The day when I became a submissive sissy for a BBC

This is a story about the most lustful experience of my life. Dialogue and thoughts of the event have been reproduced to the best of my ability.

It was late, past midnight. The windows of the motel were left wide open, New York City’s endless noise humming in the distance, and a cool summer breeze was brushing against my cleanly shaved body when I caught a glimpse of someone in the room’s unusually large mirror.

The reflection in the mirror was that of a youthful girl with flat chest but a pleasantly large and quite smooth butt. She was dressed in silky soft lingerie, covered by a red robe, and wearing an embroidered Venice mask.

I stared blankly ahead, enamored by the sexy sight, thinking that I wanted to fuck the curly hair brunet in the mirror–but forgetting that the girl was in fact me, feminized and ready to receive a load from the muscular and dominating BBC that was about to emerge from the shower.

But before I tell you more about that night, the night when I became a submissive cock-sucking slut, I should tell you how it all started.


One day in early June, I had just come out of the shower, water still dripping on the floor, and I began to dress up when I suddenly got aroused by the sight of my naked body. This was a common occurrence. Being a boy, I had quite a feminine and curvy body, especially my thighs and butt, and under the right lighting, I could pass for a girl. And this is what I was fantasizing about in my current horny state of mind. I sat myself in the edge of my bed, closed my eyes and tried to imagine what would feel like getting fucked in the ass. Of course, I knew what it felt like because I would regularly use a dildo, or a cucumber in the early days, but deep inside me, I craved for more. I craved for a real, warm, pulsating cock, fucking me hard and cumming inside me, leaving me dripping and high.

I started to touch myself, slapping my butt, and massaging my smaller than average uncut dick, as if it was a girl’s clit. Precum quickly started to ooze out, and I slathered it all over my fingers, lubricating them with my juices. The sight of my body made me want to explode. I was feeling so horny, so feminine…and I knew I could be a girl if I really wanted to.

“FUCK. I want more,” I exclaimed. I decided not to masturbate, so as to prolong my horniness.

Instead, I turned around, grabbed my phone, opened my camera, set up the timer, and kneeled on the floor, all fours, my back arching towards the floor, legs crossed, and my bubble butt pointing up in an open invitation to be fucked. This position made me even hornier, and I felt my precum dripping down my thighs.

*Click.* The picture was taken. I looked at it, and right then and there, I knew that I was made to receive, not give. Except from my hanging dick, everything else looked feminine.

I quickly pulled out my phone and opened my NSFW Reddit account where I posted the picture, titled “Am I worthy of your dick?” in various subreddits, such as Sissies, BlackOwnedSissies, Femboys, etc. Then I sat back, stroking my penis, and waited for the comments and DMs of hungry, salivating men to arrive.

“Sexy af! Want t9 see you dripping wet!”

“Looking amazing~”

“I think I could work that ass in…”

I made sure to reply to all of the comments, in the meantime stalking their profiles to see if they meant business. One of them seemed especially eager to get to know me, replying under my picture, “So, umm can I hop in ur dms?” Of course, I said yes. Before he texted me, I clicked on his profile and saw that he was a BBC interested in sissies and femboys, looking for some action. The thought of being fucked by his huge cock, which he had posted in a number of subreddits, excited me beyond belief.

“What is your name, sweetie”? the glorious BBC finally texted me as he hopped into my DMs.

Without thinking about it, I replied, “Emma.”

“That’s a sweet name, Emma.”

Sweet indeed, I thought. I liked the sound of it. It fit with my new, horny, feminine mood.

“You have a nice boypussy, I wanna make it mine.” The words made me almost orgasm on the spot, and I felt my heart beating out of my chest.

“Aww thanks, its all yours,” I replied.

“Can I see the rest of your body?”

“Shit”, I thought. In my haste to receive validation from hungry, horny men, I forgot that I was *still* a man and had some body hair that made me look undesirable, even to myself. “Give me a few minutes”, I replied, after which I ran to the bathroom where I started shaving my chest and legs into a smooth milky perfection. After I was satisfied with the results, no hair visible on my body anymore, I pulled out my phone and snapped a bunch of pictures from different angles. Some in inviting doggy-style poses, and others with my legs up.


“You are so hot! I wanna make u my sissy,” the BBC replied. “Where do you live, Emma?”

Shit was getting real. Am I actually doing this, I thought. I could not stop myself–I was in a trance wherein logic didn’t exist. Dopamine and lust ruled over me. “NYC,” I replied.

“Same! Have you been with another man before?”

“Yes,” I lied, wanting to appear more experienced. “But it was a white man. Nothing special,” I added.

“Then you haven’t experienced shit yet. Do you want to try a BBC?”

Trembling on my bed, I replied “yes, I do.”

Over the next few days, we kept talking, and during that time, I had managed to not masturbate or edge myself, causing me a severe case of blue balls. But I knew that the minute I would orgasm, guilt, shame, and what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-me feelings would overpower me, forcing me to delete my NSFW accounts and pictures. But I was committed to suck dick and experience being used like a girl. I was in a state of mind I could only describe as psychedelic.

And so, three days later, along with his daily cock pic–this time also showing half of his face and the rest of his muscular, black body–he said that he had booked a room for us in a rather nice motel close to the airport.

I texted him back, saying that I was all in, and for the rest of the day we planned for our big night.

By that time, I had had plenty of time to ask him questions, making sure, you know, that he wasn’t going to kill me or sell me for parts. As it turns out, he had a family, and had come to become disillusioned with his sex life. When he discovered the world of femboys and sissies on the internet, a new spark of passion ignited deep within him. He found the idea of feminine guys deeply arousing. Lucky for him, I found the idea of being used from people like him also quite arousing. A win-win.


A few hours later the sun had started to set, and I found myself in front of the motel room, dressed in regular boy clothes, holding a backpack on my hands.

My heart was racing and pounding harder than ever before. I was standing in front the room, the door ajar, audible sounds emanating from the shower, and I questioned myself one last time. Do I really want to do it? I felt fear, perhaps even terror, for the first time, strong and overpowering. My dick had retracted to the size of a pea, and one could tell I was visibly shaking.

In spite of that, I took a deep breath and entered the room.

It was dimly lit, the windows wide open, with the waving curtains providing the only sense of privacy, and you could hear the endless stream of cars buzzing by the freeway, as well as the occasional airplane landing to and departing from LaGuardia airport.

The BBC, as I did not know his name, was in the shower. I quickly unpacked my bag and dressed up in my red lingerie, which I concealed with a new red sexy robe. I then applied some makeup, added my wig, and showered myself with Frédéric Malle women’s perfume.

I was ready. Emma was ready, sitting on the edge of the bed, legs crossed, shaking and waiting for my undoing.

A few minutes later, which felt like an eternity, he came out of the shower, still wet, and only with a towel over his waist.

“Emma, you are here,” he said in a deep masculine voice.

I smiled.

“Don’t be nervous. I will guide you. You just have to do as I say. You understand?” His imposing appearance and his dominating attitude made me immediately at ease.

I nodded.

“Good. Tonight you will be my submissive bitch.”

Fuck, I had already started dripping with precum. I was now certain that I truly wanted to be used.

He walked to the edge of the bed and let the towel fall to the floor, revealing his huge dick. It was a sight to behold. Both long and wide, with veins pertrubing along the sides. My eyes were glued to his cock, and he soon motioned me to get up, which I did.

“On your knees.”

I obeyed.

He then adjusted himself closer to the edge and spread his legs out, leaving me face to face with his big black cock. “Suck it.”

Remember the part where I lied to him? His was my first cock, and I hadn’t thought of how one should properly give a blowjob. I imagined it shouldn’t be that hard. Do to him what I would have liked to be done to me.

I reluctantly touched my lips on the head of his cock. It was warm, slightly pulsating and fully erect. I used my right hand to grab the rest of it and with a soft motion I put half of the cock in my mouth. At first, I simply engulfed it, rested it on my tongue, feeling its warmth, and getting familiar with the sensations. Then, I began sucking, slowly at first.

“That’s my girl, he moaned.”

Motivated by his remarks, I increased the intensity, jerking his cock with my hand and blowing him with my mouth. His deep masculine moans became louder, and then he grabbed my head and pushed it towards him, forcing me to swallow the rest of his cock. I began gagging as his dick touched the back of my throat, but I did not push back. I let him take control of my head, jerking it back and forth as he willed.

After a few minutes of gagging and sucking, he lifted me up while he was still sitting on the edge of the bed and ordered me to remove my robe. I obeyed, letting it fall to the ground, revealing my feminine body and the lingerie.

“Fuck, you are beautiful,” he whispered.

He then began kissing my neck, squeezing my tits, and drawing me closer to him by grabbing me from my buttcheeks. My small dick was touching his, both us dripping with our liquids, mixing them up as we touched. Seeing how small my dick was, he grabbed his and spanked it on top of mine with a swift motion. I moaned, and he repeated the motion. He made sure to note that dicks like mine are only good as clits.

He then grabbed me from my neck, chocking me enough so that he could manhandle me, and placed me on the bed in a doggy-style position. It was finally happening, I thought.

“Relax your butt,” he said as he he inserted a condom and applied lube around my butthole.

My breathing intensified, and I tried to relax. I touched my head to the bed, facing to the open window, and curved the rest of my body upwards, ready to receive.

Soon enough, I felt the warmth of his cock brushing against my hole, teasing me with circular motions and slaps on my cheeks.

Almost instinctively, I uttered, “fuck me please.”

He gladly granted my request because a second later I felt his cock pushing against my virgin hole. The sensation was exquisite. Better than the large cucumber I had once used, I thought, for that was my only frame of reference. Without stopping, he pushed some more until he was inside me.

I started moaning, softly at first, and grew louder as he inserted more of his BBC into my white body.

“FUCK,” I screamed as he gave a final push and inserted the entirety of his cock inside my ass. I could feels his balls smashed against my butt. I was surprised I could take in his monstrosity without much pain.

He let his cock hangout inside me for a few moments, allowing me to get used to it, and then, with gentle motions, he began fucking me–thrusting in and out, methodically and sensually. He fucked me increasingly harder, until you could hear his balls and thighs clapping against me, and we both started to moan from pleasure.

I, a guy turned sissy, was getting fucked by a grown man in a motel room. And I was enjoying it. I could not believe it. It felt like a fever dream, and soon, the fever dream was about to be busted.

As he was breeding me, I became so aroused that I was close to orgasming. “I am about to cum,” I told him.

“No you are not,” he replied.

He then exited my butt, and I collapsed on the bed, sweating from the summer heat, heart pounding, horniness at the highest level it has ever been. He walked over to the bathroom and came back with a numbing cream which he applied to my dick liberally.

“Here, now you are set for the rest of the night.”

He wasn’t wrong, we continued fucking, well, him fucking the life out of me–doggy-style, missionary, cowgirl, spooning–and I was feeling as if I was going to cum at any moment but the moment never came. The night progressed, and with it my masculinity faded away. I had become a hungry slut to be used.

Two hours after I sucked dick for the first time in my life, he lifted me and placed me on my back, facing towards his powerful body. He then proceeded to blindfold me, and tied me up on either side of the bed, only leaving my legs free to move. At that moment, my balls had squeezed inside my body, the need to cum being so exceptionally strong yet unattainable.

I heard him walk towards the bathroom, and I laid there vulnerable, wet and exposed. My lingerie was no longer on me; he had aggressively teared it out during the cowgirl position. Moments later, he came back, hopped onto the bed, lifted my legs up, placing them over his shoulders, and without any warning, he inserted his cock back inside me.

“I think I am ready to make you mine,” he told me. I knew that this meant he was about to cum inside me.

He thrusted himself deep inside me with eagerness and speed, fucking me with purpose. At that point, for me, it was a mix of pain and fulfillment in the dark. I even remember crying “slower,” but to no avail. He was finally about to make me his and there was no escaping it. A few dozen hardcore strokes later, he pushed his cock and balls deep inside me with all his might, both of us groaning and moaning–after which I felt a warm rushing sensation overtaking me from the inside, knowing that I was now bred with his cum.

He remained on top of me for a few more seconds and then exited my body to lie next to me on the bed–me still tied and blindfolded. I could hear him gasping for air as he tried to regain his strength.

A few minutes later, without uttering a word, I hear him get up and walk to the bathroom where he took a rather lengthy shower. He eventually came out with a wet towel which he rubbed on my dick to remove the numbing cream he had applied earlier.

“There, your pussy is now nice and clean.” His voice had become less hoarse by now, possibly by the exhaustion we were experiencing.

He put the towel aside and without warning grabbed my little dick in his right hand. My dick was totally engulfed in his black hand as he squeezed it and stroked it. Now fully erect, I thought he was going to finish me off, but instead of jerking me off, and quite unexpectedly, I felt his warm, wet mouth covering my dick.

“Shiiit, shit, it feels good,” I told him, as he guided his tongue around the head of my cock. “I can’t even hold it anymore. I need to cum, I am about to cum.” His sucking intensified, my liquids oozing in his mouth uncontrollably, until, seconds later, a sudden striking shudder overtook me, barely having the time to blur out loud, “I AM COMINGGG!” He seemed unfazed by my warning. He continued sucking me until I came in his mouth. It was biggest load I have ever busted.

Without reacting to what had just happened, he grabbed my face, plied open my mouth and spat my cum on my tongue.

“Swallow it,” he commanded me.


“Let me see. Open. Good girl.”

He then turned to side of the bed and dozed off.

I was left there, finally, after three–maybe four, for I had lost count of time–days of blue balls, now having orgasmed with the help of a guy. It felt good. It was undeniably good, perhaps the best sex of my life–but I was a man, who had been with girls, who could only have romantic relationships with girls, and the guilt started rushing back in.

I felt shame overpowering me. I felt useless, a pathetic excuse of a human being. I tried to leave, but I soon realized that I was still shackled to the bed, naked and exposed, and the BBC was by now sleeping. I was stuck and exhausted. The absolute humiliation.

And then I fell asleep.


In the morning, I woke up to an empty bed, freed from the chains, my clothes nicely laid out on the side of the bed. I questioned if anything had even happened, but the bed’s wetness and stains removed any uncertainty. I was extremely sore, and the walk to the bathroom was stumbly and uncomfortable.

But as I looked myself in the mirror, my femininity still reigned, and deep in me I knew that this was not my last rodeo.

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