Wife Confesses She Yearns for Black

We were talking about places we had wanted to go see, and the conversation morphed into what you had always wanted to do but hadn’t had the chance. I said I had always wanted to go hang gliding, and she said she had always had the yen to learn to mountain climb. I then said I had wanted to learn to fly but never had the time to learn. Claire then said she had wanted to learn to juggle, but never took the time to learn.


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Wife decides to give old guy a pity Fuck

I gazed out at the beautiful azure waters and watched the small waves lapping onto the snow white sand. I had felt such peace, such happiness, being here with my bride as we celebrated our thirtieth anniversary. Moments ago the tranquility of this paradise island had been destroyed.


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Guy Falls In Love For Girl

I heard noise coming from the empty apartment next to mine, I went out to meet my new neighbor and was pleasantly surprised by a cute if not a little trashy blonde girl moving in. When I offered to help her, she gave me a big hug and I was in love already. She was so beautiful I could not believe my luck having her move in next door.


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Some Siblings With Common Interests

I admit it, I love it, when stuff goes up my ass. I love toying my little fuck hole. I love it, when my little fuck hole gets fucked by another person. It is and was that way since I can remember. I have always had the urge to stuff things up my ass when being horny. And I accepted it.

I got my hands on some toys as soon as I could. I experimented a lot, read a lot about it and one day the magic happened. I had my first anal only orgasm.


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Ice Hockey Training Leads To Threesome

i just want to say this is something that happened to me a few years ago now, with an ex and a co-worker at the Ice rink I worked and played hockey at.

At the time I was extremely physically fit, playing semi professional ice-hockey, football and supplemented my income by working for a security company on nightclub doors and occasionally as maintenance at the ice rink.


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