Mother And Son Fall In Love

My mom never had it easy in her life. Her husband, my father left to get some cigarettes when I just had stopped wearing diapers. He was never to be seen again. Certainly not giving a damn about his family anymore.

After dad leaving, mom had to work hard to get enough money to be able to pay the bills and provide for me. She dedicated more or less her whole life to provide for her son. She did a great job doing so. I am forever grateful for the sacrifices she made for me.


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Fucking On Our Vacation

So, my hubby and I went on a mid-week vacation. Normally Tuesday to Friday type of short trip. This time we had gone to a resort type of town. Think Vegas or Branson places like that but small and quaint. On Wednesday, we got back to the room about 4 pm.

I was filling the jacuzzi tub in our room and asked Mark to go out and get us some food and to get me some lavender bath salts.


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Finally Got My Satisfaction

My heart was in my throat as I got behind the wheel of my husbands car. I start the engine and back outta the driveway. My mind is going a hundred miles a minute with thoughts of what I’m doing.

After I drive a safe distance from the house and text Vince one word “address”. After he responds I plug the address into the GPS on my phone. Only 15 minutes away good as long as I don’t dawdle I should be fine.


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My Wife And Daughter Night Out Part -1

I am in the back of a taxi just about to close my eyes and rest for a few moments, it has been a busy few days and I am looking forward to being back with my family.

I have been on a business trip that I have to do at least three times a year and each time it’s normal for three days. In this instance, we finished up in two days so I get to see my family early.


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My Wife And Daughter Night Out Part -2

I shook Matt’s hand again said thank you for all his help and then we picked up my wife’s and daughters stuff from the table and we walked outside to applause from the people standing outside.

The taxi had waited for me so we got in and he drove off. I was sat in the middle with both women either side of me holding my hand and pressed against me, both for support more than anything else.


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Seducing My Best-friend’s Dad

I had planned it to perfection. When I heard the door to the master bedroom open, I slipped quietly out if the bed. Tiptoeing as to not wake by best friend, I stepped outside her bedroom and walked towards the kitchen where Mr. Wilson was preparing his morning coffee.


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Mother Turn Last Night’s Dream Into Reality

Alone in bed with my dirty secrets, and squeezed around JD’s father like two spoons, I try desperately to wash away the thought, and warm the chill that begins with guilt, shame and the sinful, then transforms itself with each accelerating beat of my heart into irresistible desire and the urge to touch, kiss, arouse and experience the sexual pleasure that only a mother and son can share.


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Hot And Bothered With My Step-brother

‘I just had a nightmare,’ I whisper from the doorframe of my step-brother’s bedroom.

He stirs awake but the naked girl in his bed does not. He turns on the bedside lamp and I can see he’s naked under the sheet covering his waist. Ben pushes into a sitting position, and whispers that he needs a minute. I nod and head back to the living room, feeling just damp my panties are getting.


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