two best friends first time fun

Macenzie and lacey are having a quiet girls' night -- drinking wine, eating chocolate, and watching a movie. The two friends are hanging out and chatting (well, gossiping, they'd have to admit) and after a while, they're snuggled on the…

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Wife’s First Time With A Woman

My wife and I were out at a bar for a night out. Away from the kids who were staying at my mothers for the night. We had been discussing various topics. Mostly how my wife, Shannon, wanted to remodel the kitchen, when there was one of those inordinately long pauses in the conversation.


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Ariel Helps Ms. Johnson

My words get caught in my throat when Ms. Johnson opens the door. She’s truly the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Those emerald eyes, her porcelain skin and full red lips, her face framed by red hair in her bob cut. Especially right now, as she’s all done up for her date.


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