I don’t love him Part -1

Jake had suffered his entire life with migraine headaches and sometimes they became debilitating. His last attack was over a year ago and he was thankful for each migraine-free day.

If you’ve never had a severe migraine then it might be difficult to relate but I can assure you the amount of time you suffer, and the pain level can bring on a desire for death. You just want the world to end and let you die in peace.


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I don’t love him Part -2

She was going to spend 3 days with Jared as his wife on a pretend honeymoon. It would be her first extended time alone with another man since she was married 10 years earlier.

She and Jared thought it would be romantic to pretend to be newlyweds on their honeymoon.

Also She purchased several sexy outfits, bikinis, and lingerie for their rendezvous and was devious in her planning.


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Wife Caught Me Jacking Off

After being married for 30+ years my wife and I don’t have regular sex anymore but I am still as horny as ever. Each day I wake up and head down to my basement office where I load up a camera on my laptop so I can see myself and open a google window so I can watch hot girls masturbate on Chaturbate.


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