Almost Everyone Gets Some

Sunday BBQ.

This past Sunday we had a BBQ, with my Brother-in-law’s family, my brother and his kids and my father-in-law. My Father-in-law got over a little early to help but most of the work was already done. My boys were outside cleaning the pool and the yard while Joe was cleaning up the BBQ and outdoor kitchen.


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My Wife Takes Her Revenge

Her Turn.

“Stupid! Stupid! Why the hell had I agreed to this?”

She came walking down the stairs looking a million dollars, I have never seen her look that sexy before, ever. She had on a short black cocktail dress and black 5 inch stilettos, her hair tied up with strands framing her beautiful face, she had a diamond necklace and long dangly earrings to match that I bought her for our 1st wedding anniversary. She looked like a movie star.


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