He’s Attracted To His Sister : Part -1

She was bent over the sofa’s armrest. Her ass waving back and forth in the air as her arms were just shy of long enough to reach her phone. She moaned and gasped as she struggled to reach.

I coughed once.

She continued to struggle. Her ass cheeks were visible in her short shorts. I could see where the bottom hung and I tried to take a peek to see deeper. I couldn’t manage it.


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He’s Attracted To His Sister : Part – 2

I woke up ahead of everybody in the morning. I started breakfast and fed both my Mom and Flora. They were both thankful for it. I smiled as I served up both their dishes.

After breakfast we got to watching TV again. Flora was wearing a sports bra that contained her tits. Her shorts were tight. I liked the look of them on her. Since yesterday my eyes had grown more attuned to her. Every move she made felt sexy.


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Joys BDSM her owner Master Leo: Part – 2

Part 10 – The training begins

Joy opened the door looking magnificent, her red PVC thigh boots clicking as she walked, her meek submissive woman behind her.

“On your knees slut”, commanded Master Leo. Joy nearly did but remembered it was aimed at Janet. With a simple “yes sir” she knelt in front of him.


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My Wife Takes Her Revenge

Her Turn.

“Stupid! Stupid! Why the hell had I agreed to this?”

She came walking down the stairs looking a million dollars, I have never seen her look that sexy before, ever. She had on a short black cocktail dress and black 5 inch stilettos, her hair tied up with strands framing her beautiful face, she had a diamond necklace and long dangly earrings to match that I bought her for our 1st wedding anniversary. She looked like a movie star.


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Love With A Fit Grandmother

Tony was a lovely man; he was 63 and slightly overweight. He was married for 20 years but lost his wife 10 years ago. They had met on the cruise ships where Tony worked as an entertainer and his wife was a dancer.

They returned home a couple of years before she passed, so Tony’s wife could be near their family at the end.


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Exchange Partners For A Night Part 1

David was waiting expectantly at the train station. He had only just said goodbye to his wife, Katie, who had boarded a train half an hour earlier.

Katie was on her way to Emma and Rob’s flat in Leeds and he would shortly be expecting Emma herself to arrive. It was a straight swap. Even the thought of such a thing made his stomach drop; it was a simple enough concept but the uncertainty made him nervous to no end.


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Exchange Partners For A Night Part 2

“Right so that’s option 1, I’ll show you option number 2” she seemed to hurriedly switch gears.

Emma turned to face away from him and pulled her top over her head, being careful not to smudge her makeup. With her sudden undressing, David thought that this was his cue to leave and after a bit of hesitation, he correctly surmised that this was planned, he was to stay and enjoy the show.


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