A Woman’s Boring Ride Home

The bus station, as I recall, is not a place where a woman wants to linger for long, particularly in late Fall. Cool days quickly turn to bitterly cold evenings.

And in New York, the wind has a knack for reaching out between the parked cars and crowded streets to find its way up boot-clad calves, up bare thighs, and between the layers of the wrap-around skirt that I’d mistakenly thought would be warm enough for the bus trip back to Ashford.


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Sex With Wife’s Twin Sis

Hi friends, my wife has an identical twin sister. She is very sexy. Natural strawberry blonde, 5’7″, 115 pounds, and very athletic.

The twin came to stay with us for a few weeks out of state. I loved watching her move through our house dressed in skimpy clothes. She looked just like my wife, but those subtle differences were alluring. A man can’t help but wonder how intimate those differences are.


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Newly Met Girl’s Fantasy

Hi, I am 24 years old and this incident happened last year.

I met this girl at a local café. I was there with my friends and she was with hers. She was sitting across the table and was facing me. Our eyes met a few times and then after some time she gave a slight smile.


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My Divorced Sister

Hi, I am Riyaz and I am from a small city in India. In our caste there’s a system where a woman cannot remarry if she gets divorced and if her husband dies, she can marry. As this incident happened in this story.


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