulled our lips together for our first lover’s kiss! We made out for about a half hour. Our tongues wrestling and sharing saliva. It was so hot! We went to our separate beds agreeing to continue tomorrow.

The next day after school, Jeffery came home to a surprise. I decided it was time for him to have access to my tits. Standing there half naked, I suddenly felt very embarrassed. But the smile on his face put me at ease. He reached out and caressed them so gently as if they would break if he handled them too roughly. I wondered why I had waited so long to let him do this. When he started sucking, I almost passed out!

After a few days, I had another surprise for Jeffery. I walked in wearing my stocking and heels. I knew he would like that. I guess I was right because his cock got hard in an instant. However, he was a little disappointed because what he really wanted was a look at my pussy. He begged me to lower my panties. How could I resist him? I told him to pull them down himself. I almost came when he had my pussy exposed to the air! He asked me to spread my legs for him. Although I had been preparing myself for this moment, I was still blown away at how erotic and hot it was to spread my legs for my own son!

There I was, legs spread, pussy exposed, and cumming buckets. Jeffery was inspecting the hole from which he emerged from years ago! Then without warning, he plunged his mouth on my pussy lips and clit. He sucked me like a veteran of cunnilingus. Wow!

Eventually, we ended up in the 69 position! And just to show how attuned we were with each other, we each came at the same time! We came up for air and laughed at our cum covered faces. Of, course, we had a cum kiss to finish our session!

A couple of nights later, Jeffery was munching on my pussy again. Boy, was he good! Later, he asked me if he could rub his cock on my pussy. He promised he would not put it in me.

It felt wonderful to have my son over me, thrusting away. But at the same time, it was terrifying. Everything we had done I had somehow justified in my mind. But not intercourse, it would be full on incest! After cumming on my stomach, he hugged me and told me how much he loved me. But all I could think of was how far were we going to take this?

Well, that was the big question. There was a lot to think about. It’s not easy being a mother!

-part 4 –

Jeffery and I had taken our relationship up a few notches. Well, now I had a decision to make. Was I going to allow him to fuck me or should we try and keep things the way they were? I told myself I didn’t have to decide now.

Meanwhile, we kept up our late night meetings a couple times a week. Jeffery was always ready for me!

During my lunchtimes, I often read the incest forums online for advice. While I didn’t find and real advice, I did read a lot of really hot mom/son stories. I still had not decided anything when my boyfriend came up with the idea of taking a vacation. He brought home brochures of some resorts. We decided on a beach front resort. On our way there, all I could think of was that it would be good to change up the routine. Maybe I could see things differently once we were away from our everyday surroundings.

The resort was on the most beautiful beach I had ever seen. We got settled in and looked around. It was good to be all together all the time. It reduced the temptation to sneak off with Jeffery. The next morning we went out to enjoy the beach. We found a nice spot and sat to enjoy the view. Jeffery and I could not keep our hands off each other. Nothing sexual, just mother son stuff. No one would suspect anything. However, when my boyfriend said he was going to take a nap right there on the beach, I took the opportunity to try and get some alone time with Jeffery. I told him that Jeffery and I would go on exploring the beach and we would catch up with him later.

After about twenty minutes of walking, we spotted a huge boulder. It didn’t look like there was anybody on the other side. Jeffery and I made a run for it. It was the first time we had been alone together in about two days! I didn’t know when we would get the chance again during this trip. Jeffery was becoming a great kisser! “When are we going to play again, mom?” asked Jeffery after a delicious make-out session.

“we’ll see, baby,” I purred.

The fact was that there was no time alone for us. My boyfriend was always nearby or there were other vacationers around. However, on our last day, that changed. Jeffery and I were on our little patio outside our rooms enjoying the beach and a drink. My boyfriend was inside watching a football game.

I noticed that Jeffery had been watching me like a hawk. I could see he had a bulge in his pants. I turned to him and whispered so no one could overhear, Let’s go find a place where we could be alone! I got to have a taste of you or I think I’ll burst!”

We climbed a hill overlooking the beach a ways from the resort. There were very few people here. Behind us was a wooded area that seemed like an ideal place for our needs.

Jeffery immediately went at his two favorite places; my tits and pussy. He stripped away his trunks. I turned around and pointed my ass at him. He placed his cock between my legs and started rubbing himself. Poor baby! He really wanted to fuck me!

Before long, he was cumming! I was about to tell Jeffery to scoop up his cum and feed it to me, when I got a shock! There was someone coming our way!

It was a jogger. I told Jeffery to get behind the tree and pretend he was pissing. When the stranger asked if we were OK, I said that we were. “My son really had to pee.” I said. The stranger left never knowing I had a load of my son’s cum on my back!

On our last night, Jeffery and I sat together watching the sunset. I cuddled with him in what was our most romantic moment of our brief time as lovers. And it was at that precious moment that I decided that I was going to let Jeffery fuck me! So now that the decision was made. I hade to prepare for the big day!

-part 5-

Driving home from our trip, I could only think about Jeffery inside me. I was so excited but I knew I had a lot to prepare before the big event. I made a mental list of what I needed in order to make this a very special moment in Jeffery’s life and mine!

The first thing I did was make an appointment with my doctor in order to get some form of birth control. I was sure I wanted Jeffery to cum inside me but I didn’t want to get pregnant.

A few weeks passed. No opportunity presented itself where Jeffery and I would be alone for at least a day until one day, my boyfriend told me about his work. He said that he was going to work so our weekend plans would have to be cancelled. That gave me an idea!

My sister had to leave ton with her husband in order to care for his dying mother. She had asked me more than once if I could check up on her apartment, just to make sure everything was alright. She had said I could stay a few days with my boyfriend, eat at the fine restaurants in town, and have a nice getaway weekend. I called her and set up the whole thing. But instead of my boyfriend, I would take Jeffery.

Since the weekend was only a couple of days away. I went out shopping for supplies! I wanted Jeffery to remember this weekend forever so I wanted to wear appropriate attire for the occasion.

The weekend had finally come. We said goodbye to my boyfriend and got in the car. We were positively giddy as we drove away. Jeffery knew we were going to play in our usual way but he had no idea that this weekend he would become a man! My man, that is!

After an hour and a half drive, we arrived at my sister’s apartment. As soon as the door was closed behind us, Jeffery was at me. He stuck his face into my breast and mumbled something I couldn’t make out. Poor baby! He was so horny!

As much as I wanted to rip my clothes off and get to work on that beautiful cock of his, I had to be firm, so I told him that he would have to wait for tonight after dinner to get some satisfaction. He didn’t like it but he relented.

At dinnertime, I walked into the living room where Jeffery was watching TV. “I’m ready. You hungry?”

Jeffery looked at me and liked what he saw. “You’re beautiful, Mom!”

He came over and gave me a long, deep lover’s kiss. After we broke, I said, “Tonight is going to be a special night.”

The restaurant was a couple blocks away. It was such a beautiful night we decided to walk. It looked so romantic! We had a wonderful dinner! The atmosphere, the food, and the conversation was great. We laughed and talked like a couple on their first date. We were falling in love with each other by the moment!

On the way home, we came across a cute bench under a lamppost. The night was so lovely we decided to stop and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. Jeffery immediately got into the mood. He reached over and pulled me to him. What followed was a hot and heavy make-out session. I hoped no one saw us!

After awhile, I felt my pussy tingle and become wet. I told Jeffery, “let’s go where we could really get down to business!”

I heard no complaints from Jeffery.

Back at the apartment Jeffery wasted no time at getting to his favorite part of me; my tits.

I quickly got into the outfit I had so carefully chosen. I looked pretty good for a mother of a lovely son, if I do say so myself! However, before I went out to Jeffery, I once again, got one of my feeling of doubt. Was I doing the right thing? Was I hurting Jeffery? I often had these thoughts even though I was really enjoying my relationship with Jeffery. Society considered incest the ultimate taboo! Fuck society! This was about Jeffery and I and what was best for us! With new resolve. I went to my beautiful boy.

I stepped into the room and Jeffery’s eyes popped out of his head. I then sauntered over to the CD player and pushed play. Earlier I had put in a CD of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” I danced for Jeffery in a way that I had not done at the mother son dance at his school. From the look of his cock, he was enjoying it! I danced around showing off the body I worked so hard, at the gym, to maintain. Soon, Jeffery joined me and I knew he was ready for a different physical activity!

I kissed him from the top of his head to his cock, worshipping his beautiful body. I gave him the best blow job of his life. It wasn’t long before he rewarded me for my efforts! Jeffery had a lot of saved up cum because his load filled my mouth. I showed him his handiwork. I closed my mouth, and looked him straight in the eye, and swallowed! “All gone!” I said proudly. “Now, it’s my turn, baby.” I said as I spread my legs. Jeffery had gotten good at eating my pussy. I was in seventh heaven! Before long, I was spraying into his mouth! He soon was doing with my cum what I had done with his cum. I saw that he was hard again. This was the moment! I rubbed his cock with my foot and I said, “Baby, you’ve waited long enough! I want you to fuck me now!”

Jeffery exclaimed, “Thank you, Mom. I love you! I love you!” He peppered me with kisses to show his joy!

I positioned myself on the chair as he applied some lub. :Come on, baby, give it to me!” Jeffery was not gentle. He shoved it in deep, balls deep, with the very first thrust! It was heaven having my son inside me, We kissed passionately, all the while, he never stopped pounding me! With a final thrust, Jeffery came deep inside my pussy! I could feel it dripping out of me. I told Jeffery to catch it so it wouldn’t stain the rug. I couldn’t let that sweet cum go to waste so I ate it out of my son’s hand. We took a break and watched a little TV, never thinking of putting on some clothes. We wanted to be ready when desire struck.

Desire struck soon enough! We tried as many positions as our strength allowed! Late into the night, we fucked in every imaginable position! Just before dawn, I awoke and looked at my beautiful boy sleeping. After what we did that night there was no going back! I was happy!

And as they say, “The rest is history.”



The author does not condone child abuse or incest, this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life.

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