Relaxing after Work

Story Info: My wife helps me after a hard day.

I’m a lucky man, I know that. Been married for twelve years, got two kids, and a job that keeps the roof over our heads and food on the table. Not to brag but I make enough working my stupid cubicle that three years ago my wife could become a stay at home mom. May not seem like much to some but in my family that’s huge.


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Pregnant Pause

I moan as he nips at the nape of my neck, the playful pain of his teeth on the sensitive skin sends an erotic jolt through my body. I writhe against him as I am straddled on his lap, I can feel his arousal as he holds me to him, his hands roaming across my ever expanding belly.


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Learning Curves

Story Info: A student is taught by the school’s SSBBW counselor.

I’m so nervous I can barely think straight. All the rest of my friends have already gone farther than this, at 18 I’m pretty sure I’m the only virgin left in my school.


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Don’t Tell HR

The call comes over the grocery store’s loud speaker, but I don’t recognize the voice. Mr. Chris is home with his wife and new baby, the manager’s office should be empty. Still, not wanting to get in trouble if I’m wrong, I quickly move my six-wheeled trolley through the aisles and around display stands.


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Ariel Helps Ms. Johnson

My words get caught in my throat when Ms. Johnson opens the door. She’s truly the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Those emerald eyes, her porcelain skin and full red lips, her face framed by red hair in her bob cut. Especially right now, as she’s all done up for her date.


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A Room with a View

I originally hadn’t wanted to move out here. I’ve lived my whole life in the city, raised in this small apartment with my folks. Everything I knew was there, all my friends, my school, everything within one block of our building. Then my Mom got this great job and at eighteen, my senior year in high school, I get whisked off to the suburbs.


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A Cozy Bonfire

It’s been entirely too long. We were supposed to have just taken a month off from making love. Just a month apart while we put the finishing touches on our wedding


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