Son Finally Fucks Mom’s Pussy

I was nineteen at the time and still living with my Mom. To be honest, I don’t know who my father is. You might say that my mother likes to sleep around. I asked one time who my Dad might be.

My Mom sheepishly said she wasn’t sure. My mother tends to have lots of men fucking her. They hang around long enough to get a piece of ass and then they vanish.


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My Sister And Her Friends Part – 1

I stumbled from the car, catching my foot on the curb and almost face-planting into the concrete sidewalk. I only saved myself from severe facial injuries by grabbing the mailbox.

The wooden post creaked as it flexed under my weight. It was a good call to leave my car downtown, even if it would be another $40 that I did not have, to get it in the morning.


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My Sister And Her Friends Part – 2

It was Dee’s turn to target someone, and she was resolved to get Bella involved in the game at last.

“Truth or dare?” Dee asked, staring down Bella like a lioness stalking her prey.

“Truth,” Bella answered, with a quivering voice, unsure if it was the right choice.

“Did you wear such a sheer shirt because you wanted Bobby to see your nipples?”


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My Sister And Her Friends Part – 3

“Grab my breasts, Bobby. Pinch my nipples.”

I always prided myself on my ability to take orders, especially in the bedroom. Some guys needed to be in charge, but I was more comfortable doing what I was told. Obeying her command, I sat up, trying not to shift my cock as Ashley continued to ride me.


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Morning At Mom’s Place

Growing up, my mother was my best friend. She was a hippie, during the high years of hippies, in the land famous for hippies. That probably told you everything about her. And she was everything one would expect from a hippie–that’s what her friends told me–but she put her hippie years on pause when she got pregnant with me at sixteen. Yes, I said ‘pause’, and not ‘stop’.


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