Paying Guests in Lockdown

Hi, I am 34years old man. I used to live alone. During the lockdown, lockdown, I was feeling so depressed, so I rent my house as a paying guest.

After a few days, during the lockdown, a single mother and her 22-year-old daughter, together with her sister 24, moved in with me. The mother works at a nightclub as a ‘mama san’ and her daughter and sister work as a dance girl at the same joint.


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My First Wildest sex

Hi friends, I am a lady of 34, working in a software firm in Bangalore.

I am going to tell you about my wildest sex experience that happened 6 Months back, I cannot say it as Extra-Marital affair as I had sex with him only 2 times and the guy left the company I am presently working and we have not been in contact with each other for the past 4 months.


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My Cuckold Experience

Hi friends, I won’t call myself a Cuck, however my experience has been a different one.

Open to thoughts and experiments, I was looking for a wife who is open too. We dated for a while. And in between, I came to know she was more experienced than me. This is something she looks like, just that she’s dusky and has a ripped body with abs. We are fitness trainers, so you can guess the physique.


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