Wife Sent Me to be Obedient

This story has crossdressing, bdsm, bondage, bi sexual unprotected sex, and humiliation, so if you are not into this kind of story please do not read. This story is fictional and made up so if your looking forward to reading enjoy!


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At A Bachelor Party

On the deck outside the bar, a lamp flickers and hums with a low-pitched whine, flocked by several moths. You are standing in a quiet corner of the deck. The wooden fence skirting around it smells of spattered alcohol and cigarette stubs.


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First time anal experience

Eric rolled off Sarah, panting, enjoying the final shivers of pleasure, her hands digging into his back a moment before he rolled off. Making love to Sarah was the best, he loved her dearly and every time his cock was inside her the rest of the world disappeared.


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First Female Anal Partner

Story Line: The day my wife allowed more than a finger in her ass.

The beautiful woman that I was married to the first time, was a very horny tramp in the bedroom. We could fuck any time of the day at the drop of a hat. We were both ready. Any time.


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My Uncle Took My virginity

Hi friends, I am in my forties (40+) and I’m going to tell you about an incident in my 20s.

The incident took place when I was 21 and knew nothing about sex.


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Getting Nude with Priya Aunty

Her name is Priya & she’s 30yrs of age, she has massive big boobs and she also has a big round ass. She will look very admiring to everyone. Her husband was working at MNC. His nature of job was very busy scheduled with his life.


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Paying Guests in Lockdown

Hi, I am 34years old man. I used to live alone. During the lockdown, lockdown, I was feeling so depressed, so I rent my house as a paying guest.

After a few days, during the lockdown, a single mother and her 22-year-old daughter, together with her sister 24, moved in with me. The mother works at a nightclub as a ‘mama san’ and her daughter and sister work as a dance girl at the same joint.


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Our Maid Danny

Our Maid Danny

Hi friends, I am going to tell you about an incident that happened in my life.

So there are three members in our home: me, my elder brother and my mom.

She left my father because he was a slut and caught having an affair with his own secretary.


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Newly Met Girl’s Fantasy

Hi, I am 24 years old and this incident happened last year.

I met this girl at a local café. I was there with my friends and she was with hers. She was sitting across the table and was facing me. Our eyes met a few times and then after some time she gave a slight smile.


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