Losing Virginity With Virgin Maid

Collin is a spoiled kid, who got very rich parents. He was 20 at the time, when he got into some action with a real pussy. It was his maid Mani, who was around his age at the time. She nurses Collin’s grandmother and sleeps 2 rooms away from Collin’s bedroom.


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Sex At A Halloween Party

Terry had just recently turned twenty-one, and was invited to an adult Halloween party. It was October and kind of chilly, so she finds her best pair of jeans and a tight flannel shirt; pulls her long dark hair into a ponytail; puts on a little makeup, not much, just some blue eyeshadow and some pale pink lipstick; grabs her keys and heads for the door.


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Girlfriend Cheats With Her Friend

Tom feels his phone buzz in his pocket and reaches to see what it was. He looks and sees a text message from his girlfriend, Beth. Upon opening the text, he is greeted by a full frontal nude picture of Beth’s sexy body.


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Mr. Fantasy

Truth is, she never knows exactly what will happen. Nor wishes to, an essential part of the anticipation is the uncertainty implicit in letting someone else take charge.


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Wife Sent Me to be Obedient

This story has crossdressing, bdsm, bondage, bi sexual unprotected sex, and humiliation, so if you are not into this kind of story please do not read. This story is fictional and made up so if your looking forward to reading enjoy!


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At A Bachelor Party

On the deck outside the bar, a lamp flickers and hums with a low-pitched whine, flocked by several moths. You are standing in a quiet corner of the deck. The wooden fence skirting around it smells of spattered alcohol and cigarette stubs.


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First time anal experience

Eric rolled off Sarah, panting, enjoying the final shivers of pleasure, her hands digging into his back a moment before he rolled off. Making love to Sarah was the best, he loved her dearly and every time his cock was inside her the rest of the world disappeared.


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