The Bikini Girl Next Door

I sat drinking a morning cup of coffee on my balcony when I heard my neighbor’s back door open. It was almost natural to lean over to look into their yard. It was her. Layla. It means “dark beauty” and, if there was any definition for her, that would be it. She stepped out into her yard and began watering her vegetable garden before, maybe, going for a swim. That conclusion derived from the fact that she wore a see-through bikini cover and vibrant pink thong bikini under.


We had become close friends since moving to the neighborhood, and our husbands worked together. But there was something about Layla. On the outside, she was a mom of four had a successful career in veterinary medicine, had a great husband, and was the type of girl to do anything to help out people. Up close, Layla was more. Her eyes are vibrant amber, and a sense of warmth takes over your body when they look at you. She was thin, but her curves just about showed in everything she wore. Her skin is tan and soft, almost like silk. I imagine my fingertips running down her neck, down to her chest, and feeling the softness against my touch. The thought was so arousing that I drifted into my own fantasy until I heard a voice call my name.

It was Layla, waving to me as she called my name.

“Hi neighbor! Are we still on to go dancing tonight?”

I had been staring at her for a hot minute and shook my head. “Morning! Sorry, still trying to wake up. And yes, I’m still down to go out tonight. I won’t go unless you do.”

Her laugh was infectious. “Well, I wasn’t planning on going without you, silly. Meetup at my house say around six? That way we can pregame, snack and then take an Uber to downtown?”

“Fuck yeah! That works for me. I got a few errands to run anyways, so six works perfect. Enjoy your morning swim.”

“See you then, you sexy bitch.” With the cross of her arms, she slowly took off her cover and exposed her neon pink bikini, before jumping into the water. I stood up and walked away before I found myself drifting back into my fantasy.

I’m bisexual, and no one really knows except for my husband, William. Obviously, he’s okay with it because what man wouldn’t? The only thing is that I don’t know much about being with women; all I know came from small experiments in college. That was nothing compared to what I want to do, but it was hard to find people to trust. I had a successful physical therapy office, our two kids were both in college, and my husband was a reputable man in our town. That was, until I met Layla. Our husbands had tried to get us to meet, but it wasn’t until we moved in literally next door that we did. Instantly, we became close and always found ourselves doing something together.

A few hours later, I found myself standing in front of the mirror. The boys were on a bachelor party trip to Vegas, while Layla and I stayed behind for some peace. It was nice to leave and go as I please, and do whatever I want like buy more lingerie. This trip out dancing has been planned out for at least a week, and during my rampage through the closet, I found that I had nothing sexy to wear. I wasn’t intending for anything to happen by purchasing it, but this girl needed to feel sexy. Plus, it could always be used for when William got back home. I’m sure he’d love a surprise like this. I starred at my body wrapped in black lace and silk.

The lacy corset boosted my large breasts and lifted them gently for deep cleavage, while the material clung to my curves. The matching garter reached down my long legs and met with the thigh-high black stockings. Sultry siren mermaid vibe. All of it would go under a emerald green dress that accentuated my ass and wide hips. If this didn’t make Layla take a second look, I give up on girls.

I didn’t have to knock when I walked up the path to Layla’s house. She kept her house and yards in perfect condition, and had the most amazing green thumb for just about anything you could plant. I was gazing at her red roses when she swung open the door with a bottle of wine.

“Oh, momma mia.” She said, breathless. I watched as her eyes looked me up and down. “You better fucking twirl that ass around for me and show me everything.”

I slowly turned around, feeling her burning gaze as her eyes looked at every part of me. After a full 360, I turned to see her biting her red-lined lip. I finally got a chance to look at her and I became just as breathless. She made the term “little black dress” into a turn on for just about anyone. While it looked a little plain as the dress was short and no designs, it was see through. She, like me, was wearing a sexy set of lingerie and she purposely paired it with this dress. Hints of blue showed through, which was no coincidence that it was my favorite color.

“You look absolutely stunning. Literally, have no words.” I said, offering her a hug after walking through the doorway. That was the only thing I could get out. Anxiety and passion were clashing with one another, and that was all I could muster.

“Come in, babes!” She said, sauntering in her black stilettos further into the house. The back was just as see-through as the front, and I couldn’t help but notice. “I got this bottle for us to start with, then I got margarita mix or we can make daiquiris. Not to mention, I made all kinds of snacks to munch on before we head out. Please, sit.”

She took a chair from under the bar and patted the seat for me to sit there. I gently slid onto the barstool as she pulled out the one next to me. Her hand touched my thigh as she climbed up, sending a shot of energy between my legs. I thought that maybe it was because I hadn’t had sex with William since he left for the trip, but there was no denial that this woman drove me crazy. I found myself thinking about her, fantasizing about her, more than I had anyone else. After two bottles of wine and many carbs later, we were finally ready to head out to the club. We ordered an Uber, touched up our makeup, and left.



The lights flashed across the walls of the bar, while the beat of music moved the floor under us. We danced and sang our hearts out to songs of our youth and culture, and was definitely feeling the wonderful effects of wine and margaritas. Layla was such an incredible dancer, her body moving in every perfect motion. The men in the club were all staring at her, and she was quick to send them away. It wasn’t like a bitch move, but it was enough to make guys leave and pout that they wouldn’t be going home with her. With as much liquid courage I consumed, it was going to be me. She’d go home with me. Layla put down her empty cup and reached for my hand.

“I gotta go to the bathroom, you should come with.” Layla held her hand out for mine. I sat down my water glass quickly and grabbed her hand, no questions asked.

As we pushed our way through the crowd, I watched the heads of men turn to attempt to see her walk by. I stayed close, my hand pressing against the side of her thigh as we weaved through. It was getting towards the end of the night, so the bathrooms were slowly clearing out. Many were prepping their makeup to head home with the guy they just met, sobering up, or getting advice from other girls if they should fuck their ex. Usual club bathroom scene. It was rather large and most of the stalls were open, including the larger ones.



What was nice was that these stalls went from floor to ceiling, and the doors didn’t have the cracks where people could peep in while you were doing your business. When we got through the small crowd of girls, I thought Layla was going to let go as we walked toward them; but she held my hand tighter, pulling me into the end stall. It had its own sink, mirror and toilet, but it was the size of four normal stalls. One of the walls had a ledge that you could easily hop on to sit.

I didn’t have to go, as I was going to be her bathroom buddy for safety, but I never expected her to pull me in. She locked the door and turned around to face me. Her eyes were dark.. but in a sultry, sexy way. The lights were dim, showing off her body’s shadows in all the right places. The hint of blue from the lingerie under her dress was still visible, and I could feel my breathing intensify. She stood just arms-length away, but her body heat radiated to mine. From the look in her eyes, this was not just a trip to the bathroom.

“You look so fucking hot tonight,” she whispered, inching closer to me as I backed into the half wall. “I couldn’t help it, but I want you.”


Without hesitation, that was all I needed to pull Layla against my body and kiss her lips. They were more perfect than I could have ever imagined. She tasted so sweet as her tongue brushed against mine and our lips locked. Her hands caressed my body, moving slowly and tracing the lingerie that laid underneath. I couldn’t help but put my hand up her neck and gently pull on her hair that was at the base. My other hand found its way to her waist and held her against my body. The moan from her mouth pressed against mine was enough to make me continue, pulling a little harder until our kiss broke. Her eyes were closed as her neck became exposed and I kissed it slowly. For a moment, I knew she was enjoying the thrill as her hands stopped moving. I continued kissing her neck, moving slowly down to her breasts.

Her breasts were like soft clouds that you could get lost in. Her skin against my lips was tantric; and I could feel her breathe more deeply. As much as I wanted to continue, I pulled away and met her gaze. I wanted to make sure that she was into this whole idea as much as I was. Layla kept eye contact with me as she took her hands off of me, to the straps of her dress. She pushed them off her shoulder, seductively, and bit her bottom lip as she slid the little black dress off her gorgeous body. There, in a matter of seconds, Layla stood in front of me in the most sexy piece of lingerie I had ever seen. Now, I knew why she wore that dress because, even though it was see-through, it still was a mystery of what was underneath. This ensemble was mainly lace, lined with the blue velvet, but left nothing up to imagination. Her nipples were so hard from the building tension, and her hands moving across them wasn’t helping the cause.

“I’ve been fantasizing about you, lately.” I said, meeting her gaze once again. “I did today.”

The music and ongoing chats in the bathroom were enough to drown out any noises, plus the stall was essentially its own room. I could see her perk up with the thought of me fantasizing about her. In fact, she was turned on by it.

“Oh, really?” Her hands drifted down to her thong, her fingers in between the material and her pussy. “That’s fucking hot.”

I stood in awe as I watched Layla visibly begin to pleasure herself, moving her fingers gently against her mound. “Let me help you with that,” I said, kneeling down in front of her. In a fluid movement, I picked her up and lifted her onto the ledge, leaving her dress in a small pile on the floor. She moved her hands to her breasts, toying with those hard nipples of hers and spread her legs. The smell of her sex was strong and inviting; making me wonder if she tasted just as good as her lips. Layla was just a little bit taller than me, but my eyes leveled at her incredible breasts that she was playing with.

I lifted my neck slightly upward to watch her reaction, and slowly moved my head down, so my mouth was just on the outside of her thong. All I had to do was exhale out and the warmth of my breath made her shudder in pleasure. Meanwhile, my hands had traveled up her long legs until my fingers slipped under the thong on her waist and began removing it off her body. She moved her body side to side as her underwear fell onto her black stilettos. Her hand in my hair, I began to kiss and lick the outer lips of her pussy. It wasn’t before long that her hand was holding my head in between her legs as I licked deeper.

“Oh, fuck me,” she murmured, moving her hips away and toward me with each lick. “Yes, fuck that feels amazing! Don’t stop.”

Oh baby, we’re only just getting started here.