Sister’s Love Crosses All Limits – Part 2

I started fingering her, with one finger and then two, going faster and faster, deeper and deeper into her loosening passage while she continued moaning louder and louder and pushed my nose and lips into her folds, my tongue assaulting the tiny red glans of her clitoris.


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Submissive Punished In A Chamber
Submissive Punished In A Chamber

Submissive Punished In A Chamber

Damn. I really fucked up this time. My Master seemed to be really pissed at me. OK, sure I dented the car, but it really wasn’t entirely my fault. Alright, ‘Entirely’ in that sentence makes a difference. Yes, I could have done something a tad different and completely avoided the fender-bender.


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Family Caught In Power Outage

One evening, everything was as it usually was; the family all together in the living room: the father, George, 45, watching the TV, the mother, Lucy, 41, next to her husband on the two-seater sofa working on her laptop, the daughter, Frankie, 19, curled up on the other two-seater sofa scrolling social media on her smartphone, and the son, Craig, 18, slumped next to his sister idly looking in the direction of the TV. Together, but completely separate from each other.


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Matthew fucks Sarminthia

Meet Matthew DiMarco, a big and tall, dark-haired White guy living in the City of Stoughton, Massachusetts. While attending Bay State University in the City of Boston, Matthew met two people destined to change his life forever. The first is Stevenson Etienne, a big and tall Haitian guy with a cool, confident and very macho style.


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Fateful Decision To Be A Single Mother

Nancy is a dear friend, but we never met. An online acquaintance who became a sister. She told me of the baby she is carrying, her black lover’s child. A one-night stand, a fulfilled fantasy, a night of passion with a stranger. I cried and shared in the joy of her decision to have her lover’s baby. I longed for the baby I had miscarried, my own black lover’s child. This is Nancy’s story, and my own as well.


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Susan Makes Ann Feel Better

My boyfriend is a dickhead, which is why he cheated on me. I’m certain. I mean, I KNOW he cheated and am CERTAIN he did so because he’s a dickhead. And with Beth Myers, to boot. That blonde cunt.

Wait. I’m starting this story oddly. Let me start over: Beth Myers is a bitch. Wait, let me start again. Actually, let me switch to third-person narrator, so I can avoid ruining this story with my own personal feelings


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Wife Takes Me Out

My wife had called, she told me she didn’t want to stay home tonight and I should meet her at the bar. I couldn’t figure out why she wanted to meet across the city.

So here I sit waiting in traffic. She told me to meet her as soon as I could. I was looking forward to going out too. My wife was a looker, amazing long brown hair and haunting blue eyes.


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Wife Out Of Town On A Trip

My wife had to go out of town on a conference. She was excited, she always loved going to this sort of thing. It was winter but this hotel she chose had a swimming pool, so she went shopping and bought a new suit before her trip. It was a modest white one piece. She said the white helped make her look more tanned than she was.


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First Time Fucking Away From Work

After my divorce and finding out my coworker was unhappy in her marriage, we were flirting and having discussions all the time at work. We had had a few trysts at work, but they were always rushed and stressful because it was at work. We could be easily caught at anytime with her legs spread and stuffed with my thick cock.


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