The Body Builder

Natalie was way out of my league. As a semi good looking guy who dressed well and had a good job, I was a solid catch. I knew where I stood and generally dated around my level so to speak. Natalie 33, was a 5’7 fitness pro and instructor at the gym.

She also enters body building competitions and could break me in half. I was about 7 years younger, a few inches taller, fit and tone for a slim build.

She was a brunette, 34B chest with perfect rock hard abs and firm ass. Her fitness model level made her more out of my league. I figured she’d date buff and heavy lifters.

Though she did most of her 20’s. Natalie said she was tired of over the top macho attitudes and roid rage from some of them. Actually wanting a nice guy who would listen and let her speak her mind.

She didn’t want to be a trophy or arm candy. She desired men to respect her as a person not just her physique.

Fresh off another wild adventure with another cougar. I had some extra confidence to speak to her but I was still a bit intimidated. I walk over to Natalie to say hello.

And in a silly light-hearted way I tell her I’m challenging her to a fitness test. If I win she gets to take me to dinner. If she wins I have to take her to dinner.

She laughs and asks what is it? On the treadmill, first to a mile. Natalie thought I was funny and agreed.

I used to run track and still able to run under 6 minute miles. Now it is harder to sprint on a treadmill. That is where my speed would win out easily on the track field. My record was 5 minutes and 38 seconds in the mile. At this age I could hit 5:50 regularly. I knew it would be over 6 minutes on the treadmill but I still got this!

She called over a coworker to watch our monitors and let us know when we hit the mile. Both of us were hitting our feet on the machine hard. We were both trying to win. The sweat was dripping down both our bodies. I saw her look over at my monitor and she knows I’m ahead of her. Then she did something sneaky yet not unwelcomed to try and distract me.

Natalie looked over at me and with her right hand squeezed her right boob then winked at me. I somehow kept composure and the guy said time. I hit my mile at 6:43. She stopped running then named a restaurant. We both shook hands and exchanged phone numbers. When I hit the gym showers I couldn’t help touch myself over that image of what she had done.

At about 8pm, we were sitting at dinner. After sharing the basic info, I had to call her out on grabbing her boob on the treadmill. She laughed and called me out on touching myself to that image. She literally said. “I bet when you went to the shower your hands were working overtime in there.” I nodded and we both laughed. Most of the night, I kept it light. We laughed chatting about nonsense and random things. It was refreshing to her I wasn’t showing off or impressing her with my accomplishments. I wanted to make her laugh often and it worked.

After dinner, the plan was to go see a 10pm movie. However, I drove to the top of the parking garage with a nice view. I had my convertible top down and played some music. Under the moonlight we danced slowly. Natalie and I waltzed through the mostly emptied parking lot. Other cars were there but no people.

After several songs and with our connection building, I leaned in and kissed her. I went soft yet strong with my lips at first. When she started kissing me back with some zest, I turned my lips up. I increased the strength and passion in the kiss. And to my delight so did she. By this time we had stopped dancing and just kissed. Time stood still until she broke off and asked me back to her place.

While driving back to her place we held hands the whole way. When we got into her parking garage and parked. As we exited the car, I grabbed her again and started kissing her. Our hands started roaming each other’s bodies. I was relieved that she didn’t freak out and worry others would see us. She was just down and I loved women like this.

I was parked backed in with my rear bumper almost to the wall. I move her to that wall and moved her against it. I lifted up her foot and placed it onto my bumper. Her legs were open so to speak and I went under her dress to find her front entrance. I move her very nice and lacy panties to the side. Her very wet, aroused and large clit was now exposed in front of me.

Natalie was freshly shaven and so smooth. I moved closer to her clit and start to pleasure her with my mouth. My lips and tongue were teasing what was the largest clit I’ve ever seen in person. Her mouth was releasing sounds of joy. Her body was starting to become unsteady. Then I slipped a finger in.

I felt her body shake. A second finger goes in and I speed up my fingering of her. At the same time my tongue was flicking her aroused clit. Natalie’s moans begin getting louder. The more I continued the closer and closer to climaxing she was. My cock was fully erect and wanting to fuck her right now!

I step out from under her dress and start to take her toward the elevator. But she stops me and climbs over my back seat. I left the convertible top down. I follow her in and move both front seats forward for more space. She sat me down right in the middle of the back seat and pulls off all my lower body clothing.

Natalie mounts my cock and as I’m going inside of her my mind is blown how tight she is. Natalie put her hands around the bottom of part of the back of my neck and interlocks them. She is using that for leverage while she is fiercely riding my cock. Holy fuck this was an amazing feeling. I guess I really got her worked up. Foreplay is a beautiful thing!

Natalie’s strength above me is incredible. Her arms and legs were about 50% bigger than the size of mine. I knew she was strong but wow. I couldn’t really move much of my body if any. She had my body completely pinned against the leather back seat. She was in charge. She was controlling the action. She was me fucking me.

Her hot breathe against my face as she place her forehead to mine. We were both looking at each other and moaning. I did not know how I was even staying hard this long. Here I thought I was going to take her upstairs and pound her pussy. She was the one fucking me but it felt more like she was dominating me and I did not mind at all.

Natalie’s breath sped up more. Her moans were more aggressive. I could feel a little shake in her arms. “Spank me!” She called out. Then “Harder, harder, yes more, more, yes, oh fuck.” Natalie let out huge screams that echoed in the garage. She laid her head on my shoulder and I held it there. But she didn’t let up fucking me until I came. And sure as hell I did with my own screams that echoed in that garage.

When we finally climbed out of the car, we headed for the elevator. Inside I kissed her some more. We spilled out of it and into her condo. Our lips stayed glued together. Our clothes were coming off. And as my shirt went over my head breaking our kiss I saw two things. First her incredible body fully naked and second some BDSM gear in a box next to us.

She saw me looking at her gear and asked if I wanted to try them out. I said in a clear and concise way, “Hell Yeah!” She grabs her box of BDSM “goodies” and has me follow her to the bedroom. She pulls out a black body harness that wraps around her stomach to her back. It had some small metal rings on the back. She gets on her knees and leans over her very low to the ground Japanese style mattress only. It’s apparently good for her back.

Natalie hands me a pair of black soft fuzzy on one side and leather on the other wrist cuffs. I place them around her wrists and lock them to the back of the body harness to the small metal rings. She tells me to grab the paddles…..yes paddles out of her box. There was three total. A long skinny rectangular one with a shiny round handle, a thicker but shorter size that had a flat handle with the word whore imprinted into the leather and lastly a long skinny round stick with a small leather folded over piece.

Natalie gave me her safe word (vanilla) and I was asked to take charge. She begged me to spank her for being bad. I grabbed the whore paddle and whacked her ass with one firm smack that hit her on both cheeks. She let out a painful yet satisfying moan. I asked her if she knew why she was being punished.

Natalie “I had sex on the first date but do you know what makes it even naughtier?”

Me “What’s that?”

Natalie “I let him cum in my pussy without a condom on.”

I spanked her again, this time harder and she let out an stronger moan. It was obvious from earlier she enjoyed and got off on being spanked. She wiggled her butt, signaling for me to continue. And I did indeed. Spank and spank I laid into her. Both her cheeks were already red. I wondered how much she could take. She felt my hard cock against her leg and inquired what I wanted.

Natalie “Will you fuck me now that your cock is hard?”

Me “Did I say you could talk to me?” (Spank)

Natalie “I’m sorry, Taylor.”

Me (Spank) “That’s master, address me correctly or you won’t get my cock.”

Natalie “I’m sorry, master. Please fuck me master, my pussy is so wet from my punishment.”

Me (Spank) “You get off on being punished don’t you?”

Natalie “Yes master, yes master, I do.”

Me (Spank) “Beg for my cock, slave!”

Natalie “Oh yes, master. Please fuck and punish your slave.”

Me (Pulling her hair back) “My slave wants my cock, but I pick the hole.”

Natalie “Yes, master any hole you want.”

I grabbed the long skinny rectangular paddle with the round handle and moved onto the bed. I place my cock at her face and commanded her to clean my cock of her juices. As she started licking my cock I leaned forward and spanked her. This time I hit the area where her cheeks were closet together and right above her asshole. Using only her mouth she starts to please my cock.

Like everything else about Natalie, her lips were strong. When I felt her lips clamp down in me I was in heaven. With her hands cuffed behind her back, she eagerly sucked my cock with those strong lips and wet warm mouth. I kept telling her what a good slave she was.

Natalie let out a gratifying moan around my cock. She liked talking dirty and being treated like this. Giving herself to me, to the moment, to her master!

I pull out of her mouth, get behind her and penetrate her with my cock in one strong thrust. I pull her hair back and say “Master is going to cum in your pussy again. Your mouth is not worthy of my cum yet.” She unleashed a gratifying smile, as if she was saying I’m glad you know how to Dom.

And with that I pull out my cock slowly then hammer it back in. I continue fucking her to this tempo while holding her hair and looking at her like I owned that pussy. Slow out fast in, slow out fast in, slow out fast in.

Right as she gets used to my pace I change it up on her. My cock stops inside that tight wet pussy and I start grinding against her. All while still holding her hair and looking down at her. Our eyes never lose contact. My eyes give off a desirous and powerful stare. She is looking up at me with strong yet longing and submissive eyes.

Just as she’s used to this pace again. I begin to pull all the way out and then slam all the way in. I am hammering her faster, harder and more punishing with my thrusts.

My tempo moves to a fast in fast out pace. I can tell she’s loving all the controlled tempo changes and the controlling of her. Natalie’s body is shaking again and her moans sound like she’s close to her climax.

Me “Do you have my permission to cum?” (I ask in a firm tone)

Natalie “Please master, may I cum?” (She weakly replies)

Me (Spank) “You will cum when I allow it, do you understand.”

Natalie “Yes, master.”

My thrusts continue to hammer her pussy. I want to hold on and keep this up longer. I see my slave’s face and she wants to cum. I yell out and let loose everything I have into her.

Once finished, I look at her and give her what she wants but with my control. I flip her on her back, grab the whore paddle and give her a firm whack right on top of her clit.

That was the signal for her to cum. She started gushing out and squirming on the bed. I add in a another whack and now she’s just going crazy. More juices are expelling from her body. And one more whack for the road. I stand there watching her squirming on the bed and she’s trying to gather her rapid breathing.

In BDSM, when there is a consensual Dom/sub act in the bedroom there can be forms of submission that outsiders wouldn’t understand or mistake as abusive or negative controlling. I was not expecting this when we met or even while we were having sex in the car.

Although there were times from the start of night I could see her being a “switch”. Where just like me she could be a Dom or sub, depends who we’re with. In essence, a switch is someone who demonstrates both characteristics and is comfortable with both submissive and dominant roles.

The next morning my hand was swollen. I kept shaking it. I think I busted my hand spanking her last night. She had a really firm ass and I guess I didn’t feel it right away from the adrenaline during sex.

I grabbed an ice pack from her freezer and sat there thinking I need to go to the sex shop and get a few leather paddles. One for my place and one for my car in case we get kinky in there again.



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